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U Sports Hoops — Women
University Basketball in Canada
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Acadia Axewomen - 2019-20 Season

Head Coach:Len Harvey (5th season)
Other staff: Daniel De Palma (Assistant Coach), Jalynn Skeir (Assistant Coach), John Tramble (Assistant Coach), Ashley Cookson (Assistant Coach)
Website:Team website link

Summary of team record for the season

Conference RecordU Sports RecordOverall Record
16-40.8001612-134480.6 - 67.218-90.6672111-185978.2 - 68.918-90.6672111-185978.2 - 68.9

Player roster

NoPlayerPosHtEligHometownHigh School (Prior Team)
1Abbie Fox Guard5-91Hantsport, NSHorton District High
2Haley McDonald Guard5-54Port Williams, NSHorton District High
3Hannah Fuller Guard5-61Kentville, NSHorton District High
4Eva Widmeyer Wing5-92Dartmouth, NSDartmouth High, Marianapolis Prep (Vermont)
5Claire Ayotte Wing5-73Perth Andover, NBSouthern Victoria High
6Kelsey Rice Forward5-115Beaver Bank, NSLockview High
7Olivia Moller Guard5-71Bedford, NSCharles P. Allen High
8Rachel Clouatre-Trudeau Wing5-83Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QCCegep Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu
9Jayda Veinot Wing5-102Port Williams, NSHorton District High
10Meghan MacLeod Wing5-82Wolfville, NSHorton District High
11Mia Roberts Wing5-74Victoria, BCSt. Michael's University School (Camosun College)
12Elizabeth Beals-Iseyemi Forward6-01Dartmouth, NSSt. Paul's School
13Sarsha Cadle Forward6-13Melbourne, AustraliaBeaconhills College
14Deidre Harris Post6-33Decatur, GACoumbia High (Miami Dade)
15Julia Sylvester Wing6-01Hamilton, ONDundas Valley Secondary
16Michele Tchiakoua Guard5-63Yaounde, CameroonDawson College (Dalhousie)

Awards presented

Elizabeth Beals-Iseyemi Acadia Women's Basketball Rookie of the Year
Sarsha Cadle Acadia Women's Basketball Leading Rebounder
Rachel Clouatre-Trudeau Acadia Women's Basketball Defensive Player of the Year, Acadia Women's Basketball Most Improved Player
Haley McDonald AUS First Team All-Star, AUS Championship Tournament All-Star, CIS Second Team All-Canadian, Acadia Jean Marsh Female Athlete of the Year, Acadia Women's Basketball Team MVP
Kelsey Rice AUS Tracey MacLeod Award Nominee
Mia Roberts Acadia Women's Basketball Ellen Hatt Coach's Award
Julia Sylvester Acadia Women's Basketball Rookie of the Year
Jayda Veinot AUS Second Team All-Star

