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provided by Martin Timmerman
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U SPORTS Players with Professional Careers

U Sports Hoops, with the research assistance of Barry Hayes, has started a project to document the professional career of players with a U SPORTS Basketball background. We are using a variety of websites and Google searches to gather information. If you have any information to add, please feel free to send a note via the contact form or regular email.

A fantastic collection of the history of the professional game in our country. The list shows not only all of the great talent we have had in our country but the ever increasing numbers of athletes that are going pro from Canadian schools. We all owe a huge thank you to Martin and Barry for their incredible work documenting this history of our outstanding athletes.
Kirby Schepp (Winnipeg '98 & '00, Victoria '07)
Manitoba head coach
  U SPORTS provided me with the ability to learn the game and develop my skills, along with the opportunity to play this game for a living. It makes me proud to see countless players who play in our country go on to accomplish great things at the professional level! This list is more proof of the talent our coaches develop and we are thankful to Martin and Barry for their continued work in highlighting this.
Willy Manigat (Carleton '12)
Brock head coach & former Pro
The information on this list is an original work provided specifically for this website. Any use of this content by outside parties (e.g. for commercial purposes) is strictly prohibited without the prior authorization of U Sports Hoops.

D1Union Sportif de Setif2015-16Ali-Mounir Benabdelhak (Brandon)
D1Atletico Petroleos de Luanda2009Paulo Santana (Acadia)
 Atletico Petroleos de Luanda2010-11Paulo Santana (Acadia)
 Atletico Petroleos de Luanda2011-12Paulo Santana (Acadia)
 Atletico Petroleos de Luanda2012-13Paulo Santana (Acadia)
 Atletico Petroleos de Luanda2013-14Paulo Santana (Acadia)
 Atletico Petroleos de Luanda2015-16Paulo Santana (Acadia)
 Grupo Desportivo Interclube de Luanda2017-18Paulo Santana (Acadia)
ABBAF&G Trading Cutie Ovals Ojays2018-19Gerard Gore (Thompson Rivers)
 Flyers Basketball2018-20Tory Fassett (Saint Marys)
 Potters Steelers2017-19Benny Iko (Winnipeg)
Gerald Kazanowski (Victoria)
 1986Eli Pasquale (Victoria)
 Echague Parana1993-94Greg Wiltjer (Victoria)
 River Plate1980-81Martin Riley (Manitoba)
La LigaHispano Americano de Rio Gallegos2019-20Mambi Diawara (Calgary)
 Sportivo America de Rosario2019-20Thomas Cooper (Calgary)
La Liga ArgentinaProgreso de General Roca2018-19Jameson Tipping (Brock)
Liga AAtletico Argentino Junin2014-15Chad Posthumus (UBC)
 Ferrocarril Oeste Capital Federal2002-03Dennie Oliver (StFX, Brandon)
 Libertad Sunchales2002-03Richard Brenton (Acadia)
RegionalAnzorena de Mendoza2019Achuil Lual (Saint Marys)
TNAEstudiantes Santa Rosa1998-99Clinton Holtz (Brock)
EurasianUrartu V-bet Yerevan2019-20Ben Miller (Acadia)
League AFIMA Basketball2019-20Ben Miller (Acadia)
1988John Karpis (Toronto)
 Hawthorn Magic2016-17Maxwell Allin (Wilfrid Laurier)
ABAAlbury/Wodonga Bandits2003-06Luke McKerrow (Simon Fraser)
 Ballarat Miners2005-06Paul Larmand (Carleton)
 Caboolture Suns2009Martin Ajayi (McMaster)
 Caboolture Suns2009Duncan Milne (Guelph)
 Caboolture Suns2011Gianni Constantiello (Ottawa)
 Canberra Gunners2006-07Eric Malcolm (Guelph)
 Canberra Gunners2009-12Eric Malcolm (Guelph)
 Canberra Gunners2009-12Joel Richardson (Guelph)
 Gold Coast Goannas2006Matthew Brooks (Dalhousie, Saint Marys, Cape Breton)
 Kilsyth Cobras2005Josh Poirier (Carleton)
 Maroochydore Clippers2009-10Gianni Constantiello (Ottawa)
 Maroochydore Clippers2012Gianni Constantiello (Ottawa)
 Mount Gambier Pioneers2004Steve Irvine (York)
 Northside Wizards2011Drew Stratton (Dalhousie)
 Northside Wizards2012Louis Hurd (Trinity Western)
 South Adelaide Panthers2009Justin Halleran (Memorial)
 South Adelaide Panthers2010Brian Finniss (Calgary, Acadia)
Big VBlackburn Vikings2018-19Kane Annesley (Brock)
 Blackburn Vikings2019Ryan Bennett (Brock, Laurentian)
 Bulleen Boomers2016Ryan Oirbans (Winnipeg)
 Eltham Wildcats2018Ilarion Bonhomme (Manitoba, Brandon)
 Hume City Broncos2018Mitchell Goodwin (UBC Okanagan)
 Knox Raiders2018Ryan Oirbans (Winnipeg)
 McKinnon Cougars2017Blake Gallatly (Cape Breton)
 Melbourne Tigers2015Ryan Oirbans (Winnipeg)
 Sunbury Jets2018Jonathan Alexander (Manitoba)
 Waverly Falcons2015Luke Girke (Regina)
 Werribee Devils2016Evan Matthews (Windsor)
 Werribee Devils2019Kristian Zjak (Mount Royal)
Big V D1Chelsea2012Shawn King (Victoria)
 McKinnon Cougars2012-15Kale Harrison (Wilfrid Laurier)
 Southern Peninsula Sharks2014-16Maxwell Allin (Wilfrid Laurier)
 Western Port Steelers2019Blake Gallatly (Cape Breton)
Big V D2Coburg Giants2014Tor Ulla (UNB)
Central ABL/PremierSturt Sabres2014-16James Spurritt (McMaster)
D2Mandurah Magic1999Shawn King (Victoria)
 Werribee Devils2000Shawn King (Victoria)
D3McKinnon Cougars2001-02Shawn King (Victoria)
DBADarwin Eagles2019David John Oates (Thompson Rivers)
 Darwin Uni Rebels2016Chad Bewley (York)
NBLGold Coast Blaze2011-12Louis Hurd (Trinity Western)
 Townsville Crocodiles2015-16Brent Wallace (Lakehead)
 Wollongong Hawks2011-12Showron Glover (Saskatchewan)
NBL1Melbourne Tigers2019Max Viitala (Trinity Western)
Premier LeagueNoarlunga City Southern Tigers2017Robert Linton (UNB)
 Noarlunga City Southern Tigers2018Brandon Brine (Lethbridge)
 Noarlunga City Southern Tigers2019James Spurritt (McMaster)
 Norwood Flames2017-18James Spurritt (McMaster)
 Norwood Flames2019Brandon Brine (Lethbridge)
 Sturt Sabres2016-17Josh Owen-Thomas (Calgary)
QBLBrisbane Spartans2017Nick Dickinson (Dalhousie)
 Gladstone Port City Power2015-16Yassine Ghomari (UBC Okanagan)
 Gold Coast Rollers2018Brent Wallace (Lakehead)
 Ipswich Force2013Alex DesRoches (UNB)
 Ipswich Force2016Brent Wallace (Lakehead)
 North Gold Coast Seahawks2018-19Robert Linton (UNB)
 North Gold Coast Seahawks2019Brent Wallace (Lakehead)
 Rockhampton Rockets2015Brent Wallace (Lakehead)
 Rockhampton Rockets2017David Wagner (UBC)
SBLCraigieburn2009Isaac Ansah (Manitoba)
 Geraldton Buccaneers1998Shawn King (Victoria)
 Geraldton Buccaneers2000-02Jeff Bevington (Victoria)
 Kalamunda Eastern Suns2015Lien Phillip (Windsor)
 Oakleigh Warriors2016Justin King (Thompson Rivers)
 Perry Lakes Hawks2014-15James Elliott (Fraser Valley)
 Stirling Senators2012-13James Elliott (Fraser Valley)
 Stirling Senators2018Justin King (Thompson Rivers)
 Warwick Senators2019Justin King (Thompson Rivers)
SEABLBrisbane Spartans2016Nick Dickinson (Dalhousie)
 Frankston Blues2015Robert Linton (UNB)
 Frankston Blues2018Robert Linton (UNB)
 Knox Raiders2014Robert Linton (UNB)
 Melbourne Tigers2017Ryan Oirbans (Winnipeg)
 Melbourne Tigers2018Max Viitala (Trinity Western)
 Nunawading Spectres2016Robert Linton (UNB)
SEBLAlbury/Wodonga Bandits1985Glen Nelson (Regina)
WARATAHDubbo Rams2019Robert Dewar (Alberta)
 Maitland Mustangs2013Robert Nortmann (Dalhousie)
 Manly Warringah Sea Eagles2019Cooper Wilks (UNB)
 Sydney City Comets2018-19William McFee (UNB)
 Sydney Uni Lions2016Robert Dewar (Alberta)
Glen Nelson (Regina)
 Gmunden1999-00Simon Orr-Ewing (UNB)
 Gmunden1999-00Gord Wood (Brock)
 Kapfenberg1999-00Wayne Mulgrave (Acadia)
 Mollersdorf1997-99Bernhard Maerz (Brock)
 Oberwart1999-00Titus Channer (McMaster)
 SUBASt. Poelten1999-02Alex Weis (Calgary)
 UBC Mattersburg2000-02Eric Butler (UBC)
 Wels1997-98Craig Newman (Calgary)
2.BundesligaAustrian BasketFighters2011-12Mathias Dockner (UBC)
 BSC Raiffeisen Furstenfeld Panthers2019-20Patrick Simon (UBC)
 Mattersburg Rocks2008-19Joey Vickery (Brandon, Winnipeg)
 UDW Hypo Young World2005-06Jean-Pierre Reimer (Concordia)
A BundesligaArkadia Traiskirchen Lions1999-01Bernhard Maerz (Brock)
 Arkadia Traiskirchen Lions2005-08Joey Vickery (Brandon, Winnipeg)
 Arkadia Traiskirchen Lions2013-14Emanuel Pasquale (Laurentian)
 BSC Raiffeisen Furstenfeld Panthers2004-05Eric Butler (UBC)
 BSC Raiffeisen Furstenfeld Panthers2004-05Spencer McKay (Victoria)
 Basket Club Vienna2006-09Mathias Dockner (UBC)
 Basket Swans Gmunden2015-16Chris McLaughlin (Victoria)
 Dornbirn2005-06Andrew Moir (Ottawa, Wilfrid Laurier)
 Kapfenberg1998-90Eric Butler (UBC)
 Kapfenberg1998-99Curtis Robinson (UPEI)
 Kraftwerk Wels2007-09Casey Archibald (UBC)
 Redwell Gunners Oberwart2015-16Terrell Evans (Victoria)
 UBC Mattersburg2001-02Joey Vickery (Brandon, Winnipeg)
 UBC Mattersburg2004-05Joey Vickery (Brandon, Winnipeg)
 UBC St. Polten2008-09Igor Bakovic (Ryerson)
 UBC St. Polten2009-10Mathias Dockner (UBC)
 UBC St. Polten2011-12Igor Bakovic (Ryerson)
 Unger Steel Gunners Overwart2018-19Cameron Smythe (Carleton)
 Xion Dukes Klosterneuburg2009-14Matt Rachar (UBC)
B BundesligaBBC Feldkirch Baskets2003-04Etienne Orr-Ewing (Memorial, Victoria)
 Pasut Villach/Landskron2003-04Peter Knechtel (Alberta)
BSLSKN St. Poelten Basketball2019-20Phil Jalalpoor (UBC)
Bundesliga AGmunden2001-02Simon Orr-Ewing (UNB)
D2Dornbirn1996-97Michael Dailey (Cape Breton)
 UKJ Obelwartensdorf1999-00Michael Dailey (Cape Breton)
Premier LeagueCOR-Borisfen Mogilev2019-20Devin Johnson (Toronto)
Bingoal Bree1999-02Eric Hinrichsen (Victoria)
 Bree1998-99Tom Johnson (Victoria)
 Brussels Atomics2001-02Maurice Carter (Brandon)
 Castors Braine1994-95Tom Johnson (Victoria)
 Leuven1997-98William Njoku (Saint Marys)
 Melda Ghent1984-85Percy Davis (Saint Marys)
 Racing Malin1987-88John Hatch (StFX)
BBL D1Castors Braine1994-95Spencer McKay (Victoria)
D1Belgacom Liege Basket2007-08Garry Gallimore (StFX)
 Belgacom Liege Basket2007-08Neil MacDonald (StFX)
 Blue Fox Gent2000-01Rob Wilson (Toronto)
 Eurolines Vilvoorde2003-04William Njoku (Saint Marys)
 KBBC Oostkamp2015-16Brylle Kamen (UBC)
 Power Wevelgem2000-01Spencer McKay (Victoria)
 Power Wevelgem2003-04Real Kitieu (Concordia)
D2Aarschot1999-00Blake Foster (Calgary)
 Aartselaar2000-01Shawn Gray (Brandon)
 Atomics Brussels2001-02Rob Wilson (Toronto)
 Basket Boom2007-08Real Kitieu (Concordia)
 Bosch Security Colfontaine2006-07Real Kitieu (Concordia)
 Essor Charleroi2008-09Real Kitieu (Concordia)
 Facom Damme2002-04Spencer McKay (Victoria)
 Gent Dragons2005-06Spencer McKay (Victoria)
 Gentson1997-98Spencer McKay (Victoria)
 Jako Pitzemburg Mechelen2009-10Real Kitieu (Concordia)
 Power Liefmans Wevelgem2004-06Real Kitieu (Concordia)
 Waregem1996-97Alex Urosevic (Waterloo)
D3BBC Koekelare2006-08Spencer McKay (Victoria)
 De Westhoek Zwevezele2004-05Dan Zapior (Lakehead)
Euromillions LeagueBasic-Fit Brussels2017-18Dejan Kravic (York)
 Brother Gent1997-98Curtis Robinson (UPEI)
 Telenet Giants Antwerp2019-20Owen Klassen (Acadia)
 betFIRST Liege Basket2016-17Brylle Kamen (UBC)
PBLHamilton Tsunamis2008Phil Davis (Acadia, UPEI)
 Hamilton Tsunamis2008-09Phil Davis (Acadia, UPEI)
 Hamilton Tsunamis2010Phil Davis (Acadia, UPEI)
 Somerset Flyers2008Jonathan Bath (Queens)
 St. George's International2008-10Dean Jones (Saint Marys)
LibobasquetAmistad Sucre2015Gene Shipley (Brandon)
Municipal LEntretanto Meta La Salle Tarija2015Gene Shipley (Brandon)
D1KK Promo Donji Vakuf2019-20Milorad Sedlarevic (UPEI)
D1 Srpska LigaKK Prijedor2010-11Rastko Popovic (Concordia)
Tijuca Tenis Club Rio de Janeiro1996Clinton Holtz (Brock)
CBC LeagueBrusque Basquete/ADB2019-20Cassio Rodrigues (StFX)
 Sao Jose dos Pinhais Basketball2018-19Cassio Rodrigues (StFX)
CariocaGinastico B.Horizont2013Islam Luiz de Toledo (StFX)
NBBA.B.A. Araraquara2017Islam Luiz de Toledo (StFX)
PaulistaRio Claro FC/SEME2010Andrew Parker (Alberta)
BC Levski Sofia1974-81Atanas (Nasko) Golomeev (McGill)
 BC Levski Sofia1983-84Atanas (Nasko) Golomeev (McGill)
 PBC Academic Sofia1969-74Atanas (Nasko) Golomeev (McGill)
NBLBC Beroe2012-13Boris Bakovic (Calgary, Ryerson)
 BC Euroins-Cherno More2009-10Igor Bakovic (Ryerson)
 BC Spartak Pleven2012-13Teddy Tochev (Waterloo, Ryerson)
ABACalgary Crush2011-12Michael Meyers (Lethbridge)
 Calgary Crush2011-12Robbie Sihota (Calgary)
 Calgary Crush2011-12Josh Whyte (UBC, Victoria)
 Calgary Crush2011-13Chris Wright (Calgary)
 Calgary Crush2011-15Joseph Atangana (UQAM)
 Calgary Crush2011-15Hidesh Bhardwaj (McGill)
 Calgary Crush2011-15Jermaine Campbell (Ottawa)
