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University Basketball in Canada
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History of Rouge et Or Tournament - Summary Report

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 AppearancesAll Games Played
Alberta 2201463-30.500
Algoma 1201330-30.000
Bishops 2201954-10.800
Brock 1199932-10.667
Dalhousie 2201564-20.667
Laurentian 1201331-20.333
Laval 1020193023-70.767
Manitoba 1200131-20.333
McGill 1201521-10.500
McMaster 1201530-30.000
Montmorency 1201511-01.000
Ottawa 3201694-50.444
Queens 1199732-10.667
Saint Marys 1201632-10.667
Toronto 3201993-60.333
UNB 2201851-40.200
UNBC 1201630-30.000
UPEI 52019155-100.333
Victoria 1200232-10.667
Western 1201430-30.000
Wilfrid Laurier 1201820-20.000
Windsor 2201564-20.667

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