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U Sports Hoops — Women
University Basketball in Canada
provided by Martin Timmerman
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CIAU Women's Basketball Games Scores for 1998-99 Season

DateLocation WinnerOpponent Comment
Wed Sep 23, 1998Winnipeg, MB Winnipeg86Winnipeg Alumni71  
Sat Sep 26, 1998Toronto, ON York71York Alumni69  
Tue Oct 13, 1998Unknown Guelph66Western63OT 
Wed Oct 14, 1998Unknown York76Laurier62  
 Unknown Toronto100Waterloo66  
 Unknown Alberta68Calgary61  
Fri Oct 16, 1998Unknown Carleton74John Abbott64  
 Brandon, MB Brandon79Mount Royal61 Lady Bobcat Classic
 Brandon, MB Saskatchewan80Manitoba79 Lady Bobcat Classic
 Brandon, MB Winnipeg91Lethbridge69 Lady Bobcat Classic
 Toronto, ON Western73York55 Ryerson Classic
 Toronto, ON Ryerson81Windsor58 Ryerson Classic
 Toronto, ON McMaster76UBC58 Ryerson Classic
 Toronto, ON Guelph68Toronto61 Ryerson Classic
Sat Oct 17, 1998Regina, SK Regina108Regina Alumni52  
 Unknown Bishop's67Laval65  
 Unknown Queen's61Concordia30  
 Unknown John Abbott60Ottawa57  
 Unknown Cegep Sainte-Foy67Carleton65  
 Victoria, BC Victoria82Victoria Alumni47  
 Brandon, MB Winnipeg80Saskatchewan62 Lady Bobcat Classic
 Brandon, MB Manitoba67Mount Royal58 Lady Bobcat Classic
 Brandon, MB Brandon80Lethbridge74 Lady Bobcat Classic
 Toronto, ON Toronto87York42 Ryerson Classic
 Toronto, ON Western63Guelph43 Ryerson Classic
 Toronto, ON UBC81Windsor73 Ryerson Classic
 Toronto, ON McMaster81Ryerson57 Ryerson Classic
Sun Oct 18, 1998Brandon, MB Winnipeg74Mount Royal55 Lady Bobcat Classic
 Brandon, MB Manitoba84Lethbridge77 Lady Bobcat Classic
 Brandon, MB Saskatchewan84Brandon69 Lady Bobcat Classic
 Toronto, ON McMaster91Western76 Ryerson Classic
 Toronto, ON Ryerson65Guelph61 Ryerson Classic
 Toronto, ON UBC72Toronto58 Ryerson Classic
 Toronto, ON York69Windsor56 Ryerson Classic
Wed Oct 21, 1998Unknown UBC69Trinity Western45  
Thu Oct 22, 1998Unknown Concordia64Saint Mary's43  
Fri Oct 23, 1998Hamilton, ON McMaster62McGill40  
 Unknown Guelph63StFX56  
 Unknown Carleton60Laurier58  
 Unknown Brock82Ryerson69  
 Unknown Memorial74Concordia62  
 Unknown Waterloo60York50  
 Edmonton, AB Toronto70Lethbridge68 Edmonton Sun Pandas Hoopfest
 Edmonton, AB Regina79Saskatchewan58 Edmonton Sun Pandas Hoopfest
 Edmonton, AB Calgary75Laurentian68 Edmonton Sun Pandas Hoopfest
 Edmonton, AB Alberta81Trinity Western45 Edmonton Sun Pandas Hoopfest
 Winnipeg, MB Winnipeg67Queen's61 Winnipeg Converse Tournament
 Winnipeg, MB Western74Brandon55 Winnipeg Converse Tournament
 Winnipeg, MB Manitoba88Lakehead61 Winnipeg Converse Tournament
Sat Oct 24, 1998Guelph, ON McGill62Guelph49  
 Unknown Windsor67Waterloo53  
 Unknown Ottawa61Laurier54  
 Unknown Concordia59Memorial58  
 Unknown Brock81StFX62  
 Edmonton, AB Alberta64Toronto52 Edmonton Sun Pandas Hoopfest
 Edmonton, AB Laurentian71Saskatchewan65 Edmonton Sun Pandas Hoopfest
 Edmonton, AB Regina78Calgary56 Edmonton Sun Pandas Hoopfest
 Edmonton, AB Lethbridge63Trinity Western48 Edmonton Sun Pandas Hoopfest
 Winnipeg, MB Queen's75Brandon52 Winnipeg Converse Tournament
 Winnipeg, MB Manitoba73Western59 Winnipeg Converse Tournament
 Winnipeg, MB Winnipeg82Lakehead67 Winnipeg Converse Tournament
Sun Oct 25, 1998St. Catharines, ON Brock72McGill62  
 Unknown Windsor71York59  
 Unknown Ryerson64Waterloo50  
 Unknown Memorial59Concordia50  
