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provided by Martin Timmerman
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U SPORTS Players with Professional Careers

U Sports Hoops, with the research assistance of Barry Hayes, has started a project to document the professional career of players with a U SPORTS Basketball background. We are using a variety of websites and Google searches to gather information. If you have any information to add, please feel free to send a note via the contact form or regular email.

This list helps many programs across the country in recruiting future student athletes, but also, sheds light on the evolution of University Basketball in Canada. There is history here and the level of play along with coaching has ascended to the better. It also dismantles any sort of myth that you cannot play professionally by staying home and playing in U SPORTS!
Patrick Tatham (Cleveland State '07)
McMaster head coach & former Pro
  A fantastic collection of the history of the professional game in our country. The list shows not only all of the great talent we have had in our country but the ever increasing numbers of athletes that are going pro from Canadian schools. We all owe a huge thank you to Martin and Barry for their incredible work documenting this history of our outstanding athletes.
Kirby Schepp (Winnipeg '98 & '00, Victoria '07)
Manitoba head coach
The information on this list is an original work provided specifically for this website. Any use of this content by outside parties (e.g. for commercial purposes) is strictly prohibited without the prior authorization of U Sports Hoops.

The player name link will bring up the U SPORTS career of the player. The link associated with Pro Seasons will provide information about specific professional teams and seasons. Select a column heading to sort by that field. Current sort is Player.

Player Position Hometown Last season U Sports Team Pro Seasons Pro Countries
Khalid Abdel-Gabar Guard 6-2Mississauga, ON2014-15Windsor2016-23 Saudi Arabia, Morocco
Jamil Abiad Guard 5-11Ottawa, ON2014-15Bishop's2015-18 Canada, Lebanon
Michael Acheampong Guard 6-3Toronto, ON2012-13Victoria2017-18 Canada
Daniel Adediran Guard 6-5Surrey, BC2021-22Trinity Western, UFV2023-23 Canada
Bruce Adjei Guard 6-3Bristol, England2016-17Bishop's2020-23 UK
Seth Adler Guard 6-3Lethbridge, AB1997-98Victoria, Lethbridge1998-99 Poland, Israel
Christian Affolter Guard/Forward 6-5Bern, Switzerland2016-17Cape Breton2018-19 Switzerland
Caleb Agada Guard 6-4Burlington, ON2016-17Ottawa2017-23 Ukraine, Australia, Israel, Spain, Canada
James Agyeman Guard 5-10Brampton, ON2018-19UNBC, Laurier2021-22 Spain
Martin Ajayi Guard 5-9Hamilton, ON2006-07McMaster2007-09 Australia, Qatar
Sami Al Uariachi Guard 6-1Rabat, Morocco2019-20McGill2021-22 Spain
Jonathan Alexander Forward 6-6Toronto, ON2016-17Manitoba2018-18 Australia
Leon Alexander Forward 6-6Ajax, ON2015-16McMaster2016-17 France
