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University Basketball in Canada
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Career Records for Canadian University Games for Carleton

University games includes any game against another U SPORTS, CIS, CIAU, CWIAU team, whether played in the regular season, playoffs or as part of the pre-season schedule. Note that statistics for such games for prior seasons is not readily available. This list of records gives the top 10 performances in a variety of statistical categories. Select top 5 or top 25 to get more or fewer players for all these categories. Or select the top50 and all players options to get a list for each individual performance category.

Most Points
Yasiin Joseph 2015-20 1171423
Connor Wood2014-17881355
Eddie Ekiyor2016-19971293
Munis Tutu 2017-20 1031055
Kaza Kajami-Keane2015-1758833
Cameron Smythe2014-18118831
Marcus Anderson 2015-20 158828
Tajinder (TJ) Lall 2015-20 118814
Stanley Mayambo 2015-20 151791
Isiah Osborne 2018-20 66702
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Highest Points per Game (min 25 games)
Philip Scrubb2014-153057319.1
Thomas Scrubb2014-153053017.7
Connor Wood2014-1788135515.4
Kaza Kajami-Keane2015-175883314.4
Lloyd Pandi 2018-20 3344913.6
Eddie Ekiyor2016-1997129313.3
Yasiin Joseph 2015-20 117142312.2
Guillaume Payen Boucard2014-165763011.1
Isiah Osborne 2018-20 6670210.6
Munis Tutu 2017-20 103105510.2
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Most Field Goals
PlayerSeasonsGamesField goals
Yasiin Joseph 2015-20 117523
Eddie Ekiyor2016-1997512
Connor Wood2014-1788492
Munis Tutu 2017-20 103371
Cameron Smythe2014-18118347
Kaza Kajami-Keane2015-1758319
Tajinder (TJ) Lall 2015-20 118306
Marcus Anderson 2015-20 158287
Stanley Mayambo 2015-20 151266
Isiah Osborne 2018-20 66260
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Highest Field Goal Percentage (min 50 fg)
PlayerSeasonsFGFGAFG Pct
Lloyd Pandi 2018-20 18526968.8
Jean Emmanuel Pierre-Charles2014-159515262.5
Eddie Ekiyor2016-1951282062.4
Mitchell Jackson2014-1923139258.9
Ryan Ejim2015-1721737657.7
Alain Louis 2017-20 13523856.7
Biniam Ghebrekidan 2018-20 14525756.4
Thomas Scrubb2014-1522240754.5
Guillaume Payen Boucard2014-1624447950.9
Cameron Smythe2014-1834768350.8
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Most Free Throws
PlayerSeasonsGamesFree throws
Eddie Ekiyor2016-1997269
Yasiin Joseph 2015-20 117196
Munis Tutu 2017-20 103191
Mitchell Jackson2014-19134160
Tajinder (TJ) Lall 2015-20 118147
Kaza Kajami-Keane2015-1758133
Guillaume Payen Boucard2014-1657126
Philip Scrubb2014-1530126
Mitchell Wood2014-19150119
Connor Wood2014-1788100
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Highest Free Throw Percentage (min 50 ft)
PlayerSeasonsFTFTAFT Pct
Philip Scrubb2014-1512614288.7
Connor Wood2014-1710012381.3
Yasiin Joseph 2015-20 19625078.4
Munis Tutu 2017-20 19124478.3
Kaza Kajami-Keane2015-1713317078.2
Stanley Mayambo 2015-20 8811675.9
Tajinder (TJ) Lall 2015-20 14719575.4
Biniam Ghebrekidan 2018-20 618175.3
Thomas Scrubb2014-15516875.0
Mitchell Jackson2014-1916021674.1
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Most Three-Point Field Goals
Connor Wood2014-1788271
Yasiin Joseph 2015-20 117181
Stanley Mayambo 2015-20 151171
Marcus Anderson 2015-20 158166
Gavin Resch2014-1659123
Munis Tutu 2017-20 103122
Isiah Osborne 2018-20 6697
Philip Scrubb2014-153081
Kaza Kajami-Keane2015-175862
Emmanuel Owootoah2016-184962
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Highest Three-Point Field Goal Percentage (min 10 fg3)
PlayerSeasonsFG3FGA3FG3 Pct
Thomas Scrubb2014-15357149.3
Troy Reid-Knight2017-19479947.5
Philip Scrubb2014-158117247.1
Victor Raso2014-155211445.6
Connor Wood2014-1727159845.3
Connor Vreeken 2019-20 5211744.4
Alain Louis 2017-20 235343.4
