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Saskatchewan Huskies - 2012-13 Season    <<Previous season    Next season>>

Head Coach:Barry Rawlyk (3rd season)
Other staff: Nathan Schellenberg (Assistant Coach), Jordan Harbridge (Assistant Coach), Kevin Bergen (Basketball Staff), Armand Schellenberg (Basketball Staff)
League:CanWest Prairie

Summary of team record for the season

Conference RecordCIS RecordOverall Record
16-60.7271906-170786.6 - 77.621-90.7002548-234184.9 - 78.023-90.7192730-246485.3 - 77.0

Player roster

NoPlayerPosHtWtEligHometownHigh School (Prior Team)
1Stephon Lamar Guard6-01753San Diego, CASt. Augustine (San Diego City College)
2Evan Ostertag Guard6-11852Saskatoon, SKHoly Cross High
3Andrew Henry Guard6-21763Regina, SKLuther High
4Nick Foth Guard6-21702Saskatoon, SKCentennial Collegiate
5Ben Baker Guard6-31823Saskatoon, SKAden Bowman Collegiate
6Jonathan Karwacki Guard6-11951Saskatoon, SKHoly Cross High
7Graham Black Guard6-31661Saskatoon, SKWalter Murray Collegiate
8Daniel Ostertag Guard/Forward6-01641Saskatoon, SKHoly Cross High
9Matthew Harbidge Guard/Forward6-31851Saskatoon, SKHoly Cross High
10Bradley Clark Guard/Forward6-21872Regina, SKMichael A. Riffel High
11Brandon Thompson Guard/Forward6-21871Regina, SKMichael A. Riffel High
12Patrick Burns Guard/Forward6-42005Saskatoon, SKHoly Cross High
13Matthew Forbes Forward6-62352Regina Beach, SKLumsden High
15Trevor Severinski Forward6-62101Pitt Meadows, BCPitt Meadows Secondary

Awards presented

Ben Baker Canada West Defensive Player of the Year
Stephon Lamar Canada West Player of the Year, Canada West First Team All-Star, First Team All-Canadian

Game results for the season

--- Non-Conference Games ---
DateLocationOpponentResult Comment
Fri Oct 5, 2012Saskatoon, SKGrant MacEwanWin91-64  
Thu Oct 11, 2012Calgary, ABSAITWin91-59 Calgary Cup
Fri Oct 12, 2012Calgary, ABWindsorWin88-79 Calgary Cup
Sat Oct 13, 2012Calgary, ABCalgaryWin85-83 Calgary Cup
Thu Oct 18, 2012Saskatoon, SKReginaWin91-79 Graham Shootout
Fri Oct 19, 2012Saskatoon, SKConcordiaLoss80-89 Graham Shootout
Sat Oct 20, 2012Saskatoon, SKLakeheadWin80-71 Graham Shootout
--- Regular Season Conference Games ---
DateLocationOpponentResult Comment
Thu Nov 1, 2012Regina, SKReginaLoss90-95Stats 
Sat Nov 3, 2012Saskatoon, SKReginaWin89-74Stats 
Fri Nov 9, 2012Lethbridge, ABLethbridgeWin98-89Stats 
Sat Nov 10, 2012Lethbridge, ABLethbridgeLoss87-99Stats 
Fri Nov 16, 2012Saskatoon, SKCalgaryWin90-70Stats 
Sat Nov 17, 2012Saskatoon, SKCalgaryWin87-73Stats 
Fri Nov 23, 2012Saskatoon, SKUBCLoss81-84Stats 
Sat Nov 24, 2012Saskatoon, SKVictoriaWin90-74Stats 
Thu Nov 29, 2012Calgary, ABMount RoyalWin96-73Stats 
Sat Dec 1, 2012Prince George, BCUNBCLoss90-93Stats 
Fri Jan 11, 2013Abbotsford, BCFraser ValleyWin90-82Stats 
Sat Jan 12, 2013Langley, BCTrinity WesternWin92-85Stats 
Fri Jan 18, 2013Saskatoon, SKUBC OkanaganWin91-64Stats 
Sat Jan 19, 2013Saskatoon, SKThompson RiversWin85-69Stats 
Fri Jan 25, 2013Brandon, MBBrandonWin68-65Stats 
Sat Jan 26, 2013Brandon, MBBrandonLoss69-73Stats 
Fri Feb 1, 2013Saskatoon, SKWinnipegWin95-74Stats 
Sat Feb 2, 2013Saskatoon, SKWinnipegWin89-65Stats 
Fri Feb 8, 2013Winnipeg, MBManitobaLoss74-83Stats 
Sat Feb 9, 2013Winnipeg, MBManitobaWin94-84Stats 
Fri Feb 15, 2013Saskatoon, SKAlbertaWin82-66Stats 
Sat Feb 16, 2013Saskatoon, SKAlbertaWin79-73Stats 
--- Playoff Games ---
DateLocationOpponentResult Comment
Fri Feb 22, 2013Saskatoon, SKFraser ValleyLoss64-83StatsCanada West Quarterfinal (Best of 3)
Sat Feb 23, 2013Saskatoon, SKFraser ValleyWin78-58StatsCanada West Quarterfinal (Best of 3)
Sun Feb 24, 2013Saskatoon, SKFraser ValleyLoss76-92StatsCanada West Quarterfinal (Best of 3)

