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University Basketball in Canada
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Single Game Records (League Games) for Players in their First Season (Rookies) for St. Francis Xavier X-Women

This list of records gives the top 10 performances in a variety of statistical categories. Select top 5 or top 25 to get more or fewer players for all these categories. Or select the top50 and all players options to get a list for each individual performance category.

Most Points
Vanessa PickardFeb 25, 2012Saint Mary's35
Marley BonnickFeb 21, 2020Cape Breton32
Vanessa PickardFeb 18, 2012Memorial30
Vanessa PickardNov 18, 2011Acadia29
Aliyah FraserNov 9, 2019UPEI27
Karina SaraiFeb 15, 2020Saint Mary's25
Aliyah FraserFeb 1, 2020Cape Breton24
Vanessa PickardNov 29, 2011Saint Mary's24
Marley BonnickNov 2, 2019Dalhousie23
Aliyah FraserNov 13, 2019Saint Mary's23
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Most Rebounds
Briar MacDonaldJan 9, 2020Dalhousie14
Lindsay LessardNov 10, 2012Saint Mary's12
Briar MacDonaldJan 11, 2020Dalhousie12
Karina SaraiFeb 15, 2020Saint Mary's12
Tyra AtherleyNov 13, 2021Saint Mary's11
Marley BonnickNov 2, 2019Dalhousie11
Aliyah FraserFeb 21, 2020Cape Breton11
Briar MacDonaldFeb 15, 2020Saint Mary's11
Katie MacIntoshJan 22, 2017Memorial11
Vanessa PickardNov 18, 2011Acadia11
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Most Field Goals
Marley BonnickFeb 21, 2020Cape Breton12
Karina SaraiFeb 15, 2020Saint Mary's12
Vanessa PickardFeb 18, 2012Memorial11
Vanessa PickardFeb 25, 2012Saint Mary's11
Marley BonnickJan 25, 2020UPEI10
Marley BonnickNov 2, 2019Dalhousie9
Briar MacDonaldFeb 5, 2020Dalhousie9
Vanessa PickardNov 18, 2011Acadia9
Vanessa PickardNov 29, 2011Saint Mary's9
Aliyah FraserNov 13, 2019Saint Mary's8
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Most Free Throws
Aliyah FraserNov 9, 2019UPEI10
Tyra AtherleyMar 9, 2022Acadia8
Vanessa PickardNov 18, 2011Acadia8
Vanessa PickardFeb 25, 2012Saint Mary's8
Tyra AtherleyNov 27, 2021UPEI7
Marley BonnickNov 16, 2019Saint Mary's7
Aliyah FraserNov 2, 2019Dalhousie7
Vanessa PickardFeb 19, 2012Memorial7
Marley BonnickJan 11, 2020Dalhousie6
Briar MacDonaldNov 8, 2019UPEI6
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Most Field Goals Without a Miss
Tyra AtherleyNov 13, 2021Saint Mary's4
Nicolette Fong Lyew QueeNov 18, 2012UNB3
Grace RheaultJan 31, 2020Acadia3
Samantha RobertsonFeb 14, 2015UPEI3
Selali AcolatseNov 23, 2012Dalhousie2
Sammie AmohFeb 12, 2017UNB2
Courtney BulmanNov 6, 2015UPEI2
Jamellia ClarkJan 6, 2015Cape Breton2
Leah FaheyFeb 12, 2017UNB2
Caroline HrabinskiFeb 12, 2017UNB2
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Most Free Throws Without a Miss
Vanessa PickardFeb 25, 2012Saint Mary's8
Briar MacDonaldNov 8, 2019UPEI6
Vanessa PickardNov 26, 2011Dalhousie6
Samantha RobertsonJan 20, 2015Cape Breton6
Tahmala ThorpeNov 5, 2021Acadia6
Marley BonnickFeb 12, 2020Saint Mary's5
Aliyah FraserFeb 21, 2020Cape Breton5
Brianna GottschallFeb 9, 2019Saint Mary's5
Tahmala ThorpeOct 30, 2021UNB5
Marley BonnickNov 23, 2019Memorial4
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Most Three-Point Field Goals
Marley BonnickFeb 21, 2020Cape Breton6
Aliyah FraserJan 31, 2020Acadia5
Aliyah FraserFeb 1, 2020Cape Breton5
Jessica MillerFeb 17, 2017Acadia5
Vanessa PickardFeb 25, 2012Saint Mary's5
Tahmala ThorpeNov 3, 2021Acadia5
Aliyah FraserNov 13, 2019Saint Mary's4
Vanessa PickardFeb 12, 2012UPEI4
Vanessa PickardNov 29, 2011Saint Mary's4
Vanessa PickardFeb 18, 2012Memorial4
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Most Assists
Lucia MacKayNov 17, 2018Dalhousie8
Vanessa PickardFeb 18, 2012Memorial8
Marley BonnickNov 16, 2019Saint Mary's7
Kimberly KingsburyJan 10, 2018Acadia7
Lucia MacKayNov 24, 2018Acadia7
Vanessa PickardFeb 3, 2012UNB7
Vanessa PickardFeb 15, 2012Cape Breton7
Kristine CooperJan 14, 2023Dalhousie6
Kristine CooperFeb 11, 2023Acadia6
Aliyah FraserNov 24, 2019Memorial6
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Most Blocks
Brianna GottschallJan 25, 2019UNB4
Jamie McCarronJan 14, 2016Cape Breton3
Vanessa PickardNov 12, 2011Dalhousie3
Karina SaraiNov 16, 2019Saint Mary's3
Selali AcolatseFeb 23, 2013Saint Mary's2
Tyra AtherleyOct 29, 2021UNB2
Tyra AtherleyOct 30, 2021UNB2
Tyra AtherleyNov 20, 2021Dalhousie2
Tyra AtherleyNov 27, 2021UPEI2
Mairead DunnJan 10, 2014Saint Mary's2
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Most Steals
Vanessa PickardFeb 18, 2012Memorial8
Samantha RobertsonFeb 14, 2015UPEI6
Vanessa PickardFeb 12, 2012UPEI6
Kristine CooperFeb 18, 2023Saint Mary's6
Rebecca SheehanNov 27, 2009Acadia5
Samantha RobertsonFeb 20, 2015Saint Mary's5
Chelsea ProvoJan 9, 2016UNB5
Lucia MacKayNov 24, 2018Acadia5
Kristine CooperJan 28, 2023Saint Mary's5
Carolyn SmithJan 31, 2015Memorial4
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