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Inter-league Game Results for 2018-19 Season

118 inter-league games played through March 10, 2019

OUA East 84831-1783.070.60.64610-55-616-6
RSEQ 54223-1976.278.10.54810-63-410-9
Canada West 174523-2278.278.80.5117-26-810-12
AUS 85524-3175.282.80.4365-59-1510-11
OUA West 94617-2977.779.30.37011-83-103-11

Games for AUS league
AcadiaLoss 72-76BishopsSep 28, 2018Wolfville, NSStu Aberdeen Tournament
AcadiaLoss 66-127CarletonSep 30, 2018Wolfville, NSStu Aberdeen Tournament
AcadiaLoss 68-74WaterlooOct 5, 2018Montreal, QCConcordia Classic
AcadiaWin 63-54ConcordiaOct 6, 2018Montreal, QCConcordia Classic
AcadiaWin 97-92BrockOct 11, 2018Wolfville, NS
AcadiaLoss 71-94CalgaryOct 14, 2018Wolfville, NS
Cape BretonLoss 64-73McMasterOct 19, 2018Hamilton, ON
Cape BretonWin 80-62YorkOct 20, 2018Toronto, ONAt Villanova College in King City
Cape BretonLoss 79-86GuelphOct 21, 2018Guelph, ON
Cape BretonWin 74-71LavalDec 28, 2018Halifax, NSRod and Joan Shoveller Memorial Tournament
DalhousieWin 66-65TorontoSep 28, 2018Toronto, ON
DalhousieWin 70-60YorkSep 29, 2018Toronto, ON
DalhousieWin 83-79McMasterSep 30, 2018Hamilton, ON
DalhousieWin 70-60WaterlooOct 11, 2018Waterloo, ONNaismith Classic
DalhousieWin 79-77Wilfrid LaurierOct 12, 2018Waterloo, ONNaismith Classic
DalhousieWin 66-65OttawaOct 13, 2018Waterloo, ONNaismith Classic
DalhousieWin 82-39LaurentianOct 27, 2018Halifax, NS
DalhousieWin 74-65UBCMar 8, 2019Halifax, NSU Sports Quarterfinal
DalhousieLoss 65-76CarletonMar 9, 2019Halifax, NSU Sports Semifinal
DalhousieLoss 66-84RyersonMar 10, 2019Halifax, NSU Sports Bronze Medal Game
MemorialLoss 72-112Wilfrid LaurierSep 27, 2018Waterloo, ON
MemorialWin 90-84WaterlooSep 28, 2018Cambridge, ONAt St. Benedict Secondary School
MemorialLoss 89-101GuelphSep 29, 2018Guelph, ON
MemorialWin 73-57YorkSep 30, 2018Toronto, ON
MemorialLoss 76-94LavalOct 25, 2018Quebec City, QC
MemorialLoss 72-88BishopsOct 26, 2018Quebec City, QC
MemorialLoss 72-98LavalOct 27, 2018Quebec City, QC
Saint MarysWin 84-75BrockOct 12, 2018Halifax, NS
Saint MarysWin 91-87CalgaryOct 13, 2018Halifax, NS
Saint MarysWin 92-82ConcordiaOct 19, 2018Montreal, QC
Saint MarysWin 95-81UQAMOct 20, 2018Montreal, QC
Saint MarysLoss 69-87McGillOct 21, 2018Montreal, QC
Saint MarysWin 93-90LaurentianOct 26, 2018Halifax, NS
Saint MarysLoss 78-94CalgaryMar 8, 2019Halifax, NSU Sports Quarterfinal
Saint MarysWin 84-67ConcordiaMar 9, 2019Halifax, NSU Sports Consolation Semifinal
Saint MarysLoss 86-95UBCMar 10, 2019Halifax, NSU Sports Consolation Final
StFXLoss 55-125CarletonSep 28, 2018Wolfville, NSStu Aberdeen Tournament
StFXWin 87-76BishopsSep 30, 2018Wolfville, NSStu Aberdeen Tournament
StFXLoss 85-101CalgaryOct 12, 2018Antigonish, NS
StFXLoss 84-101TorontoOct 19, 2018Toronto, ON
StFXLoss 70-81McMasterOct 20, 2018Hamilton, ON
StFXLoss 72-139RyersonOct 21, 2018Toronto, ON
StFXLoss 54-85LavalDec 30, 2018Halifax, NSRod and Joan Shoveller Memorial Tournament
UNBLoss 66-82QueensOct 12, 2018Kingston, ONTindall Invitational Tournament
UNBWin 91-73UQAMOct 13, 2018Kingston, ONTindall Invitational Tournament
UNBWin 72-67LavalOct 18, 2018Quebec City, QCTournoi Rouge et Or
UNBWin 90-80Wilfrid LaurierOct 19, 2018Quebec City, QCTournoi Rouge et Or
UPEILoss 72-80YorkOct 1, 2018Toronto, ON
UPEILoss 71-98GuelphOct 3, 2018Guelph, ON
UPEILoss 47-89Wilfrid LaurierOct 4, 2018Waterloo, ON
UPEILoss 69-78UQAMOct 5, 2018St. Catharines, ONRBC Brock Classic
UPEILoss 63-69McGillOct 6, 2018St. Catharines, ONRBC Brock Classic
UPEILoss 61-78BrockOct 7, 2018St. Catharines, ONRBC Brock Classic
UPEILoss 69-78McMasterOct 13, 2018Charlottetown, PEMickey Place Tournament
UPEILoss 89-105LaurentianOct 28, 2018Halifax, NS

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