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Laval Rouge et Or - 2017-18 Season    <<Previous season    Next season>>

Head Coach:Jacques Paiement Jr. (9th season)
Other staff: Vincent Plante (Entraineur adjoint), Eric Segal (Entraineur adjoint)
Website:Team website link

Summary of team record for the season

Conference RecordU Sports RecordOverall Record
8-80.5001179-114473.7 - 71.512-140.4621886-190372.5 - 73.214-170.4522235-222572.1 - 71.8

Player roster

NoPlayerPosHtWtEligHometownHigh School (Prior Team)
4Swan Ayada Arriere6-31821Macon, FranceCegep Thetford Mines
5Nicolas Begin Ailier6-21974Quebec City, QCCegep Sainte-Foy
6Mathieu Toussaint Arriere6-01604Havre-St-Pierre, QCCegep Garneau
7Yoann Louis Folquet Ailier6-11783Abidjan, Cote-d'IvoireAlma Academy
8Alexandre Leclerc Ailier6-62104Saguenay, QCCegep Sainte-Foy
9Vladimir Thomas Arriere6-01703Quebec City, QCCegep Thetford Mines
10Samuel Bouchard Ailier6-52032Beloeil, QCCollege Montmorency
11Charles-Andre Edorh Ailier6-62154Montreal, QCAlma Academy
12Christophe Parent Ailiere6-52352Drummondville, QCCegep Sainte-Foy
13Daniel Mutanda Centre6-52233Likasi, CongoAlma Academy
14Etienne Simard Ailier6-31801Quebec City, QCVanier College
15Christian Redmond Kannon Ailier6-32252Quebec City, QCCollege Montmorency
20Marc-Andre Fortin Centre6-82453Sainte-Marie, QCCegep Sainte-Foy (Sam Houston State)
21Frantson Demosthene Arriere6-41923Port-au-Prince, HaitiCollege Montmorency (Laval)
22Joel Muamba Ailier6-71953Montreal, QC(Northwest College)
23Alain Bernard Ailier6-41962Montreal, QCCollege Montmorency
24Antoine Beaumier Ailier6-62105Trois-Rivieres, QCCollege Montmorency
25Nicolas Desjardins Arriere6-21852St-Augustin-de-Desmaures, QCCegep Thetford Mines

Awards presented

Frantson Demosthene RSEQ Defensive Player of the Year, RSEQ First Team All-Star
Alexandre Leclerc RSEQ Second Team All-Star
Joel Muamba RSEQ Second Team All-Star