 Unknown McMaster74StFX37  
 Edmonton, AB Saskatchewan76Trinity Western35 Edmonton Sun Pandas Hoopfest
 Edmonton, AB Laurentian70Lethbridge50 Edmonton Sun Pandas Hoopfest
 Edmonton, AB Calgary83Toronto63 Edmonton Sun Pandas Hoopfest
 Edmonton, AB Alberta64Regina55 Edmonton Sun Pandas Hoopfest
 Winnipeg, MB Queen's67Manitoba56 Winnipeg Converse Tournament
 Winnipeg, MB Western57Winnipeg48 Winnipeg Converse Tournament
 Winnipeg, MB Lakehead49Brandon41 Winnipeg Converse Tournament
Mon Oct 26, 1998Unknown Saint Mary's66Acadia54  
Tue Oct 27, 1998Unknown York60McMaster52  
Thu Oct 29, 1998Unknown Saskatchewan70Memorial69  
Fri Oct 30, 1998Unknown McMaster81UPEI71  
 Unknown Northern Montana60Lethbridge46  
 Unknown Laval65Ottawa46  
 Montreal, QC Brock59McGill55 McGill Redbird Classic
 Montreal, QC UNB57Concordia53 McGill Redbird Classic
 London, ON Queen's69Laurier46 Purple and White Tournament
 London, ON Ryerson59Windsor58 Purple and White Tournament
 London, ON Western62Carleton36 Purple and White Tournament
 Regina, SK Alberta57Calgary45 Queen City Classic
 Regina, SK Regina92Memorial72 Queen City Classic
 Thunder Bay, ON Waterloo62Manitoba57 Saxon Tournament
 Thunder Bay, ON Laurentian61Winnipeg56 Saxon Tournament
 Thunder Bay, ON Lakehead77Brandon46 Saxon Tournament
 Thunder Bay, ON Bishop's66Dalhousie59OTSaxon Tournament
Sat Oct 31, 1998Unknown UPEI82Ottawa77OT 
 Unknown Victoria105Trinity Western28  
 Unknown Laval71McMaster62  
 Montreal, QC UNB68McGill48 McGill Redbird Classic
 Montreal, QC Brock69Concordia65 McGill Redbird Classic
 London, ON Queen's57Windsor44 Purple and White Tournament
 London, ON Western64Ryerson52 Purple and White Tournament
 London, ON Laurier48Carleton45 Purple and White Tournament
 Regina, SK Calgary74Memorial67 Queen City Classic
 Regina, SK Regina76Alberta67 Queen City Classic
 Thunder Bay, ON Winnipeg91Brandon51 Saxon Tournament
 Thunder Bay, ON Manitoba63Dalhousie61 Saxon Tournament
 Thunder Bay, ON Laurentian68Lakehead55 Saxon Tournament
 Thunder Bay, ON Bishop's45Waterloo43 Saxon Tournament
Sun Nov 1, 1998Unknown Ottawa59McMaster57  
 Montreal, QC Concordia58McGill28 McGill Redbird Classic
 Montreal, QC UNB90Brock63 McGill Redbird Classic
 London, ON Ryerson75Laurier53 Purple and White Tournament
 London, ON Western83Queen's59 Purple and White Tournament
 London, ON Windsor52Carleton48 Purple and White Tournament
 Regina, SK Regina75Calgary59 Queen City Classic
 Regina, SK Alberta71Memorial44 Queen City Classic
 Thunder Bay, ON Dalhousie72Brandon45 Saxon Tournament
 Thunder Bay, ON Waterloo63Lakehead58 Saxon Tournament
 Thunder Bay, ON Laurentian77Bishop's66 Saxon Tournament
 Thunder Bay, ON Manitoba90Winnipeg76 Saxon Tournament
Tue Nov 3, 1998Unknown Guelph64York58  
Wed Nov 4, 1998Unknown UBC64Western Washington61  
 Unknown McMaster67Toronto61  
Thu Nov 5, 1998Unknown Stonehill College MA79Saint Mary's67  
 Regina, SK Regina73Saskatchewan48 Lawson Cup
 Guelph, ON Guelph55Waterloo47 Ontario West Sneak Preview
 Guelph, ON McMaster78Brock76 Ontario West Sneak Preview
Fri Nov 6, 1998Unknown Bentley College MA89Saint Mary's60  
 Unknown Lakehead94Gogebic MI68  
 Unknown Bowdoin College ME71Cape Breton66  
 Unknown Hartford63Bishop's41  
 Unknown UNB107Husson College ME62  
 Winnipeg, MB Victoria68Brandon44 Bison Invitational
 Winnipeg, MB UBC73Manitoba57 Bison Invitational
 Winnipeg, MB Alberta66Winnipeg55 Bison Invitational
