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University Basketball in Canada
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Career Records for Canadian University Games for UNBC

University games includes any game against another U SPORTS, CIS, CIAU, CWIAU team, whether played in the regular season, playoffs or as part of the pre-season schedule. Note that statistics for such games for prior seasons is not readily available. This list of records gives the top 10 performances in a variety of statistical categories. Select top 5 or top 25 to get more or fewer players for all these categories. Or select the top50 and all players options to get a list for each individual performance category.

Most Points
Volodymyr Pluzhnikov 2017-20 751070
Tyrell Laing 2016-20 97993
Marcus MacKay2015-1871819
Anthony Hokanson 2015-20 123769
Vaggelis Loukas2015-1997764
Jovan Leamy2017-1947759
Rhys Elliot2015-1744753
James Agyeman2016-1972682
Austin Chandler2015-1977465
Saje Gosal 2015-20 111346
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Highest Points per Game (min 25 games)
Rhys Elliot2015-174475317.1
Jovan Leamy2017-194775916.1
Volodymyr Pluzhnikov 2017-20 75107014.3
Marcus MacKay2015-187181911.5
Tyrell Laing 2016-20 9799310.2
Colin Plumb2015-16252459.8
James Agyeman2016-19726829.5
Fareed Shittu 2019-20 262067.9
Vaggelis Loukas2015-19977647.9
Anthony Hokanson 2015-20 1237696.3
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Most Field Goals
PlayerSeasonsGamesField goals
Volodymyr Pluzhnikov 2017-20 75363
Tyrell Laing 2016-20 97331
Vaggelis Loukas2015-1997296
Rhys Elliot2015-1744281
Anthony Hokanson 2015-20 123272
Marcus MacKay2015-1871270
Jovan Leamy2017-1947255
James Agyeman2016-1972235
Austin Chandler2015-1977150
Saje Gosal 2015-20 111119
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Highest Field Goal Percentage (min 50 fg)
PlayerSeasonsFGFGAFG Pct
Fareed Shittu 2019-20 8214257.7
Spencer Ledoux 2018-20 569757.7
Vaggelis Loukas2015-1929662647.3
Rhys Elliot2015-1728162145.2
Saje Gosal 2015-20 11928142.3
Tyrell Laing 2016-20 33179441.7
James Agyeman2016-1923556941.3
Marcus MacKay2015-1827067440.1
Austin Chandler2015-1915037839.7
Colin Plumb2015-168120639.3
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Most Free Throws
PlayerSeasonsGamesFree throws
Volodymyr Pluzhnikov 2017-20 75200
Tyrell Laing 2016-20 97195
James Agyeman2016-1972178
Jovan Leamy2017-1947173
Austin Chandler2015-1977142
Rhys Elliot2015-1744133
Vaggelis Loukas2015-1997126
Anthony Hokanson 2015-20 123120
Marcus MacKay2015-187196
Colin Plumb2015-162564
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Highest Free Throw Percentage (min 50 ft)
PlayerSeasonsFTFTAFT Pct
Marcus MacKay2015-189611285.7
Volodymyr Pluzhnikov 2017-20 20023585.1
Tyrell Laing 2016-20 19524280.6
Jovan Leamy2017-1917322477.2
James Agyeman2016-1917824173.9
Rhys Elliot2015-1713318870.7
Anthony Hokanson 2015-20 12017070.6
Austin Chandler2015-1914221067.6
Colin Plumb2015-16649865.3
Vaggelis Loukas2015-1912621857.8
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Most Three-Point Field Goals
Marcus MacKay2015-1871183
Volodymyr Pluzhnikov 2017-20 75144
Tyrell Laing 2016-20 97136
Anthony Hokanson 2015-20 123105
Saje Gosal 2015-20 11189
Jovan Leamy2017-194776
Rhys Elliot2015-174458
Elliot Rowe2015-174150
Vaggelis Loukas2015-199746
James Agyeman2016-197234
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Highest Three-Point Field Goal Percentage (min 10 fg3)
PlayerSeasonsFG3FGA3FG3 Pct
Saje Gosal 2015-20 8921840.8
Marcus MacKay2015-1818346039.8
Billy Cheng2015-16308236.6
Tyrell Laing 2016-20 13639534.4
Elliot Rowe2015-175014634.2
Sam Zhang2016-17133834.2
Chris Ross 2018-20 329633.3