Game results for the season

--- Non-Conference Games ---
DateLocationOpponentResult Comment
Wed Aug 2, 2017Ste. Foy, QCUC RiversideLoss68-73StatsUC Riverside visit to Canada
Wed Aug 9, 2017Quebec City, QCTowsonLoss51-70StatsTowson visit to Canada
Sun Aug 20, 2017Ste. Foy, QCNew HampshireLoss61-79StatsNew Hampshire visit to Canada
Thu Sep 7, 2017Quebec City, QCThetford AcademyWin63-52  
Fri Sep 22, 2017Saguenay, QCCegep Sainte-FoyWin106-48  
Thu Sep 28, 2017Waterloo, ONWilfrid LaurierWin95-94OT, Stats 
Fri Sep 29, 2017Hamilton, ONMcMasterWin103-63  
Fri Oct 13, 2017Ottawa, ONAcadiaLoss85-91StatsHouse-Laughton Tournament
Sat Oct 14, 2017Ottawa, ONCarletonLoss42-88StatsHouse-Laughton Tournament
Thu Oct 19, 2017Quebec City, QCQueen'sWin77-71StatsLaval Tournament
Sat Oct 21, 2017Quebec City, QCUNBLoss73-79StatsLaval Tournament
Sun Oct 29, 2017Ottawa, ONOttawaLoss57-79Stats 
Thu Dec 28, 2017Quebec City, QCVictoriaLoss55-67StatsHoliday Exhibition
Sat Dec 30, 2017Quebec City, QCVictoriaWin57-55StatsHoliday Exhibition
--- Regular Season Conference Games ---
DateLocationOpponentResult Comment
Thu Nov 9, 2017Montreal, QCMcGillLoss56-92Stats 
Sun Nov 12, 2017Quebec City, QCConcordiaWin83-66Stats 
Fri Nov 17, 2017Quebec City, QCBishop'sWin89-74Stats 
Thu Nov 23, 2017Montreal, QCUQAMWin88-52Stats 
Fri Dec 1, 2017Lennoxville, QCBishop'sWin80-70Stats 
Wed Jan 17, 2018Montreal, QCUQAMLoss60-67Stats 
Fri Jan 19, 2018Quebec City, QCUQAMWin79-71Stats 
Thu Jan 25, 2018Montreal, QCConcordiaWin67-62Stats 
Sat Jan 27, 2018Quebec City, QCConcordiaLoss61-84Stats 
Thu Feb 1, 2018Montreal, QCMcGillLoss81-103Stats 
Sat Feb 3, 2018Quebec City, QCMcGillLoss61-68Stats 
Sun Feb 11, 2018Quebec City, QCBishop'sLoss74-80StatsRescheduled from Jan 5
Thu Feb 15, 2018Lennoxville, QCBishop'sWin89-67StatsRescheduled from Feb 10&13
Sun Feb 18, 2018Quebec City, QCUQAMWin94-42Stats 
Thu Feb 22, 2018Quebec City, QCMcGillLoss58-75Stats 
Sat Feb 24, 2018Montreal, QCConcordiaLoss59-71Stats 
--- Playoff Games ---
DateLocationOpponentResult Comment
Wed Feb 28, 2018Montreal, QCConcordiaLoss63-72StatsRSEQ Semifinal

Overall scoring summary for the season

PlayerGPMinsMpg3 PtField GoalsFree ThrowsReboundsRPGPFAToBlStPtsPPG
Alexandre Leclerc2581132.449-16629.5119-31038.421-5736.838-1231616.4456049132630812.3
Joel Muamba1942522.45-2123.896-20746.434-5265.425-65904.7511139192723112.2
Frantson Demosthene2681731.40-10.0111-21751.279-14853.4111-1302419.3642655104730111.6
Vladimir Thomas2434314.332-9533.755-17431.630-4468.212-41532.23634504161727.2
Yoann Louis Folquet2875627.018-7723.467-19534.441-5278.811-65762.73784672301936.9
Nicolas Begin2844615.924-6437.562-15939.034-4477.317-33501.84340541211826.5
Marc-Andre Fortin2442717.82-1414.365-15242.816-2857.135-59943.952203418101486.2
Alain Bernard2327311.916-5330.243-10541.015-1883.37-17241.0149179121175.1
Antoine Beaumier2743015.97-2330.437-9738.126-4755.327-49762.84918327131074.0
Charles-Andre Edorh2122810.90-20.015-5427.824-4949.014-31452.1291521713542.6
Samuel Bouchard252409.67-2825.016-5230.819-2770.420-22421.7211024311582.3
Daniel Mutanda2325611.14-1822.219-6628.810-2050.025-47723.12239114522.3
Nicolas Desjardins161398.72-1811.112-4825.07-1070.04-12161.0722507332.1
Mathieu Toussaint6366.00-20.01-520.02-450.02-461.01140240.7
Christophe Parent8364.51-333.31-714.30-20.03-691.110330230.4
Christian Redmond Kannon284.00-10.00-30.00-00.00-000.01010000.0
Etienne Simard122.00-00.00-10.00-00.00-000.00010000.0
* Team Totals285673202.6167-58628.5719-185238.8358-60259.5351-704105537.748235646594251196370.1