 Guelph, ON Guelph61McMaster57 Ontario West Sneak Preview
 Guelph, ON Waterloo74Brock60 Ontario West Sneak Preview
 Halifax, NS Dalhousie78Acadia23 Subway Centennial Tournament
 Halifax, NS StFX62UPEI58 Subway Centennial Tournament
 Kingston, ON Laval80Queen's76 Tindall Tournament
 Kingston, ON Eastern Ontario Selects73Windsor64 Tindall Tournament
Sat Nov 7, 1998Saskatoon, SK Regina77Saskatchewan70  
 Unknown Assumptiom MA68Saint Mary's41  
 Unknown West Point85Western50  
 Unknown UNB95Husson College ME52  
 Unknown Toronto70Brock52  
 Unknown Ryerson68Laurier52  
 Unknown Lakehead76Gogebic MI43  
 Unknown Cape Breton78Colby College ME64  
 Winnipeg, MB Alberta72Manitoba69OTBison Invitational
 Winnipeg, MB UBC70Brandon30 Bison Invitational
 Winnipeg, MB Winnipeg66Victoria64 Bison Invitational
 Halifax, NS UPEI76Acadia61 Subway Centennial Tournament
 Halifax, NS StFX74Dalhousie62 Subway Centennial Tournament
 Kingston, ON Queen's62Windsor36 Tindall Tournament
 Kingston, ON Eastern Ontario Selects60Laval39 Tindall Tournament
Sun Nov 8, 1998Unknown Niagara NY60McMaster56  
 Unknown Bates College ME102Cape Breton84  
 Unknown Brock58Ottawa49  
 Unknown Central Connecticut98Bishop's61  
 Winnipeg, MB Winnipeg72UBC51 Bison Invitational
 Winnipeg, MB Victoria66Manitoba57 Bison Invitational
 Winnipeg, MB Alberta72Brandon57 Bison Invitational
 Halifax, NS StFX60Acadia51 Subway Centennial Tournament
 Halifax, NS UPEI88Dalhousie67 Subway Centennial Tournament
 Kingston, ON Laval78Windsor59 Tindall Tournament
 Kingston, ON Eastern Ontario Selects62Queen's46 Tindall Tournament
Tue Nov 10, 1998Unknown Brock59York55  
Wed Nov 11, 1998Bangor, ME StFX79Husson College74  
Thu Nov 12, 1998Lewiston, ME Bates College87StFX84  
 Unknown Saint Mary's82Acadia72  
Fri Nov 13, 1998Edmonton, AB*Alberta66Saskatchewan54Stats 
 Lethbridge, AB*Calgary78Lethbridge63  
 Ottawa, ON*Concordia42Ottawa35  
 Ottawa, ON*Carleton57McGill46  
 Portland, ME Southern Maine87StFX47  
 Sudbury, ON*Laurentian75Laval57  
 Toronto, ON*Bishop's66York46  
 Toronto, ON*Queen's68Toronto65  
 Unknown Detroit80Windsor52  
 Victoria, BC*Victoria68UBC46  
 Winnipeg, MB Regina77Guelph66 GPAC-OUA Challenge
 Winnipeg, MB Winnipeg70McMaster65 GPAC-OUA Challenge
 Winnipeg, MB Manitoba74Lakehead60 GPAC-OUA Challenge
Sat Nov 14, 1998Edmonton, AB*Alberta77Saskatchewan56Stats 
 Lethbridge, AB*Calgary72Lethbridge70OT, Stats 
 Ottawa, ON*Concordia72Carleton44  
 Ottawa, ON*McGill58Ottawa57  
 St. John's, NF*Memorial88UPEI81  
 Sudbury, ON*Laurentian83Bishop's62  
 Sydney, NS*Cape Breton75Acadia54  
 Toronto, ON*Laval86York53  
 Toronto, ON*Queen's65Ryerson57  
 Unknown UNB86Maine Fort Kent11  
 Victoria, BC*Victoria80UBC52  
 Winnipeg, MB Winnipeg45Lakehead37 GPAC-OUA Challenge
 Winnipeg, MB Regina83McMaster58 GPAC-OUA Challenge
 Winnipeg, MB Manitoba75Guelph50 GPAC-OUA Challenge
Sun Nov 15, 1998St. John's, NF*UPEI81Memorial68  
 Toronto, ON*Ryerson80Toronto77  
 Unknown UNB82Maine Presque Isle55  
 Winnipeg, MB Winnipeg61Guelph51 GPAC-OUA Challenge
 Winnipeg, MB Regina77Lakehead52 GPAC-OUA Challenge
 Winnipeg, MB Manitoba77McMaster69 GPAC-OUA Challenge
Wed Nov 18, 1998Halifax, NS*Dalhousie64Saint Mary's59  
 Sydney, NS*StFX64Cape Breton57  
Thu Nov 19, 1998Saskatoon, SK*Victoria77Saskatchewan43  
 Unknown McMaster70Houghton College NY63  
 Unknown Minot State74Brandon60  
Fri Nov 20, 1998Fredericton, NB*UNB67StFX60  
 Lennoxville, QC*Ryerson65Bishop's52  