 Calgary Crush2011-15John Riad (Calgary)
 Calgary Crush2012-13Tyler Fidler (Calgary)
 Calgary Crush2012-13Allen Kadima (Lethbridge)
 Calgary Crush2012-13Mike Kierstead (UPEI, UNB)
 Calgary Crush2012-13Duncan Milne (Guelph)
 Calgary Crush2012-13Sean Peter (Trinity Western, Ottawa)
 Calgary Crush2012-15Keenan Milburn (Calgary)
 Calgary Crush2013-14Jamie McLeod (Calgary)
 Calgary Crush2013-14Charlie Spurr (StFX, Thompson Rivers)
 Calgary Crush2013-15Sean Landry (Manitoba)
 Calgary Crush2013-15Riiny Ngot (StFX)
 Calgary Crush2014-15Dominyc Coward (Lethbridge, Calgary)
 Calgary Crush2014-15Tyler Fidler (Calgary)
 Calgary Crush2014-15Sean Peter (Trinity Western, Ottawa)
 Calgary Crush2014-15Christian Upshaw (StFX)
 Halifax Rainmen2007-08Peter Benoite (Memorial)
 Halifax Rainmen2007-08Dennie Oliver (StFX, Brandon)
 Laval Kebs2006-07Paul Larmand (Carleton)
 Montreal Matrix2005-06Frederic Bernard (McGill)
 Montreal Matrix2005-06Jason J. Brade (Bishops)
 Montreal Matrix2005-06Philippe Langlois (Concordia)
 Montreal Matrix2005-06Denburk Reid (McGill)
 Montreal Royals2006-07Jason J. Brade (Bishops)
 Montreal Royals2006-07David Brownrigg (Laval)
 Montreal Royals2006-08Denburk Reid (McGill)
 Montreal Royals2007-08Shawn Corbin (Brandon)
 Montreal Royals2007-08Claude Delmas-Merisier (UQAM)
 Montreal Royals2007-08Gavin Musgrave (Concordia, Ottawa)
 Niagara Dare Devils2005-06Morgan Fairweather (Brock)
 Quebec City Kebekwa2006-07Ady Ngom (Laval)
 Quebec City Kebekwa2006-08Charles Fortier (Laval)
 Quebec City Kebekwa2006-08Marc Antoine Horth (Laval)
 Quebec City Kebekwa2006-08Dominique Soucy (Laval)
 Quebec City Kebekwa2007-08Djibril Bah (Laval)
 Vancouver Balloholics2014-15Sinclair Brown (Acadia, Waterloo, Simon Fraser)
 Vancouver Balloholics2014-15Mark Perrin (Trinity Western)
 Vancouver Balloholics2014-16Michael Berg (Victoria)
 Vancouver Balloholics2014-16Demitri Harris (Saint Marys)
 Vancouver Balloholics2014-16Stuart Wallensteen (UBC Okanagan)
 Vancouver Balloholics2015-16Graham Bath (UBC)
 Vancouver Balloholics2015-16Kadeem Willis (Fraser Valley)
CBAAlberta Dusters1980-81Fred Lee (Brandon)
 Alberta Gold Dusters1980-81Percy Davis (Saint Marys)
 Saskatchewan Hawks2001-02Ryan Leier (Saskatchewan)
CBLDurham BC2016-17Anwar Faza (UBC Okanagan, UPEI)
 Durham BC2017Jameel Williamson (StFX)
 Scarborough BC2016-17Kevon Parchment (Fraser Valley)
 Scarborough BC2016-17Joey Puddister (Nipissing)
 Wellington BC Guelph2016-17Jamil Abiad (Bishops)
CEBLEdmonton Stingers2019Narcisse Ambanza (Winnipeg)
 Edmonton Stingers2019Jordan Baker (Alberta)
 Edmonton Stingers2019Brody Clarke (Alberta)
 Edmonton Stingers2019Mamadou Gueye (Alberta)
 Edmonton Stingers2019Denzel James (MacEwan)
 Edmonton Stingers2019Jarred Ogungbemi-Jackson (Calgary)
 Edmonton Stingers2019Kenneth Otieno (Alberta)
 Edmonton Stingers2019Zac Overwater (Lethbridge)
 Edmonton Stingers2019Adika Peter-McNeilly (Ryerson)
 Edmonton Stingers2019Geoff Pippus (Alberta, UBC)
 Edmonton Stingers2020Jordan Baker (Alberta)
 Edmonton Stingers2020Brody Clarke (Alberta)
 Edmonton Stingers2020Mambi Diawara (Calgary)
 Edmonton Stingers2020Sascha Kappos (Dalhousie)
 Edmonton Stingers2020Xavier Ochu (Dalhousie)
 Edmonton Stingers2020Zac Overwater (Lethbridge)
 Edmonton Stingers2020Adika Peter-McNeilly (Ryerson)
 Fraser Valley Bandits2019Sukhjot Bains (Fraser Valley)
 Fraser Valley Bandits2019Kevin Bercy (StFX)
 Fraser Valley Bandits2019Mason Bourcier (Carleton, UBC)
 Fraser Valley Bandits2019Joel Friesen (Alberta, Fraser Valley)
 Fraser Valley Bandits2019Troy Gottselig (Saskatchewan)
 Fraser Valley Bandits2019Chris McLaughlin (Victoria)
 Fraser Valley Bandits2019Grant Shephard (Carleton, UBC)
 Guelph Nighthawks2019Myles Charvis (Ryerson, Waterloo)
 Guelph Nighthawks2019Malcolm Glanville (Guelph)
 Guelph Nighthawks2019Meshack Lufile (Cape Breton)
 Guelph Nighthawks2019Aaron Redpath (McMaster)
 Guelph Nighthawks2019Johneil Simpson (Brock)
 Guelph Nighthawks2019Connor Wood (Carleton)
 Guelph Nighthawks2020Marcus Anderson (Carleton)
 Guelph Nighthawks2020Myles Charvis (Ryerson, Waterloo)
 Guelph Nighthawks2020Joel Friesen (Alberta, Fraser Valley)
 Hamilton Honey Badgers2019Caleb Agada (Ottawa)
 Hamilton Honey Badgers2019Ryan Ejim (Carleton, York)
 Hamilton Honey Badgers2019Connor Gilmore (McMaster)
 Hamilton Honey Badgers2019Shaquille Keith (Cape Breton)
 Hamilton Honey Badgers2019Thomas Kennedy (Windsor)
 Hamilton Honey Badgers2019Matthew Marshall (Brock, Ottawa)
 Hamilton Honey Badgers2019Javon Masters (UNB)
 Hamilton Honey Badgers2019Erik Nissen (Acadia)
 Hamilton Honey Badgers2019Adam Presutti (Ottawa, McMaster)
 Hamilton Honey Badgers2019Joe Rocca (Carleton, McMaster)
 Hamilton Honey Badgers2020Caleb Agada (Ottawa)
 Hamilton Honey Badgers2020Ammanuel Diressa (Ryerson)
 Hamilton Honey Badgers2020Owen Klassen (Acadia)
 Hamilton Honey Badgers2020Lock Lam (Lakehead)
 Hamilton Honey Badgers2020Jean-Victor Mukama (Ryerson)
 Niagara River Lions2019Guillaume Payen Boucard (Carleton)
 Niagara River Lions2019Tyler Brown (Brock)
 Niagara River Lions2019Kaza Kajami-Keane (Carleton)
 Niagara River Lions2019Filip Vujadinovic (Ryerson)
 Niagara River Lions2020Guillaume Payen Boucard (Carleton)
 Niagara River Lions2020Ryan Ejim (Carleton, York)
 Niagara River Lions2020Emmanuel Owootoah (Brock, Carleton)
 Ottawa Blackjacks2020Johnny Berhanemeskel (Ottawa)
 Ottawa Blackjacks2020Yasiin Joseph (Carleton)
 Ottawa Blackjacks2020Shaquille Keith (Cape Breton)
 Ottawa Blackjacks2020Tajinder (TJ) Lall (Carleton)
 Ottawa Blackjacks2020Isiah Osborne (Carleton, Windsor)
 Ottawa Blackjacks2020Lloyd Pandi (Carleton)
 Ottawa Blackjacks2020Jean Emmanuel Pierre-Charles (Ottawa, Carleton)
 Ottawa Blackjacks2020Philip Scrubb (Carleton)
 Ottawa Blackjacks2020Thomas Scrubb (Carleton)
 Ottawa Blackjacks2020Munis Tutu (Carleton)
 Saskatchewan Rattlers2019Justus Alleyn (Manitoba)
 Saskatchewan Rattlers2019Alex Campbell (Windsor)
 Saskatchewan Rattlers2019Ryan Ejim (Carleton, York)
 Saskatchewan Rattlers2019Shaquille Keith (Cape Breton)
 Saskatchewan Rattlers2019Michael Linklater (Saskatchewan)
 Saskatchewan Rattlers2019Lawrence Moore (Saskatchewan)
 Saskatchewan Rattlers2019Chad Posthumus (UBC)
 Saskatchewan Rattlers2019Jelane Pryce (Winnipeg, Ryerson)
 Saskatchewan Rattlers2019Terry Thomas (Ottawa, StFX)
 Saskatchewan Rattlers2020Rashawn Browne (Manitoba)
 Saskatchewan Rattlers2020Shane Osayande (Saskatchewan)
 Saskatchewan Rattlers2020Jelane Pryce (Winnipeg, Ryerson)
CNBLLondon Orion2003Jamie Clark (Brock)
 London Orion2003Chris Kopichanski (Guelph)
 Windsor Drive2003David Elliott (Lakehead)
Continental Basketball AssociationSaskatchewan Hawks2001-02Novell Thomas ()
IBAWinnipeg Cyclone1995-96Thor Olesen (Winnipeg)
 Winnipeg Cyclone1996-97Jeff Foreman (Winnipeg)
 Winnipeg Cyclone1997-98Keith Vassell (Brandon)
 Winnipeg Cyclone1999-00Jeff Cuff (Manitoba)
 Winnipeg Cyclone1999-00Murray Davidson (Winnipeg)
 Winnipeg Cyclone1999-00Lawrence Dudevoir (Brandon)
 Winnipeg Cyclone2000-01Ogo Okwumabua (Manitoba)
IBLBC Titans2009Brian Banman (Trinity Western, UBC)
 BC Titans2009Brandon Ellis (Victoria, UBC)
 BC Titans2009Joel Haviland (Fraser Valley)
 BC Titans2009James Hudson (Alberta, Wilfrid Laurier)
 BC Titans2009Jeremy Neufeld (Simon Fraser)
 BC Titans2009Matt Rachar (UBC)
 BC Titans2009-10Emmy Unaegbu (Simon Fraser)
 BC Titans2010Casey Archibald (UBC)
 Edmonton Chill2008Joel Allen (Alberta)
 Edmonton Chill2008Achuil Lual (Acadia)
 Edmonton Chill2008Andrew Parker (Alberta)
 Edmonton Chill2008Stephen Parker (Alberta)
 Edmonton Chill2008Phil Scherer (Alberta)
 Edmonton Chill2008Alex Steele (Alberta)
 Edmonton Chill2008Dean Whalen (Alberta)
 Edmonton Energy2009Alex Steele (Alberta)
 Edmonton Energy2009Chris Wright (Calgary)
 Edmonton Energy2009-12Andrew Parker (Alberta)
 Edmonton Energy2010-12Troy Gottselig (Saskatchewan)
 Edmonton Energy2011-12Blain LaBranche (UBC, Brandon)
 Edmonton Energy2012Daniel Ferguson (Alberta)
 Edmonton Energy2012Robbie Sihota (Calgary)
 Edmonton Energy2012Chris Unsworth (Saskatchewan, Calgary)
MLBAVancouver Dragons2018-19Deng Awak (Mount Royal)
 Vancouver Dragons2018-19Michael Berg (Victoria)
 Vancouver Dragons2018-19Glenn Gravengard (UBC, Western)
 Vancouver Dragons2018-19Demitri Harris (Saint Marys)
 Vancouver Dragons2018-19Sheldon Stewart (Carleton)
NABLSB Battle2017Kadeem Willis (Fraser Valley)
 Vancouver Knights2017-18Demitri Harris (Saint Marys)
NBA G LeagueRaptors 9052017-18Aaron Best (Ryerson)
 Raptors 9052017-18Kaza Kajami-Keane (Carleton)
NBLBrampton A's2013-14Jesse Tipping (Waterloo, Brock)
 Brampton A's2014-15Theo Davis (Brock)
 Brampton A's2014-16David Tyndale (York)
 Brampton A's2015-16Anto Raic (Brock)
 Brampton/Orangeville A's2013-17Jameson Tipping (Brock)
 Calgary Outlaws1994-95Mark Loria (Calgary)
 Calgary Outlaws1994-95Dean Thibodeau (Dalhousie)
 Cape Breton Highlanders2016-17Wyatt Anders (Manitoba)
 Cape Breton Highlanders2016-17James Dorsey (Cape Breton)
 Cape Breton Highlanders2016-17Tyrel Edwards (StFX)
 Cape Breton Highlanders2016-17Shaquille Keith (Cape Breton)
 Cape Breton Highlanders2016-17Mike Luby (Brock)
 Cape Breton Highlanders2016-17Clinton Springer-Williams (Carleton, Brock)
 Cape Breton Highlanders2017-18Kyle Desmarais (Bishops, Concordia)
 Cape Breton Highlanders2017-18Shamus Ferguson (Ottawa)
 Cape Breton Highlanders2017-18Shane Osayande (Saskatchewan)
 Cape Breton Highlanders2017-18John Sylliboy (Cape Breton)
 Cape Breton Highlanders2018-19Mark Fernandes (StFX)
 Cape Breton Highlanders2018-19Aaron Redpath (McMaster)
 Cape Breton Highlanders2018-19Ta'Quan Zimmerman (Thompson Rivers)
 Guelph Nighthawks2019Robert Nortmann (Dalhousie)
 Halifax Hurricanes2015-16Joel Friesen (Alberta, Fraser Valley)
 Halifax Hurricanes2016-17Tyrel Edwards (StFX)
 Halifax Hurricanes2016-17Joey Haywood (Saint Marys)
 Halifax Hurricanes2016-17Kenneth Otieno (Alberta)
 Halifax Hurricanes2016-18Ta'Quan Zimmerman (Thompson Rivers)
 Halifax Hurricanes2017-18Denny McDonald (Trinity Western)
 Halifax Hurricanes2017-18Theon Reefer (Saint Marys)
 Halifax Hurricanes2017-18Brian Rouse (Saint Marys)
 Halifax Hurricanes2018-19Meshack Lufile (Cape Breton)
 Halifax Hurricanes2018-19Chad Posthumus (UBC)
 Halifax Hurricanes2018-19Terry Thomas (Ottawa, StFX)
 Halifax Hurricanes2019-20Kyle Arseneault (Acadia)
 Halifax Hurricanes2019-20Marquis Clayton (Saint Marys, StFX)
 Halifax Hurricanes2019-20Mamadou Gueye (Alberta)
 Halifax Hurricanes2019-20Tyler Scott (UPEI, Acadia)
 Halifax Hurricanes2019-20Ta'Quan Zimmerman (Thompson Rivers)
 Halifax Rainmen2011-12Troy Gottselig (Saskatchewan)
 Halifax Rainmen2011-12Christian Upshaw (StFX)
 Halifax Rainmen2011-13Joey Haywood (Saint Marys)
 Halifax Rainmen2012-14Tyler Richards (StFX)
 Halifax Rainmen2013-14Robert Nortmann (Dalhousie)
 Halifax Rainmen2014-15Joey Haywood (Saint Marys)
 Halifax Windjammers1993-95Dean Thibodeau (Dalhousie)
 Island Storm2014-16Alex DesRoches (UNB)
 Island Storm2015-16Kenneth Otieno (Alberta)
 Island Storm2015-16Chad Posthumus (UBC)
 Island Storm2015-17Robert Nortmann (Dalhousie)
 Island Storm2015-17Terry Thomas (Ottawa, StFX)
 Island Storm2016-17Ryan Christie (Windsor, McMaster)
 Island Storm2016-17Demitri Harris (Saint Marys)
 Island Storm2016-17Bradley States (UPEI, Acadia)
 Island Storm2017-18Dut Dut (UPEI)
 Island Storm2017-18Meshack Lufile (Cape Breton)
 Island Storm2017-18Tyler Scott (UPEI, Acadia)
 Island Storm2017-18Bradley States (UPEI, Acadia)
 Island Storm2018-19Kyle Arseneault (Acadia)
 Island Storm2018-19Guillaume Payen Boucard (Carleton)
 Island Storm2018-19Daniel Gordon (Memorial)
 Island Storm2018-19Tyler Scott (UPEI, Acadia)
 Island Storm2018-19Bradley States (UPEI, Acadia)
 Island Storm2018-20Alex Campbell (Windsor)
 Island Storm2019-20Marcus Lewis (Nipissing)
 Island Storm2019-20Jelane Pryce (Winnipeg, Ryerson)
 KW Titans2016-17Anthony Ottley (Trinity Western, Windsor)
 KW Titans2016-19Greg Morrow (Western)
 KW Titans2017-18Kyle Arseneault (Acadia)
 KW Titans2017-19Denzel James (MacEwan)
 KW Titans2017-20Nigel Johnson-Tyghter (Windsor)
 KW Titans2018-20Joel Friesen (Alberta, Fraser Valley)
 KW Titans2019-20Myles Charvis (Ryerson, Waterloo)
 KW Titans2019-20Denny McDonald (Trinity Western)