Aljosa Alilovic Forward 6-7Milton, ON2011-12Cape Breton2012-14 Scotland
Diar Alkaldy Guard 6-5Hamilton, ON2020-21Ryerson2020-21 Iraq
Derrick Allahyarian Guard 6-3Hamilton, ON2015-16Ryerson2021-23 Moldova, Armenia
Joel Allen Guard 6-4Edmonton, AB2004-05Alberta2008-08 Canada
Justus Alleyn Guard 6-3Winnipeg, MB2017-18Manitoba2018-21 Slovakia, Canada, Czech Republic
Maxwell Allin Guard 6-4Chatham, ON2013-14Laurier2014-17 Australia
Narcisse Ambanza Guard 6-2Toronto, ON2020-21Winnipeg2019-22 DR Congo, Canada
Wyatt Anders Forward 6-7Winnipeg, MB2015-16Manitoba2016-17 Canada
Marcus Anderson Guard 6-3Brampton, ON2019-20Carleton2020-23 Germany, Canada
Michael Anderson Guard 6-3St. Stephen, NB2009-10UNB2011-23 Mexico, Canada
Nathan Anderson Guard 5-6Inauchula, FL2001-02Saint Mary's2004-05 UK, Switzerland
Justin Andrew Guard 6-0Hamilton, ON2021-22StFX2022-23 Germany
Isaiah Ankra Guard 6-1North York, ON2022-23UPEI2023-23 Canada
Kane Annesley Forward 6-6Melbourne, Australia2015-16Brock2018-19 Australia
Isaac Ansah Guard 6-1Winnipeg, MB2007-08Manitoba2009-09 Australia
Sean Anthony Guard 6-4Vancouver, BC2008-09McGill2010-20 Philippines
Ykealo Araia Wing 6-4Ottawa, ON2016-17Memorial2021-22 Spain
Jose Araujo Guard 6-1Toronto, ON2012-13UNBC2016-21 El Salvador
Kemel Archer Forward 6-6Brampton, ON2019-20Laurier, Nipissing2020-23 UK, Canada, Spain
Casey Archibald Guard 6-4Salmon Arm, BC2006-07UBC2007-11 Estonia, Canada, Germany, Austria
Adrian Armstrong Guard 6-0London, ON2019-20Concordia2021-23 Spain
Derek Armstrong Guard 6-4Montreal, QC2004-05McGill2005-06 Ireland
Michael Armstrong Centre 6-10Saint John, NB2014-15Cape Breton2015-16 Canada
Bob Arnett Forward 6-7Edmonton, AB1984-85Lethbridge1985-85 Norway
Kyle Arseneault Forward 6-5Fredericton, NB2016-17Acadia2017-23 Canada
Sean Ashkenazy Forward 6-5North Vancouver, BC2012-13UFV2014-15 Israel
Richard Ashmon Centre 6-7Harvey, IL1998-99Brandon2002-02 USA
Ammer Askary Guard 6-1Mississauga, ON2002-03York2004-04 Canada
Joseph Atangana Ailier 6-3Yaounde, Cameroon2007-08UQAM2011-15 Canada
Grant Audu Guard 6-4Toronto, ON2021-22UBC2022-23 Finland
Deng Awak Guard 6-3Brooks, AB2014-15Mount Royal2018-22 Denmark, Canada
Michael Ayanbadejo Forward 6-5Guelph, ON2002-03Guelph1999-04 France, Ireland
Mark Baggio Forward 6-4Windsor, ON1997-98Windsor2004-04 Canada
Djibril Bah Forward 6-4Boke, Guinee2004-05Laval2007-08 Canada
Jaz Bains Guard 5-11Brampton, ON2018-19Queen's2019-22 UK, Germany
Sukhjot Bains Guard 6-6Delta, BC2019-20UFV2019-22 Sweden, Canada
Jaskarn Bajwa Guard/Forward 6-5Fremont, CA2020-21UFV2022-22 USA
Jordan Baker Forward 6-7Edmonton, AB2013-14Alberta2014-22 Japan, Portugal, Germany, Canada
Boris Bakovic Forward 6-7Toronto, ON2011-12Calgary, Ryerson2012-13 France, Bulgaria
Igor Bakovic Centre 6-11Toronto, ON2007-08Ryerson2008-12 Germany, Bulgaria, Greece, Austria
Brian Banman Guard 6-3Kelowna, BC2008-09Trinity Western, UBC2009-09 Canada
John Bantock Guard 6-3Kamloops, BC2009-10Simon Fraser2014-16 Germany, UK
