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Brock Badgers - 2017-18 Season

Head Coach:Charles Kissi (5th season)
Other staff: Mike Rao (Assistant Coach), Frank Mete (Assistant Coach), Jeff Joseph (Assistant Coach)
League:OUA West
Website:Team website link

Summary of team record for the season

Conference RecordU Sports RecordOverall Record
21-30.8752066-167986.1 - 70.027-50.8442746-223385.8 - 69.831-80.7953333-277285.5 - 71.1

Player roster

NoPlayerPosHtWtEligHometownHigh School (Prior Team)
1Ibrahim Ngom Guard6-21751Montreal, QCVanier College (Brock)
9Kascius Small-Martin Guard6-21Toronto, ONVaughan Secondary
10Patrick Pilato Guard6-33St. Catharines, ONSt. Francis Secondary (Victoria)
11Johneil Simpson Guard6-51904Toronto, ONVaughan Road Academy
13Dani Elgadi Forward6-72105Waterloo, ONWaterloo Collegiate
14Daniel Caldwell Guard6-11Toronto, ONMetro Prep
15Daniel Cayer Forward6-62002Montreal, QCJohn Abbott College
21Noah LaPierre Guard5-101Sudbury, ONLaSalle Secondary
22Mitchell Saunders Forward6-62003Oakville, ONOakville Trafalgar High
25Tyler Brown Guard6-11703Hamilton, ONCardinal Newman Secondary
32Donald Mims Forward7-11803Sacramento, CACenter High (Las Positas College)
33Michael Asemota Guard6-21852Brampton, ONNotre Dame Secondary
35Cassidy Ryan Forward6-72154Mississauga, ONOur Lady of Mount Carmel (Canisius)
41Godsman Kwakwah Guard6-61Montreal, QCVanier College
RSTrevor Thompson Forward6-52205Burlington, ONNelson High (Guelph)

Awards presented

Dani Elgadi Brock Team MVP, OUA First Team All-Star, Second Team All-Canadian
Cassidy Ryan OUA Second Team All-Star
Kascius Small-Martin OUA All-Rookie Team