 Lethbridge, AB*Alberta73Lethbridge63  
 Montreal, QC*Concordia64McGill59  
 Ottawa, ON*Toronto68Ottawa53  
 Quebec City, QC*Queen's59Laval53  
 Saskatoon, SK*Victoria68Saskatchewan57  
 Unknown Manitoba77Laurier48  
 Vancouver, BC*Calgary59UBC48  
Sat Nov 21, 1998Charlottetown, PE*UPEI81Cape Breton68  
 Halifax, NS*Dalhousie60Memorial49  
 Lennoxville, QC*Bishop's55Queen's50  
 Lethbridge, AB*Alberta71Lethbridge59Stats 
 London, ON*Western61Waterloo57  
 Quebec City, QC*Laval81Ryerson58  
 Toronto, ON*Laurentian66York53  
 Unknown Brandon52Laurier48  
 Unknown Winnipeg74Brock34  
 Vancouver, BC*Calgary62UBC51  
 Havre, MT Northern Montana91Regina71 Northern Lights Tournament
Sun Nov 22, 1998Charlottetown, PE*UPEI74Cape Breton62  
 Halifax, NS*Dalhousie68Memorial54  
 Halifax, NS*UNB92Saint Mary's81  
 Ottawa, ON*Toronto60Carleton39  
 Unknown Victoria60South Australia U2051OT 
 Unknown Winnipeg69Laurier48  
 Unknown Manitoba79Brock66  
 Havre, MT Regina78Rocky Mountain64 Northern Lights Tournament
Tue Nov 24, 1998Antigonish, NS*StFX55Acadia44  
Wed Nov 25, 1998Waterloo, ON*Guelph59Laurier39  
Fri Nov 27, 1998Calgary, AB*Victoria77Calgary70  
 Edmonton, AB*Alberta56UBC42  
 Halifax, NS*StFX58Saint Mary's57  
 Kingston, ON*Concordia53Queen's51  
 London, ON*Lakehead76Western66  
 Saskatoon, SK*Saskatchewan71Lethbridge44  
 Toronto, ON*Toronto74Bishop's49  
 Toronto, ON*Ryerson71McGill54  
 Winnipeg, MB*Manitoba78Brandon43  
 Winnipeg, MB*Winnipeg66Regina55  
Sat Nov 28, 1998Calgary, AB*Victoria59Calgary45  
 Charlottetown, PE*UPEI80Saint Mary's65  
 Edmonton, AB*Alberta64UBC61  
 Kingston, ON*Queen's67McGill34  
 London, ON*Western63Lakehead53  
 Ottawa, ON*Laurentian62Carleton36  
 Regina, SK*Manitoba77Regina69  
 Saskatoon, SK*Saskatchewan62Lethbridge51  
 Sydney, NS*UNB89Cape Breton61  
 Toronto, ON*Ryerson63Concordia56  
 Toronto, ON*York49Ottawa48  
 Windsor, ON*Brock75Windsor74  
 Winnipeg, MB*Winnipeg74Brandon51  
 Wolfville, NS*Dalhousie76Acadia56  
Sun Nov 29, 1998Brandon, MB*Regina80Brandon50  
 Ottawa, ON*Laurentian73Ottawa62  
 Sydney, NS*UNB87Cape Breton68  
 Toronto, ON*Toronto70Laval62  
 Toronto, ON*York69Carleton47  
 Winnipeg, MB*Winnipeg72Manitoba70  
Mon Nov 30, 1998Antigonish, NS*StFX59Dalhousie46  
Mon Dec 28, 1998Unknown Guelph77Trinity Western42  
 Unknown Robert Morris PA77Ryerson76  
 Unknown Simon Fraser60UBC41  
Tue Dec 29, 1998Unknown Windsor59Dalhousie45  
 Unknown UPEI77Lakehead64  
 Unknown Ryerson84Trinity Western58  
 Unknown Alberta75Saint Mary's48  
 Toronto, ON Winnipeg68Western62 New Year's Festival
 Toronto, ON Victoria79McGill41 New Year's Festival
 Toronto, ON Calgary78Toronto73 New Year's Festival
Wed Dec 30, 1998Unknown Trinity Western43Laurier33  
 Unknown UPEI69Lakehead47  
 Unknown Alberta60Dalhousie48  
 Unknown Acadia63Windsor61  
 Toronto, ON Victoria70Western50 New Year's Festival
 Toronto, ON Winnipeg82Toronto76 New Year's Festival
 Toronto, ON Calgary78McGill70 New Year's Festival
Thu Dec 31, 1998Unknown UBC66Brock52  
 Unknown Carleton60Trinity Western49  
 Toronto, ON Winnipeg74McGill51 New Year's Festival
 Toronto, ON Victoria93Toronto852OTNew Year's Festival
 Toronto, ON Calgary73Western67 New Year's Festival
Fri Jan 1, 1999Unknown Saskatchewan68Concordia62OT 
 Waterloo, ON Western80York54 New Year's Shootout
 Waterloo, ON Winnipeg66Waterloo56 New Year's Shootout
 Waterloo, ON UNB75Laurier43 New Year's Shootout
