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U Sports Hoops — Men
University Basketball in Canada
provided by Martin Timmerman
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Winning Percentage Improvement between Two Seasons

Only games involving two U SPORTS teams are included, results as of March 14, 1964

  1963-64 1962-63 Improvement Pct
1Western Ontario Tech Ontario IAA Division B401.000000.0001.000
2Sir George Williams Ottawa-St. Lawrence IAA1620.889260.2500.639
3Waterloo OQAA - Senior Intercollegiate1350.722490.3080.415
4Saint Dunstans Maritime IAA470.364050.0000.364
5StFX Maritime IAA1030.769780.4670.303
6Saskatchewan Western Canada IAA1530.833970.5620.271
7Carleton Ottawa-St. Lawrence IAA1630.8421360.6840.158
8Dalhousie Maritime IAA2110.154070.0000.154
9Queens OQAA - Senior Intercollegiate3100.2311110.0830.147
10RMC Ottawa-St. Lawrence IAA120.333140.2000.133
11Saint Marys Maritime IAA940.692430.5710.121
12UBC Western Canada IAA1640.8001350.7220.078
13Ottawa Ottawa-St. Lawrence IAA320.600430.5710.029
14Bishops Ottawa-St. Lawrence IAA830.7271040.7140.013
15Windsor OQAA - Senior Intercollegiate1401.0001301.0000.000
16Toronto OQAA - Senior Intercollegiate750.583750.5830.000
17Manitoba Western Canada IAA3100.2313100.2310.000
18Ontario Agricultural College 0.00010.0000.000
19Hamilton Teachers College 0.00010.0000.000
20Unknown 300.000210.0000.000
21Osgoode Hall Ontario IAA Division A000.000010.0000.000
22Guelph Ontario IAA Division A020.000000.0000.000
23Ryerson Ontario IAA Division B000.000010.0000.000
24Hamilton Teachers Ontario IAA Division B020.000000.0000.000
25York Ontario IAA Division B020.000000.0000.000
26Sherbrooke Ottawa-St. Lawrence IAA020.000040.0000.000
27Macdonald College Ottawa-St. Lawrence IAA040.000030.0000.000
28Mount Allison Maritime IAA380.273120.333-0.061
29Alberta Western Canada IAA280.2005110.312-0.112
30McMaster OQAA - Senior Intercollegiate570.417760.538-0.122
31Acadia Maritime IAA1330.8121610.941-0.129
32Western OQAA - Senior Intercollegiate750.583930.750-0.167
33McGill OQAA - Senior Intercollegiate0120.000660.500-0.500
34Calgary Western Canada IAA080.000850.615-0.615
35UNB Maritime IAA470.364201.000-0.636
36Loyola of Montreal Ottawa-St. Lawrence IAA020.0001560.714-0.714
37Waterloo Lutheran Ontario IAA Division A020.000510.833-0.833
38Laurentian Ontario IAA Division A000.000101.000-1.000

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