Joe Rocca2016-175112142.1
Aiden Warnholtz 2018-20 6215141.1
Stanley Mayambo 2015-20 17141840.9
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Most Rebounds
Eddie Ekiyor2016-1997670
Mitchell Wood2014-19150648
Marcus Anderson 2015-20 158590
Cameron Smythe2014-18118498
Munis Tutu 2017-20 103416
Yasiin Joseph 2015-20 117407
Tajinder (TJ) Lall 2015-20 118396
Connor Wood2014-1788366
Mitchell Jackson2014-19134339
Guillaume Payen Boucard2014-1657320
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Highest Rebounds per Game (min 25 games)
Thomas Scrubb2014-15302498.3
Eddie Ekiyor2016-19976706.9
Lloyd Pandi 2018-20 331925.8
Guillaume Payen Boucard2014-16573205.6
Ryan Ejim2015-17582945.1
Jean Emmanuel Pierre-Charles2014-15301334.4
Mitchell Wood2014-191506484.3
Kaza Kajami-Keane2015-17582504.3
Cameron Smythe2014-181184984.2
Connor Wood2014-17883664.2
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Most Games Played
Marcus Anderson 2015-20 158
Stanley Mayambo 2015-20 151
Mitchell Wood2014-19150
Mitchell Jackson2014-19134
Cameron Smythe2014-18118
Tajinder (TJ) Lall 2015-20 118
Yasiin Joseph 2015-20 117
Munis Tutu 2017-20 103
Eddie Ekiyor2016-1997
Connor Wood2014-1788
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Most Games Started
Marcus Anderson 2015-20 158129
Munis Tutu 2017-20 10399
Connor Wood2014-178887
Yasiin Joseph 2015-20 11787
Eddie Ekiyor2016-199766
Kaza Kajami-Keane2015-175858
Cameron Smythe2014-1811849
Ryan Ejim2015-175840
Tajinder (TJ) Lall 2015-20 11837
Gavin Resch2014-165936
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Most Minutes Played
Marcus Anderson 2015-20 1583530
Mitchell Wood2014-191502518
Munis Tutu 2017-20 1032416
Yasiin Joseph 2015-20 1172406
Connor Wood2014-17882353
Eddie Ekiyor2016-19972262
Stanley Mayambo 2015-20 1511971
Tajinder (TJ) Lall 2015-20 1181955
Cameron Smythe2014-181181792
Kaza Kajami-Keane2015-17581556
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Highest Minutes per Game (min 25 games)
Thomas Scrubb2014-153083027.7
Philip Scrubb2014-153081927.3
Kaza Kajami-Keane2015-1758155626.8
Connor Wood2014-1788235326.7
Victor Raso2014-152562525.0
Gavin Resch2014-1659145224.6
Munis Tutu 2017-20 103241623.5
Eddie Ekiyor2016-1997226223.3
Guillaume Payen Boucard2014-1657129122.6
Marcus Anderson 2015-20 158353022.3
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Most Assists
Munis Tutu 2017-20 103419
Yasiin Joseph 2015-20 117369
Kaza Kajami-Keane2015-1758339
Marcus Anderson 2015-20 158318
Connor Wood2014-1788194
Mitchell Wood2014-19150162
Philip Scrubb2014-1530148
Emmanuel Owootoah2016-1849142
Gavin Resch2014-1659139
Tajinder (TJ) Lall 2015-20 118119
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Best Assist to Turnover Ratio (min 50 assists)
Philip Scrubb2014-15148403.7
Aiden Warnholtz 2018-20 113492.3
Gavin Resch2014-16139612.3
Kaza Kajami-Keane2015-173391522.2
Marcus Anderson 2015-20 3181432.2
Thomas Scrubb2014-15104492.1
Munis Tutu 2017-20 4192082.0
Yasiin Joseph 2015-20 3691872.0
Alain Louis 2017-20 102591.7
Emmanuel Owootoah2016-18142841.7
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Most Blocks
Eddie Ekiyor2016-199783
Cameron Smythe2014-1811867
Marcus Anderson 2015-20 15852
Tajinder (TJ) Lall 2015-20 11840
Isiah Osborne 2018-20 6637
Guillaume Payen Boucard2014-165736
Mitchell Jackson2014-1913429
Munis Tutu 2017-20 10327
Ryan Ejim2015-175826
Yasiin Joseph 2015-20 11722
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Most Steals
Marcus Anderson 2015-20 158235
Munis Tutu 2017-20 103162
Yasiin Joseph 2015-20 117130
Mitchell Wood2014-19150118
Emmanuel Owootoah2016-184983
Stanley Mayambo 2015-20 15173
Kaza Kajami-Keane2015-175869
Tajinder (TJ) Lall 2015-20 11866
Eddie Ekiyor2016-199765
Connor Wood2014-178864
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