 Waterloo, ON Queen's69McMaster47 New Year's Shootout
 Halifax, NS Alberta83UPEI63StatsSparkling Springs Tournament
 Halifax, NS Guelph49Acadia41StatsSparkling Springs Tournament
 Halifax, NS Dalhousie64Lakehead61StatsSparkling Springs Tournament
 Halifax, NS Saint Mary's65Windsor56StatsSparkling Springs Tournament
Sat Jan 2, 1999Unknown Victoria67Brock26  
 Unknown St. Martin's College WA57UBC54  
 Unknown Carleton48Trinity Western28  
 Unknown Bishop's71Saskatchewan53  
 Waterloo, ON Winnipeg64Western56 New Year's Shootout
 Waterloo, ON Waterloo50York49 New Year's Shootout
 Waterloo, ON Queen's54UNB52 New Year's Shootout
 Waterloo, ON McMaster86Laurier43 New Year's Shootout
 Halifax, NS UPEI75Acadia51StatsSparkling Springs Tournament
 Halifax, NS Windsor70Lakehead66StatsSparkling Springs Tournament
 Halifax, NS Alberta77Guelph54StatsSparkling Springs Tournament
 Halifax, NS Saint Mary's56Dalhousie49StatsSparkling Springs Tournament
Sun Jan 3, 1999Montreal, QC Saskatchewan66McGill61  
 Waterloo, ON Queen's59Winnipeg57 New Year's Shootout
 Waterloo, ON UNB89Western66 New Year's Shootout
 Halifax, NS Lakehead61Acadia50StatsSparkling Springs Tournament
 Halifax, NS UPEI64Windsor63 Sparkling Springs Tournament
 Halifax, NS Dalhousie66Guelph49StatsSparkling Springs Tournament
 Halifax, NS Alberta65Saint Mary's39StatsSparkling Springs Tournament
Wed Jan 6, 1999Wolfville, NS*Dalhousie57Acadia51  
Fri Jan 8, 1999Brandon, MB*Regina85Brandon65  
 Calgary, AB*Alberta59Calgary46  
 Fredericton, NB*UNB85UPEI63  
 Halifax, NS*Saint Mary's48Memorial46  
 Lennoxville, QC*Bishop's68Ottawa51  
 Quebec City, QC*Laval77Carleton38  
 St. Catharines, ON*Laurier57Brock54  
 Vancouver, BC*UBC69Saskatchewan52  
 Victoria, BC*Victoria69Lethbridge49Stats 
 Wolfville, NS*Cape Breton65Acadia61  
Sat Jan 9, 1999Brandon, MB*Regina89Brandon54  
 Calgary, AB*Alberta57Calgary47  
 Hamilton, ON*McMaster67Waterloo50  
 Kingston, ON*Toronto79Queen's77  
 Lennoxville, QC*Bishop's72Carleton44  
 Montreal, QC*Laurentian60McGill44  
 Montreal, QC*Concordia91York51  
 Quebec City, QC*Laval67Ottawa38  
 Vancouver, BC*UBC74Saskatchewan57  
 Victoria, BC*Victoria90Lethbridge64  
Sun Jan 10, 1999Fredericton, NB*UNB84UPEI78  
 Halifax, NS*Dalhousie86Cape Breton47  
 Halifax, NS*Saint Mary's52Memorial47  
 Montreal, QC*Laurentian81Concordia70  
 Montreal, QC*York70McGill61OT 
 Winnipeg, MB*Winnipeg66Manitoba41  
Tue Jan 12, 1999Antigonish, NS*Acadia69StFX67  
 Winnipeg, MB*Winnipeg42Manitoba39  
Wed Jan 13, 1999Windsor, ON*Windsor55Laurier25  
Fri Jan 15, 1999Edmonton, AB*Victoria70Alberta65  
 Guelph, ON*Guelph67Lakehead47  
 Lethbridge, AB*UBC62Lethbridge49  
 Saskatoon, SK*Calgary78Saskatchewan64  
 Winnipeg, MB*Manitoba95Brandon80  
Sat Jan 16, 1999Charlottetown, PE*UPEI63Dalhousie60  
 Edmonton, AB*Victoria62Alberta49  
 Fredericton, NB*UNB76Acadia62  
 Guelph, ON*Guelph60Lakehead45  
 Lennoxville, QC*Bishop's71McGill49  
 Lethbridge, AB*UBC66Lethbridge54  
 Ottawa, ON*Queen's77Carleton56  
 Quebec City, QC*Concordia74Laval59  
 Regina, SK*Regina75Winnipeg65  
 Saskatoon, SK*Calgary77Saskatchewan67  
 St. Catharines, ON*Brock62Windsor52  
 St. John's, NF*StFX62Memorial44  
 Sydney, NS*Saint Mary's62Cape Breton60  
 Toronto, ON*Toronto76Laurentian62  
 Waterloo, ON*Western70Laurier56  
 Waterloo, ON*McMaster65Waterloo60  
 Winnipeg, MB*Manitoba90Brandon60  
Sun Jan 17, 1999Charlottetown, PE*UPEI75Acadia56  
