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U SPORTS Players with Professional Careers

U Sports Hoops, with the research assistance of Barry Hayes, has started a project to document the professional career of players with a U SPORTS Basketball background. We are using a variety of websites and Google searches to gather information. If you have any information to add, please feel free to send a note via the contact form or regular email.

Having played at both the NCAA and U SPORTS levels, I found the best balance of excelling academically and athletically through my experience in playing at home. The Canadian product continues to grow, and is more competitive than it has ever been. It is not outside the norm for internationals to be competing against Canadians for a roster spot to play at the U SPORTS level. Each year, our graduates are provided ample opportunities to pursue professional contracts or coaching careers.
Lee Anna Osei (Wilfrid Laurier '15)
St. Francis Xavier head coach
  Our league, U SPORTS, produces countless female professional basketball players year after year. The notion that female student-athletes ‘settle’ and stay in Canada is nonsense. These female leaders choose to obtain an elite education and develop into world class basketball players that will have the opportunity to compete overseas for a living.
Jason Hurley (Laurentian '97)
Laurentian head coach & former Pro
  U SPORTS has churned out an enormous number of players who have gone on to play professionally. The competitive experience in Canada, the quality of coaches, and the quality of the student-athletes who are entering U SPORTS, will ensure these numbers continue to grow. U SPORTS provides a unique elite experience by preparing athletes to go on to professional careers while also earning a world-class education.
Lisa Thomaidis (McMaster '95)
Saskatchewan head coach & former Pro
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