Ryan Barbeau Guard 5-10Belleville, ON2011-12Western2012-13 Germany
Jamelle Barrett Guard 5-10Rancho Cordova, CA2011-12Saskatchewan2012-15 Germany, Tunisia, Japan, Switzerland
Osman Barrie Forward 6-9Ottawa, ON2017-18Saint Mary's2019-19 El Salvador
Amarjit Basi Guard 5-11Winnipeg, MB2016-17Manitoba2017-22 Germany, Italy, UK
Graham Bath Forward 6-5Langley, BC2011-12UBC2015-16 Canada
Jonathan Bath Forward 6-4Southhampton, Bermuda2006-07Queen's2008-08 Bermudas
Alex Beason Forward 6-7North York, ON1994-95Ryerson1995-03 Finland, Italy, UK
Ken Beaulieu Guard/Forward 6-4Longueuil, QC2017-18Concordia2018-23 France
Reid Beckett Guard 6-3Toronto, ON1998-99Toronto, Western1999-00 Iceland
Henry Bekkering Forward 6-6Taber, AB2008-09Calgary2009-13 Netherlands
Ross Bekkering Forward 6-8Taber, AB2009-10Calgary2010-16 Netherlands
Cliff Bell Centre 6-11Winnipeg, MB1977-78Manitoba1978-80 UK
Earnest Bell Forward 6-6Louisville, KY2000-01Brandon2001-06 Lebanon, Syria, Canada, Denmark, Spain
Ryan Bell Guard 6-5Orleans, ON2007-08Carleton2008-10 Finland, Germany
Richard Bella Centre 6-9Bangui, Central African Republic1992-93StFX1993-95 Italy
Ali-Mounir Benabdelhak Forward 6-7Montreal, QC2014-15Brandon2009-16 Algeria, Canada
John-Edward Bengtson Guard 6-3Sweden2007-08Simon Fraser2008-12 Sweden
Ryan Bennett Guard 6-4Toronto, ON2016-17Brock, Laurentian2016-19 Australia, El Salvador, Slovakia
Peter Benoite Guard 6-2Little Barachois, NL1997-98Memorial1998-08 Canada, Germany
Kevin Bercy Forward 6-7Kanata, ON2017-18StFX2018-23 France, Canada, Spain
Michael Berg Forward 6-8Burnaby, BC2011-12Victoria2014-19 Canada
Johnny Berhanemeskel Guard 6-2Ottawa, ON2014-15Ottawa2015-23 Ukraine, Greece, France, Germany, Spain, Estonia, Canada
Jonathan Bermillo Guard 6-0Montreal, QC2016-17Bishop's2017-18 China
Frederic Bernard Guard 6-4Laval, QC2002-03McGill2005-06 Canada
Aaron Best Guard 6-4Scarborough, ON2015-16Ryerson2016-23 UK, France, Greece, Germany, Canada, Lithuania
Jeff Bevington Forward 6-8Kelowna, BC1995-96Victoria2000-04 UK, Australia
Chad Bewley Forward 6-5Toronto, ON2010-11York2015-16 Australia, Spain
Hidesh Bhardwaj Guard 6-3North Vancouver, BC2002-03McGill2004-15 Canada, Germany
Chris Biegler Forward 6-7Regina, SK1988-89Regina, Saskatchewan1989-90 Germany
Kek Biel Forward 6-5Windsor, ON2012-13Brock2013-14 USA
Brandon Bilbija Forward 6-10Burlington, ON2016-17Ryerson2016-20 Thailand, Tunisia, North Macedonia, Georgia, Spain, Kosovo, Montenegro
Sandy Bisaro Forward 6-8Vancouver, BC2001-02Victoria2002-05 Netherlands, UK, France
Brody Bishop Guard 6-1Prince Rupert, BC2006-07Laurentian2007-09 UK
Arnar Bjornsson Guard 5-11Hammonds Plains, NS2011-12Saint Mary's2011-23 Spain, Iceland
Taylor Black Centre 6-7Stoney Creek, ON2014-15McMaster2015-17 Canada
Chris Blackwood Guard 5-7Toronto, ON2005-06Concordia2008-09 Switzerland
James Blake Guard 6-0Victoria, BC2000-01Victoria, Brandon2001-02 UK
Paul Blake Forward 6-5Toronto, ON2007-08Cape Breton2011-12 Canada
