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U Sports Hoops — Men
University Basketball in Canada
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York Lions - 2021-22 Season    <<Previous season    Next season>>

Head Coach:Nate Philippe (5th season)
Other staff: Jermain Holness (Assistant Coach), Andrew Broeren (Assistant Coach), Benjamin Haile (Player Development Specialist), Isaiah Scipio (Graduate Manager), Anil Palanisamy (Strength & Conditioning Coach)
League:OUA East
Website:Team website link

Summary of team record for the season

Conference RecordU Sports RecordOverall Record
5-110.3121218-130076.1 - 81.25-150.2501474-165173.7 - 82.55-150.2501474-165173.7 - 82.5

Player roster

NoPlayerPosHtWtEligHometownHigh School (Prior Team)
2Chevon Brown Guard6-11805Toronto, ONRichview Collegiate (ASA College)
2Robert Lamour Guard/Forward6-41952Brooklyn, NYMarjory Stoneman Douglas High
3Brendon Chevannes Guard5-101705Brampton, ONFather Henry Carr Secondary (Concord University)
4Prince Kamunga Guard6-72004Toronto, ONCollege Francais
5Ben Simmons Guard6-21851Fort McMurray, ABFather Patrick Mercredi Community High, Northstar Prep
6Tyler Pryce Guard6-41753Aurora, ONVillanova College
7Travon Hamilton Guard5-101901Rexdale, ONHoly Cross Academy
8Johnny Brown Guard6-42001Calgary, ABWestern Canada High
9Elias Panagiotopoulos Guard6-31801Toronto, ONRichview Collegiate, Athlete Institute
10Julien Lemon Guard6-32051Milton, ONSt. Francis Xavier Secondary
11Haven Holder Forward6-62101Ottawa, ONLongfields-Davidson Heights Secondary
12Alexis Kayonga Forward6-61902Quebec City, QCChamplain St. Lawrence
13Luis Micourt Guard6-31941Ottawa, ONCanada Topflight Academy
20Liam Reitschin Forward6-112152Toronto, ONBishop Allen Academy
21Yacine Loe Forward6-82173Ouagadougou, Burkina FasoInternational School of Ouagadougou
22Sukhjot Kalsi Forward6-102403Etobicoke, ONJohn Polanyi Collegiate
23Warsame Mohamed Forward6-82274Toronto, ONA.Y. Jackson Secondary (Ryerson)
24Somto Dimanochie Forward6-82453Lagos, NigeriaBrentwood College
 Mostafa Ezz Elarab Guard6-31851North York, ONA.Y. Jackson Secondary
 Danny Lazic Forward6-82201Mississauga, ONErindale Secondary
 Mert Ozuak Guard6-51981Istanbul, TurkeyHoosac School
 Reuel Thomas Guard6-01551Ajax, ONGlenelg High
 Jakobi Walters Forward6-62201Surrey, BCGuildford Park Secondary

Awards presented

Prince Kamunga OUA East Second Team All-Star

Game results for the season

--- Non-Conference Games ---
DateLocationOpponentResult Comment
Fri Oct 15, 2021Toronto, ONWindsorLoss70-84Stats 
Thu Oct 21, 2021Toronto, ONWaterlooLoss63-66Stats 
Sat Oct 23, 2021St. Catharines, ONBrockLoss43-103Stats 
Fri Oct 29, 2021Waterloo, ONLaurierLoss80-98Stats 
--- Regular Season Conference Games ---
DateLocationOpponentResult Comment
Fri Nov 5, 2021Ottawa, ONOttawaLoss76-80Stats 
Sat Nov 6, 2021Ottawa, ONOttawaLoss51-92Stats 
Fri Nov 19, 2021Toronto, ONNipissingWin69-66Stats 
Sat Nov 20, 2021Toronto, ONNipissingLoss60-66Stats 
Fri Nov 26, 2021Toronto, ONCarletonLoss71-92Stats 
Sat Nov 27, 2021Toronto, ONCarletonLoss48-87Stats 
Wed Feb 9, 2022Toronto, ONRyersonLoss97-100Stats 
Sat Feb 12, 2022Toronto, ONRyersonLoss73-80Stats 
Wed Feb 16, 2022Toronto, ONOntario TechWin112-68Stats 
Sat Feb 19, 2022Toronto, ONOntario TechWin98-77Stats 
Wed Feb 23, 2022Sudbury, ONLaurentianLoss57-76Stats 
Thu Feb 24, 2022Sudbury, ONLaurentianLoss71-78Stats 
Fri Mar 4, 2022Kingston, ONQueen'sLoss66-68Stats 
Sat Mar 5, 2022Kingston, ONQueen'sWin114-110Stats 
Fri Mar 11, 2022Toronto, ONTorontoWin84-82Stats 
Sat Mar 12, 2022Toronto, ONTorontoLoss71-78Stats 

