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Matchup Information for Two Teams

Matchup information for Westmont Warriors (Golden State Athletic Conference) and Lethbridge Pronghorns (Canada West)
No games found since 1962-63 season.

Matchup information for Lethbridge Pronghorns (Canada West) and teams in NAIA

Scores for games played
Game DateLocationWinnerOpptwont Comment
Dec 29, 2018Lethbridge, ABUniversity of Providence96Lethbridge91  
Dec 16, 2018Lethbridge, ABCarroll College82Lethbridge79  
Oct 20, 2018Great Falls, MTUniversity of Providence88Lethbridge77  
Oct 19, 2018Helena, MTCarroll College96Lethbridge75  
Dec 28, 2016Lethbridge, ABLethbridge80Montana State-Northern65  
Dec 17, 2016Helena, MTCarroll College84Lethbridge76  
Oct 29, 2016Lethbridge, ABCarroll College93Lethbridge67 Primerica Preseason Shoutout
Oct 31, 2015Lethbridge, ABLethbridge89Montana Western83  
Oct 30, 2015Lethbridge, ABMontana Western90Lethbridge84  
Oct 17, 2015Dillon, MTRocky Mountain College85Lethbridge61 Craig Finberg Memorial Tournament
Oct 16, 2015Dillon, MTLethbridge89Montana Western82 Craig Finberg Memorial Tournament
Jan 3, 2015Dillon, MTMontana Western86Lethbridge68  
Jan 2, 2015Dillon, MTMontana Western96Lethbridge74  
Dec 20, 2014Chandler, AZConcordia Irvine74Lethbridge56 Chandler-Gilbert Classic
Dec 19, 2014Chandler, AZArizona Christian78Lethbridge46 Chandler-Gilbert Classic
Dec 18, 2014Chandler, AZCal State San Marcos96Lethbridge73 Chandler-Gilbert Classic
Oct 25, 2014Lethbridge, ABUniversity of Great Falls72Lethbridge57 Lethbridge Tournament
Oct 24, 2014Lethbridge, ABMontana State-Northern93Lethbridge87OTLethbridge Tournament
Oct 18, 2014Great Falls, MTUniversity of Great Falls87Lethbridge65  
Oct 17, 2014Havre, MTMontana State-Northern72Lethbridge55  
Dec 28, 2013Billings, MTMontana Western77Lethbridge55 Hampton Inn Classic
Dec 27, 2013Billings, MTLethbridge94Rocky Mountain College83 Hampton Inn Classic
Dec 5, 2013Havre, MTMontana State-Northern87Lethbridge61  
Dec 4, 2013Great Falls, MTUniversity of Great Falls75Lethbridge48  
Oct 26, 2013Lethbridge, ABMontana State-Northern75Lethbridge73 Lethbridge Tournament
Oct 25, 2013Lethbridge, ABLethbridge95University of Great Falls86 Lethbridge Tournament
Oct 19, 2013Dillon, MTMontana Western90Lethbridge85  
Oct 18, 2013Dillon, MTLethbridge106Montana Western92  
Oct 12, 2013Klamath Falls, OROregon Tech69Lethbridge60  
Oct 11, 2013Eugene, ORNorthwest Christian95Lethbridge77 Listed as scrimmage
Dec 29, 2012Oceanside, CACal State San Marcos93Lethbridge53 Cal State San Marcos Tournament
Dec 28, 2012Oceanside, CAHope International89Lethbridge66 Cal State San Marcos Tournament
Dec 6, 2012Lethbridge, ABUniversity of Great Falls96Lethbridge73  
Oct 26, 2012Havre, MTMontana State-Northern86Lethbridge36  
Oct 13, 2012Dillon, MTMontana Western81Lethbridge67  
Oct 12, 2012Dillon, MTMontana Western73Lethbridge62  
Oct 11, 2012Great Falls, MTUniversity of Great Falls72Lethbridge68  
Dec 30, 2011Las Vegas, NVFresno Pacific92Lethbridge67 Las Vegas Classic
Dec 28, 2011Las Vegas, NVCal State San Marcos75Lethbridge50 Las Vegas Classic
Oct 22, 2011Great Falls, MTUniversity of Great Falls82Lethbridge58  
Oct 21, 2011Great Falls, MTUniversity of Great Falls89Lethbridge71  
Oct 15, 2011Dillon, MTMontana Western74Lethbridge70  
Oct 14, 2011Dillon, MTMontana Western96Lethbridge73  
Jan 3, 2011Lethbridge, ABUniversity of Great Falls87Lethbridge60  
Dec 30, 2010Havre, MTMontana State-Northern77Lethbridge58 AmericInn Classic
Dec 29, 2010Havre, MTMontana Tech72Lethbridge65 AmericInn Classic
Oct 16, 2010Dillon, MTMontana Western83Lethbridge76  
Oct 15, 2010Dillon, MTMontana Western80Lethbridge72  
Oct 8, 2010Great Falls, MTUniversity of Great Falls82Lethbridge68  
Jan 2, 2010Havre, MTLethbridge67Montana Tech66  
Jan 1, 2010Havre, MTMontana State-Northern74Lethbridge52  
Dec 30, 2009Lethbridge, ABLethbridge73University of Great Falls68  
Oct 24, 2009Butte, MTMontana Tech83Lethbridge81  
Oct 23, 2009Great Falls, MTUniversity of Great Falls64Lethbridge42  
Oct 17, 2009Dillon, MTLethbridge78Montana Western75  
Oct 16, 2009Dillon, MTMontana Western80Lethbridge74  
Dec 30, 2007Great Falls, MTUniversity of Great Falls83Lethbridge76  
Dec 29, 2007Billings, MTCarroll College91Lethbridge55 Rocky Mountain Tourney
Dec 28, 2007Billings, MTRocky Mountain College79Lethbridge69 Rocky Mountain Tourney
Oct 25, 2007Lethbridge, ABRocky Mountain College79Lethbridge62 APX Alarm Invitational
Oct 19, 2007Helena, MTCarroll College80Lethbridge62  
Oct 18, 2007Dillon, MTMontana Western76Lethbridge44  
Dec 28, 2006Winnipeg, MBMinot State77Lethbridge67 Wesmen Classic
Oct 28, 2006Calgary, ABLethbridge87University of Great Falls68 Battle of the Border
Oct 27, 2006Calgary, ABMontana Tech73Lethbridge68 Battle of the Border
Oct 21, 2006Helena, MTCarroll College76Lethbridge57  
Oct 20, 2006Butte, MTMontana Tech69Lethbridge38  
Oct 19, 2006Dillon, MTMontana Western92Lethbridge90  
Dec 31, 2005Great Falls, MTMontana State-Northern66Lethbridge60  
Dec 30, 2005Great Falls, MTUniversity of Great Falls86Lethbridge72  
Oct 28, 2005Lethbridge, ABUniversity of Great Falls87Lethbridge74 Integra Air Tournament
Oct 27, 2005Lethbridge, ABMontana State-Northern83Lethbridge59 Integra Air Tournament
Oct 22, 2005Helena, MTCarroll College90Lethbridge62  
Oct 21, 2005Butte, MTLethbridge81Montana Tech79  
Oct 20, 2005Dillon, MTMontana Western92Lethbridge85  
Dec 30, 2004Billings, MTRocky Mountain College99Lethbridge68 Rocky Tournament
Dec 29, 2004Billings, MTCarroll College94Lethbridge51 Rocky Tournament
Oct 29, 2004Lethbridge, ABRocky Mountain College82Lethbridge72 Canada/USA Invitational
Oct 30, 2003Lethbridge, ABLethbridge85Montana State-Northern76 Lethbridge Invitational
Oct 18, 2003UnknownMontana State-Northern103Lethbridge84  
Oct 17, 2003UnknownCarroll College87Lethbridge68  
Dec 28, 2002Butte, MTLethbridge87Montana Tech76  
Dec 27, 2002Dillon, MTMontana Western89Lethbridge86  
Nov 9, 2002Havre, MTMontana State-Northern94Lethbridge87  
Nov 8, 2002Helena, MTCarroll College101Lethbridge76  
Dec 8, 2001UnknownCarroll College103Lethbridge56  
Dec 7, 2001UnknownMontana Tech109Lethbridge76  
Oct 26, 2001UnknownCarroll College100Lethbridge84  
Oct 25, 2001UnknownLethbridge76Montana Tech58  
Dec 5, 1998UnknownLethbridge92Montana Tech86  
Dec 4, 1998UnknownLethbridge92Montana Tech86  
Oct 25, 1997Regina, SKLethbridge101Minot State99 Cougar Classic
Oct 28, 1995UnknownCarroll College80Lethbridge79  