 London Lightning2011-12Kyle Julius (Guelph)
 London Lightning2011-12Nick Lother (Winnipeg)
 London Lightning2011-12Patrick Sewell (Toronto)
 London Lightning2012-13Osvaldo Jeanty (Carleton)
 London Lightning2012-13Josh Whyte (UBC, Victoria)
 London Lightning2013-14Maurice Carter (Brandon)
 London Lightning2013-14Greg Surmacz (Windsor)
 London Lightning2014-15Enrico Diloreto (Windsor)
 London Lightning2014-15Clinton Springer-Williams (Carleton, Brock)
 London Lightning2015-16Chad Posthumus (UBC)
 London Lightning2015-16Warren Ward (Ottawa)
 London Lightning2015-17Taylor Black (McMaster)
 London Lightning2016-17Troy Gottselig (Saskatchewan)
 London Lightning2016-18Joel Friesen (Alberta, Fraser Valley)
 London Lightning2018-19Rudolphe Joly (UQAM)
 London Lightning2019-20Terry Thomas (Ottawa, StFX)
 Mississauga Power2013-14Shamus Ferguson (Ottawa)
 Mississauga Power2013-14Thijin Moses (Calgary)
 Mississauga Power2013-14Jonathan Semira (Western)
 Mississauga Power2014-15Chad Posthumus (UBC)
 Mississauga Power2014-15Tut Ruach (York)
 Mississauga Power2014-15Tyrell Vernon (StFX, McMaster)
 Mississauga Power2014-15Warren Ward (Ottawa)
 Moncton Magic2017-18Kevin Thomas (Saint Marys)
 Moncton Magic2017-18Terry Thomas (Ottawa, StFX)
 Moncton Magic2018-19Chad Posthumus (UBC)
 Moncton Magic2018-19Bradley States (UPEI, Acadia)
 Moncton Magic2019-20Theon Reefer (Saint Marys)
 Moncton Magic2019-20Bradley States (UPEI, Acadia)
 Moncton Miracles2012-13Kamar Burke (UBC, Thompson Rivers)
 Moncton Miracles2012-13Christian Upshaw (StFX)
 Moncton Miracles2013-14Alex DesRoches (UNB)
 Moncton Miracles2013-14Anto Raic (Brock)
 Moncton Miracles2014-15Shamus Ferguson (Ottawa)
 Moncton Miracles2015-16Achuil Lual (Acadia)
 Moncton Miracles2015-16Ryan Smith (UNB)
 Moncton Miracles2016-17Theo Davis (Brock)
 Moncton Miracles2017-18Marquis Clayton (Saint Marys, StFX)
 Montreal Jazz2012-13Damian Buckley (Concordia)
 Montreal Jazz2012-13Dwayne Buckley (Concordia)
 Montreal Jazz2012-13Terry Licorish (McMaster)
 Montreal Jazz2012-13Yul Michel (Brandon)
 Montreal Jazz2012-13Filose Ngeleka (Bishops)
 Montreal Jazz2012-13Hamza Ruhezamihigo (Concordia)
 Niagara River Lions2015-16Greg Carter (Lakehead)
 Niagara River Lions2015-16Clinton Springer-Williams (Carleton, Brock)
 Niagara River Lions2016-17Richardo Dunkley (Ryerson)
 Niagara River Lions2016-17Rotimi Osuntola Jr. (Windsor)
 Niagara River Lions2016-17Anthony Ottley (Trinity Western, Windsor)
 Niagara River Lions2016-18Joe Rocca (Carleton, McMaster)
 Niagara River Lions2017-18Guillaume Payen Boucard (Carleton)
 Niagara River Lions2017-18Kevin Churchill (Carleton)
 Niagara River Lions2017-18Ryan Ejim (Carleton, York)
 Niagara River Lions2017-18Matthew Marshall (Brock, Ottawa)
 Niagara River Lions2017-18Connor Wood (Carleton)
 Orangeville A's2016-17Enrico Diloreto (Windsor)
 Orangeville A's2016-17Troy Joseph (McMaster)
 Orangeville A's2016-17Daniel Tulloch (York)
 Oshawa Power2011-12Paul Blake (Cape Breton)
 Oshawa Power2011-12Shawn Gray (Brandon)
 Oshawa Power2011-12Tut Ruach (York)
 Oshawa Power2012-13Shamus Ferguson (Ottawa)
 Ottawa SkyHawks2013-14Bol Kong (StFX)
 Ottawa SkyHawks2013-14Manock Lual (UPEI)
 Quebec Kebs2011-12Jean-Philippe Morin (Laval)
 Saint John Mill Rats2011-12Isaac Kuon (Windsor)
 Saint John Mill Rats2011-12Drew Stratton (Dalhousie)
 Saint John Mill Rats2012-13William Njoku (Saint Marys)
 Saint John Mill Rats2012-14Michael Anderson (UNB)
 Saint John Mill Rats2013-14Damian Gay (Saint Marys)
 Saint John Mill Rats2013-14Mike Luby (Brock)
 Saint John Mill Rats2014-15Matthew Brooks (Dalhousie, Saint Marys, Cape Breton)
 Saint John Mill Rats2014-15Jahmal McQueen (Windsor, Toronto)
 Saint John Mill Rats2015-16Michael Anderson (UNB)
 Saint John Mill Rats2015-16Michael Armstrong (Cape Breton)
 Saint John Mill Rats2015-16Denny McDonald (Trinity Western)
 Saint John Riptide2016-17Michael Anderson (UNB)
 Saint John Riptide2016-17Alex Campbell (Windsor)
 Saint John Riptide2017-18Kenneth Otieno (Alberta)
 Saint John Riptide2017-18Aaron Redpath (McMaster)
 Saskatchewan Rattlers2019Shane Osayande (Saskatchewan)
 Saskatoon Slam1992-93Richard Lovelace (Brandon, Saskatchewan)
 Saskatoon Slam1992-93Dean Wiebe (Saskatchewan)
 Saskatoon Slam1993-94Jerome Gaines (Brandon)
 St. John's Edge2017-18Vasilije Curcic (Memorial)
 St. John's Edge2017-18Jordan Jensen-Whyte (UBC)
 St. John's Edge2017-18Rudolphe Joly (UQAM)
 St. John's Edge2018-19Guillaume Payen Boucard (Carleton)
 St. John's Edge2018-19Shaquille Keith (Cape Breton)
 St. John's Edge2018-19Bradley States (UPEI, Acadia)
 St. John's Edge2019-20Noel Moffatt (Memorial)
 St. John's Edge2019-20Cassidy Ryan (Brock)
 Sudbury Five2018-19Mamadou Gueye (Alberta)
 Sudbury Five2018-19Alexander Henry-Iriarte (Laurentian)
 Sudbury Five2018-20Joey Puddister (Nipissing)
 Sudbury Five2018-20Georges Serresse (Laurentian)
 Sudbury Five2019-20Jelane Pryce (Winnipeg, Ryerson)
 Summerside Storm2011-12Troy Gottselig (Saskatchewan)
 Summerside Storm2012-13Willy Manigat (Carleton, Ottawa)
 Summerside/Island Storm2011-15Doug McKinney (UPEI)
 Windsor Express2012-13Richardo Dunkley (Ryerson)
 Windsor Express2012-13Isaac Kuon (Windsor)
 Windsor Express2012-13Greg Surmacz (Windsor)
 Windsor Express2013-14Terry Licorish (McMaster)
 Windsor Express2013-14R.J. Wells (Windsor)
 Windsor Express2014-15Josh Collins (Windsor)
 Windsor Express2014-16Jahmal McQueen (Windsor, Toronto)
 Windsor Express2015-16Theo Davis (Brock)
 Windsor Express2015-16Denny McDonald (Trinity Western)
 Windsor Express2015-17Rudolphe Joly (UQAM)
 Windsor Express2015-18Shaquille Keith (Cape Breton)
 Windsor Express2016-17Alex Campbell (Windsor)
 Windsor Express2016-17Noel Moffatt (Memorial)
 Windsor Express2016-17Clinton Springer-Williams (Carleton, Brock)
 Windsor Express2016-17Warren Ward (Ottawa)
 Windsor Express2017-18Michael Acheampong (Victoria)
 Windsor Express2017-18Robert Nortmann (Dalhousie)
 Windsor Express2017-18Christopher Stanhope (Brandon, Cape Breton)
 Windsor Express2017-19Anthony Ottley (Trinity Western, Windsor)
 Windsor Express2018-19Miroslav Jaksic (Toronto)
 Windsor Express2018-19Marcus Jones (Windsor)
 Windsor Express2018-19Miles Seward (McMaster)
 Windsor Express2018-20Daniel Dooley (Guelph)
 Windsor Express2019-20Shaquille Keith (Cape Breton)
 Winnipeg Thunder1994-95Eric Bridgeland (Manitoba)
 Winnipeg Thunder1994-95Burke Toews (Winnipeg)
OPBABarrie Bandits2004Lasario Burrows (Cape Breton)
 Barrie Bandits2004Adam Miller (York, Acadia)
 Barrie Bandits2004Chris Webber (Western, Winnipeg, Carleton)
 Brantford Connexion2004Ammer Askary (York)
 Brantford Connexion2004Dan Jonker (Western)
 Brantford Connexion2004Gord Wood (Brock)
 Guelph Gladiators2004Kyle Julius (Guelph)
 Guelph Gladiators2004Radhi Knapp (Guelph, Wilfrid Laurier)
 Guelph Gladiators2004Koven Padayachee (Guelph)
 London Orion2004Chris Brown (Western)
 London Orion2004Jim Grozelle (Western)
 London Orion2004Michael Milne (Western, Ottawa)
 London Orion2004Chedo Ndur (Western)
 London Orion2004Paul Nixon (York)
 London Orion2004Kyle Rysdale (Western)
 London Orion2004Timothy Shanks (Western)
 Windsor Drive2004Mark Baggio (Windsor)
 Windsor Drive2004David Elliott (Lakehead)
 Windsor Drive2004Anthony Rizzetto (Windsor)
 Windsor Drive2004Chet Wydrzynski (Ottawa, Windsor)
PBLHalifax Rainmen2005-06Nicolas Blanas (Toronto)
 Halifax Rainmen2010Garry Gallimore (StFX)
 Halifax Rainmen2010Devon Norris (Dalhousie)
 Montreal Sasquatch2009Ali-Mounir Benabdelhak (Brandon)
 Montreal Sasquatch2009Kevin Dulude (RMC)
 Montreal Sasquatch2009Denburk Reid (McGill)
 Montreal Sasquatch2009Ratana Sak (UQAM)
 Quebec Kebs2009Marc-Andre Lefebvre (Laval)
 Quebec Kebs2009Dominique Soucy (Laval)
 Quebec Kebs2009-10Charles Fortier (Laval)
 Quebec Kebs2009-10Yul Michel (Brandon)
 Quebec Kebs2009-10Jean-Philippe Morin (Laval)
 Quebec Kebs2010Dwayne Buckley (Concordia)
 Saint John Mill Rats2011Michael Anderson (UNB)
WBLCalgary 88's1988John Carson (Brandon)
 Calgary 88's1992Andrew Vaughan (Calgary)
 Halifax1992-94J.D. Jackson (UBC)
 Halifax Windjammers1990-92Kevin Veinot (Acadia)
 Saskatchewan Storm1991John Carson (Brandon)
 Saskatoon Storm1988-90John Cleland (Saskatchewan)
 Saskatoon Storm1990Greg Jockims (Saskatchewan)
 Winnipeg Thunder1992Terry Garrow (Manitoba)
Cayman Islands
National LeagueIRG Astros2020Jameson Tipping (Brock)
LNB CentroCD Universidad de Concepcion2019Rodrigo Madera (StFX)
Liga NacionalCD Boston College Santiago2011-12Gene Shipley (Brandon)
 CD Universidad de Concepcion2017-20Rodrigo Madera (StFX)
 Club Deportes Puente Alto2014-15Gene Shipley (Brandon)
 Club Desportes Castro2016-17Rodrigo Madera (StFX)
 Club Desportes Espanol de Talca2014-16Rodrigo Madera (StFX)
 Club Desportivo Puerto Montt2013-14Gene Shipley (Brandon)
 Colegio Los Leones de Quilpue2015-17Chris Paredes (Simon Fraser)
 Municipal Puente Alto2011-12Gene Shipley (Brandon)
ASEANMacau Black Bears2018-19Nathan Yu (UBC)
 Macau Black Bears2018-20Jenning Leung (McGill)
 Zhuhai Wolf Warriors2018-19Jenning Leung (McGill)
ASEAN LeagueMacau Black Bears2017-18Jonathan Bermillo (Bishops)
 Macau Black Bears2019-20Warren Liang (Dalhousie, Saint Marys)
CBANanjing Tongxi Monkey Kings2018-19Duncan Reid (Guelph)
 Zhejiang Golden Bulls2017-18Duncan Reid (Guelph)
Liga DirecTVBarrancabermeja Ciudad Futuro2015Josh Turner (Calgary)
Costa Rica
LBSLiceo de Costa Rica2011-12Dwayne Grant (Toronto)
 Sanatura-Escazu2012-13Dwayne Grant (Toronto)
A1KK Cibona VIP Zagreb2013-14Blaz Bozinovic (Thompson Rivers)
 KK Kvarner 2010 Rijeka2015-16Blaz Bozinovic (Thompson Rivers)
 KK Kvarner 2010 Rijeka2016-17Dominic Gilbert (UBC)
 KK Zabok2007-08Ivan Saric (Winnipeg, Manitoba)
 Svjetlost Slavonski Brod2008-09Ivan Saric (Winnipeg, Manitoba)
A2KK Sarnac Karlovac2016-17Dominic Gilbert (UBC)
 KK Zrinjevac Zagreb2013-14Blaz Bozinovic (Thompson Rivers)
Druga LigaKK Kvarner 2010 Rijeka2016-17Dominic Gilbert (UBC)
Premijer LigaKK Cibona VIP Zagreb2017-19Dominic Gilbert (UBC)
 KK Zadar2019-20Dominic Gilbert (UBC)
Prva LigaKK Bosco Zagreb2017-18Dominic Gilbert (UBC)
A1Pizza Express Apollon Limassol2005-06Kyle Julius (Guelph)
Czech Republic
NBLAstrum Levice2012-13Troy Gottselig (Saskatchewan)
 BK Geosan Kolin2015-16Showron Glover (Saskatchewan)
 BK Lions Jindrichuv Hradec2015-16Stephon Lamar (Saskatchewan)
 BK Nova Hut Ostrava2010-11Josh Gibson-Bascombe (Ottawa)
 BK Nova Hut Ostrava2010-11Andrew Spagrud (Saskatchewan)
 BK Nova Hut Ostrava2013-14Tut Ruach (York)
 BK Nova Hut Ostrava2018-19Justus Alleyn (Manitoba)
 BK Nova Hut Ostrava2018-19Luka Zaharijevic (UBC)
 Basket Fio Banka Jindrichuv Hradec2017-18Josh Turner (Calgary)
 Bohemilk Turi Svitavy2015-16Jahmal Jones (Ryerson)
 Levharti Chomutov2012-13Showron Glover (Saskatchewan)
 SLUNETA Usti nad Labem2011-12Troy Gottselig (Saskatchewan)
 SLUNETA Usti nad Labem2016-17Showron Glover (Saskatchewan)
 SLUNETA Usti nad Labem2016-17Denny McDonald (Trinity Western)
 SLUNETA Usti nad Labem2017-18Josh Wolfram (Thompson Rivers, Calgary)
 SLUNETA Usti nad Labem2018-19Guillaume Payen Boucard (Carleton)
Aabyhoj IF2002-03Reuben Hall (Alberta)
 Aalborg Vikings2013-14Joey Haywood (Saint Marys)
 Glostrup Basketball1996-00Dean Thibodeau (Dalhousie)
 Holbaek2002-03Earnest Bell (Brandon)
 Horsens1996-97Gord Wood (Brock)
 Horsens IC1998-99Jason Medford (Saint Marys)
 Horsens IC1999-00Daren Spithoff (McMaster)
 Randers Cimbria2001-02Jason Medford (Saint Marys)
 SISU Copenhagen2000-01Cory Janes (Saint Marys, Dalhousie)
 Sjaelland2005-06John Riad (Calgary)
 Stevnsgade2000-03Dean Thibodeau (Dalhousie)
 Team FOG Naestved2012-14Alex Murphy (UBC)
 Team Sjaelland2003-04Calvin Palmer (Saskatchewan)
 Team Sjaelland2003-04Dean Thibodeau (Dalhousie)
 Vaerlose2000-01Nat Graham (Western)
1st DivisionRoskilde BC2007-08Dean Thibodeau (Dalhousie)
 Skjold/Stevnsgade2004-05Calvin Palmer (Saskatchewan)
BasketLigaenStevnsgade BBK2017-19Sebastian Filrup Eliasen (Trinity Western)
 Team FOG Naestved2019-20Jahmal Jones (Ryerson)
BasketbLigaenWolfpack/BMS2018-19Austin Waddoups (Alberta)
BasketligaSISU Copenhagen2006-07Dean Thibodeau (Dalhousie)
 SK Aarhus2003-04Randy Nohr (StFX)
 Skovbakken Bears2006-07Daniel Meltesen (Regina)
 Team Sjaelland2004-05Kevin Grandberg (Saskatchewan)
 Team Sjaelland2006-07Dean Thibodeau (Dalhousie)