 Fredericton, NB*UNB83Dalhousie53  
 Lennoxville, QC*Concordia57Bishop's51  
 Ottawa, ON*Ryerson64Carleton49  
 Ottawa, ON*Queen's65Ottawa48  
 Quebec City, QC*Laval73McGill64  
 Regina, SK*Regina70Winnipeg42  
 St. John's, NF*Memorial60StFX51  
 Sydney, NS*Saint Mary's65Cape Breton54  
Tue Jan 19, 1999Toronto, ON*Toronto75York59  
Wed Jan 20, 1999Guelph, ON*Guelph48Laurier36  
 Halifax, NS*Dalhousie63Saint Mary's42  
 London, ON*Western63McMaster51  
 St. Catharines, ON*Brock72Waterloo62  
 Wolfville, NS*StFX60Acadia48  
Fri Jan 22, 1999Brandon, MB*Brandon68Winnipeg62  
 Calgary, AB*Calgary72Lethbridge61  
 Kingston, ON*Queen's72York42  
 Montreal, QC*Concordia60Toronto56  
 Ottawa, ON*Bishop's57Ottawa52  
 Ottawa, ON*Laval82Carleton43  
 Saskatoon, SK*Alberta63Saskatchewan51  
 Thunder Bay, ON*Windsor57Lakehead53  
 Toronto, ON*Laurentian62Ryerson50  
 Vancouver, BC*Victoria49UBC46  
 Winnipeg, MB*Regina78Manitoba60  
Sat Jan 23, 1999Antigonish, NS*StFX67UNB66  
 Brandon, MB*Winnipeg72Brandon44  
 Calgary, AB*Calgary78Lethbridge54Stats 
 Guelph, ON*Guelph66Brock46  
 Halifax, NS*UPEI68Saint Mary's46  
 Hamilton, ON*McMaster103Laurier44  
 Kingston, ON*Laurentian68Queen's60  
 Ottawa, ON*Laval75Ottawa52  
 Ottawa, ON*Carleton56Bishop's52  
 Saskatoon, SK*Alberta69Saskatchewan53  
 Thunder Bay, ON*Windsor73Lakehead64  
 Vancouver, BC*UBC58Victoria48  
 Waterloo, ON*Western73Waterloo47  
 Winnipeg, MB*Manitoba71Regina61  
 Wolfville, NS*Memorial55Acadia46  
Sun Jan 24, 1999Halifax, NS*UNB69Saint Mary's61  
 Montreal, QC*Toronto79McGill78OT 
 Toronto, ON*Ryerson64York49  
 Wolfville, NS*Memorial53Acadia47  
Tue Jan 26, 1999Antigonish, NS*StFX64Cape Breton47  
Wed Jan 27, 1999Hamilton, ON*McMaster89Windsor52  
 Waterloo, ON*Guelph51Waterloo47  
 Waterloo, ON*Brock61Laurier45  
 Wolfville, NS*Acadia68Dalhousie62  
Fri Jan 29, 1999Antigonish, NS*StFX61Saint Mary's56  
 Calgary, AB*UBC74Calgary65  
 Edmonton, AB*Alberta83Lethbridge54  
 Kingston, ON*Queen's76Ryerson66  
 Lennoxville, QC*Laurentian78Bishop's73  
 Montreal, QC*Ottawa79McGill71  
 Quebec City, QC*Laval75York45  
 Victoria, BC*Victoria77Saskatchewan64  
Sat Jan 30, 1999Calgary, AB*UBC61Calgary59  
 Edmonton, AB*Alberta85Lethbridge60  
 Lennoxville, QC*Bishop's63York28  
 Montreal, QC*Concordia74Ottawa61  
 Montreal, QC*McGill61Carleton51  
 Quebec City, QC*Laval60Laurentian57  
 St. Catharines, ON*McMaster74Brock54  
 St. John's, NF*UNB65Memorial61  
 Sydney, NS*UPEI109Cape Breton86  
 Victoria, BC*Victoria66Saskatchewan53  
 Windsor, ON*Waterloo76Windsor55  
Sun Jan 31, 1999Halifax, NS*Dalhousie70StFX68OT 
 Montreal, QC*Concordia58Carleton30  
 St. John's, NF*UNB73Memorial56  
 Sydney, NS*UPEI76Cape Breton57  
 Toronto, ON*Toronto94Ryerson52  
Mon Feb 1, 1999Hamilton, ON*McMaster75Brock55  
Tue Feb 2, 1999Halifax, NS*Saint Mary's59Acadia52  
Wed Feb 3, 1999Guelph, ON*Guelph55Windsor54  
 St. Catharines, ON*Western68Brock66  
Fri Feb 5, 1999Brandon, MB*Manitoba81Brandon61  
 Halifax, NS*Dalhousie81Acadia53  
 Kingston, ON*Queen's66Bishop's56  
 Lethbridge, AB*Saskatchewan70Lethbridge51  
 Sudbury, ON*Laurentian75Concordia74  
 Thunder Bay, ON*Lakehead77Laurier33  
 Toronto, ON*Laval63Ryerson54  
 Toronto, ON*Toronto60Ottawa53  
 Toronto, ON*McGill59York43  
 Vancouver, BC*Alberta55UBC54  
 Victoria, BC*Victoria76Calgary43  
 Winnipeg, MB*Regina79Winnipeg77  
Sat Feb 6, 1999Brandon, MB*Brandon86Manitoba78  