Overall scoring summary for the season

PlayerGPMinsMpg3 PtField GoalsFree ThrowsReboundsRPGPFAToBlStPtsPPG
Stephon Lamar2478632.872-18838.3190-44143.1113-15871.520-69893.7431169103956523.5
Matthew Forbes2575830.310-2540.0147-25956.8103-13278.072-951676.7762154112340716.3
Ben Baker2583833.522-6434.4110-26541.583-11770.936-1471837.370878594932513.0
Patrick Burns2579131.621-6631.877-15749.059-8966.361-1682299.285324414482349.4
Evan Ostertag2545818.39-3327.371-12955.042-5576.44-22261.03124181221937.7
Andrew Henry2555822.350-13836.264-17836.09-1464.312-53652.64143411241877.5
Trevor Severinski2537214.910-3826.337-8643.011-1668.825-61863.43061564953.8
Nick Foth171579.211-1957.916-3151.64-666.76-9150.9134907472.8
Jonathan Karwacki241566.516-4535.619-5435.20-20.06-16220.919111513542.2
Bradley Clark13282.20-00.06-1154.50-00.05-5100.870000120.9
Graham Black11403.60-10.01-333.33-650.02-570.65000050.5
Matthew Harbidge9293.20-30.00-30.00-00.00-220.21000000.0
Daniel Ostertag482.00-00.00-00.00-00.00-110.22110000.0
Brandon Thompson7172.40-00.00-10.00-00.03-140.61000100.0
* Team Totals254996199.8221-62035.6738-161845.6427-59571.8252-65490636.242434537343220212485.0

Season scoring summary for league games only

PlayerGPMinsMpg3 PtField GoalsFree ThrowsReboundsRPGPFAToBlStPtsPPG
Stephon Lamar2168832.859-15538.1160-37542.7102-14072.915-59743.54310581 3448122.9
Matthew Forbes2265629.810-1952.6139-23559.195-12277.965-881537.071164582038317.4
Ben Baker2273333.318-5433.399-23741.879-10575.236-1271637.462807894729513.4
Patrick Burns2270432.018-5334.068-13450.757-8567.151-1522039.274303910422119.6
Evan Ostertag2242819.59-3129.071-12755.942-5576.44-18221.02621151211938.8
Andrew Henry2247521.640-10837.054-14736.79-1464.310-48582.63536371211577.1
Trevor Severinski2232614.89-3030.033-7047.111-1668.820-55753.42651353863.9
Nick Foth141389.99-1752.914-2948.33-475.03-8110.81348 6402.9
Jonathan Karwacki211286.113-3537.115-4334.90-20.05-15201.01781513432.0
Bradley Clark13282.2  6-1154.5  5-5100.87    120.9
Graham Black10393.90-10.01-333.33-650.02-570.74    50.5
Matthew Harbidge10292.90-30.00-30.0  0-220.21    00.0
Daniel Ostertag482.0      0-110.2211  00.0
Brandon Thompson6162.7  0-10.0  3-140.71   100.0
* Team Totals224396199.8185-50636.6660-141546.6401-54973.0219-58480336.538230633235198190686.6

Season individual bests vs U SPORTS teams for all players

PlayerMost pointsMost reboundsMost assists
Matthew Forbes40 on Feb 1, 2013 vs Winnipeg15 on Jan 26, 2013 vs Brandon3 on Feb 22, 2013 vs Fraser Valley
Stephon Lamar40 on Nov 3, 2012 vs Regina8 on Nov 3, 2012 vs Regina9 on Feb 1, 2013 vs Winnipeg
Patrick Burns27 on Jan 11, 2013 vs Fraser Valley14 on Nov 29, 2012 vs Mount Royal3 on Nov 3, 2012 vs Regina
Ben Baker26 on Nov 1, 2012 vs Regina12 on Feb 1, 2013 vs Winnipeg9 on Nov 24, 2012 vs Victoria
Evan Ostertag22 on Nov 9, 2012 vs Lethbridge3 on Jan 19, 2013 vs Thompson Rivers4 on Jan 18, 2013 vs UBC Okanagan
Andrew Henry21 on Feb 22, 2013 vs Fraser Valley7 on Feb 9, 2013 vs Manitoba5 on Feb 2, 2013 vs Winnipeg
Nick Foth13 on Nov 29, 2012 vs Mount Royal4 on Feb 23, 2013 vs Fraser Valley2 on Feb 8, 2013 vs Manitoba
Trevor Severinski12 on Nov 24, 2012 vs Victoria8 on Jan 26, 2013 vs Brandon2 on Feb 1, 2013 vs Winnipeg
Jonathan Karwacki9 on Jan 25, 2013 vs Brandon6 on Jan 25, 2013 vs Brandon2 on Nov 23, 2012 vs UBC
Bradley Clark4 on Nov 23, 2012 vs UBC2 on Nov 9, 2012 vs Lethbridge 
Graham Black2 on Nov 29, 2012 vs Mount Royal2 on Feb 1, 2013 vs Winnipeg 
Matthew Harbidge 1 on Nov 16, 2012 vs Calgary 
Daniel Ostertag 1 on Nov 10, 2012 vs Lethbridge1 on Nov 10, 2012 vs Lethbridge
Brandon Thompson 2 on Jan 18, 2013 vs UBC Okanagan 

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