BasketligaenRoskilde BC2008-09Dean Thibodeau (Dalhousie)
D21996-97Kevin Grandberg (Saskatchewan)
LigaenHorsholm 79ers2015-17David Harder (Western)
 Randers Cimbria2013-14Troy Gottselig (Saskatchewan)
 Randers Cimbria2015-16Troy Gottselig (Saskatchewan)
 SISU Copenhagen2010-15David Harder (Western)
Dominican Republic
2001Shawn Plancke (Dalhousie)
 Santiago Basket2019-20Justin King (Thompson Rivers)
LNBSanto Domingo Soles2018Josh Turner (Calgary)
TBSSan Carlos2020Shaquille Keith (Cape Breton)
National LeagueSan Pedro Pascual2002Shawn Plancke (Dalhousie)
 UTE2003-04Shawn Plancke (Dalhousie)
Quito Regional LeagueUTE2002-04Shawn Plancke (Dalhousie)
El Salvador
Liga MB11 Lobos Chalchuapa2018Ryan Bennett (Brock, Laurentian)
 Brujos Izalco2016Jose Araujo (UNBC)
 Brujos Izalco2018-20Jose Araujo (UNBC)
 MC El Brasil Santa Ana2016Gene Shipley (Brandon)
 Quezaltepeque Biomedical2019Osman Barrie (Saint Marys)
 Zonzacate Halcones2017Jose Araujo (UNBC)
Liga NacionalAcademia de Baloncesto 'Pablo Gavidia'2010-11Nicolas Blanas (Toronto)
 San Marcos2006-07Nicolas Blanas (Toronto)
 San Marcos2008-10Nicolas Blanas (Toronto)
TTU-A. Le Coq2000-01Sean Kask (Wilfrid Laurier)
Alexela KMLTallinna Ulikool/Kalev2016-17Jahmal Jones (Ryerson)
KMLTTU/Kalev Tallinn2010-11Casey Archibald (UBC)
 Tallinna Ulikool/Kalev2015-16Johnny Berhanemeskel (Ottawa)
Gerald Kazanowski (Victoria)
 Aanekosken Huima2002-03Aaron Olson (Victoria)
 Aanekosken Huima2003-04Etienne Orr-Ewing (Memorial, Victoria)
 BC Jyvaskyla2001-02Allister Wilmott (Victoria)
 Huima1998-99Titus Channer (McMaster)
 Huima1998-99Joe Ogoms (Manitoba)
 Joensuun Kataja Basket2003-04Shawn Swords (Laurentian)
 Kotkan Tyovaen Palloilijat2003-04Keith Vassell (Brandon)
 Lappeenranta NMKY2003-04Peter Knechtel (Alberta)
 NMKY Helsinki1999-00Clinton Holtz (Brock)
 Porvoon Tarmo2003-04Keith Vassell (Brandon)
 Salon Vilpas1998-99Titus Channer (McMaster)
 Tapiolan Honka1997-98Reginald Oblitey (Dalhousie, Acadia)
 Team Componenta Karkkila2003-04Maurice Carter (Brandon)
1st DivisionAanekosken Huima2007-08Kevin Langdon (Saskatchewan)
 Kaarinan Ura Basket2017-18Kashrell Lawrence (Dalhousie)
 Karhut Kauhajoen2002-03Alex Beason (Ryerson)
 Korikouvot Kouvola2003-04Jason Medford (Saint Marys)
 Panterrit Helsinki1998-99Clinton Holtz (Brock)
 Pernion Urheilijat Basket2017-18Kashrell Lawrence (Dalhousie)
 Playboys Helsinki2001-02Clinton Holtz (Brock)
 Super Pantterit Helsinki2000-01Clinton Holtz (Brock)
D1Hyvinka Ponteva2003-04Gianni Constantiello (Ottawa)
D2Nongikon1999-00Patrick Cannon (Victoria)
KorisliigaHelsinki Seagulls2018-19Guillaume Payen Boucard (Carleton)
 Honka Espoo Playboys2009-10Ryan Bell (Carleton)
 Joensuun Kataja Basket2015-16Thomas Scrubb (Carleton)
 Joensuun Kataja Basket2019-20Jarred Ogungbemi-Jackson (Calgary)
Perry Mirkovich (Lethbridge)
 Brie-compte-Robert Basket Club2003Kirk Reid (McGill)
 Etoile de Voiron1973-74Jerry Hemmings (Brandon, Lakehead)
 Panazol2016-17William Donkoh (StFX)
D2Touques Deauville2002-05Anthony Pomonis (Lethbridge)
Division 1Avignon1980-81Kurt Kelly (Calgary, Manitoba)
Jeep ELITE Pro ABoulazac Bakset Dordogne2019-20Johnny Berhanemeskel (Ottawa)
 SIG Strasbourg2019-20Thomas Scrubb (Carleton)
N1JSF Nanterre2002-03Sandy Bisaro (Victoria)
 Longwy-Rehon B.C.2007-08Chris Marsh (Victoria)
 Prisse1995-96J.D. Jackson (UBC)
N2AC Ajaccio2004-05Gianni Constantiello (Ottawa)
 Beyssac Beaupuy Marmande2007-08Blake Foster (Calgary)
 Charleville2000-01Blake Foster (Calgary)
 Sable1997-98Greg Meldrum (Victoria)
N3Cambrai2006-07Blake Foster (Calgary)
 Saint-Brieuc2002-03Jordan Croucher (StFX)
NM1Aurore de Vitre2018-19Lien Phillip (Windsor)
 CEP Lorient2016-17Leon Alexander (McMaster)
 Golbey Epinal Thaon Vosges2017-18Kadeem Green (Ryerson)
 Golbey Epinal Thaon Vosges2018-19Franck Olivier Kouagnia (UNBC)
 Golbey Espinal Thaon Vosges2016-17Guillaume Payen Boucard (Carleton)
 Grand Avignon-Sorgues2014-15Warren Ward (Ottawa)
 JSA Bordeaux Basket2014-15Lien Phillip (Windsor)
 L'union Lourdes-Tarbes Pyrenees Basket2017-18Lien Phillip (Windsor)
 L'union Lourdes-Tarbes Pyrenees Basket2018-19Harvey Matou (Bishops)
 Longwy-Rehon B.C.2008-09Neil MacDonald (StFX)
 Longwy-Rehon B.C.2009-10Chris Marsh (Victoria)
 Mulhouse Pfastatt2019-20Guillaume Payen Boucard (Carleton)
 Reims Champagne Basket2008-09Chris Marsh (Victoria)
 Union Dax-Gamarde2019-20Kevin Bercy (StFX)
 Vendee Challans Basket2012-13Boris Bakovic (Calgary, Ryerson)
NM2AS Cherbourg2014-16Gheric Uneau (Laurentian)
 AS Saint Maurice Pfastatt2017-18Gheric Uneau (Laurentian)
 ASM Basket Le Puy-en-Velay2018-19Yassin Debache (UQAM)
 Basket Club Ardres2015-16Lien Phillip (Windsor)
 Basket Club Lievinois2018-19Ken Beaulieu (Concordia)
 Berck/Rang du Fliers2019-20Greg Faulkner (Queens, Carleton)
 Etoile Sportive Prisse Macon2016-17Lien Phillip (Windsor)
 Garonne ASPTT Basket2006-07Gilles Ysos (UQAM)
 La Rochelle Rupella 172007-08Gilles Ysos (UQAM)
 La Seguiniere St. Louis Basket2010-11Pascal Lucky (UQAM)
 Laval US2017-18Greg Faulkner (Queens, Carleton)
 Le Cannet Basket Cote d'Azur2013-14Marvin Vebobe (Laval)
 Ouest Lyonnais Basket2011-12Kevin Crevant (Laval)
 Pau Orthez Nord-Est2016-17Aleksandar Mitrovic (McGill)
 Pays des Olonnes Basket2015-17Georges Serresse (Laurentian)
 Sorgues BC2019-20Franck Olivier Kouagnia (UNBC)
 Union Sportive Maubeugeoise2019-20Julien Girard (UQAM)
 Vanves Aviators2013-14Georges Serresse (Laurentian)
NM3ABC des Trois Rivieres2017-18Thomas Chabrol (UQAM)
 Al Garennes Nantes2018-19Thomas Chabrol (UQAM)
 Basket Club Ardres2019-20Yassin Debache (UQAM)
 Coteaux Du Luy Basket2011-12Gilles Ysos (UQAM)
 Escaudain Basket Porte du Hainau2017-19Julien Girard (UQAM)
 Eveil Sportif Montmorot2019-20Ken Beaulieu (Concordia)
 Le Cannet Basket Cote d'Azur2012-13Marvin Vebobe (Laval)
 Mulhouse Pfastatt BA 2nd team2018-20Gheric Uneau (Laurentian)
 SPN Vernon2017-19Emerick Ravier (Brandon)
 US Colomiers2013-14Pascal Lucky (UQAM)
 Union Sportive Fecampoise2019-20Emerick Ravier (Brandon)
 Union Sportive Tulle Correze2019-20Heman Toussaint (UQAM)
Pro AAntibes1997-99J.D. Jackson (UBC)
 Besancon2000-01Shawn Swords (Laurentian)
 Chorale de Roanne Basket2006-07Domenico Marcario (McGill)
 Evreux1998-99Spencer McKay (Victoria)
 Gravelines1998-99Derek Christiansen (UBC)
 Le Havre2002-03Eric Hinrichsen (Victoria)
 Le Mans1998-99Kevin St. Kitts (Ryerson, Brandon)
 Le Mans1999-06J.D. Jackson (UBC)
 Montpellier1999-00Spencer McKay (Victoria)
 Toulouse1997-98Tom Johnson (Victoria)
 Tours1994-95Greg Wiltjer (Victoria)
Pro BAix-Maurienne Savoie Basket2008-09Andrew Parker (Alberta)
 Aix-Maurienne Savoie Basket2018-19Jarred Ogungbemi-Jackson (Calgary)
 Antibes2003-04Michael Ayanbadejo (Guelph)
 Elan Chalon1994-95William Njoku (Saint Marys)
 FCM Basket Mulhouse2004-07Shawn Swords (Laurentian)
 JSF Nanterre2004-05Keith Vassell (Brandon)
 Lille Metropole Basket2019-20Adika Peter-McNeilly (Ryerson)
 Maurienne1998-99Etienne Orr-Ewing (Memorial, Victoria)
 Poissy-Chatou1994-95J.D. Jackson (UBC)
 Poissy-Chatou1996-97J.D. Jackson (UBC)
 Poissy-Chatou1997-98Richard Bohne (Calgary)
 Poissy-Chatou1997-98Eric Butler (UBC)
 Poissy-Chatou1997-99Joey Vickery (Brandon, Winnipeg)
 Poissy-Yvelines1999-00Joey Vickery (Brandon, Winnipeg)
 Poissy-Yvelines2000-01Jason Medford (Saint Marys)
 Quimper UJAP2018-19Connor Wood (Carleton)
 Roanne1998-99Barnaby Craddock (Lethbridge)
 Saint-Etienne2004-05Fred Perry (StFX)
 Saint-Quentin Basket-Ball2019-20Lien Phillip (Windsor)
 St. Etienne1999-00Andrew Tyler (StFX)
 St. Quentin B.B. Saos2003-04Fred Perry (StFX)
 Tours1997-98Craig Newman (Calgary)
 Tours1997-98Kevin St. Kitts (Ryerson, Brandon)
 Vichy1995-97Rob Wilson (Toronto)
 Vichy1998-99Gord Wood (Brock)
 Vichy2001-02Fred Perry (StFX)
A LeagueZaza Pachulia Basketball Academy2018-19Brandon Bilbija (Ryerson)
SuperleagueBC Rustavi 19912018-19Rudolphe Joly (UQAM)
 Mgzavrebi-Armia Tbilisi2019-20Joe Rocca (Carleton, McMaster)
Glen Nelson (Regina)
 1995-96Jeff Foreman (Winnipeg)
 UnknownJoe Ogoms (Manitoba)
 Bayreuth1997-98Jason Dressler (Toronto)
 Braunschweig1996-97Sean Foote (Alberta)
 Giessen1996-97Sean Foote (Alberta)
 Hagen1996-97Rob Henry (Guelph, Acadia)
 Hagen1996-97William Njoku (Saint Marys)
 Hagen1997-98Wayne Mulgrave (Acadia)
 Landshut1997-98John Devereaux (Memorial)
 Licher Basketbears2011-12Patrick Unger (Alberta)
 MTV Giessen1996-97David Picton (Brock)
 MTV Giessen1999-00Tom Johnson (Victoria)
 TSK universa Bamberg2000-01Tom Johnson (Victoria)
 TV Lich2008-09Patrick Unger (Alberta)
 VfB 1900 Giessen Pointers2009-11Patrick Unger (Alberta)
 VfB Hermsdorf2004-06Patrick Unger (Alberta)
1.BundesligaBBC Bayreuth2010-12Osvaldo Jeanty (Carleton)
 BG Iceline Karlsruhe2004-05Tom McChesney (York)
 Bayer Leverkusen1989-90Chris Biegler (Regina, Saskatchewan)
 EnBW Ludwigsburg2002-03Eric Butler (UBC)
 EnBW Ludwigsburg2003-05Andrew Kwiatkowski (Western)
 Frankfurt Opel Skyliners2002-03Andrew Kwiatkowski (Western)
 LTI Giessen 46ers2009-10Osvaldo Jeanty (Carleton)
 Mitteldeutscher Basketball Club2001-02Clinton Holtz (Brock)
 TSV Quakenbruck2003-04Jamie Duncan (Brock)
 VPV Giants Noerdlingen2008-09Osvaldo Jeanty (Carleton)
2.Bundesliga1 FC Kaiserslautern2003-04Blake Foster (Calgary)
 ART Duesseldorf Magics2004-05Jamie Duncan (Brock)
 BBC Bayreuth2000-02Dominic Zimmermann (UBC)
 BBC Bayreuth2003-04Eric Butler (UBC)
 BBC Bayreuth2003-04Kyle Russell (UBC, Calgary)
 BBC Bayreuth2003-04Rob Smart Jr. (Carleton)
 BBC Bayreuth2003-06Dominic Zimmermann (UBC)
 BSG Grevenbroich2003-07Whitney Harris (Saskatchewan)
 BV Chemnitz 992005-06Konrad Tota (Ryerson)
 Eisbaeren Bremerhaven2003-04Eric Butler (UBC)
 Iserlohn2005-06Stephen Janzen (Trinity Western)
 OBC Wolmirstedt1999-00Jason Medford (Saint Marys)
 Osnabruck Phoenix1998-99Errol Jarrett (Calgary)
 TSV Crailsheim Merlins2004-05Nick Maglisceau (Alberta)
 TSV Quakenbruck2002-03Jamie Duncan (Brock)
 USC Heidelberg2005-06Tom McChesney (York)
 VBC Paderborn1985-89Phil Ohl (Victoria)
2.Bundesliga Pro ASC Rasta Vechta2012-13Jacob Doerksen (Trinity Western, Victoria)
 UBC Hannover Tigers2010-11Stephen Janzen (Trinity Western)
2.Bundesliga Pro BP4two Ballers Osnabrueck2008-09Stephen Janzen (Trinity Western)
 UBC Hannover Tigers2011-12Jacob Doerksen (Trinity Western, Victoria)
 UBC Hannover Tigers2011-12Stephen Janzen (Trinity Western)
2.Bundesliga SouthASC Theresianum Mainz2006-07Gianni Constantiello (Ottawa)
2.RegionalligaBBC White Devils Cottbus2017-18Jesse Jeffers (Trinity Western)
 BC Soest2017-18Michael Smith (UNBC, Brandon, Regina)
 Baskets Vilsbiburg2010-11Justin Halleran (Memorial)
 Baskets Wolmirstedt2015-16Andrew McCarthy (Lakehead)
 City Basket Recklinghausen2006-07Chris Wright (Calgary)
 City Basket Recklinghausen2006-09James Hudson (Alberta, Wilfrid Laurier)
 City Basket Recklinghausen2007-08Brian Finniss (Calgary, Acadia)
 City Basket Recklinghausen2008-09Andrew Parker (Alberta)
 City Basket Recklinghausen2009-10Whitney Harris (Saskatchewan)
 DJK Nieder-Olm2013-14Zeon Gray (Fraser Valley)
 DJK SB Munchen2003-04Peter Benoite (Memorial)
 DJK SB Munchen2004-05Blake Foster (Calgary)
 Dresden Titans2006-07Konrad Tota (Ryerson)
 NVV Lions Monchengladbach2005-06Stephen Janzen (Trinity Western)
 SG Luetzel-Post Koblenz 22016-17Steven Wesley (Winnipeg)
 SV Hagen-Haspe 702008-09O'Neil Gordon (Brandon)
 SV Hagen-Haspe 702008-09Achuil Lual (Acadia)
 SV03 Tuebingen 2nd team2007-08O'Neil Gordon (Brandon)
 TG Renesas Landshut2004-05Peter Benoite (Memorial)
 TSV 1860 Hagen2011-12Chris Harris (Calgary)
 TSV 1860 Hagen2012-13Whitney Harris (Saskatchewan)
 TSV Quakenbruck2005-06Jamie Duncan (Brock)
 TuS 59 HammStars2019-20Konrad Tota (Ryerson)
 UBC Hannover2006-07Markus Goch (Acadia)
 VfB 1900 Giessen Pointers2015-16O'Brian Wallace (UBC, Brandon)
 Weser Baskets Bremen/BTS Neustadt2014-16Ismar Serferagic Kriese (Windsor)
 Westfalen Mustangs2016-17Michael Smith (UNBC, Brandon, Regina)
B1Mitteldeutscher BC Weissenfels2001-02Shawn Swords (Laurentian)
BBLEisbaeren Bremerhaven2015-16Robbie Sihota (Calgary)
 Eisbaeren Bremerhaven2017-18Johnny Berhanemeskel (Ottawa)
 Fraport Skyliners Frankfurt2014-16Aaron Doornekamp (Carleton)
 Fraport Skyliners Frankfurt2015-16Philip Scrubb (Carleton)
 Fraport Skyliners Frankfurt2017-18Philip Scrubb (Carleton)