Overall scoring summary for the season

PlayerGPMinsMpg3 PtField GoalsFree ThrowsReboundsRPGPFAToBlStPtsPPG
Prince Kamunga2058229.136-12628.6116-29339.6121-15279.625-961216.0613339394238919.4
Chevon Brown1033933.924-9425.559-17034.740-5671.45-25303.024333502518218.2
Somto Dimanochie2057928.914-5625.0104-23743.950-9254.353-1201738.7561254281927213.6
Tyler Pryce1750729.85-549.368-18137.629-5453.720-66865.148374862917010.0
Brendon Chevannes1439628.38-2828.624-6536.934-4870.83-40433.1362824118906.4
Warsame Mohamed1116815.31-137.727-6640.99-1181.86-18242.253622645.8
Mostafa Ezz Elarab44010.03-475.07-977.82-2100.02-461.583301194.8
Liam Reitschin1721912.90-10.028-5056.012-1580.026-37633.732910167684.0
Elias Panagiotopoulos1922411.89-3625.019-5932.222-2781.56-27331.72271226693.6
Robert Lamour1021921.910-3826.312-5123.50-20.08-18262.61451043343.4
Johnny Brown121048.77-1936.88-2927.64-580.02-9110.9191802272.2
Travon Hamilton1926013.75-3813.212-8314.510-1662.511-34452.430142309392.1
Yacine Loe1818510.30-00.013-3537.14-1136.424-37613.427115134301.7
Julien Lemon3289.30-00.02-825.00-00.02-241.34210241.3
Haven Holder4297.20-00.01-520.02-2100.04-151.22112141.0
Luis Micourt3268.70-40.01-812.51-250.03-251.72220131.0
Alexis Kayonga11504.51-333.32-540.03-3100.03-7100.94211180.7
Ben Simmons4235.80-10.00-30.02-2100.00-000.01120220.5
Sukhjot Kalsi351.70-10.00-10.00-00.00-000.02000000.0
* Team Totals203983199.2123-51623.8503-135837.0345-50069.0203-54374637.3397194294114174147473.7

Season scoring summary for league games only

PlayerGPMinsMpg3 PtField GoalsFree ThrowsReboundsRPGPFAToBlStPtsPPG
Prince Kamunga1648530.330-10528.6100-24640.7107-13479.924-811056.6522731333433721.1
Chevon Brown1033933.924-9425.559-17034.740-5671.45-25303.0243335 2518218.2
Somto Dimanochie1648130.111-4723.485-19044.742-7258.344-961408.843746261522313.9
Tyler Pryce1341231.74-468.759-14740.117-3647.217-55725.537343432313910.7
Brendon Chevannes1439628.38-2828.624-6536.934-4870.83-40433.1362824118906.4
Warsame Mohamed79113.01-911.115-3246.94-580.03-8111.642412355.0
Mostafa Ezz Elarab44010.03-475.07-977.82-2100.02-461.5833 1194.8
Liam Reitschin1316913.00-10.021-3756.811-1384.619-28473.62188166534.1
Robert Lamour614924.86-2623.18-3522.90-20.06-16223.7145743223.7
Elias Panagiotopoulos1517211.59-2832.115-4434.114-1877.86-15211.41648 4533.5
Haven Holder199.0  1-333.3  3-033.0 1 2122.0
Travon Hamilton1519613.14-2714.89-5815.57-1070.08-27352.3221017 7291.9
Julien Lemon3289.3  2-825.0  2-241.3421 241.3
Yacine Loe141379.8  7-2330.43-1030.020-27473.420110103171.2
Alexis Kayonga10474.71-250.02-450.03-3100.03-690.94211180.8
Johnny Brown8465.81-714.31-1010.02-2100.01-891.18 3  50.6
Sukhjot Kalsi242.00-10.00-10.0          00.0
* Team Totals163201200.1102-42524.0415-108238.4286-41169.6166-43860437.831316723297145121876.1