Nicolas Blanas Guard 6-0Vancouver, BC2003-04Toronto2005-11 El Salvador, Canada
Richard Bohne Guard 6-0Raymond, AB1995-96Calgary1997-98 France
Sebastiaan Boissevain Forward 6-9Hoofddorp, Netherlands2021-22Laurentian2022-23 Spain
Ilarion Bonhomme Guard 6-0Washington, DC2016-17Manitoba, Brandon2018-23 Ukraine, Norway, Spain, Australia
Guillaume Payen Boucard Forward 6-5Montreal, QC2015-16Carleton2016-23 Finland, Czech Republic, France, Canada
Maxime Bouchard Forward 6-7Montreal, QC1995-96Concordia1996-06 Israel, Spain
Mason Bourcier Guard 6-4Kelowna, BC2022-23Trinity Western, Carleton, UBC2019-23 Canada
Micah Bourdeau Guard 6-3London, ON1999-00Western, Saint Mary's2000-01 UK
Maxime Boursiquot Forward 6-5Ottawa, ON2021-22Ottawa2022-23 Germany, Austria, Canada
Arnaud Boyer-Cillis Centre 6-9Montreal, QC2019-20McGill2023-23 Canada
Blaz Bozinovic Post 6-11Kamloops, BC2012-13Thompson Rivers2013-16 Croatia
Jason J. Brade Wing 6-5Pincourt, QC2000-01Bishop's2005-07 Canada
Nico Brauner Guard 6-2Wiesbaden, Germany2018-19Saint Mary's, Cape Breton2019-23 Germany
Joe Braunstein Forward 6-4Scarborough, ON1977-78Toronto1982-83 West Germany
Tony Braunstein Guard 6-3Scarborough, ON1980-81Toronto1982-83 West Germany
Anthony Breland Guard 6-6Columbia, MD2004-05Cape Breton2006-10 USA
Eric Breland Forward 6-5Cooksville, MD2007-08Cape Breton2008-11 Luxembourg, Germany
Richard Brenton Forward 6-8Marystown, NL2000-01Acadia2001-06 Germany, Argentina, Mexico, Norway
Eric Bridgeland Guard 6-3Evergreen, CO1992-93Manitoba1994-95 Canada
Brandon Brine Forward 6-6Adelaide, Australia2015-16Lethbridge2016-21 Australia, Spain
Dakelle Brooks Guard 6-3East Preston, NS2022-23UPEI2023-23 Canada
Matthew Brooks Forward 6-5Dartmouth, NS2005-06Dalhousie, Saint Mary's, Cape Breton2006-15 Canada, Australia
Chevon Brown Guard 6-1Toronto, ON2021-22York2023-23 Canada
Chris Brown Centre 6-9London, ON2001-02Western2004-07 UK, Canada
Najee Brown-Henderson Guard 6-2Windsor, ON2022-23Windsor2023-23 Canada
Sinclair Brown Forward 6-7Vancouver, BC2010-11Acadia, Waterloo, Simon Fraser2014-15 Canada
Tyler Brown Guard 6-0Hamilton, ON2019-20Brock2019-19 Canada
Rashawn Browne Guard 6-1Toronto, ON2019-20Manitoba2020-20 Canada
Taylor Browne Guard 6-2Surrey, BC2020-21UBC2021-23 Philippines
David Brownrigg Guard 6-4Longueuil, QC2001-02Laval2002-07 Canada, Portugal
Damian Buckley Guard 6-1Montreal, QC2008-09Concordia2012-13 Canada
Dwayne Buckley Guard 6-3Montreal, QC2008-09Concordia2010-13 Canada
Yohan Bugnion Point Guard 6-1Pully, Switzerland2013-14Waterloo2014-17 Switzerland
Kamar Burke Guard 6-5Mississauga, ON2011-12UBC, Thompson Rivers2012-13 Canada
Lasario Burrows Forward 6-6Nassau, Bahamas2009-10Cape Breton2004-04 Canada
Dwayne Burton Forward 6-4Etobicoke, ON2001-02Laurentian2005-06 Romania
John Bustin Guard 6-3Wolfville, NS2005-06StFX2011-14 Scotland
Eric Butler Forward 6-6Vancouver, BC1996-97UBC1997-05 Germany, UK, Ireland, Austria, France