Season scoring summary for league games only

PlayerGPMinsMpg3 PtField GoalsFree ThrowsReboundsRPGPFAToBlStPtsPPG
Frantson Demosthene1651332.10-10.077-14553.155-10253.977-731509.432173783920913.1
Joel Muamba1531921.35-1827.874-15448.123-3369.716-43593.937730131917611.7
Alexandre Leclerc1650631.629-10627.469-18038.310-3727.021-74955.923513391717711.1
Nicolas Begin1624715.415-3246.942-8947.223-3271.97-21281.82422291151227.6
Vladimir Thomas1623914.920-6331.738-11632.821-3265.67-29362.22628343121177.3
Alain Bernard1313910.78-2828.625-5743.98-988.92-9110.8841257665.1
Yoann Louis Folquet1639024.411-3531.427-7536.015-2171.43-38412.6184635118805.0
Marc-Andre Fortin1218415.32-1020.025-6240.37-977.816-26423.524102074594.9
Antoine Beaumier1626216.45-1631.220-5536.419-3161.314-29432.7221120413644.0
Nicolas Desjardins88310.41-714.310-2343.56-875.02-681.02134 5273.4
Daniel Mutanda1414810.63-1225.011-3729.78-1361.59-26352.51626 7332.4
Charles-Andre Edorh141057.50-20.08-3225.013-2259.16-18241.7176816292.1
Christophe Parent2126.01-1100.01-1100.00-20.01-342.0231 131.5
Samuel Bouchard13594.52-540.05-1338.55-955.66-5110.854514171.3
Mathieu Toussaint1               100.0
* Team Totals163206200.4102-33630.4432-103941.6213-36059.2187-40058736.725622427453168117973.7

Season individual bests vs U SPORTS teams for all players

PlayerMost pointsMost reboundsMost assists
Alexandre Leclerc29 on Oct 21, 2017 vs UNB11 on Sep 28, 2017 vs Wilfrid Laurier6 on Dec 1, 2017 vs Bishop's
Joel Muamba28 on Nov 17, 2017 vs Bishop's10 on Sep 28, 2017 vs Wilfrid Laurier2 on Oct 29, 2017 vs Ottawa
Frantson Demosthene25 on Nov 23, 2017 vs UQAM17 on Dec 1, 2017 vs Bishop's6 on Nov 17, 2017 vs Bishop's
Yoann Louis Folquet23 on Sep 28, 2017 vs Wilfrid Laurier6 on Nov 9, 2017 vs McGill8 on Jan 19, 2018 vs UQAM
Vladimir Thomas22 on Jan 19, 2018 vs UQAM5 on Sep 28, 2017 vs Wilfrid Laurier6 on Jan 27, 2018 vs Concordia
Alain Bernard19 on Dec 28, 2017 vs Victoria4 on Dec 28, 2017 vs Victoria2 on Oct 13, 2017 vs Acadia
Samuel Bouchard18 on Oct 29, 2017 vs Ottawa6 on Oct 29, 2017 vs Ottawa1 on Oct 13, 2017 vs Acadia
Nicolas Begin16 on Dec 1, 2017 vs Bishop's4 on Oct 21, 2017 vs UNB4 on Oct 13, 2017 vs Acadia
Marc-Andre Fortin15 on Oct 13, 2017 vs Acadia6 on Sep 28, 2017 vs Wilfrid Laurier2 on Oct 21, 2017 vs UNB
Antoine Beaumier14 on Nov 12, 2017 vs Concordia6 on Nov 9, 2017 vs McGill4 on Oct 21, 2017 vs UNB
Nicolas Desjardins12 on Nov 12, 2017 vs Concordia3 on Nov 12, 2017 vs Concordia5 on Nov 12, 2017 vs Concordia
Charles-Andre Edorh9 on Dec 30, 2017 vs Victoria5 on Dec 28, 2017 vs Victoria2 on Feb 18, 2018 vs UQAM
Daniel Mutanda7 on Feb 28, 2018 vs Concordia8 on Oct 19, 2017 vs Queen's1 on Oct 19, 2017 vs Queen's
Christophe Parent3 on Feb 18, 2018 vs UQAM2 on Nov 12, 2017 vs Concordia2 on Feb 18, 2018 vs UQAM
Mathieu Toussaint2 on Oct 14, 2017 vs Carleton1 on Oct 14, 2017 vs Carleton 

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