Game results for the season

--- Non-Conference Games ---
DateLocationOpponentResult Comment
Wed Aug 9, 2017St. Catharines, ONBinghamtonWin80-69 Binghamton visit to Canada
Sun Aug 13, 2017St. Catharines, ONJacksonvilleWin85-65 Jacksonville visit to Canada
Wed Aug 16, 2017US Virgin IslandsVanderbiltLoss90-104 US Virgin Islands Trip
Thu Aug 17, 2017US Virgin IslandsNorthern ColoradoLoss74-81 US Virgin Islands Trip
Sun Aug 20, 2017US Virgin IslandsJames MadisonLoss75-78 US Virgin Islands Trip
Mon Aug 21, 2017US Virgin IslandsJames MadisonWin76-73 US Virgin Islands Trip
Fri Sep 29, 2017St. Catharines, ONMemorialWin96-56Stats 
Thu Oct 12, 2017St. Catharines, ONRedeemer UniversityWin107-69Stats 
Fri Oct 20, 2017St. Catharines, ONCalgaryWin82-70StatsRBC Brock Classic
Sat Oct 21, 2017St. Catharines, ONRyersonWin97-86StatsRBC Brock Classic
--- Regular Season Conference Games ---
DateLocationOpponentResult Comment
Wed Oct 25, 2017St. Catharines, ONWesternWin83-58Stats 
Sat Oct 28, 2017St. Catharines, ONWilfrid LaurierWin80-70Stats 
Fri Nov 3, 2017Toronto, ONYorkWin101-72Stats 
Sat Nov 4, 2017Kingston, ONQueensWin91-86Stats 
Wed Nov 8, 2017Toronto, ONRyersonWin80-75OT, Stats 
Fri Nov 10, 2017Toronto, ONTorontoWin80-57Stats 
Fri Nov 17, 2017St. Catharines, ONNipissingWin90-57Stats 
Sat Nov 18, 2017St. Catharines, ONLaurentianWin71-55Stats 
Fri Nov 24, 2017St. Catharines, ONMcMasterWin96-87Stats 
Fri Dec 1, 2017St. Catharines, ONOttawaLoss69-78Stats 
Sat Dec 2, 2017St. Catharines, ONCarletonLoss75-80OT, Stats 
Sat Jan 6, 2018Hamilton, ONMcMasterWin89-73Stats 
Fri Jan 12, 2018Sault Ste. Marie, ONAlgomaWin79-46Stats 
Sat Jan 13, 2018Sault Ste. Marie, ONAlgomaWin78-62Stats 
Fri Jan 19, 2018Guelph, ONGuelphWin99-88Stats 
Sat Jan 20, 2018St. Catharines, ONWindsorWin83-54Stats 
Wed Jan 24, 2018St. Catharines, ONGuelphWin93-80Stats 
Sat Jan 27, 2018St. Catharines, ONWaterlooWin101-58Stats 
Wed Jan 31, 2018Waterloo, ONWilfrid LaurierWin73-69StatsPlayed at UW
Sat Feb 3, 2018Waterloo, ONWaterlooWin100-78Stats 
Fri Feb 9, 2018St. Catharines, ONLakeheadWin91-87Stats 
Sat Feb 10, 2018St. Catharines, ONLakeheadWin89-62Stats 
Wed Feb 14, 2018London, ONWesternWin92-51Stats 
Sat Feb 17, 2018Windsor, ONWindsorLoss83-96Stats 
--- Playoff Games ---
DateLocationOpponentResult Comment
Sat Feb 24, 2018St. Catharines, ONWilfrid LaurierWin91-73StatsOUA Quarterfinal
Wed Feb 28, 2018St. Catharines, ONRyersonLoss63-69StatsOUA Semifinal
Thu Mar 8, 2018Halifax, NSCalgaryLoss76-78StatsU Sports Quarterfinal
Sat Mar 10, 2018Halifax, NSUNBWin81-65StatsU Sports Consolation Semifinal
Sun Mar 11, 2018Halifax, NSAcadiaWin94-57StatsU Sports Consolation Final

Overall scoring summary for the season

PlayerGPMinsMpg3 PtField GoalsFree ThrowsReboundsRPGPFAToBlStPtsPPG
Dani Elgadi3395929.117-5431.5218-41452.7157-20078.588-2102989.0907998525561018.5
Johneil Simpson3393528.399-23442.3196-40848.042-5971.230-1391695.1826854163653316.2
Cassidy Ryan3390427.441-12133.9192-44043.692-11580.049-961454.493517041951715.7
Tyler Brown3288327.612-6219.4115-24047.967-9669.821-901113.572136908583099.7
Daniel Cayer3388326.815-5427.8109-22947.663-9367.767-1362036.29880516442969.0
Kascius Small-Martin2853819.213-4827.146-12935.737-5369.825-49742.66146321261425.1
Trevor Thompson1827215.10-30.028-7835.934-4379.119-19382.134151446905.0
Michael Asemota59519.04-1233.38-2630.85-862.56-16224.41210407255.0
Godsman Kwakwah3338211.620-8523.537-12130.620-2969.015-56712.235202311131143.5
Donald Mims261465.60-00.026-4656.510-1758.811-27381.51315244622.4
Ibrahim Ngom281946.99-2339.114-3342.49-1181.87-15220.8211810016461.6
Noah LaPierre251295.23-650.013-3043.312-1770.64-20241.021121107411.6
Patrick Pilato241285.33-742.910-2245.59-1275.013-8210.920141117321.3
Daniel Caldwell7243.40-10.04-850.00-00.02-681.14510181.1
Mitchell Saunders271324.90-20.011-3432.46-966.711-16271.0247815281.0
* Team Totals336604200.1236-71233.11027-225845.5563-76273.9368-903127138.5680562482128304285386.5