 Charlottetown, PE*UPEI80StFX71  
 Fredericton, NB*UNB78Saint Mary's62  
 Kingston, ON*Queen's63Laval57  
 Lethbridge, AB*Saskatchewan67Lethbridge63  
 London, ON*Western70Guelph51  
 Sudbury, ON*Laurentian82McGill63  
 Sydney, NS*Memorial59Cape Breton53  
 Thunder Bay, ON*Lakehead59Laurier31  
 Toronto, ON*Bishop's63Ryerson56  
 Toronto, ON*Concordia79York57  
 Vancouver, BC*Alberta71UBC52  
 Victoria, BC*Victoria79Calgary42  
 Waterloo, ON*Brock69Waterloo66  
 Windsor, ON*McMaster68Windsor48  
 Winnipeg, MB*Regina62Winnipeg60  
Sun Feb 7, 1999Fredericton, NB*UNB83Saint Mary's51  
 Sydney, NS*Memorial61Cape Breton53  
 Toronto, ON*Toronto84Carleton44  
Tue Feb 9, 1999Antigonish, NS*StFX58Dalhousie55  
Wed Feb 10, 1999Quebec City, QC*Laval69Bishop's56  
 St. Catharines, ON*Guelph64Brock61  
 Waterloo, ON*Waterloo59Laurier27  
 Windsor, ON*Western56Windsor52  
Fri Feb 12, 1999Edmonton, AB*Alberta66Calgary60  
 Hamilton, ON*McMaster75Lakehead58  
 Lennoxville, QC*Toronto67Bishop's54  
 Lethbridge, AB*Victoria57Lethbridge45  
 Montreal, QC*Concordia61Queen's47  
 Montreal, QC*McGill74Ryerson64  
 Ottawa, ON*Ottawa61York48  
 Ottawa, ON*Laurentian68Carleton38  
 Regina, SK*Regina82Manitoba72  
 Saskatoon, SK*UBC71Saskatchewan64  
 Winnipeg, MB*Winnipeg74Brandon58  
 Wolfville, NS*Saint Mary's60Acadia53  
Sat Feb 13, 1999Antigonish, NS*StFX80UPEI63  
 Edmonton, AB*Alberta70Calgary52  
 Fredericton, NB*UNB120Cape Breton59  
 Guelph, ON*Guelph57Waterloo46  
 Hamilton, ON*McMaster56Lakehead33  
 Lethbridge, AB*Victoria53Lethbridge24  
 London, ON*Western73Brock62  
 Montreal, QC*Queen's79McGill39  
 Montreal, QC*Concordia79Ryerson26  
 Ottawa, ON*Ottawa61Laurentian46  
 Ottawa, ON*Carleton50York44  
 Regina, SK*Regina88Manitoba71  
 Saskatoon, SK*Saskatchewan67UBC58  
 St. John's, NF*Memorial72Dalhousie55  
 Waterloo, ON*Windsor73Laurier43  
 Winnipeg, MB*Winnipeg70Brandon56  
Sun Feb 14, 1999Fredericton, NB*UNB105Cape Breton55  
 Halifax, NS*UPEI89Saint Mary's85OT 
 Quebec City, QC*Laval78Toronto49  
 St. John's, NF*Memorial75Dalhousie74OT 
Tue Feb 16, 1999Wolfville, NS*StFX80Acadia60  
Wed Feb 17, 1999Guelph, ON*Guelph56McMaster46  
 London, ON*Western73Laurier42  
 Waterloo, ON*Waterloo67Windsor54  
Fri Feb 19, 1999Calgary, AB*Calgary66Saskatchewan58  
 Kingston, ON*Queen's69Ottawa46  
 Montreal, QC*Bishop's67McGill42  
 Montreal, QC*Concordia74Laval55  
 Regina, SK*Regina88Brandon74  
 Sudbury, ON*Laurentian84Toronto74  
 Thunder Bay, ON*Lakehead66Brock60  
 Toronto, ON*Ryerson53Carleton45  
 Vancouver, BC*UBC83Lethbridge55  
 Victoria, BC*Victoria67Alberta61  
 Winnipeg, MB*Winnipeg70Manitoba65  
Sat Feb 20, 1999Antigonish, NS*StFX63Memorial50  
 Calgary, AB*Calgary72Saskatchewan63  
 Halifax, NS*UNB95Dalhousie70  
 Hamilton, ON*McMaster75Western68  
 Kingston, ON*Queen's73Carleton44  
 Montreal, QC*Concordia63Bishop's49  
 Montreal, QC*Laval67McGill51  
 Regina, SK*Regina104Brandon68  
 Thunder Bay, ON*Lakehead83Brock41  
 Toronto, ON*Ottawa78Ryerson75  
 Vancouver, BC*UBC78Lethbridge48Stats 
 Victoria, BC*Victoria62Alberta56  
 Waterloo, ON*Waterloo74Laurier36  
 Windsor, ON*Guelph65Windsor39  
 Wolfville, NS*UPEI84Acadia55  
Sun Feb 21, 1999Antigonish, NS*StFX56Memorial50  
 Halifax, NS*UPEI82Dalhousie71  
 Sudbury, ON*Laurentian76York49  
 Winnipeg, MB*Manitoba68Winnipeg55  
 Wolfville, NS*UNB98Acadia56  
Tue Feb 23, 1999Montreal, QC*McGill70Concordia62  