Ted Byrne Forward 6-8St. John's, NL1990-91Acadia1996-98 Switzerland
Olivier Cadieux Forward 6-4St. Jerome, QC2021-22Concordia, Ottawa2023-23 Canada
Alex Campbell Guard 6-2Brampton, ON2015-16Windsor2016-23 Dominican Republic, France, Finland, Spain, Canada
Jermaine Campbell Forward 6-5Calgary, AB2006-07Ottawa2011-15 Canada, USA
Terrell Campbell Forward 6-5Toronto, ON2014-15Algoma, Windsor2019-19 USA
Patrick Cannon Centre 6-8Port Alberni, BC1996-97Victoria1999-00 Finland
Alex Carson Guard 6-5Lower Sackville, NS2021-22Dalhousie2021-21 Canada
John Carson Forward 6-4Huntersville, NC1986-87Brandon1987-91 Canada, Ireland
Greg Carter Guard 5-10Ottawa, ON2012-13Lakehead2015-16 Canada
Maurice Carter Guard 6-3Chicago, IL1998-99Brandon1999-13 Israel, Finland, Iceland, Spain, Belgium, Ireland, USA
Paris Carter Guard 6-4Baltimore, MD2010-11Cape Breton2011-23 USA, UK
Christian Casimier Forward 6-5Toronto, ON2016-17Nipissing2019-20 Spain
Rick Cassey Guard 6-3Roxbury, MA1973-74Acadia1974-75 UK
Mustafa Cetin Centre 6-9Edmonton, AB2003-04Brandon2004-06 Turkey
Thomas Chabrol Forward 6-3France2014-15UQAM2017-19 France
Charles Chambliss Guard 6-2Racine, WI1975-76Laurier-77 Philippines, Japan, UK
Titus Channer Guard 6-2Hamilton, ON1997-98McMaster1998-02 Switzerland, Austria, UK, Finland
Brent Charleton Guard 6-5North Vancouver, BC2004-05Simon Fraser2005-08 New Zealand
Myles Charvis Guard 6-0Mississauga, ON2018-19Ryerson, Waterloo2019-22 Germany, Canada
Nick Chatzinikolis Forward 6-8Toronto, ON1997-98York1998-01 UK, Ireland
Billy Cheng Guard 5-8Richmond, BC2015-16UNBC2016-18 Hong Kong
Emmanuel Chiek Forward 6-6Edmonton, AB2002-03Saskatchewan2005-06 Germany
Mark Christensen Centre 6-5Kearney, NE1975-76Laurier1977-80 Iceland
Derek Christiansen Forward 6-6North Vancouver, BC1993-94UBC1995-99 UK, France, New Zealand
Ryan Christie Forward 6-7Hamilton, ON2012-13Windsor, McMaster2016-17 Canada
Kevin Churchill Forward 6-7Toronto, ON2013-14Carleton2017-18 Canada
Jamie Clark Guard 6-0London, ON1997-98Brock2003-03 Canada
Stewart Clark Forward 6-5Masonville, QC1997-98Bishop's1998-00 UK
Brody Clarke Forward 6-8Toronto, ON2019-20Alberta2019-23 Poland, Germany, Canada
Jordan Clarke Guard 6-2Oakville, ON2013-14StFX2015-18 Norway, UK
Michael Clarke Forward 6-8Long Sault, ON1996-97StFX1997-99 Sweden, Germany, New Zealand
Marquis Clayton Guard 5-9Halifax, NS2016-17Saint Mary's, StFX2017-20 Canada
John Cleland Guard 6-1Saskatoon, SK1987-88Saskatchewan1988-90 Canada
Hugo Cluysen Forward 6-8Siossons, France2018-19Alberta2020-23 Germany, Spain, North Macedonia
Jadon Cohee Guard 6-4Langley, BC2019-20UBC2020-22 Romania, Canada, Georgia
Josh Collins Guard 6-1Toronto, ON2013-14Windsor2014-21 UAE, Canada
Gianni Constantiello Centre 6-7Sutton, ON2002-03Ottawa2003-12 Australia, UK, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Finland
Thomas Cooper Guard 6-5Chattanooga, TN2016-17Calgary2017-23 Paraguay, Bolivia, Mexico, Argentina, Spain, USA, Germany