 Giessen 46ers2016-17Thomas Scrubb (Carleton)
 MHP RIESEN Ludwigsburg2017-18Adika Peter-McNeilly (Ryerson)
 MHP RIESEN Ludwigsburg2018-19Aaron Best (Ryerson)
 MHP RIESEN Ludwigsburg2018-19Owen Klassen (Acadia)
 Mitteldeutscher BC Weissenfels2012-13Osvaldo Jeanty (Carleton)
 Mitteldeutscher BC Weissenfels2018-19Adika Peter-McNeilly (Ryerson)
 New Yorker Phantoms Braunschweig2013-14Aaron Doornekamp (Carleton)
 New Yorker Phantoms Braunschweig2013-14Willy Manigat (Carleton, Ottawa)
 Phoenix Hagen2015-16Owen Klassen (Acadia)
 Phoenix Hagen2016-17Owen Klassen (Acadia)
 SC Rasta Vechta2013-14Jacob Doerksen (Trinity Western, Victoria)
 SYNTAINICS MBC Weissenfels2019-20Kaza Kajami-Keane (Carleton)
 TBB Trier2013-14Warren Ward (Ottawa)
 s.Oliver Wuerzburg2017-18Owen Klassen (Acadia)
BundesligaAvitos Giessen2001-02Norm Froemel (Winnipeg)
 Braunschweig1995-96Norm Froemel (Winnipeg)
 Braunschweig1999-00Norm Froemel (Winnipeg)
 SSV ratiopharm Ulm2000-01Norm Froemel (Winnipeg)
 Steiner Bayreuth1995-96Burke Toews (Winnipeg)
 TSK universa Bamberg1996-99Norm Froemel (Winnipeg)
D2ETB1998-99Simon Orr-Ewing (UNB)
 Essen1997-98Barnaby Craddock (Lethbridge)
 Essen1997-98Etienne Orr-Ewing (Memorial, Victoria)
 Hannover Flyers1998-99Wayne Mulgrave (Acadia)
 Langen1997-98Jason Dressler (Toronto)
 Nurnberg1997-98Michael Clarke (StFX)
 Paderborn1997-98Lars Dressler (Toronto)
GER2TK Hannover1999-00David Picton (Brock)
OberligaBBV Hagen2010-11Chris Harris (Calgary)
 Bremen 18602016-17Ismar Serferagic Kriese (Windsor)
 EOSC Offenbach2012-13Zeon Gray (Fraser Valley)
 TSG Reutlingen2006-07Matthew Woodhead (Acadia)
 UBC Hannover2005-06Richard Brenton (Acadia)
 UBC Hannover2005-06Markus Goch (Acadia)
 Westfalen Mustangs2015-16John Bantock (Simon Fraser)
Pro ABayer Giants Leverkusen2014-15Willy Manigat (Carleton, Ottawa)
 Duesseldorf Magics2007-08Brandon Ellis (Victoria, UBC)
 ETB Wohnbau Miners Essen2009-10Igor Bakovic (Ryerson)
 FC Schalke 042008-09Ryan Bell (Carleton)
 FC Schalke 042018-19Mamadou Gueye (Alberta)
 Finke Baskets Paderborn2015-17Nick Tufegdzich (York)
 Giants Noerdlingen2009-10Stuart Turnbull (Carleton)
 Hamburg Towers2014-15Terry Thomas (Ottawa, StFX)
 Mitteldeutscher BC Weissenfels2016-17Tyson Hinz (Carleton)
 Noerdlingen Giants2009-10Casey Archibald (UBC)
 Noerdlingen Giants2009-10James Hudson (Alberta, Wilfrid Laurier)
 Otto Baskets Magdeburg2013-14Lars Meyer (Acadia)
 ROMERSTROM Gladiator Trier2017-18Robert Nortmann (Dalhousie)
 Rostock Seawolves2019-20Grant Sitton (Victoria)
 Tuebingen Tigers2019-20Tanner Graham (Queens)
 UBC Hannover2010-11Stuart Turnbull (Carleton)
 Uni Baskets Paderborn2017-18Thomas Cooper (Calgary)
 Uni Baskets Paderborn2018-19Connor Wood (Carleton)
 VFL Kirchheim Knights2014-15Jamelle Barrett (Saskatchewan)
 VFL Kirchheim Knights2019-20Nico Brauner (Saint Marys, Cape Breton)
 VPV Giants Noerdlingen2007-08Osvaldo Jeanty (Carleton)
 VPV Giants Noerdlingen2009-10Osvaldo Jeanty (Carleton)
 Walter Tigers Tuebingen2018-19Robert Nortmann (Dalhousie)
 Walter Tigers Tuebingen2018-20Sven Stammberger (Dalhousie)
Pro BBG Karlsruhe2014-15James Dorsey (Cape Breton)
 Dragons Rhoendorf2011-12Stuart Turnbull (Carleton)
 Dresden Titans2017-18Yassin Debache (UQAM)
 ETB Wohnbau Baskets Essen2017-18Nick Tufegdzich (York)
 Fraport Skyliners Frankfurt 2nd team2019-20Jaz Bains (Queens)
 Fraport Skyliners Frankfurt II2015-16Philip Scrubb (Carleton)
 MTV Wolfenbuettel von 2012 Herzoege2013-14Ismar Serferagic Kriese (Windsor)
 NOMA Iserlohn Kangaroos2007-08James Hudson (Alberta, Wilfrid Laurier)
 SC Rist Wedel2009-10Stuart Turnbull (Carleton)
 SC Rist Wedel2010-11Mitch Leger (Queens)
 Spot Up Medien Baskets Braunschweig2013-14Willy Manigat (Carleton, Ottawa)
 TV 1872 Saarlouis2014-15Achuil Lual (Acadia)
 USC Freiburg2007-08Jordan Foebel (York)
 VfL Stade2013-14Ismar Serferagic Kriese (Windsor)
 Weissenhorn Youngstars2014-15Jordan Baker (Alberta)
RegionalligaBBC Bayreuth 22014-15Zeon Gray (Fraser Valley)
 BBG Herford2018-19Elliott Sentance (Lethbridge)
 BBV Hagen2004-05Chris Harris (Calgary)
 BBV Hagen2006-10Chris Harris (Calgary)
 BBV Hagen2007-08Chris Wright (Calgary)
 BC Groer Recycling Weissenfels2006-07Gianni Constantiello (Ottawa)
 BSG Grevenbroich1997-03Whitney Harris (Saskatchewan)
 BSV Wulfen2008-09Eric Breland (Cape Breton)
 Baskets Vilsbiburg2011-13Justin Halleran (Memorial)
 Baskets Vilsbiburg2012-13Ryan Barbeau (Western)
 Bremerhaven1998-99Sean Foote (Alberta)
 CRE Eagles Itzehoe2010-11Tut Ruach (York)
 Capone Dusseldorf2005-06Chris Harris (Calgary)
 City Basket Recklinghausen2017-18Josh Turner (Calgary)
 Citybasket Recklinghausen2017-18Konrad Tota (Ryerson)
 Dresden Titans2007-08Konrad Tota (Ryerson)
 EN Baskets Schwelm2016-17Konrad Tota (Ryerson)
 ETB Wohnbau Miners Essen2019-20Amarjit Basi (Manitoba)
 ETB Wohnbau Miners Essen2019-20Harvey Matou (Bishops)
 FC Schalke 042011-12Alex Murphy (UBC)
 Franken Hexer2008-09Ryan Steer (Windsor)
 GSV Osnabruck2004-05Hidesh Bhardwaj (McGill)
 GV Waltrop2003-04Chris Harris (Calgary)
 Hertener Loewen Basketball2018-19Konrad Tota (Ryerson)
 Merckenheim2002-03Sean Kask (Wilfrid Laurier)
 Munchen1998-99Peter Benoite (Memorial)
 NOMA Iserlohn Kangaroos2009-10Stephen Janzen (Trinity Western)
 P4two Ballers Osnabrueck2007-08Stephen Janzen (Trinity Western)
 SBB Baskets Wolmirstedt2018-19Matthew Marshall (Brock, Ottawa)
 SC RASTAA Vechta 2nd team2018-19Dani Elgadi (Brock)
 SV Hagen-Haspe 702006-07O'Neil Gordon (Brandon)
 Schwelm1997-98Sean Foote (Alberta)
 Schwelmer Baskets2007-08Whitney Harris (Saskatchewan)
 TG Rote Erde Schwelm2006-07Jeff Saxby (Memorial)
 TSV Dachau Spurs2014-15O'Brian Wallace (UBC, Brandon)
 TV Kirchheimbolanden2005-06Emmanuel Chiek (Saskatchewan)
 TV Werne2003-05Ante Ivankovic (Memorial)
 TV Werne BB2010-11Matthew Curtis (Western)
 UBC Muenster2011-15Konrad Tota (Ryerson)
 VfB 1900 Giessen Pointers2009-10Alex Steele (Alberta)
 WWU Baskets Muenster2015-16Konrad Tota (Ryerson)
 Weser Baskets Bremen/BTS Neustadt2017-18Ismar Serferagic Kriese (Windsor)
Aris Thessaloniki1987-89Greg Wiltjer (Victoria)
 Olympiacos B.C.1987-89Louis Karkabasis (York)
 Olympiacos B.C.1990-92Louis Karkabasis (York)
 Sporting Athens1997-98Anthony Pomonis (Lethbridge)
 Sporting B.C.1992-94Louis Karkabasis (York)
A1A.G.O Rethymno Aegean2014-15Dejan Kravic (York)
 A.G.O Rethymno Aegean2016-17Dejan Kravic (York)
 AEK Athens2015-16Philip Scrubb (Carleton)
 Larissa BC2019-20Johnny Berhanemeskel (Ottawa)
 PAOK Thessaloniki2017-18Owen Klassen (Acadia)
 PAOK Thessaloniki2019-20Aaron Best (Ryerson)
 Panionios ON Telecoms Athens2017-18Dejan Kravic (York)
A2Apollon Patras2008-09Igor Bakovic (Ryerson)
 Ethnikos Piraeus2019-20Nicoloas Maniatis (Concordia)
 GS Marousi2017-18Nicoloas Maniatis (Concordia)
 Gymnastikos Larissa2002-03Chris Webber (Western, Winnipeg, Carleton)
BNE Megaridis2019-20Vaggelis Loukas (UNBC)
C LeagueKAP Agia Paraskevis2018-19Stefanos Fasianos (UBC)
C1Porfyras2001-02Alex Michalas (Alberta)
C1/D1AEKT2004-07Alex Michalas (Alberta)
D1Perama2007-08Alex Michalas (Alberta)
D2Panellinios Athens1997-98Anthony Pomonis (Lethbridge)
 Thessaloniki1998-99Anthony Pomonis (Lethbridge)
GBLAO Sporting1979-80Tom Kappos (Saint Marys, UPEI)
 Panathinaikos1982-85Tom Kappos (Saint Marys, UPEI)
Hong Kong
A1Nam Ching2019Ethan Scott (Calgary)
 South China2011-17Duncan Reid (Guelph)
 South China2015-18Nathan Yu (UBC)
 South China2016-18Billy Cheng (UNBC)
 South China2017-20Nigel (Tommy) Nixon (UBC)
 South China2018Dominic Gilbert (UBC)
 South China2019Glen Yang (Mount Royal)
D1South Green (Nam Ching)2019-20Chris McLaughlin (Victoria)
Zaleagerszeg TE1995-96J.D. Jackson (UBC)
A DivisionDebreceni Egyetem2017-18Jahmal Jones (Ryerson)
 MAFC Budapest2015-17Robbie Sihota (Calgary)
 Zalakeramia-ZTE KK2013-14Doug Plumb (UBC, Fraser Valley)
D1ZTE Zalaegerszeg1992-93Spencer McKay (Victoria)
NB I/BDebreceni Egyetem 2nd team2016-17Jahmal Jones (Ryerson)
Akranes IA1999-00Reid Beckett (Toronto, Western)
 Akureyri1977-79Mark Christensen (Wilfrid Laurier)
 Borganes1996-97Wayne Mulgrave (Acadia)
 Borganes1996-97Gord Wood (Brock)
 Hamar2002-03Keith Vassell (Brandon)
 IR Reykjavik1979-80Mark Christensen (Wilfrid Laurier)
 IR Reykjavik1997-98Kevin Grandberg (Saskatchewan)
 KFI1996-97Andrew Vallejo (York)
 KFI Isafjordur1996Euan Roberts (Brandon)
 KR Reykjavik1997-02Keith Vassell (Brandon)
 Keflavik2002-03Kevin Grandberg (Saskatchewan)
 Snaefell1998-99Rob Wilson (Toronto)
 Snaefell1999-00Anthony Pomonis (Lethbridge)
 Tindastoll1996-97Yorick Parke (Manitoba)
 Tindastoll1996-97Cesare Piccini (McMaster)
 Tindastoll1998-99Cesare Piccini (McMaster)
 Tindastoll2000-02Anthony Pomonis (Lethbridge)
 Tindstoll2002-03Maurice Carter (Brandon)
 Valur/Fjolnir Reykjavik2002-03Barnaby Craddock (Lethbridge)
D1Breidablik2006-07Renold Marcelline (Manitoba)
 Breidablik2011-12Arnar Bjornsson (Saint Marys)
 Stjarnan2004-05Ryan Leier (Saskatchewan)
 Thor AK2010-11Konrad Tota (Ryerson)
 U.M.F. Skallagrimur Borganes2009-10Konrad Tota (Ryerson)
 U.M.F. Skallagrimur Borganes2015-16Arnar Bjornsson (Saint Marys)
 UMF Sindri Hofn2019-20Robert Nortmann (Dalhousie)
D2Stjarnan1998-99Kevin Grandberg (Saskatchewan)
Dominos LeagueKFI2012-13Samuel Toluwase (Guelph)
 U.M.F. Grindavik2012-13Arnar Bjornsson (Saint Marys)
 U.M.F. Grindavik2014-15Joey Haywood (Saint Marys)
 U.M.F. Grindavik2018-20Arnar Bjornsson (Saint Marys)
 U.M.F. Skallagrimur Borganes2014-15Arnar Bjornsson (Saint Marys)
 U.M.F. Skallagrimur Borganes2016-17Arnar Bjornsson (Saint Marys)
 U.M.F. Tindastoll Sauoarkrokur2017-18Arnar Bjornsson (Saint Marys)
Epson LeagueIR Reykjavik2003-04Kevin Grandberg (Saskatchewan)
 Stjarnan2001-02Kevin Grandberg (Saskatchewan)
Express LeagueFjolnir2006-07Keith Vassell (Brandon)
 IR Reykjavik2006-07Keith Vassell (Brandon)
 Thor AK2008-09Konrad Tota (Ryerson)
Intersport LeagueIR Reykjavik2003-04Ryan Leier (Saskatchewan)
UBAMumbai Challengers2017Jimmy Scroggins (Regina)
IBLJNE Siliwangi Bandung2017-18Donnavan Hastings (UNB)
SuperleagueAzad University Tehran2017-18Erfan Nasajpour (Winnipeg)
 Exxon Sport Club2019-20Keith Omoerah (Manitoba)
 Petrochimi Bandar Imam Harbour2010-15Erfan Nasajpour (Winnipeg)
 Samen Mash'had2015-16Erfan Nasajpour (Winnipeg)
 Shahrdary Tabriz2016-17Erfan Nasajpour (Winnipeg)
 Zob Ahan Esfahan2008-09Erfan Nasajpour (Winnipeg)
SuperleagueAl Shurtah Police2019-20Josh Turner (Calgary)
Clare Jets1997-98Joe Ogoms (Manitoba)
 Clare Jets1999-00Michael Ayanbadejo (Guelph)
 Frosties Tigers2001-02Paul Williscroft (Dalhousie)
 Killarney1997-99Blake Gage (Western)
 Killarney2000-01Maurice Carter (Brandon)
 Killester1997-98Andrew Wilmott (Victoria)
 Limerick1997-98Jason Hurley (Laurentian)
 Marian1999-00Andrew Wilmott (Victoria)
 Neptune1998-99Nick Chatzinikolis (York)
 Neptune Cork2000-01Nick Chatzinikolis (York)
 Notre Dame1998-99Sean Loucks (York)
 O'Hagan Saints2000-01Maurice Carter (Brandon)
 Sligo Dairies1999-00Andrew Wilmott (Victoria)
 St. Declan's Dublin1987-88John Carson (Brandon)
 Tralee Tigers2001-03Barnaby Craddock (Lethbridge)
D1Sligo All-Stars2005-06Derek Armstrong (McGill)
D2Clare Jets1998-99Eric Butler (UBC)
Premier LeagueTempleogue Azzurri Dublin2012-15Philip Taylor (Memorial)
SuperleagueBig Al's Notre Dame2003-04Domenico Marcario (McGill)
 Neptune Cork2010-12Philip Taylor (Memorial)
 Shamrock Rovers Hoops2008-09Robert Grant (Memorial)
 Shamrock Rovers Hoops2008-10Philip Taylor (Memorial)
 Team Merry Monk Ballina2005-06Dan Zapior (Lakehead)
Hapoel Tel-Aviv1998-99Seth Adler (Victoria, Lethbridge)
 Rehovot1994-95Rob Wilson (Toronto)
ArtzitMaccabi Hadera2014-15Sean Ashkenazy (Fraser Valley)
Leumit BBeitar Migdal Haemek1997-98Maxime Bouchard (Concordia)
National LeagueHapoel Kiryat Tivon2012-13Simon Farine (Dalhousie)
 Hapoel Natzrath Elite2008-09Eylon Zemer (York)
 Ironi Kiryat Ata2013-16Simon Farine (Dalhousie)
Premier LeagueElitzur Kiryat Ata2002-03Clinton Holtz (Brock)
 Haifa/Nesher BC2004-05Maurice Carter (Brandon)
 Maccabi Haifa2011-12Simon Farine (Dalhousie)
Winner LeagueIroni Nahariya2014-15Simon Farine (Dalhousie)
Brescia1984-85Greg Wiltjer (Victoria)
 Milano1994-95Richard Bella (StFX)
 Turino Basket1993-94Richard Bella (StFX)
A2Pallacanestro Gorizia1996-97Alex Beason (Ryerson)
 Popolare Ragusa2000-01Tom Johnson (Victoria)