Game results for the season

--- Non-Conference Games ---
DateLocationOpponentResult Comment
Fri Sep 27, 2019Wolfville, NSLethbridgeLoss75-77Stats 
Fri Oct 18, 2019Wolfville, NSMacEwanWin77-46Stats 
Fri Oct 25, 2019Montreal, QCMcGillLoss67-79Stats 
Sat Oct 26, 2019Montreal, QCUQAMLoss53-76Stats 
Sun Oct 27, 2019Montreal, QCConcordiaLoss75-82Stats 
--- Regular Season Conference Games ---
DateLocationOpponentResult Comment
Sat Nov 2, 2019Wolfville, NSCape BretonWin92-71Stats 
Sun Nov 3, 2019Wolfville, NSCape BretonWin80-69Stats 
Fri Nov 8, 2019Fredericton, NBUNBWin74-60Stats 
Sat Nov 9, 2019Fredericton, NBUNBWin87-59Stats 
Sat Nov 16, 2019St. John's, NLMemorialWin89-74Stats 
Sun Nov 17, 2019St. John's, NLMemorialLoss79-87Stats 
Fri Nov 22, 2019Wolfville, NSDalhousieWin96-65Stats 
Sat Jan 4, 2020Charlottetown, PEUPEILoss60-79Stats 
Sat Jan 11, 2020Wolfville, NSMemorialLoss72-86Stats 
Sun Jan 12, 2020Wolfville, NSMemorialWin81-72Stats 
Wed Jan 15, 2020Halifax, NSDalhousieWin70-55Stats 
Sun Jan 19, 2020Wolfville, NSStFXWin93-51Stats 
Fri Jan 24, 2020Wolfville, NSUNBWin82-59StatsShoot for the Cure game
Sat Jan 25, 2020Wolfville, NSUNBWin67-51Stats 
Fri Jan 31, 2020Antigonish, NSStFXWin71-55StatsShoot for the Cure game
Wed Feb 5, 2020Halifax, NSSaint MarysWin87-68Stats 
Sat Feb 8, 2020Wolfville, NSUPEIWin78-70Stats 
Sat Feb 15, 2020Sydney, NSCape BretonLoss87-90Stats 
Sun Feb 16, 2020Sydney, NSCape BretonWin79-60Stats 
Wed Feb 19, 2020Wolfville, NSSaint MarysWin88-63Stats 
--- Playoff Games ---
DateLocationOpponentResult Comment
Sat Feb 29, 2020Halifax, NSMemorialWin93-77StatsAUS Semifinal
Sun Mar 1, 2020Halifax, NSUPEILoss59-78StatsAUS Championship

Overall scoring summary for the season

PlayerGPMinsMpg3 PtField GoalsFree ThrowsReboundsRPGPFAToBlStPtsPPG
Haley McDonald2784631.370-18038.9213-49642.9119-13786.915-1001154.3601008465261522.8
Jayda Veinot2263929.042-10838.9134-29146.062-6595.412-71833.8354647232337216.9
Rachel Clouatre-Trudeau2774527.623-6933.3102-23244.055-7078.635-1111465.469755822928210.4
Kelsey Rice57715.40-00.020-2969.02-2100.010-10204.0135604428.4
Mia Roberts2768325.322-6434.470-17839.339-5078.023-66893.32329562222017.4
Sarsha Cadle2454222.60-20.065-13149.632-5162.776-1392159.08077447231626.8
Elizabeth Beals-Iseyemi813516.91-425.021-5240.49-1464.316-31475.91852008526.5
Eva Widmeyer2329913.011-5121.629-11425.422-2975.913-29421.836102306914.0
Julia Sylvester2745616.97-1546.745-11539.19-1850.026-891154.358253417131063.9
Claire Ayotte2627410.54-2516.024-6835.329-4072.515-24391.518142417813.1
Deidre Harris2429712.40-00.028-10028.014-2556.056-761325.5582261410702.9
Olivia Moller201306.54-1136.49-2437.50-00.03-16190.913111604221.1
Meghan MacLeod221486.70-10.04-1625.02-633.37-9160.7981104100.5
Hannah Fuller8354.41-425.01-520.00-00.03-140.51210130.4
Abbie Fox17885.20-00.01-520.00-20.00-220.16270220.1
* Team Totals275394199.8185-53434.6766-185641.3394-50977.4310-774108440.149741145772208211178.2