Rhys Elliot2015-175817533.1
Dylon Matthews 2019-20 123831.6
Vaggelis Loukas2015-194614631.5
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Most Rebounds
Vaggelis Loukas2015-1997662
Anthony Hokanson 2015-20 123398
Volodymyr Pluzhnikov 2017-20 75313
James Agyeman2016-1972302
Austin Chandler2015-1977294
Jovan Leamy2017-1947285
Fareed Shittu 2019-20 26223
Tyrell Laing 2016-20 97219
Rhys Elliot2015-1744170
Colin Plumb2015-1625155
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Highest Rebounds per Game (min 25 games)
Fareed Shittu 2019-20 262238.6
Vaggelis Loukas2015-19976626.8
Colin Plumb2015-16251556.2
Jovan Leamy2017-19472856.1
James Agyeman2016-19723024.2
Volodymyr Pluzhnikov 2017-20 753134.2
Rhys Elliot2015-17441703.9
Austin Chandler2015-19772943.8
Anthony Hokanson 2015-20 1233983.2
Daniel Stark2017-1826773.0
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Most Games Played
Anthony Hokanson 2015-20 123
Saje Gosal 2015-20 111
Vaggelis Loukas2015-1997
Tyrell Laing 2016-20 97
Austin Chandler2015-1977
Volodymyr Pluzhnikov 2017-20 75
James Agyeman2016-1972
Marcus MacKay2015-1871
Jovan Leamy2017-1947
Rhys Elliot2015-1744
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Most Games Started
Vaggelis Loukas2015-199777
Volodymyr Pluzhnikov 2017-20 7570
Anthony Hokanson 2015-20 12370
James Agyeman2016-197269
Marcus MacKay2015-187167
Austin Chandler2015-197743
Rhys Elliot2015-174442
Tyrell Laing 2016-20 9734
Jovan Leamy2017-194729
Saje Gosal 2015-20 11127
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Most Minutes Played
Anthony Hokanson 2015-20 1232503
Vaggelis Loukas2015-19972390
Volodymyr Pluzhnikov 2017-20 752311
Tyrell Laing 2016-20 972102
Marcus MacKay2015-18711923
James Agyeman2016-19721900
Austin Chandler2015-19771477
Rhys Elliot2015-17441447
Saje Gosal 2015-20 1111346
Jovan Leamy2017-19471265
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Highest Minutes per Game (min 25 games)
Rhys Elliot2015-1744144732.9
Volodymyr Pluzhnikov 2017-20 75231130.8
Colin Plumb2015-162570928.4
Marcus MacKay2015-1871192327.1
Jovan Leamy2017-1947126526.9
Fareed Shittu 2019-20 2669226.6
James Agyeman2016-1972190026.4
Vaggelis Loukas2015-1997239024.6
Tyrell Laing 2016-20 97210221.7
Elliot Rowe2015-174185820.9
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Most Assists
James Agyeman2016-1972250
Volodymyr Pluzhnikov 2017-20 75241
Tyrell Laing 2016-20 97180
Vaggelis Loukas2015-1997150
Anthony Hokanson 2015-20 123112
Rhys Elliot2015-174498
Jovan Leamy2017-194787
Austin Chandler2015-197774
Saje Gosal 2015-20 11167
Marcus MacKay2015-187166
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Best Assist to Turnover Ratio (min 50 assists)
James Agyeman2016-192501461.7
Billy Cheng2015-1664491.3
Volodymyr Pluzhnikov 2017-20 2411931.2
Tyrell Laing 2016-20 1801621.1
Vaggelis Loukas2015-191501411.1
Elliot Rowe2015-1757551.0
Saje Gosal 2015-20 67710.9
Rhys Elliot2015-17981060.9
Austin Chandler2015-1974820.9
Anthony Hokanson 2015-20 1121300.9
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Most Blocks
Austin Chandler2015-197747
Vaggelis Loukas2015-199745
Fareed Shittu 2019-20 2639
Jovan Leamy2017-194734
Anthony Hokanson 2015-20 12331
Saymon Loki 2018-20 327
Marcus MacKay2015-18716
Rhys Elliot2015-17445
James Agyeman2016-19725
Adam Pahl2017-18264
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Most Steals
Vaggelis Loukas2015-1997110
Jovan Leamy2017-1947109
Volodymyr Pluzhnikov 2017-20 7576
Tyrell Laing 2016-20 9776
Rhys Elliot2015-174471
James Agyeman2016-197262
Austin Chandler2015-197757
Anthony Hokanson 2015-20 12353
Marcus MacKay2015-187150
Fareed Shittu 2019-20 2633
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