CContigliano2008-09Domenico Marcario (McGill)
D1Forli1976-78Romel Raffin (Calgary)
D2Caserta1996-97Tom Johnson (Victoria)
Lega Due SilverBLS Chieti2013-14Showron Glover (Saskatchewan)
Lega2Cari Fabriano2004-05Kyle Julius (Guelph)
 Pepsi Caserta2005-06Gianni Constantiello (Ottawa)
 Rida Scafati2002-03Shawn Swords (Laurentian)
LegaAEuro Nokia Roseto2001-02Shawn Swords (Laurentian)
 Euro Roseto2002-03Andrew Kwiatkowski (Western)
Nazionale AAdriatica Industriale Ruvo di Puglia2013-14Samuel Toluwase (Guelph)
Serie AEuro Roseto2004-05Kyle Julius (Guelph)
 Openjobmetis Varese2018-19Thomas Scrubb (Carleton)
 Otto Caserta2011-12Aaron Doornekamp (Carleton)
 Pepsi JuveCaserta2009-11Aaron Doornekamp (Carleton)
 Scandone Avellino2017-18Thomas Scrubb (Carleton)
 Viola Reggio Calabria2006-07Kyle Julius (Guelph)
 Virtus Segafredo Bologna2018-19Dejan Kravic (York)
Serie BPallacanestro Piacentina2014-15Alex Hill (Toronto)
Serie CBasket Ball Teramo2016-17Cedric Kasongo (Cape Breton, Brock)
 Basket Gualdo 96 Tadino2019-20Temitayo Shittu (Acadia, StFX)
 Cestistica Ostuni2017-18Cedric Kasongo (Cape Breton, Brock)
 Grifo Basket Imola 19962016-18Srdjan Pejicic (Waterloo)
 Licata Studentesca 19712017-18Tshing Kasamba (Brock)
 Pol. Basket Gela2018-19Amarjit Basi (Manitoba)
 Roseto Sharks2009-10Domenico Marcario (McGill)
 Valentino Basket Castellaneta2019-20Matthew Marshall (Brock, Ottawa)
 Valle d'Itri Martina Franca2017-18Adam Presutti (Ottawa, McMaster)
Serie C SilverFrancaville Fontana2016-17Robert Nortmann (Dalhousie)
 Lotti Trani2015-16Enrico Diloreto (Windsor)
Kuroda Denki Electronics1991-93Burke Toews (Winnipeg)
B League D2Hitachi SunRockers Tokyo-Shibuya2016-17Chad Posthumus (UBC)
 Iwate Big Bulls2016-17Jordan Baker (Alberta)
 Kagoshima Rebnise2016-17Chad Posthumus (UBC)
 Shinshu Brave Warriors Nagano2016-17Chad Posthumus (UBC)
B3 LeagueIwate Big Bulls2019-20Erik Nissen (Acadia)
BJ LeagueHamamatsu-Higashi Mikawa Phoenix2013-14Jamelle Barrett (Saskatchewan)
JBLToyota Tsusho Fighting Eagles2002-04Vital Peeters (UBC)
JBL2Hyogo Storks2012-13Michael Lieffers (Saskatchewan)
NBLHyogo Storks2013-14Michael Lieffers (Saskatchewan)
 Levanga Hokkaido Sapporo2014-15Chad Posthumus (UBC)
A1QMI Bashkimi Prizren Panteras2003-05William Njoku (Saint Marys)
SuperLeagueKB Borea Peja2017-18Brandon Bilbija (Ryerson)
SuperleagueKB Bashkimi Prizren2011-12Stefan Haynes (York)
 KP Trepca Mitrovice2014-15Josh Turner (Calgary)
SuperligaKB Trepca Mitrovice2019-20Malik Irwin (Manitoba)
Tim Mau (Guelph)
 Al Moutahed2005-06Earnest Bell (Brandon)
 Youth Sporting1997-98Rob Wilson (Toronto)
Div.1Sporting Feytroun2007-08Doug McKinney (UPEI)
Div.AChampville2003-04Ali Mahmoud (Ottawa)
 Sporting Al Riyadi Beirut2004-15Ali Mahmoud (Ottawa)
Division BChabibeh Sporting Club2017-18Andrew McCarthy (Lakehead)
LBLAtlas Ferzol2019-20Vartan Tanielian (Trinity Western)
Pepsi LBLByblos Sporting Club2016-17Ali Mahmoud (Ottawa)
 Hoops Club2015-16Jamil Abiad (Bishops)
 Sporting Al Riyadi Beirut2015-16Ali Mahmoud (Ottawa)
 Sporting Al Riyadi Beirut2017-18Ali Mahmoud (Ottawa)
 Tadamon Zouk2017-18Jamil Abiad (Bishops)
Olimpas Plunge1995-96Joey Vickery (Brandon, Winnipeg)
LKLJuventus-LKSK Utenos2016-17Aaron Best (Ryerson)
NKLJonava Jonavos2019-20David Kapinga (Calgary)
 Naglis Palangos2016-17Kadeem Green (Ryerson)
 Palangos Kursiai2019-20Luka Zaharijevic (UBC)
Gerald Kazanowski (Victoria)
Diekirch LeagueBBC US Hiefenech Heffingen2011-12Robbie Sihota (Calgary)
N2BBC Nitia Bettembourg2004-05Gabriel Goree (Saint Marys)
 BC Mess2010-11Eric Breland (Cape Breton)
 Black Star Mersch2003-04Dennie Oliver (StFX, Brandon)
 Kordall Steelers2015-16Steven Wesley (Winnipeg)
 Telstar Hesperange2017-20Zachary Traer (Ottawa)
Nationale 2BC Mess2018-19Nikola Jovicic (Bishops)
Total LeagueBBC Sparta Bertrange2014-15Troy Gottselig (Saskatchewan)
SuperLeagueKK Fersped-Rabotnicki Skopje2004-05William Njoku (Saint Marys)
MPLKL Dragons Basketball Academy2017Daniel Eves (York)
 Red Baron2019Daniel Eves (York)
D1Starlites GIG2018-19Anthony Sears (Acadia)
PoweradeAthleta A-Z Electronics2015-16Daan Wiersum (Calgary)
1992Gerald Kazanowski (Victoria)
 Guadalajara Black Knights1981Jim Zoet (Lakehead)
 Guadalajara Black Lions1987Gerald Kazanowski (Victoria)
 Guadalajara Black Lions1988Byron Tokarchuk (Saskatchewan)
ABATijuana Dragons2004-07Gene Shipley (Brandon)
 Tijuana Dragons2005-06Blain LaBranche (UBC, Brandon)
CIBACOPABomberos de Mexicali2010Gene Shipley (Brandon)
 Caballeros de Culiacan2015Jesus Mora (Regina)
 Coras Tepic2002Kirk Francois (Windsor)
 Los Mochis Pioneros2018Jimmy Scroggins (Regina)
 Navolato Caneros2006Gene Shipley (Brandon)
 Ostioneros de Guaymas2012Jesus Mora (Regina)
 Tiburones Mazatlan2005Gene Shipley (Brandon)
 Tijuana Zonkeys2011Gene Shipley (Brandon)
 Tijuana Zonkeys2013Gene Shipley (Brandon)
 Tijuana Zonkeys2018Steven Wesley (Winnipeg)
CIBAPacGuasave Liebres2015Osman Olol (Saint Marys)
Chihuahua VivePioneros de Delicias2014-15Jesus Mora (Regina)
 Vaqueros2015Jesus Mora (Regina)
D1Guadalajara Lions1993-94Spencer McKay (Victoria)
LNBPAguascalientes Panteras2005Gene Shipley (Brandon)
 Guanajuato Abejas2012-13Louis Hurd (Trinity Western)
 Guerrero Acapulco Angeles2013-14Louis Hurd (Trinity Western)
 Guerreros Michoacan-Morelia2007-08Gene Shipley (Brandon)
 La Ola del Districto Federal2002Richard Brenton (Acadia)
 Panteras de Aguascalientes2012-15Jesus Mora (Regina)
 San Luis Santos Reales2019-20Jean Emmanuel Pierre-Charles (Ottawa, Carleton)
 Santos de San Luis Potosi2019-20Jean Emmanuel Pierre-Charles (Ottawa, Carleton)
 Tecate Astros2006Gene Shipley (Brandon)
 Tijuana Galgos2008-09Gene Shipley (Brandon)
 Zacatecas Barreteros2012-13Michael Anderson (UNB)
Buducnost Podgorica1999-00Vojo Rusic (McMaster)
Erste LigaKK ABS Primorje 1945 Herceg Novi2016-17Brandon Bilbija (Ryerson)
 KK Buducnost Voli Podgorica2016-17Owen Klassen (Acadia)
 KK Ibar Rozaje2017-18Josh Turner (Calgary)
Ittihad Riadi Tanger2015-16Youssef Ouahrig (Alberta)
D1As de Sale2015-16Willy Manigat (Carleton, Ottawa)
 Chabab Rif Al Hoceima2015-17Adil El Makssoud (UQAM)
 FAR Rabat2017-18Khalid Abdel-Gabar (Windsor)
 Fath US de Rabat2012-13Adil El Makssoud (UQAM)
 Wydad Athletic Club2016-17Khalid Abdel-Gabar (Windsor)
D2Kawkab Athletic Club de Marrakech2011-13Charlie Spurr (StFX, Thompson Rivers)
Amsterdam1998-00Shawn Gray (Brandon)
 Den Helder1999-00Barnaby Craddock (Lethbridge)
 Eiffel Towers Nijmegen2001-02Bas van Willigen (Cape Breton)
 Haaglanden Cobra's Voorburg2000-01Bas van Willigen (Cape Breton)
 Landstede Zwolle1999-00Bas van Willigen (Cape Breton)
 Werkendam1997-98Alex Urosevic (Waterloo)
 Werkendam2000-01Andrew Tyler (StFX)
D1CobraNova1990-91Ryan Heggie (Lethbridge)
D2BC Verkerk1990-91Cam Slomp (Lethbridge)
DBLDordtrecht Rowic1978-79Jim Zoet (Lakehead)
 GasTerra Flames Groningen2010-11Henry Bekkering (Calgary)
 Magixx KidsRights Nijmegen2010-11Kevin McCleery (Carleton)
 Rotterdam Challengers2010-11Robbie Sihota (Calgary)
 Zorg and Zekerheid Leiden2010-11Ross Bekkering (Calgary)
EredivisieAris Leeuwarden2016-18Meshack Lufile (Cape Breton)
 Basketball Academie Limburg2018-19Joey Liem (Cape Breton)
 Donar Groningen2014-16Ross Bekkering (Calgary)
 Donar Groningen2018-19Grant Sitton (Victoria)
 Fun 4 All Bergen-Op-Zoom2003-04Bas van Willigen (Cape Breton)
 GasTerra Flames Groningen2011-12Kevin McCleery (Carleton)
 GasTerra Flames Groningen2013-14Ross Bekkering (Calgary)
 Landstede Zwolle2014-16Tyson Hinz (Carleton)
 Landstede Zwolle2018-19Kaza Kajami-Keane (Carleton)
 MPC/Capitals Groningen2003-04Eric Hinrichsen (Victoria)
 Magixx KidsRights Nijmegen2011-12Henry Bekkering (Calgary)
 Magixx KidsRights Nijmegen2011-12Ross Bekkering (Calgary)
 Matrixx Magix Wijchen2012-13Henry Bekkering (Calgary)
 Matrixx Magixx Wijchen2012-14Robbie Sihota (Calgary)
 Matrixx MagixxNijmegen2009-10Henry Bekkering (Calgary)
 Myleasecar.nl2004-05Bas van Willigen (Cape Breton)
 Omniworld Almere2004-05Sandy Bisaro (Victoria)
 Rotterdam Challengers2017-18Joey Puddister (Nipissing)
 SPM Shoeters Den Bosch2015-16Dejan Kravic (York)
 Tulip Den Bosch2004-05Bas van Willigen (Cape Breton)
 Zorg and Zekerheid Leiden2012-13Ross Bekkering (Calgary)
Prom.DivisieDe Groene Uilen2012-15Daan Wiersum (Calgary)
 Houtman Attacus2004-05Gabriel Goree (Saint Marys)
PromotieDivisieVBC Akrides2006-09Bas van Willigen (Cape Breton)
New Zealand
Cantenbury1999Rob Wilson (Toronto)
 Hawkes Bay1997Greg Meldrum (Victoria)
 Hawkes Bay1998Eddy Meguerian (Toronto)
 Hawkes Bay1998Rob Wilson (Toronto)
 Masonic Hawks2000Chris Webber (Western, Winnipeg, Carleton)
 Nelson Giants1997Jeff Smith (Calgary)
 Northland Suns1995Jeff Smith (Calgary)
 Northland Suns1995-97Derek Christiansen (UBC)
 Palmerston1997Michael Clarke (StFX)
 Poenamo Kings North Harbour2000Rob Wilson (Toronto)
 Taranaki Oilers1998Peter Knechtel (Alberta)
 Wellington Saints2001Chris Webber (Western, Winnipeg, Carleton)
CBLCanterbury Knights2018Konrad Tota (Ryerson)
 Tauranga Rising Suns2003Errol Jarrett (Calgary)
D2Gisborne Rising Suns1998-99Andrew Wilmott (Victoria)
NBLAuckland Stars2003-05Aaron Olson (Victoria)
 Blockbuster Auckland2001Aaron Olson (Victoria)
 Canterbury Rams2015Kyle Coston (Trinity Western)
 Harbour Heat2005Tony Richter (Winnipeg)
 Harbour Heat2006-07Brent Charleton (Simon Fraser)
 Nelson Giants2001Ben Simmons (Brandon)
 New Zealand Breakers2003-07Aaron Olson (Victoria)
 New Zealand Breakers2005-08Brent Charleton (Simon Fraser)
 North Harbour2002Aaron Olson (Victoria)
 Otago Nuggets2008Brent Charleton (Simon Fraser)
 SIT Zero Fees Southland Sharks2018Conor Morgan (UBC)
CBLLagos Warriors2017Rawane Ndiaye (Regina)
North Macedonia
Prva LigaKK MZT Skopje Aerodrom2014-15Owen Klassen (Acadia)
 Shkupi Skopje2018-19Brandon Bilbija (Ryerson)
 Vardar Skopje2018-19Brandon Bilbija (Ryerson)
1985Bob Arnett (Lethbridge)
 Oslo Kings2000-01Barnaby Craddock (Lethbridge)
 Ulriken1998-99Michael Dailey (Cape Breton)
BLNOAmmerud Basket Oslo2019-20Ilarion Bonhomme (Manitoba, Brandon)
 Baerum Basket Bekkestua2016-17Joseph Nwabuzor (Acadia)
 Baerum Basket Bekkestua2017-18Keith Omoerah (Manitoba)
 Baerum Basket Bekkestua2019-20Brian Ofori (Regina, UPEI)
 Eidsvoll2015-16Joseph Nwabuzor (Acadia)
 Gimle BBK Bergen2017-18Jordan Clarke (StFX)
 Kongsberg Penguins2006-07Jermaine Pendley (Wilfrid Laurier, Laurentian)
D1Vaaleranga2001-02Richard Brenton (Acadia)
D1Arshiziqs Bit Jalah2011-12Nicola Fadayel (McMaster)
PBBAArab Orthodox Beit Jala2012Nicola Fadayel (McMaster)
CBSTumba Muerto Colosos2001Sebastien Lapointe (Laval)
LNBClinicas2016Gene Shipley (Brandon)
 Regatas Lima2017Shaquille Keith (Cape Breton)
Manila Great Taste1981-84Percy Davis (Saint Marys)
 Pasig Rizal1999-00John Dumont (UBC)
D-LeagueCafe FrancUnknownJonathan Semira (Western)
 Cebuana LhuillierUnknownJonathan Semira (Western)
 Fruitas FruitshakersUnknownJonathan Semira (Western)
PBAMariwasa Honda1981Jim Zoet (Lakehead)
PBLAir21 Express2013-14Sean Anthony (McGill)
 Barako Bull Energy Cola2012-13Sean Anthony (McGill)
 Meralco Bolts2014-15Sean Anthony (McGill)
 NLEX Road Warriors2015-17Sean Anthony (McGill)
 NorthPort Batang Pier2017-20Sean Anthony (McGill)
 Powerade Tigers2010-12Sean Anthony (McGill)
 Talk 'N Text Tropang Texters2013-14Sean Anthony (McGill)
Stal Ostrow1998-99Seth Adler (Victoria, Lethbridge)
2LigaGKS Tarnovia Tarnowo Podgorne2019-20Lee Danderfer (MacEwan)
 GTK Asseco II Gdynia2013-15Chris Paredes (Simon Fraser)
3LigaMKS Gorlice2012-13Pawel Gacon (Winnipeg)
EBLAZS Koszalin2018-19Greg Surmacz (Windsor)
 BM Slam Stal Ostrow Wlkp.2019-20Greg Surmacz (Windsor)
 Polpharma Starogard Gdanski2019-20Greg Surmacz (Windsor)
 SSA Notec Inowroclaw2005-06Konrad Tota (Ryerson)
NEBL?Polonia-Wardbud Warszawa2000-01Jan Trojanowski (Acadia)
PLKAZS Koszalin2009-10Greg Surmacz (Windsor)
 AZS Koszalin2011-12Greg Surmacz (Windsor)
 BM Slam Stal Ostrow Wlkp.2017-18Greg Surmacz (Windsor)
 PBG Basket Poznan2010-11Greg Surmacz (Windsor)
TBLAnwil Wloclawek2014-15Greg Surmacz (Windsor)
 Asseco Gdynia2013-15Chris Paredes (Simon Fraser)
 Energa Czarni Slupsk2015-17Greg Surmacz (Windsor)
 Trefl Sopot2015-16Greg Surmacz (Windsor)
1979-80Percy Davis (Saint Marys)
 Barrieirense2001-02Paul Nixon (York)
 Esgueira1994-95Rob Wilson (Toronto)
 Esgueira1996-97Clinton Holtz (Brock)
