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University Basketball in Canada
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Career Records for Canadian University Games for Trinity Western

University games includes any game against another U SPORTS, CIS, CIAU, CWIAU team, whether played in the regular season, playoffs or as part of the pre-season schedule. Note that statistics for such games for prior seasons is not readily available. This list of records gives the top 10 performances in a variety of statistical categories. Select top 5 or top 25 to get more or fewer players for all these categories. Or select the top50 and all players options to get a list for each individual performance category.

Most Points
Vartan Tanielian2015-19891166
Pogos Trunyan2016-1842655
Josiah Allison2015-1985509
Lucas Mannes2015-1625423
Ethan DaSilva 2017-20 62416
Jack Nadelhoffer 2018-20 32413
Max Viitala2016-1836405
Kelvin Smith2015-1625387
Patrick Vandervelden2015-1746385
Isaiah Reimer 2018-20 42366
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Highest Points per Game (min 25 games)
Lucas Mannes2015-162542316.9
Pogos Trunyan2016-184265515.6
Kelvin Smith2015-162538715.5
Vartan Tanielian2015-1989116613.1
Jack Nadelhoffer 2018-20 3241312.9
Max Viitala2016-183640511.2
Isaiah Reimer 2018-20 423668.7
Patrick Vandervelden2015-17463858.4
Ethan DaSilva 2017-20 624166.7
Sebastian Eliasen2015-16251656.6
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Most Field Goals
PlayerSeasonsGamesField goals
Vartan Tanielian2015-1989422
Pogos Trunyan2016-1842216
Josiah Allison2015-1985180
Max Viitala2016-1836172
Jack Nadelhoffer 2018-20 32164
Patrick Vandervelden2015-1746159
Lucas Mannes2015-1625134
Kelvin Smith2015-1625134
Ethan DaSilva 2017-20 62131
Isaiah Reimer 2018-20 42128
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Highest Field Goal Percentage (min 50 fg)
PlayerSeasonsFGFGAFG Pct
Borja Soriano2018-1910820652.4
Jack Nadelhoffer 2018-20 16433449.1
Max Viitala2016-1817236347.4
Tyus Allen2015-176313447.0
Peter Spangehl2015-187417143.3
Andrew Goertzen 2018-20 7317042.9
Patrick Vandervelden2015-1715937542.4
Daniel Stead 2017-20 7417642.0
Vartan Tanielian2015-19422109838.4
Tee Maberry2016-1912633138.1
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Most Free Throws
PlayerSeasonsGamesFree throws
Vartan Tanielian2015-1989126
Ethan DaSilva 2017-20 62118
Lucas Mannes2015-1625115
Josiah Meppelink2016-1961102
Pogos Trunyan2016-184287
Kelvin Smith2015-162581
Josiah Allison2015-198566
Jack Nadelhoffer 2018-20 3263
Patrick Vandervelden2015-174661
Tyus Allen2015-171646
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Highest Free Throw Percentage (min 50 ft)
PlayerSeasonsFTFTAFT Pct
Kelvin Smith2015-16819486.2
Pogos Trunyan2016-188710582.9
Lucas Mannes2015-1611514380.4
Vartan Tanielian2015-1912617074.1
Ethan DaSilva 2017-20 11816472.0
Josiah Meppelink2016-1910214669.9
Jack Nadelhoffer 2018-20 639169.2
Josiah Allison2015-196610364.1
Patrick Vandervelden2015-17619663.5
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Most Three-Point Field Goals
Vartan Tanielian2015-1989196
Pogos Trunyan2016-1842136
Josiah Allison2015-198583
Isaiah Reimer 2018-20 4272
Lucas Mannes2015-162540
Kelvin Smith2015-162538
Ethan DaSilva 2017-20 6236
Daniel Stead 2017-20 4335
Adam Gehrig 2019-20 2034
Tee Maberry2016-194931
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Highest Three-Point Field Goal Percentage (min 10 fg3)
PlayerSeasonsFG3FGA3FG3 Pct
Max Viitala2016-18256538.5
Daniel Stead 2017-20 359536.8
Pogos Trunyan2016-1813637536.3
Sebastian Eliasen2015-16246735.8
Vartan Tanielian2015-1919655235.5
Peter Spangehl2015-18195435.2