 Ottawa, ON*Ottawa53Ryerson47  
 Toronto, ON*Toronto74York61  
Wed Feb 24, 1999Charlottetown, PE*UPEI70Saint Mary's40  
 Guelph, ON*Western73Guelph51  
 Lennoxville, QC*Bishop's58Laval47  
 Sydney, NS*Dalhousie93Cape Breton74  
 Waterloo, ON*McMaster70Laurier40  
Thu Feb 25, 1999Winnipeg, MBpManitoba66Winnipeg53 Great Plains Semifinal (Best of 3)
Fri Feb 26, 1999Ottawa, ON*Ottawa68Carleton64  
 Sudbury, ON*Laurentian65Queen's52  
 Toronto, ON*Toronto70Concordia57  
 Toronto, ON*Ryerson60York52  
 Waterloo, ON*Lakehead46Waterloo45  
 Edmonton, ABpAlberta59Calgary47 Canada West Semifinal (Best of 3)
 Victoria, BCpVictoria52UBC48 Canada West Semifinal (Best of 3)
Sat Feb 27, 1999Charlottetown, PE*UNB77UPEI76  
 Halifax, NS*Saint Mary's78Cape Breton61  
 Halifax, NS*StFX60Dalhousie57  
 Hamilton, ON*McMaster64Guelph48  
 London, ON*Western78Windsor49  
 St. John's, NF*Memorial75Acadia56  
 Toronto, ON*Queen's64York43  
 Waterloo, ON*Waterloo47Lakehead41  
 Edmonton, ABpAlberta70Calgary54 Canada West Semifinal (Best of 3)
 Victoria, BCpVictoria59UBC43 Canada West Semifinal (Best of 3)
 Winnipeg, MBpManitoba78Winnipeg62 Great Plains Semifinal (Best of 3)
Sun Feb 28, 1999Charlottetown, PE*UNB85UPEI72  
 Halifax, NS*Saint Mary's65Cape Breton49  
 Ottawa, ON*Ottawa57Carleton53  
 St. John's, NF*Memorial62Acadia59  
 Sudbury, ON*Laurentian79Ryerson62  
 Toronto, ON*Toronto86McGill56  
Tue Mar 2, 1999Guelph, ONpGuelph73Waterloo58 Ontario West Quarterfinal
 Thunder Bay, ONpLakehead59Brock57 Ontario West Quarterfinal
Wed Mar 3, 1999Quebec City, QCpLaval85Bishop's71 Quebec Semifinal
Thu Mar 4, 1999Toronto, ONpLaurentian80Ryerson61 Ontario East Semifinal
 Toronto, ONpToronto86Queen's71 Ontario East Semifinal
Fri Mar 5, 1999Halifax, NSpUPEI72Memorial66 Atlantic Quarterfinal
 Halifax, NSpDalhousie58Saint Mary's43 Atlantic Quarterfinal
 Victoria, BCpVictoria48Alberta42 Canada West Championship (Best of 3)
 Regina, SKpRegina87Manitoba85 Great Plains Championship (Best of 3)
 Toronto, ONpLaurentian63Toronto55 Ontario East Final
 London, ONpMcMaster63Guelph53 Ontario West Semifinal
 London, ONpWestern74Lakehead57 Ontario West Semifinal
Sat Mar 6, 1999Halifax, NSpStFX86UPEI80 Atlantic Semifinal
 Halifax, NSpUNB72Dalhousie46 Atlantic Semifinal
 Victoria, BCpAlberta62Victoria60OTCanada West Championship (Best of 3)
 Regina, SKpRegina71Manitoba60 Great Plains Championship (Best of 3)
 London, ONpMcMaster74Western69OTOntario West Final
 Montreal, QCpConcordia79Laval70 Quebec Championship
Sun Mar 7, 1999Halifax, NSpUNB78StFX56 Atlantic Championship
 Victoria, BCpVictoria70Alberta64 Canada West Championship (Best of 3)
 London, ONpMcMaster69Laurentian54 Ontario Championship
Thu Mar 11, 1999Thunder Bay, ONpVictoria65Concordia43 CIAU Quarterfinal
 Thunder Bay, ONpUNB87McMaster80 CIAU Quarterfinal
 Thunder Bay, ONpAlberta65Manitoba57 CIAU Quarterfinal
 Thunder Bay, ONpLaurentian51Regina48 CIAU Quarterfinal
Fri Mar 12, 1999Thunder Bay, ONpConcordia68McMaster56 CIAU Consolation Semifinal
 Thunder Bay, ONpRegina83Manitoba63 CIAU Consolation Semifinal
 Thunder Bay, ONpVictoria58UNB46 CIAU Semifinal
 Thunder Bay, ONpAlberta55Laurentian48 CIAU Semifinal
Sun Mar 14, 1999Thunder Bay, ONpRegina59Concordia52 CIAU Consolation Final
 Thunder Bay, ONpUNB69Laurentian51 CIAU Bronze Medal
 Thunder Bay, ONpAlberta54Victoria46 CIAU Championship

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