 Estrelas1996-97Greg Wiltjer (Victoria)
 GC Figueirense Figueira da Foz1978-79Alvin Jessamy (Acadia)
 Ginasio Clube Figueirense1999-00Thomas Cory (Ryerson)
 Illiabum1997-99William Njoku (Saint Marys)
 Nacional da Madeira2001-02Thomas Cory (Ryerson)
 Oliveirense1998-99Barnaby Craddock (Lethbridge)
 Oliveirense1998-99William Njoku (Saint Marys)
1ASampaense Basket2001-02Nick Maglisceau (Alberta)
D1BC Belenenses1991-92Spencer McKay (Victoria)
 Grupo Desportivo Fabril2002-03David Brownrigg (Laval)
LPBCAB Madeira2016-17Michael L'Africain (Ottawa)
 Esgueira/Oli2019-20Dani Elgadi (Brock)
 Galitos - Barreiro2016-17Jarred Ogungbemi-Jackson (Calgary)
 Galitos - Tley2015-16Jordan Baker (Alberta)
 Galitos - Tley2015-16Jarred Ogungbemi-Jackson (Calgary)
 Galitos-Barreiro2019-20Pedro Costa (Algoma)
 Illiabum2009-10Christopher Pereira (Manitoba)
 S.C. Lusitania EXPERT2017-18Ryan Ejim (Carleton, York)
 S.C. Lusitania EXPERT2017-18Brylle Kamen (UBC)
 Terceira Basket SUSIARTE2019-20Theon Reefer (Saint Marys)
ProligaIlliabum2005-06Renold Marcelline (Manitoba)
 Illiabum2005-06Tim Pershick (Manitoba)
 Sampaense Basket2018-19Brian Ofori (Regina, UPEI)
TMNFC Porto Ferpinta2005-06Fred Perry (StFX)
 Lusitania dos Acores2004-05Konrad Tota (Ryerson)
Puerto Rico
Villalba1997Clinton Holtz (Brock)
BSNCaciques de Humacao2011-12Jesus Mora (Regina)
D1Arecibo Capitanes1989Spencer McKay (Victoria)
D1Al Wakrah2018-19Justin King (Thompson Rivers)
 Qatar Club2007-08Martin Ajayi (McMaster)
CS Politechnica Unirea Iasi2004-05Terence Hyacinth (Concordia)
Div.ACS Gaz Metan Medias2009-10Osvaldo Jeanty (Carleton)
 CS Municipal Bucuresti2011-12Duncan Milne (Guelph)
 CSU Asesoft Ploiesti2011-12Matt Nuna (Windsor)
Division ABC Timisoara2012-13Garry Gallimore (StFX)
 CS Municipal Bucuresti2011-13Garry Gallimore (StFX)
 Targu Mures2005-06Dwayne Burton (Laurentian)
Liga NationalaCS Dinamo Stiinta Bucuresti2019-20Javon Masters (UNB)
 CS Gaz Metan Medias2014-15Doug Plumb (UBC, Fraser Valley)
 CS Politehnica Unirea Iasi2017-18Matt Nuna (Windsor)
 CSA Steaua Bucuresti2013-14Garry Gallimore (StFX)
 CSM Miercurea Ciuc2019-20Mambi Diawara (Calgary)
 CSM Miercurea Ciuc2019-20Meshack Lufile (Cape Breton)
 CSM Miercurea Ciuc2019-20Cassidy Ryan (Brock)
 CSM Sighetul Marmatiei2018-19Josh Turner (Calgary)
VTBZenit Sankt Petersburg2018-19Philip Scrubb (Carleton)
D1Patriots Basketball Club2019-20Jean-Victor Mukama (Ryerson)
Saudi Arabia
SBLAl Ahli Jeddah2018-19Khalid Abdel-Gabar (Windsor)
 Al Nasr Riyadh2019-20Khalid Abdel-Gabar (Windsor)
Edinburgh-Murray International1982-84Seymour Hadwen (Waterloo)
 St. Mirren2000-01Omar Jennings (Bishops)
National LeagueGlasgow University2011-14John Bustin (StFX)
 Glasgow University2012-13Mike Lawton (Dalhousie)
 Glasgow University2012-14Aljosa Alilovic (Cape Breton)
2MLSKK Mladost Smederevska Palanka2016-17Stefan Tosic (Windsor)
KLSKK Spartak Subotica2017-18Lazar Kojovic (McMaster)
1 LigaSKP Banska Bystrica2019-20Daniel Demian (Trinity Western)
ExtraligaBK 04 AC LB Spisska Nova Ves2007-08Jordan Mason (Manitoba, Simon Fraser)
 BK ASK Inter Slovnaft Bratislava2008-09Konrad Tota (Ryerson)
 Onyx Levice2012-13Troy Gottselig (Saskatchewan)
SBLBC 04 AC LB Spisska Nova Ves2019-20Justus Alleyn (Manitoba)
 BC Prievidza2017-18Grant Sitton (Victoria)
 BC Prievidza2018-19Jahmal Jones (Ryerson)
 BK 04 AC LB Spisska Nova Ves2016-17Ryan Bennett (Brock, Laurentian)
 BK 04 AC LB Spisska Nova Ves2016-19Matthew Marshall (Brock, Ottawa)
 BK 04 AC LB Spisska Nova Ves2017-18Michael L'Africain (Ottawa)
 BK 04 AC LB Spisska Nova Ves2017-19Adam Presutti (Ottawa, McMaster)
 BK 04 AC LB Spisska Nova Ves2018-19Joe Rocca (Carleton, McMaster)
 BKM Lucenec2018-19Mor Menashe (Lakehead)
Telemach LeagueKK Elektra Sostanj2015-16Josh Turner (Calgary)
South Africa
Cape Town Kings1998Merrick Palmer (StFX)
 KwaZulu Marlins1997Merrick Palmer (StFX)
 Kwazulu Marlins1996-97Andrew Wilmott (Victoria)
Soviet Union
Riga1990-91John Karpis (Toronto)
 Statyba1989-90John Karpis (Toronto)
Baloncesto LeonGerald Kazanowski (Victoria)
 Cajamadrid1986-87Greg Wiltjer (Victoria)
 FC Barcelona1985-86Greg Wiltjer (Victoria)
 Huesca1992-93Greg Wiltjer (Victoria)
 Joventut Badalona1984-85Gerald Kazanowski (Victoria)
1st DivisionClub Deportiva Loyola Las Palmas2016-17Konrad Tota (Ryerson)
Copa CatalanaCB Llica d'Amunt2017-18Andrew McCarthy (Lakehead)
D3CB Aridane B2002-03Blake Foster (Calgary)
EBAAquimisa Carbajosa2018-19John Paul (Brandon)
 Arha Hoteles Cantbasket2019-20Nelson Yengue (Laurentian)
 Aritosa Andujar2005-06Kevin French (Brock)
 Basket Globalcaja Quintanar2018-19Samy Mohamed (UPEI, Algoma)
 Basket Globalcaja Quintanar2018-19Brandon Tull (Regina)
 Basket Globalcaja Quintanar2019-20Christian Casimier (Nipissing)
 Basket Globalcaja Quintanar2019-20Jordan Roberts (Nipissing)
 Benahavis Costa del Sol2018-19Dele Ogundokun (McGill)
 Bierzo Fitness Dentomedic CDP Ponferrada2018-19Brian Ofori (Regina, UPEI)
 C.A.B.A.2005-06Blake Foster (Calgary)
 C.B. Aridane2006-07Gianni Constantiello (Ottawa)
 C.P. Penarroya2005-06Ryan French (York)
 CB Agustinos-Eras E. Leclerc Leon2015-16Nick Loewen (Mount Royal)
 CB Andujar Jean Paraiso Interi2015-16Alejandro Prescott-Cornejo (Toronto)
 CB Hormiexsa Don Benito2003-04Blake Foster (Calgary)
 CB Universitat Vic2019-20Zac Overwater (Lethbridge)
 CB Vic2010-11Nigel Johnson-Tyghter (Windsor)
 CB Virgen de la Concha Innova Chef2018-19Ilarion Bonhomme (Manitoba, Brandon)
 Carrefour 'El Bulevar' de Avila2005-07Nick Maglisceau (Alberta)
 Carrefour 'El Bulevar' de Avila2006-07Phil Scherer (Alberta)
 Ciudad dos Hermanes1996-97Maxime Bouchard (Concordia)
 Gijon Basket 20152018-19Ryan Ejim (Carleton, York)
 Grupo Recio Qualat2005-06Maxime Bouchard (Concordia)
 KFC Culle2019-20Glen Yang (Mount Royal)
 La Sidreria Ferrol CB2014-15Nick Loewen (Mount Royal)
 Marin PeixeGalego2009-10James Hudson (Alberta, Wilfrid Laurier)
 Marin PeixeGalego2009-10Alex Steele (Alberta)
 Molina de Segura2000-01Blake Foster (Calgary)
 OH!TELS Union Linense de Baloncesto2017-18Tshing Kasamba (Brock)
 Pas Pielagos2019-20Denzel James (MacEwan)
 Refitel Basquet Lliria2019-20Borja Soriano (Trinity Western)
 Santo Domingo Betanzos2018-19Thomas Cooper (Calgary)
 Sha Wellness Clinic L'Alfas2019-20Christian Casimier (Nipissing)
 Tobarra CB2019-20N'Kosi Kedar Salam (UBC)
 Tudespensa.com Agricola Villarrobledo2015-16Chad Bewley (York)
 UCAM Murcia II2018-19Pedro Costa (Algoma)
 UPCT Basket Cartagena2017-18Brandon Bilbija (Ryerson)
 Usal La Antigua2019-20Miroslav Jaksic (Toronto)
LEBAliguer1996-97Joe Ogoms (Manitoba)
 Badajoz1998-99Andrew Vallejo (York)
 Cajasur1998-99Maxime Bouchard (Concordia)
 Fuenlabrada Madrid1997-98Craig Newman (Calgary)
 Huelva1996-97Joey Vickery (Brandon, Winnipeg)
LEB 2Plasencia2001-02Earnest Bell (Brandon)
LEB BronzeC.B. Tartesos Jerez2007-08Nick Maglisceau (Alberta)
 Carrefour 'El Bulevar' de Avila2007-08Phil Scherer (Alberta)
LEB GoldActel Forca Lleida2017-18Jarred Ogungbemi-Jackson (Calgary)
 Bodegas Rioja Vega Logrono2018-19Phil Jalalpoor (UBC)
 CB Prat Juventud2017-18Caleb Agada (Ottawa)
 CB Prat Juventud2017-18Alex Campbell (Windsor)
 Caceres Patrimonio de la Humanidad2017-18Warren Ward (Ottawa)
 Melilla Baloncesto2018-20Caleb Agada (Ottawa)
 Rio Ourense Termal2018-19Javon Masters (UNB)
 Rio Ourense Termal2019-20Connor Wood (Carleton)
 Saenz Horeca Araberri2016-17Johnny Berhanemeskel (Ottawa)
 Saenz Horeca Araberri2018-19Jean Emmanuel Pierre-Charles (Ottawa, Carleton)
 San Pablo Immobiliaria Miraflores Burgos2016-17Brandon Brine (Lethbridge)
LEB SilverAceitunas Fragata Moron2018-19N'Kosi Kedar Salam (UBC)
 Aceitunas Fragata Moron2019-20Filip Vujadinovic (Ryerson)
 Agricola Villarrobledo CBV2019-20Brian Ofori (Regina, UPEI)
 Agricola Villarrobledo CBV2019-20N'Kosi Kedar Salam (UBC)
 Aquimisa Queso Zamorano2016-17Aaron Redpath (McMaster)
 Arcos Albacete Basket2019-20Ryan Ejim (Carleton, York)
 Azpeitia Azkoitia Iraurgi Saski Baloia2018-19Brian Ofori (Regina, UPEI)
 Basket Navarra2018-19Vasilije Curcic (Memorial)
 Bodegas Rioja Vega Logrono2018-19Erik Nissen (Acadia)
 CB Marbella2019-20Filip Vujadinovic (Ryerson)
 CB Prat Juventud2019-20Shane Osayande (Saskatchewan)
 CB Promobys Hoteles Tijola2009-11Nick Maglisceau (Alberta)
 CP Agustinos-Eras E. Leclerc Leon2016-17Rotimi Osuntola Jr. (Windsor)
 Canasta Jerez Unibasket2008-09Nick Maglisceau (Alberta)
 Circulo Gijon Baloncesto y Conocimiento2018-19Shane Osayande (Saskatchewan)
 Circulo Gijon Baloncesto y Conocimiento2018-19Nelson Yengue (Laurentian)
 Enerdrink UDEA Baloncesto Algeciras2019-20Ryan Ejim (Carleton, York)
 Fundacion Globalcaja La Roda2018-19Franck Olivier Kouagnia (UNBC)
 Hispagan UPB Gandia2016-17Jonathan Tull (Regina, Acadia)
 Ilerdauto Nissan Pardinyes Lleida2019-20David McCulloch (McMaster)
 Sammic Iraurgi Saski Baloia2016-17Kenneth Otieno (Alberta)
 Zornotza Saskibaloi Taleda2018-19Kevin Bercy (StFX)
LEB1Caja Rural Melilla2004-06Joey Vickery (Brandon, Winnipeg)
 Circulo Badajoz2000-01Maxime Bouchard (Concordia)
 Ciudad de Huelva2002-03Joey Vickery (Brandon, Winnipeg)
 Coinga Menorca2003-04Maxime Bouchard (Concordia)
LEB2Alcudia Aracena2004-05Greg Meldrum (Victoria)
 Askatuak-Easo San Sebastian2000-01Daren Spithoff (McMaster)
 Autocid Ford Burgos2002-03Nick Maglisceau (Alberta)
 Carteia Algeciras2000-01Joey Vickery (Brandon, Winnipeg)
 Palencia2001-02Maurice Carter (Brandon)
 Penarroya1999-00Maxime Bouchard (Concordia)
 Pozuelo2003-04Maurice Carter (Brandon)
 Redcom Airtel Porrino2001-03Maxime Bouchard (Concordia)
 Rosalia de Castro2004-05Nick Maglisceau (Alberta)
 Villanueva de Serena2001-02Blake Foster (Calgary)
 WTC Cornella2003-04Nick Maglisceau (Alberta)
Liga ACBSaski Baskonia1973-74Phil Tollestrup (Lethbridge)
Liga EndesaDivina Seguros Juventut Badalona2018-20Conor Morgan (UBC)
 Iberostar Tenerife CB Canarias2016-17Aaron Doornekamp (Carleton)
 Movistar Estudiantes Madrid2019-20Philip Scrubb (Carleton)
 Rio Natura Monbus Obradoiro CAB2019-20Dejan Kravic (York)
 Tecnyconta Zaragoza2018-19Johnny Berhanemeskel (Ottawa)
 Valencia Basket2017-20Aaron Doornekamp (Carleton)
Gerald Kazanowski (Victoria)
 Alvik Basket1994-95Dean Thibodeau (Dalhousie)
 Alvik Stockholm1992-93Rob Wilson (Toronto)
 Jamtland Basket2003-04Joey Vickery (Brandon, Winnipeg)
 Kvarnby Evergreens1998-99Michael Clarke (StFX)
 Nassjo Basket1994-96Dean Thibodeau (Dalhousie)
 Sallen Basket2002-03Randy Nohr (StFX)
 Saltsjobadens IF2000-01Ben Gorham (Ryerson)
 Skane1994-95Jeff Foreman (Winnipeg)
BasketettanEskilstuna Basket2015-17Franck Olivier Kouagnia (UNBC)
 Helsingborg Basket2011-12John-Edward Bengtson (Simon Fraser)
 Umea Virtus BBK2008-09John-Edward Bengtson (Simon Fraser)
BasketligaenSallen Basket2003-04Ben Gorham (Ryerson)
BasketliganKFUM Jamtland Basket2004-05Keith Vassell (Brandon)
 KFUM Nassjo Basket2012-13Tut Ruach (York)
 Sundsvall Dragons2009-10Andrew Spagrud (Saskatchewan)
 Umea BSKT2016-17Josh Wolfram (Thompson Rivers, Calgary)
 Umea BSKT2019-20Adam Presutti (Ottawa, McMaster)
SuperettanWetterbygden Stars Huskvarna2017-18Franck Olivier Kouagnia (UNBC)
Gerald Kazanowski (Victoria)
 1990Eli Pasquale (Victoria)
 Boncourt1998-00Shawn Swords (Laurentian)
 Fribourg1984-85John Hatch (StFX)
 Lausanne1985-87John Hatch (StFX)
 Lugano Tigers2008-09Daron Leonard (Carleton, Western)
 SAM Lugano1988-89John Hatch (StFX)
 Vevey Basket1979-80Greg Winston (StFX)
1LNMartigny Basket2016-17Yohan Bugnion (Waterloo)
D2Cossonay1998-99Gordon McNeilly (UNB)
 Martigny1997-98Ted Byrne (Acadia)
 Rapid Bienne1996-97Ted Byrne (Acadia)
LNABC Boncourt Red Team2010-11Showron Glover (Saskatchewan)
 BC Boncourt Red Team2012-14Daniel Ferguson (Alberta)
 Benetton Fribourg Olympic2003-04Keith Vassell (Brandon)
 Benetton Fribourg Olympic2004-05Randy Nohr (StFX)
 Boncourt2000-02Ted Dongelmans (Laurentian, Dalhousie)
 Ensa Union Neuchatel2004Nathan Anderson (Saint Marys)
 Ensa Union Neuchatel2005-06Keith Vassell (Brandon)
 Fribourg Olympic2014-15Robbie Sihota (Calgary)
 Geneve Devils2001-02Shawn Swords (Laurentian)
 Geneve Devils2005-06Radhi Knapp (Guelph, Wilfrid Laurier)
 Herens Basket2005-06Domenico Marcario (McGill)
 Lausanne Morges Basket2006-07Domenico Marcario (McGill)
 Lausanne Morges Basket2006-07Phil Scherer (Alberta)
 Red Team Boncourt2000-02Titus Channer (McMaster)