Josiah Allison2015-198324034.6
Lucas Mannes2015-164012232.8
Adam Gehrig 2019-20 3410432.7
Isaiah Reimer 2018-20 7223231.0
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Most Rebounds
Vartan Tanielian2015-1989289
Ethan DaSilva 2017-20 62264
Patrick Vandervelden2015-1746254
Tee Maberry2016-1949233
Jack Nadelhoffer 2018-20 32225
Josiah Meppelink2016-1961199
Borja Soriano2018-1923177
Peter Spangehl2015-1863168
Andrew Goertzen 2018-20 40166
Josiah Allison2015-1985164
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Highest Rebounds per Game (min 25 games)
Jack Nadelhoffer 2018-20 322257.0
Kelvin Smith2015-16251536.1
Lucas Mannes2015-16251506.0
Patrick Vandervelden2015-17462545.5
Tee Maberry2016-19492334.8
Max Viitala2016-18361584.4
Ethan DaSilva 2017-20 622644.3
Andrew Goertzen 2018-20 401664.2
Pogos Trunyan2016-18421483.5
Josiah Meppelink2016-19611993.3
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Most Games Played
Vartan Tanielian2015-1989
Josiah Allison2015-1985
Peter Spangehl2015-1863
Ethan DaSilva 2017-20 62
Josiah Meppelink2016-1961
Aaron Paetkau 2016-20 51
Tee Maberry2016-1949
Eric Rogers2015-1947
Matt Hayashi2015-1746
Patrick Vandervelden2015-1746
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Most Games Started
Vartan Tanielian2015-198969
Pogos Trunyan2016-184238
Josiah Meppelink2016-196138
Ethan DaSilva 2017-20 6229
Tee Maberry2016-194928
Matt Hayashi2015-174627
Patrick Vandervelden2015-174627
Josiah Allison2015-198526
Kelvin Smith2015-162525
Jack Nadelhoffer 2018-20 3225
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Most Minutes Played
Vartan Tanielian2015-19892251
Josiah Meppelink2016-19611531
Josiah Allison2015-19851484
Ethan DaSilva 2017-20 621405
Pogos Trunyan2016-18421232
Peter Spangehl2015-18631142
Patrick Vandervelden2015-1746978
Isaiah Reimer 2018-20 42935
Jack Nadelhoffer 2018-20 32874
Tee Maberry2016-1949855
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Highest Minutes per Game (min 25 games)
Lucas Mannes2015-162573729.5
Pogos Trunyan2016-1842123229.3
Kelvin Smith2015-162571728.7
Jack Nadelhoffer 2018-20 3287427.3
Vartan Tanielian2015-1989225125.3
Josiah Meppelink2016-1961153125.1
Ethan DaSilva 2017-20 62140522.7
Isaiah Reimer 2018-20 4293522.3
Max Viitala2016-183679021.9
Sebastian Eliasen2015-162554321.7
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Most Assists
Josiah Meppelink2016-1961252
Ethan DaSilva 2017-20 62235
Vartan Tanielian2015-1989120
Pogos Trunyan2016-1842107
Lucas Mannes2015-162577
Josiah Allison2015-198561
Tyus Allen2015-171660
Max Viitala2016-183657
Peter Spangehl2015-186335
Jack Nadelhoffer 2018-20 3235
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Best Assist to Turnover Ratio (min 50 assists)
Josiah Meppelink2016-192521721.5
Ethan DaSilva 2017-20 2351631.4
Tyus Allen2015-1760511.2
Lucas Mannes2015-1677731.1
Pogos Trunyan2016-181071220.9
Max Viitala2016-1857660.9
Vartan Tanielian2015-191201410.9
Josiah Allison2015-1961900.7
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Most Blocks
Patrick Vandervelden2015-174654
Matt Hayashi2015-174627
Tee Maberry2016-194927
Jack Nadelhoffer 2018-20 3218
Andrew Goertzen 2018-20 4014
Josiah Meppelink2016-196112
Borja Soriano2018-192311
Adam Gehrig 2019-20 207
Peter Spangehl2015-18636
Aaron Paetkau 2016-20 516
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Most Steals
Ethan DaSilva 2017-20 6266
Vartan Tanielian2015-198964
Josiah Meppelink2016-196153
Max Viitala2016-183649
Pogos Trunyan2016-184243
Lucas Mannes2015-162541
Jack Nadelhoffer 2018-20 3235
Josiah Allison2015-198528
Tee Maberry2016-194926
Gabe Mannes 2019-20 1425
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