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Laval Rouge et Or - 2015-16 Season

Head Coach:Guillaume Giroux (First season)
Other staff: Marie-Pascale Nadeau (Entraineure Adjointe), Francois Patenaude (Entraineure Adjoint), Justin Robert (Entraineure Adjoint)
Website:Team website link

Summary of team record for the season

Conference RecordCIS RecordOverall Record
9-70.562994-90362.1 - 56.419-90.6791818-161064.9 - 57.520-100.6671936-172464.5 - 57.5

Player roster

NoPlayerPosHtEligHometownHigh School (Prior Team)
4Genevieve Derome Ailiere5-103Bonaventure, QCCegep Sainte-Foy
5Valerie Demeule Arriere5-81Quebec City, QCSt. Lawrence
6Raphaelle Cote Ailiere5-93Maria, QCCegep Sainte-Foy
7Julie Dufresne   
8Claudia Emond Arriere5-72Chicoutimi, QCCegep Sainte-Foy
9Jane Gagne Ailiere6-02Chicoutimi, QCCegep Sainte-Foy
10Justine Guay-Bilodeau Ailiere5-114Quebec City, QCCegep Sainte-Foy
11Gabrielle Girard Arriere5-74Saguenay, QCCegep Sainte-Foy
12Marie-Pier Champagne Ailiere5-101Quebec City, QCCollege Merici
13Sarah-Jane Marois Arriere5-72Quebec City, QCCegep Sainte-Foy
14Naomi Lavallee Ailiere5-102Drummondville, QCCegep Sainte-Foy
15Anne-Fred Turcotte   
20Sophie Boulanger Ailiere5-91Quebec City, QCCegep Sainte-Foy
21Maude Blouin-Brochu Centre6-01Quebec City, QCCegep Sainte-Foy
23Laurie Pelletier Ailiere5-101Rouyn-Noranda, QCCegep Trois-Rivieres

Awards presented

Raphaelle Cote RSEQ Premiere equipe d'etoiles (First Team All-Star)
Gabrielle Girard RSEQ Deuxieme equipe d'etoiles (Second Team All-Star)
Sarah-Jane Marois Representante RSEQ pour le Prix Tracy MacLeod

Game results for the season

--- Non-Conference Games ---
DateLocationOpponentResult Comment
Tue Aug 11, 2015Montreal, QCMaryvilleWin68-60  
Tue Aug 18, 2015Quebec City, QCOhioLoss50-54  
Sun Oct 4, 2015Montreal, QCCarletonWin77-57  
Fri Oct 9, 2015Quebec City, QCOttawaWin57-51  
Fri Oct 16, 2015Toronto, ONMcMasterLoss70-80StatsDarcel Wright Memorial Classic
Sat Oct 17, 2015Toronto, ONUBCWin66-56StatsDarcel Wright Memorial Classic
Sun Oct 18, 2015Toronto, ONCalgaryWin78-65StatsDarcel Wright Memorial Classic
Fri Oct 23, 2015Quebec City, QCDalhousieWin61-32StatsTournoi Rouge et Or
Sat Oct 24, 2015Quebec City, QCTorontoWin64-58 Tournoi Rouge et Or
Sun Oct 25, 2015Quebec City, QCUPEIWin84-71 Tournoi Rouge et Or
Tue Dec 29, 2015Quebec City, QCMcMasterWin69-68 Tournoi Rouge et Or Des Fetes
Wed Dec 30, 2015Quebec City, QCWindsorWin75-50 Tournoi Rouge et Or Des Fetes
--- Regular Season Conference Games ---
DateLocationOpponentResult Comment
Fri Nov 6, 2015Montreal, QCMcGillLoss60-69Stats 
Fri Nov 13, 2015Quebec City, QCConcordiaWin52-49Stats 
Sat Nov 21, 2015Lennoxville, QCBishopsWin63-46Stats 
Fri Nov 27, 2015Quebec City, QCUQAMWin64-63Stats 
Thu Jan 7, 2016Montreal, QCConcordiaWin66-60Stats 
Fri Jan 8, 2016Quebec City, QCConcordiaWin57-31Stats 
Thu Jan 14, 2016Montreal, QCMcGillLoss52-74Stats 
Sat Jan 16, 2016Quebec City, QCMcGillLoss47-50Stats 
Fri Jan 22, 2016Lennoxville, QCBishopsWin80-55Stats 
Sat Jan 23, 2016Quebec City, QCBishopsWin74-43Stats 
Thu Jan 28, 2016Quebec City, QCUQAMLoss53-60Stats 
Sat Jan 30, 2016Montreal, QCUQAMWin81-54Stats 
Thu Feb 11, 2016Montreal, QCConcordiaLoss72-82Stats 
Fri Feb 19, 2016Quebec City, QCMcGillLoss50-60Stats 
Sat Feb 27, 2016Montreal, QCUQAMLoss52-54Stats 
Thu Mar 3, 2016Quebec City, QCBishopsWin71-53Stats 
--- Playoff Games ---
DateLocationOpponentResult Comment
Thu Mar 10, 2016Montreal, QCUQAMWin67-48StatsRSEQ Semifinal
Sat Mar 12, 2016Montreal, QCMcGillLoss56-71StatsRSEQ Championship