Season scoring summary for league games only

PlayerGPMinsMpg3 PtField GoalsFree ThrowsReboundsRPGPFAToBlStPtsPPG
Haley McDonald2063831.953-13240.2170-38144.691-9793.810-79894.544746753848424.2
Jayda Veinot1542628.428-6344.495-18551.450-5394.36-49553.7193136191326817.9
Rachel Clouatre-Trudeau2054427.219-5534.579-18343.249-6180.329-811105.554614521922611.3
Kelsey Rice35016.7  13-1872.22-2100.03-582.7743 4289.3
Sarsha Cadle1738822.80-10.051-10349.528-4266.755-1101659.75859296151307.6
Elizabeth Beals-Iseyemi610918.21-333.317-3943.68-1361.58-27355.816514 8437.2
Mia Roberts2049524.814-4332.647-12138.832-3982.117-51683.41319391131407.0
Julia Sylvester2038419.24-944.441-9443.69-1850.021-76974.84518261512954.8
Claire Ayotte1922812.04-2218.218-5433.324-3275.012-21331.7171317 7643.4
Eva Widmeyer1721212.58-3920.518-7922.813-1872.27-20271.626717 5573.4
Deidre Harris1923412.3  19-7425.714-2360.945-601055.5462201010522.7
Olivia Moller15845.62-633.35-1631.2  2-13151.0749 3120.8
Meghan MacLeod161147.10-10.04-1428.62-633.37-8150.9768 4100.6
Hannah Fuller6193.21-250.01-333.3  1-120.3 11 130.5
Abbie Fox12705.8  0-40.0  0-220.2427 200.0
* Team Totals203995199.8134-37635.6578-136842.3322-40479.7223-60382641.336330633858154161280.6

Season individual bests vs U SPORTS teams for all players

PlayerMost pointsMost reboundsMost assists
Haley McDonald36 on Jan 15, 2020 vs Dalhousie9 on Nov 8, 2019 vs UNB7 on Nov 22, 2019 vs Dalhousie
Jayda Veinot35 on Nov 3, 2019 vs Cape Breton7 on Nov 9, 2019 vs UNB5 on Feb 15, 2020 vs Cape Breton
Rachel Clouatre-Trudeau19 on Nov 17, 2019 vs Memorial11 on Nov 8, 2019 vs UNB7 on Feb 5, 2020 vs Saint Marys
Mia Roberts17 on Jan 11, 2020 vs Memorial10 on Jan 11, 2020 vs Memorial6 on Oct 25, 2019 vs McGill
Eva Widmeyer17 on Sep 27, 2019 vs Lethbridge4 on Oct 18, 2019 vs MacEwan2 on Oct 25, 2019 vs McGill
Sarsha Cadle15 on Nov 17, 2019 vs Memorial21 on Nov 16, 2019 vs Memorial10 on Nov 16, 2019 vs Memorial
Kelsey Rice14 on Feb 15, 2020 vs Cape Breton8 on Feb 29, 2020 vs Memorial3 on Feb 19, 2020 vs Saint Marys
Julia Sylvester12 on Jan 15, 2020 vs Dalhousie11 on Jan 15, 2020 vs Dalhousie4 on Feb 29, 2020 vs Memorial
Claire Ayotte11 on Nov 9, 2019 vs UNB6 on Nov 3, 2019 vs Cape Breton3 on Jan 12, 2020 vs Memorial
Elizabeth Beals-Iseyemi10 on Feb 5, 2020 vs Saint Marys7 on Jan 31, 2020 vs StFX1 on Jan 31, 2020 vs StFX
Deidre Harris10 on Nov 2, 2019 vs Cape Breton12 on Jan 25, 2020 vs UNB1 on Nov 3, 2019 vs Cape Breton
Olivia Moller7 on Nov 22, 2019 vs Dalhousie5 on Jan 19, 2020 vs StFX2 on Oct 18, 2019 vs MacEwan
Hannah Fuller3 on Jan 19, 2020 vs StFX2 on Oct 18, 2019 vs MacEwan1 on Oct 18, 2019 vs MacEwan
Abbie Fox2 on Oct 18, 2019 vs MacEwan2 on Nov 17, 2019 vs Memorial1 on Nov 17, 2019 vs Memorial
Meghan MacLeod2 on Nov 9, 2019 vs UNB5 on Jan 12, 2020 vs Memorial2 on Jan 19, 2020 vs StFX

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