Summary of matchup record
Lethbridge Pronghorns177670.783.5
Teams in NAIA761783.570.7

Matchup information for Westmont Warriors (Golden State Athletic Conference) and teams in CIS

Scores for games played
Game DateLocationWinnerOpptwont Comment
Dec 29, 2017Santa Barbara, CAWestmont83Alberta74 Tom Byron Classic at Westmont
Dec 29, 2016Santa Barbara, CAWestmont84Fraser Valley70 Tom Byron Classic
Dec 30, 2015Santa Barbara, CAWestmont83UBC70 Tom Byron Classic
Dec 30, 2014Santa Barbara, CAVictoria66Westmont64 Tom Byron Classic
Dec 29, 2014Santa Barbara, CAWestmont72Saskatchewan63 Tom Byron Classic
Dec 31, 2013Santa Barbara, CAWestmont84Saskatchewan74 Tom Byron Classic
Dec 30, 2013Santa Barbara, CAWestmont83UBC Okanagan79 Tom Byron Classic
Dec 30, 2010Santa Barbara, CAWestmont87UBC84 Tom Byron Classic
Dec 17, 2007Santa Barbara, CAWestmont105Trinity Western61  
Dec 27, 2003Santa Barbara, CAWestmont106Saskatchewan75 Tom Byron Classic
Dec 29, 2001Santa Barbara, CAWestmont84Alberta74  

Summary of matchup record
Westmont Warriors10185.071.8
Teams in CIS11071.885.0

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