Overall scoring summary for the season

PlayerGPMinsMpg3 PtField GoalsFree ThrowsReboundsRPGPFAToBlStPtsPPG
Raphaelle Cote2269231.526-12620.690-28931.150-7467.660-1351958.948515974125611.6
Genevieve Derome2261127.824-6536.995-22941.540-5770.245-561014.6423250222525411.5
Gabrielle Girard2263729.032-8438.194-26235.930-4369.839-921316.069434713325011.4
Sarah-Jane Marois1428520.410-2540.043-8848.937-5172.510-30402.91231221181339.5
Claudia Emond2261628.024-8727.662-18533.530-4369.816-62783.542705716621788.1
Justine Guay-Bilodeau2153625.516-5230.843-13332.325-3375.834-47813.95827393161276.0
Naomi Lavallee2128613.63-1030.024-6934.89-2045.023-36592.8341225517602.9
Laurie Pelletier2224911.37-3221.915-5527.310-1566.714-30442.02091607472.1
Sophie Boulanger2224010.91-520.015-4434.115-2462.510-33432.028142414462.1
Julie Dufresne10707.03-1030.03-1225.04-4100.02-460.6971104131.3
Marie-Pier Champagne211316.20-30.010-2835.73-837.55-13180.92241617231.1
Maude Blouin-Brochu9384.20-00.01-616.73-475.03-360.73110150.6
Valerie Demeule100.00-00.00-00.00-00.00-111.00000000.0
Jane Gagne100.00-00.00-10.00-00.00-000.00000000.0
Anne-Fred Turcotte362.00-10.00-10.00-00.00-220.71000000.0
* Team Totals224397199.9146-50029.2495-140235.3256-37668.1261-54480536.638830136757235139263.3

Season scoring summary for league games only

PlayerGPMinsMpg3 PtField GoalsFree ThrowsReboundsRPGPFAToBlStPtsPPG
Raphaelle Cote1649931.222-8924.769-20733.333-5560.043-951388.632304063219312.1
Gabrielle Girard1646829.224-6238.771-18937.619-2965.526-69955.9482835 1718511.6
Genevieve Derome1642426.515-4533.362-16437.831-4667.436-42784.9272235151817010.6
Claudia Emond1644928.119-6429.749-13835.523-3369.712-45573.633524013531408.8
Sarah-Jane Marois1223019.27-1838.931-6845.632-4374.48-22302.51025191121018.4
Justine Guay-Bilodeau1539626.49-3625.028-8931.520-2774.121-33543.6422133311855.7
Laurie Pelletier1618511.65-2123.810-3727.09-1369.213-21342.117714 7342.1
Naomi Lavallee1519813.21-616.711-3928.25-1435.714-27412.7201019511281.9
Sophie Boulanger161589.90-30.07-2429.214-1973.78-23311.9201117 3281.8
Julie Dufresne9687.63-1030.03-1225.04-4100.02-460.79711 4131.4
Marie-Pier Champagne15946.30-10.07-1741.23-837.55-11161.11321216171.1
Maude Blouin-Brochu5183.6  0-40.0  1-230.62 1  00.0
Valerie Demeule1        0-111.0     00.0
Anne-Fred Turcotte362.00-10.00-10.0  0-220.71    00.0
* Team Totals163193199.6105-35629.5348-98935.2193-29166.3189-39758636.62742152764417499462.1

Season individual bests vs U SPORTS teams for all players

PlayerMost pointsMost reboundsMost assists
Gabrielle Girard29 on Nov 6, 2015 vs McGill13 on Nov 6, 2015 vs McGill7 on Oct 23, 2015 vs Dalhousie
Genevieve Derome23 on Jan 7, 2016 vs Concordia9 on Jan 28, 2016 vs UQAM4 on Oct 16, 2015 vs McMaster
Raphaelle Cote22 on Jan 30, 2016 vs UQAM15 on Jan 30, 2016 vs UQAM5 on Oct 18, 2015 vs Calgary
Sarah-Jane Marois20 on Mar 12, 2016 vs McGill5 on Mar 10, 2016 vs UQAM5 on Jan 23, 2016 vs Bishops
Claudia Emond16 on Jan 22, 2016 vs Bishops7 on Oct 17, 2015 vs UBC7 on Feb 11, 2016 vs Concordia
Justine Guay-Bilodeau16 on Oct 18, 2015 vs Calgary12 on Oct 17, 2015 vs UBC5 on Mar 3, 2016 vs Bishops
Naomi Lavallee13 on Oct 16, 2015 vs McMaster6 on Jan 23, 2016 vs Bishops3 on Nov 6, 2015 vs McGill
Laurie Pelletier9 on Jan 22, 2016 vs Bishops6 on Jan 8, 2016 vs Concordia2 on Nov 13, 2015 vs Concordia
Julie Dufresne8 on Jan 23, 2016 vs Bishops2 on Jan 23, 2016 vs Bishops4 on Jan 23, 2016 vs Bishops
Sophie Boulanger7 on Oct 18, 2015 vs Calgary5 on Jan 22, 2016 vs Bishops3 on Jan 8, 2016 vs Concordia
Marie-Pier Champagne6 on Jan 22, 2016 vs Bishops7 on Jan 23, 2016 vs Bishops1 on Oct 16, 2015 vs McMaster
Maude Blouin-Brochu5 on Oct 23, 2015 vs Dalhousie3 on Oct 23, 2015 vs Dalhousie1 on Oct 23, 2015 vs Dalhousie
Valerie Demeule 1 on Nov 6, 2015 vs McGill 
Jane Gagne   
Anne-Fred Turcotte 1 on Nov 21, 2015 vs Bishops 

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