Season individual bests vs U SPORTS teams for all players

PlayerMost pointsMost reboundsMost assists
Prince Kamunga45 on Mar 5, 2022 vs Queen's11 on Feb 23, 2022 vs Laurentian4 on Feb 9, 2022 vs Ryerson
Chevon Brown39 on Feb 9, 2022 vs Ryerson6 on Feb 16, 2022 vs Ontario Tech5 on Feb 9, 2022 vs Ryerson
Somto Dimanochie28 on Feb 19, 2022 vs Ontario Tech15 on Feb 9, 2022 vs Ryerson2 on Oct 15, 2021 vs Windsor
Tyler Pryce20 on Nov 5, 2021 vs Ottawa15 on Feb 19, 2022 vs Ontario Tech5 on Nov 19, 2021 vs Nipissing
Brendon Chevannes15 on Mar 4, 2022 vs Queen's7 on Feb 19, 2022 vs Ontario Tech4 on Feb 19, 2022 vs Ontario Tech
Warsame Mohamed13 on Oct 15, 2021 vs Windsor9 on Oct 21, 2021 vs Waterloo1 on Oct 21, 2021 vs Waterloo
Mostafa Ezz Elarab12 on Mar 5, 2022 vs Queen's3 on Mar 5, 2022 vs Queen's2 on Mar 5, 2022 vs Queen's
Elias Panagiotopoulos11 on Feb 24, 2022 vs Laurentian5 on Oct 29, 2021 vs Laurier2 on Oct 23, 2021 vs Brock
Travon Hamilton10 on Nov 6, 2021 vs Ottawa7 on Nov 6, 2021 vs Ottawa3 on Feb 16, 2022 vs Ontario Tech
Liam Reitschin10 on Nov 6, 2021 vs Ottawa8 on Feb 9, 2022 vs Ryerson3 on Feb 9, 2022 vs Ryerson
Johnny Brown9 on Oct 15, 2021 vs Windsor2 on Oct 15, 2021 vs Windsor1 on Oct 15, 2021 vs Windsor
Robert Lamour6 on Oct 21, 2021 vs Waterloo5 on Nov 5, 2021 vs Ottawa2 on Nov 5, 2021 vs Ottawa
Yacine Loe4 on Oct 21, 2021 vs Waterloo10 on Nov 5, 2021 vs Ottawa1 on Nov 5, 2021 vs Ottawa
Alexis Kayonga3 on Mar 4, 2022 vs Queen's2 on Nov 20, 2021 vs Nipissing1 on Feb 24, 2022 vs Laurentian
Haven Holder2 on Oct 23, 2021 vs Brock3 on Nov 6, 2021 vs Ottawa1 on Nov 6, 2021 vs Ottawa
Julien Lemon2 on Nov 6, 2021 vs Ottawa2 on Nov 6, 2021 vs Ottawa2 on Nov 6, 2021 vs Ottawa
Luis Micourt2 on Oct 21, 2021 vs Waterloo3 on Oct 23, 2021 vs Brock2 on Oct 21, 2021 vs Waterloo
Ben Simmons2 on Oct 23, 2021 vs Brock 1 on Oct 15, 2021 vs Windsor
Sukhjot Kalsi   

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