 SAM Basket Massagno2012-13Jamelle Barrett (Saskatchewan)
 Tege Riviera Basket2004-05Domenico Marcario (McGill)
 Testuz BBC Nyon2005-06Chris Marsh (Victoria)
 Vevey Riviera Basket2007-08Domenico Marcario (McGill)
 Vevey Riviera Basket2010-15Domenico Marcario (McGill)
LNBBC Boncourt Red Team2014-15Showron Glover (Saskatchewan)
 Etoile Sportive Vernier Meyrin2008-09Chris Blackwood (Concordia)
 Morges Basket2000-01Emerson Thomas (Concordia)
 Pully Basket2014-16Yohan Bugnion (Waterloo)
 Villars Basket2013-14Gregory Saint-Amand (UQAM)
 Villars Basket2014-15Emerson Thomas (Concordia)
 Villars Basket2014-15Steven Wesley (Winnipeg)
 Villars-sur-Glane Basket2001-06Emerson Thomas (Concordia)
 Villars-sur-Glane Basket2006-07Walter Moyse (Acadia)
 Villars-sur-Glane Basket2007-08Walter Moyse (Acadia)
NL1BBC Nyon U232012-13Paul Costello (McGill)
 Sion Basket2015-16Domenico Marcario (McGill)
 Sion Basket2017-18Domenico Marcario (McGill)
NLBPully Lausanne Foxes Espoirs2018-20Jason Hatch (StFX)
SBLLugano Tigers2018-19Christian Affolter (Cape Breton)
 Pully Basket2018-20Jason Hatch (StFX)
D1Al Ittihad Aleppo2005-06Earnest Bell (Brandon)
 Al Jaish Damascus2003-04William Njoku (Saint Marys)
 Al Karama2004-05Earnest Bell (Brandon)
CBAHung Kuo1995-96Spencer McKay (Victoria)
SBLFubon Braves2018-19Shaquille Keith (Cape Breton)
 Yulon Luxgen2018-19Terry Thomas (Ottawa, StFX)
TBLBangkok Tigers2019Trayvond Massenburg (Brandon)
TBSLKabayan Pilipinas2020Brandon Bilbija (Ryerson)
 Nakorn Phantom Mad Goat2018Rudolphe Joly (UQAM)
 T-REX2018Rudolphe Joly (UQAM)
Lome RegionalSwallows2009Mouctar Diaby (McMaster)
D1CA Bizertin2018-19Brandon Bilbija (Ryerson)
 Club Africain Tunis2013-14Jamelle Barrett (Saskatchewan)
Adana Demirspor1981-83Atanas (Nasko) Golomeev (McGill)
 Besiktas Istanbul1996-97William Njoku (Saint Marys)
D1Darussafaka Istanbul2005-06Mustafa Cetin (Brandon)
D2Selcuk Universitesi Konya2005-06Mustafa Cetin (Brandon)
 Yesilyurt Istanbul2004-05Mustafa Cetin (Brandon)
Whitney Dabney (Brandon)
 1988Michael Gillett (Dalhousie, York, Alberta)
 Birmingham Bullets1987-89Joe Ogoms (Manitoba)
 Birmingham Bullets1998-99Chris Webber (Western, Winnipeg, Carleton)
 Birmingham Bullets2000-01Wayne Mulgrave (Acadia)
 Brighton Bears1999-00Jan Trojanowski (Acadia)
 Brighton Bears2000-01Micah Bourdeau (Western, Saint Marys)
 Chester1998-99Titus Channer (McMaster)
 Chester1998-99Greg Meldrum (Victoria)
 Coventry2001-02James Blake (Victoria, Brandon)
 Crystal Palace1996-97David Johnson (Calgary)
 Derby Storm1996-97Wayne Mulgrave (Acadia)
 Derby Storm1999-00Wayne Mulgrave (Acadia)
 Doncaster1993-94Gord Wood (Brock)
 Doncaster1994-96Mark Harvey (Toronto)
 Edinburgh Rocks2000-01Chris Webber (Western, Winnipeg, Carleton)
 Hemel Royals1994-95Yorick Parke (Manitoba)
 Hemel Royals1995-96Gord Wood (Brock)
 Kent Crusaders2012-13Jeremy Dunn (StFX)
 Leicester1993-94Gord Wood (Brock)
 Leicester1999-00Rob Wilson (Toronto)
 Leicester Riders1998-99Derek Christiansen (UBC)
 Leicester Riders1998-99Chris Webber (Western, Winnipeg, Carleton)
 Leicester Riders1999-00Kevin Gilroy (Regina)
 Leicester Riders1999-00Kevin St. Kitts (Ryerson, Brandon)
 Leicester Riders2002-04Chris Webber (Western, Winnipeg, Carleton)
 London Towers1999-00Sean Foote (Alberta)
 London Wolves1995-96Alex Beason (Ryerson)
 London Wolves1995-96Curtis Robinson (UPEI)
 Manchester Giants1989-91Kevin St. Kitts (Ryerson, Brandon)
 Manchester Giants1993-97Kevin St. Kitts (Ryerson, Brandon)
 Manchester Giants1995-96Wayne Mulgrave (Acadia)
 Manchester Giants1998-99Kevin St. Kitts (Ryerson, Brandon)
 Manchester Giants1999-00Wayne Mulgrave (Acadia)
 Manchester Magic2006-08Andrew MacKay (Wilfrid Laurier)
 Milton Keynes1998-99Eric Butler (UBC)
 Milton Keynes1998-99Yorick Parke (Manitoba)
 Newcastle Eagles1998-99Chris Webber (Western, Winnipeg, Carleton)
 Sheffield Sharks1997-98Jason Medford (Saint Marys)
 Sheffield Sharks1999-00Stewart Clark (Bishops)
 Solent Stars1984-86Brian Skeoch (Laurentian)
 Sunderland1993-95Gord Wood (Brock)
 Team Fiat Stars Coventry1979-80Jim Zoet (Lakehead)
 Thames Valley1991-92Kevin St. Kitts (Ryerson, Brandon)
 Thames Valley1995-96Sean Foote (Alberta)
 Thames Valley1998-99Stewart Clark (Bishops)
 Worthing Bears1997-98Shawn Swords (Laurentian)
 Worthing Bears1998-99Nick Chatzinikolis (York)
 Worthing Bears1998-99Andrew Tyler (StFX)
BBLBig Storage Cheshire Jets2007-08Gianni Constantiello (Ottawa)
 Brighton Bears2002-03Jason Medford (Saint Marys)
 Brighton Bears2004-05Radhi Knapp (Guelph, Wilfrid Laurier)
 Bristol Academy Flyers2016-18Stefanos Fasianos (UBC)
 Derby Storm1996-97Curtis Robinson (UPEI)
 Essex Pirates2009-11Samuel Toluwase (Guelph)
 Glasgow Rocks2011-13Andrew Wedemire (Western)
 Glasgow Rocks2015-18Jordan Clarke (StFX)
 Guildford Heat2006-07Chris Brown (Western)
 Guildford Heat2006-07Radhi Knapp (Guelph, Wilfrid Laurier)
 Leeds Force2017-18Samuel Toluwase (Guelph)
 Leicester Riders2004-05Nathan Anderson (Saint Marys)
 Leopards1996-98Reginald Oblitey (Dalhousie, Acadia)
 Liverpool Mersey Tigers2010-11Jamal Williams (Regina)
 London City Royals2018-19Samuel Toluwase (Guelph)
 London Lions2015-17Jamal Williams (Regina)
 London Lions2019-20Samuel Toluwase (Guelph)
 Manchester Giants2016-17Samuel Toluwase (Guelph)
 Manchester Giants2019-20Samuel Toluwase (Guelph)
 Newcastle Eagles Esh Group2017-18Amarjit Basi (Manitoba)
 Newcastle Eagles Esh Group2017-19Jamal Williams (Regina)
 Plymouth Raiders2004-05Ryan French (York)
 Plymouth Raiders2005-06Ryan French (York)
 Plymouth Raiders2007-08Brody Bishop (Laurentian)
 Plymouth Raiders2011-13Jamal Williams (Regina)
 Scottish Rocks2005-06Chris Brown (Western)
 Sheffield Sharks1996-97Mark Harvey (Toronto)
 Sheffield Sharks2015-16Samuel Toluwase (Guelph)
 Surrey Scorchers2015-16Samuel Toluwase (Guelph)
 Thames Valley Tigers BC1999-05Greg Meldrum (Victoria)
 Thames Valley Tigers BC2002-03Sandy Bisaro (Victoria)
 Thames Valley Tigers BC2004-05Chris Brown (Western)
 Worcester Wolves2013-15Jamal Williams (Regina)
 Worthing Bears1997-99Peter Knechtel (Alberta)
 Worthing Thunder2009-10Ryan Marrast (Lakehead, Acadia)
EBLBristol Academy Flyers2008-09Brody Bishop (Laurentian)
 Brixton Topcats2011-12Samuel Toluwase (Guelph)
 Leicester Warriors2011-12Paris Carter (Cape Breton)
 Manchester Magic2003-04Jeff Bevington (Victoria)
 Medway Park Crusaders2011-12Joseph Schow (Dalhousie, Calgary, Simon Fraser)
 Medway Park Crusaders2012-13Cole Hobin (Carleton)
 Medway Park Crusaders2012-13Manock Lual (UPEI)
 Sefton Stars2007-08Jan-Michael Nation (Ryerson)
 Teesside Mohawks2004-06Jan-Michael Nation (Ryerson)
 Worthing Thunder2006-08Ryan Marrast (Lakehead, Acadia)
EBL D1Bradford Dragons2014-16John Bantock (Simon Fraser)
 Medway Park Crusaders2013-14Samuel Toluwase (Guelph)
 Medway Park Crusaders2013-14Josh Whyte (UBC, Victoria)
EBL Pool 3London United2005-06Peter Knechtel (Alberta)
EBL2Kent Crusaders2008-09Simon Mitchell (Queens)
 Medway Park Crusaders2009-10Bradley Smith (Western)
NBLDoncaster1978-80Cliff Bell (Manitoba)
 Manchester Magic2000-03Wayne Mulgrave (Acadia)
 Manchester Magic2001-02Kevin St. Kitts (Ryerson, Brandon)
 Wilson Panthers (Doncaster)1975-76Steve Pound (Acadia)
 Worthing Thunder2019-20Amarjit Basi (Manitoba)
NBL 3East Kent Crusaders2005-06Walter Moyse (Acadia)
NBL ConfPlymouth Raiders2000-01Peter Knechtel (Alberta)
 Sutton Pumas2002-03Peter Knechtel (Alberta)
 Teeside Mohawks2001-02Peter Knechtel (Alberta)
NBL D1Derby Trailblazers2017-18Kadeem Thompson (Saint Marys)
 Essex Leopards2018-19Sam Newman (Alberta)
 Hemel Storm2019-20Sam Newman (Alberta)
 Leicester Warriors2017-18Elliott Sentance (Lethbridge)
 Solent Kestrels2019-20Elliott Sentance (Lethbridge)
NBL D2Thames Valley Cavaliers2017-18Samuel Toluwase (Guelph)
NBL1Plymouth1998-99Nick Chatzinikolis (York)
 Plymouth1998-99Chris Webber (Western, Winnipeg, Carleton)
 Worthing Thunder Revels1999-00Peter Knechtel (Alberta)
NBL2Derbyshire Arrows2000-02Shawn King (Victoria)
 Derbyshire Arrows2001-03Jeff Bevington (Victoria)
SBLTeam Glasgow1984-85Jim Pratt (Alberta)
ABAAlaska Quake2011-12Travis Turnbull (York)
 Baltimore Hawks2015-17Paris Carter (Cape Breton)
 Baltimore Hawks2018-20Paris Carter (Cape Breton)
 Baltimore Hawks2019-20Tory Fassett (Saint Marys)
 Chicago Fury2011-14Maurice Carter (Brandon)
 Chicago Steam2008-11Maurice Carter (Brandon)
 Kitsap Admirals2013-14Eric Schippers (Brandon)
 Maryland Marvels2009-10Anthony Breland (Cape Breton)
 Maryland Nighthawks2006-07Anthony Breland (Cape Breton)
 New York Prime Time2010-11Kevin Levy (UQAM)
 Oaktown Warriors2018-19Kenonte Ramsey (Brandon)
 Quad City Flames2019-20Demitri Harris (Saint Marys)
 Reno Sharpshooters2007-08Michael Page (Brandon)
 Reno Sharpshooters/San Francisco Rumble2007-08Tyrone Purnell (Brandon)
 San Diego Surf2010-11Gene Shipley (Brandon)
 San Diego Wildcats2006-07Tai Tuisamoa (Regina)
 Seattle Mountaineers2013-14Kek Biel (Brock)
 Seattle Mountaineers2013-14Demitri Harris (Saint Marys)
 Twin City Ballers2006-08Maurice Carter (Brandon)
 University City Seraphim2015-16Jamie Duncan (Brock)
 Visalia Dawgs2004-05Maurice Carter (Brandon)
 West Maryland Bulldogs2016-17Johnny Higgins (Saint Marys)
APBLBay Area Shuckers2015-16Tory Fassett (Saint Marys)
 Beltway Bombers2017-18Omar Zerbo (Concordia)
 New York Black Eagles2014-19Antwann Parks (UNB)
CBABaltimore Shuckers2017Tory Fassett (Saint Marys)
 Baltimore Shuckers2017Benny Iko (Winnipeg)
 Maine Lumberjacks1980-81Percy Davis (Saint Marys)
 Oklahoma City Cavalry1992-93Greg Wiltjer (Victoria)
 Omaha Racers1989-94Greg Wiltjer (Victoria)
 Quad City Thunder1993-94Greg Wiltjer (Victoria)
CBLSouth Florida Spartans2014Vaughan Daley (Lakehead)
Continental Basketball AssociationSan Diego Wildcards1995-96William Njoku (Saint Marys)
ECBLCarolina Chosen Lions2019Terrell Campbell (Algoma, Windsor)
EPBLSunbury Mercuries1970-71Brian Heaney (Acadia)
Eastern LeagueSunbury Mercuries1969-70Brian Heaney (Acadia)
GBAAtlanta Moose2002Richard Ashmon (Brandon)
IBARochester Skeeters1999-00Maurice Carter (Brandon)
IBA-PBLChicago Redline2012-13Maurice Carter (Brandon)
IBLBellingham Slam2012-14Christopher (Chas) Kok (Thompson Rivers, Simon Fraser)
 Bellingham Slam2014Samuel Freeman (Fraser Valley)
 Bellingham Slam2014Troy Gottselig (Saskatchewan)
 Salem Soldiers2012Duncan Milne (Guelph)
 Tennessee2007Tyrone Purnell (Brandon)
 USA All-Stars2011Jermaine Campbell (Ottawa)
 USA All-Stars2011Michael Linklater (Saskatchewan)
 USA All-Stars2011Michael Meyers (Lethbridge)
 USA All-Stars2011Adam Ruickbie (Western)
 West Coast High Flyers2008Mark Ross (Saint Marys)
MLBABellingham Bulls2018Zachary Usherwood (UPEI, Thompson Rivers)
NABLPanama City Piranhas2017Terrell Evans (Victoria)
 SB Battle2017Isaiah Solomon (UBC)
NAPBNevada Desert Dogs2018Terrell Evans (Victoria)
NBABaltimore Bullets1969-70Brian Heaney (Acadia)
 Detroit Pistons1982-83Jim Zoet (Lakehead)
NBA G LeagueIdaho Stampede2014-16Ta'Quan Zimmerman (Thompson Rivers)
NBLGwinnett County Rockets2020Terrell Evans (Victoria)
SWBLSan Antonio Bombers2001Ben Simmons (Brandon)
 San Marcos Slam2000Ben Simmons (Brandon)
TBTChattanooga Trenches2018Thomas Cooper (Calgary)
UBAGIE Maile Matrix2014-15Andrew McCarthy (Lakehead)
USBLAtlantic City Seagulls1996William Njoku (Saint Marys)
 Jersey Turnpikes1995William Njoku (Saint Marys)
 LI Surf1995Clinton Holtz (Brock)
 Oklahoma Storm2002Maurice Carter (Brandon)
WCBLNationwide Allstars2011Zeon Gray (Fraser Valley)
 Santa Monica Jump2012Zeon Gray (Fraser Valley)
XBA-MBADakota Lightning2003Kirk Francois (Windsor)
 Magic City Snowbears2002-03Maurice Carter (Brandon)
SuperleagueBC Odessa2019-20Joel Friesen (Alberta, Fraser Valley)
 BC Odessa2019-20Keith Omoerah (Manitoba)
 MBC Mykolaiv2018-19Keith Omoerah (Manitoba)
United Arab Emirates
Byron Tokarchuk (Saskatchewan)
Malvin1991Whitney Dabney (Brandon)
 Neptuno1998Clinton Holtz (Brock)
LUBGoes Montevideo2019-20Rudolphe Joly (UQAM)
Cocodrilos de Caracas1980Romel Raffin (Calgary)
LPBAragua Toros2018Shane Osayande (Saskatchewan)
 Llaneros de Guarico2019Rudolphe Joly (UQAM)
VBADanang Dragons2016-17Rudolphe Joly (UQAM)
West Germany
1989Eli Pasquale (Victoria)
D1Unza Pacers2019-20Tyvon Cooper (Brandon)

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