Season scoring summary for league games only

PlayerGPMinsMpg3 PtField GoalsFree ThrowsReboundsRPGPFAToBlStPtsPPG
Dani Elgadi2469228.811-3432.4150-29151.5103-13079.262-1602229.2656170403741417.2
Cassidy Ryan2468528.533-9136.3154-34344.965-7982.332-771094.572354641540616.9
Johneil Simpson2466227.669-16741.3131-28645.825-3669.422-971195.0614236152735614.8
Daniel Cayer2463126.312-4626.186-17848.350-7467.650-1071576.57554365322349.8
Tyler Brown2466727.89-4520.087-17150.949-7268.119-75943.956103718452329.7
Michael Asemota12020.01-333.32-540.02-2100.00-777.04110077.0
Kascius Small-Martin2246821.313-4528.942-11536.531-4568.918-45632.94733281251285.8
Trevor Thompson1320215.50-30.023-6137.728-3384.815-13282.225131043745.7
Godsman Kwakwah2425410.613-6121.324-8428.615-2462.57-37441.8221521911763.2
Donald Mims191146.00-00.021-3855.37-1353.87-21281.51014214492.6
Noah LaPierre181025.73-650.012-2744.410-1376.93-18211.218111106372.1
Daniel Caldwell3144.70-10.02-450.00-00.00-220.72400141.3
Patrick Pilato18925.11-425.05-1241.79-1090.08-5130.71513715201.1
Ibrahim Ngom201256.22-1315.46-1931.61-333.36-13190.91210607150.8
Mitchell Saunders20814.00-00.06-2227.32-540.09-10190.9173613140.7
* Team Totals244809200.4167-51932.2751-165645.4397-53973.7258-68794539.4501399353109221206686.1

Season individual bests vs U SPORTS teams for all players

PlayerMost pointsMost reboundsMost assists
Cassidy Ryan34 on Feb 3, 2018 vs Waterloo10 on Nov 4, 2017 vs Queens4 on Dec 1, 2017 vs Ottawa
Johneil Simpson34 on Mar 11, 2018 vs Acadia13 on Nov 24, 2017 vs McMaster5 on Nov 24, 2017 vs McMaster
Dani Elgadi31 on Oct 21, 2017 vs Ryerson16 on Dec 2, 2017 vs Carleton6 on Dec 2, 2017 vs Carleton
Daniel Cayer21 on Jan 31, 2018 vs Wilfrid Laurier13 on Feb 9, 2018 vs Lakehead6 on Oct 25, 2017 vs Western
Tyler Brown19 on Jan 24, 2018 vs Guelph8 on Nov 24, 2017 vs McMaster9 on Nov 24, 2017 vs McMaster
Kascius Small-Martin16 on Nov 17, 2017 vs Nipissing8 on Feb 3, 2018 vs Waterloo4 on Oct 25, 2017 vs Western
Ibrahim Ngom11 on Mar 11, 2018 vs Acadia3 on Jan 20, 2018 vs Windsor3 on Nov 3, 2017 vs York
Godsman Kwakwah10 on Nov 17, 2017 vs Nipissing6 on Oct 20, 2017 vs Calgary2 on Nov 3, 2017 vs York
Noah LaPierre10 on Jan 24, 2018 vs Guelph6 on Jan 27, 2018 vs Waterloo5 on Jan 27, 2018 vs Waterloo
Mitchell Saunders10 on Sep 29, 2017 vs Memorial6 on Nov 17, 2017 vs Nipissing2 on Sep 29, 2017 vs Memorial
Donald Mims9 on Nov 24, 2017 vs McMaster7 on Nov 17, 2017 vs Nipissing1 on Feb 10, 2018 vs Lakehead
Trevor Thompson9 on Jan 6, 2018 vs McMaster5 on Jan 12, 2018 vs Algoma3 on Jan 24, 2018 vs Guelph
Michael Asemota7 on Sep 29, 2017 vs Memorial7 on Sep 29, 2017 vs Memorial2 on Sep 29, 2017 vs Memorial
Patrick Pilato4 on Nov 10, 2017 vs Toronto3 on Nov 17, 2017 vs Nipissing2 on Oct 25, 2017 vs Western
Daniel Caldwell2 on Nov 17, 2017 vs Nipissing1 on Sep 29, 2017 vs Memorial2 on Jan 12, 2018 vs Algoma

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