Tyvon Cooper Guard 6-1Middletown, NY2018-19Brandon2019-20 Zambia
Shawn Corbin Guard 6-3Montreal, QC2003-04Brandon2007-08 Canada
Thomas Cory Guard Sault Ste. Marie, ON2000-01Ryerson1999-02 Portugal
Pedro Costa Guard 6-3Quelez, Portugal2017-18Algoma2018-20 Portugal, Spain
Paul Costello Guard 5-11Nyon, Switzerland2008-09McGill2012-13 Switzerland
Kyle Coston Guard 6-8Blaine, WA2011-12Trinity Western2015-15 New Zealand
Dominyc Coward Post 6-6Airdrie, AB2011-12Lethbridge, Calgary2014-15 Canada
Barnaby Craddock Guard 6-1Vancouver, BC1996-97Lethbridge1997-03 Iceland, Ireland, Norway, Netherlands, Portugal, France, Germany
Kevin Crevant Centre 6-8St-Raphael, France2010-11Laval2011-12 France
Jordan Croucher Guard 6-2Halifax, NS2001-02StFX2002-03 France
Jeff Cuff Guard 1999-00Manitoba1999-00 Canada
Mason Cumming Guard 6-3Kemptville, ON2019-20Guelph2023-23 Canada
Vasilije Curcic Forward 6-9Kragujevac, Serbia2016-17Memorial2017-19 Spain, Canada
Matthew Curtis Guard 6-1Hamilton, ON2008-09Western2010-11 Germany
Whitney Dabney Forward 6-8New Orleans, LA1988-89Brandon-91 UK, Uruguay
Michael Dailey Forward 6-6Boston, MA1994-95Cape Breton1996-00 Norway, Austria
Vaughan Daley Guard 6-3Hamilton, ON2005-06Lakehead2014-14 USA
Lee Danderfer Guard 5-11Grande Prairie, AB2014-15MacEwan2019-23 Poland
Murray Davidson Forward 6-8Winnipeg, MB1997-98Winnipeg1999-00 Canada
Ephrem Davis Forward 6-8Bolingbrook, IL2006-07Acadia2012-15 Mozambique, Bahrain, Kosovo, Australia
Percy Davis Guard/Forward 6-3Warwick, RI1978-79Saint Mary's1979-85 Belgium, Philippines, USA, Canada, Portugal
Phil Davis Guard 6-0Brampton, ON2000-01Acadia, UPEI2008-10 Bermudas
Theo Davis Forward 6-10Brampton, ON2011-12Brock2014-17 Canada
Yassin Debache Centre 6-10Tunis, Tunisia2016-17UQAM2017-20 France, Germany
Claude Delmas-Merisier Ailier 6-4Laval, QC2005-06UQAM2007-08 Canada
Daniel Demian Guard 5-9Coquitlam, BC2008-09Trinity Western2019-20 Slovakia
Nervens Demosthene Guard 6-1Terrebonne, QC2021-22Saskatchewan, Bishop's2021-23 Canada
Kyle Desmarais Guard 6-2Montreal, QC2014-15Bishop's, Concordia2017-18 Canada
Alex DesRoches Guard/Forward 6-4Dieppe, NB2011-12UNB2013-16 Canada, Australia
John Devereaux Forward 6-4Trepassey, NL1996-97Memorial1997-98 Germany
Alexander Dewar Guard 6-3Saskatoon, SK2023-24Saskatchewan2021-21 Canada
Mouctar Diaby Forward 6-8Hamilton, ON2008-09McMaster2009-09 Togo
Mambi Diawara Guard 6-4Montreal, QC2018-19Calgary2019-23 Iraq, Finland, Romania, Argentina, Canada
Nick Dickinson Guard 6-1Brisbane, Australia2013-14Dalhousie2016-17 Australia
Enrico Diloreto Guard 6-1London, ON2013-14Windsor2014-17 Italy, Canada
Somto Dimanochie Forward 6-8Lagos, Nigeria2022-23York2022-23 Canada
Tamsyr Dioumassi Arriere 6-0Le Mans, France2020-21Laval2021-23 France
Ammanuel Diressa Guard 6-4Toronto, ON2017-18Ryerson2020-20 Canada
Joshua Djanogly Centre 6-9London, England2019-20McGill2020-23 Germany, Israel
Mathias Dockner Forward 6-9Austria2005-06UBC2006-12 Austria
Jacob Doerksen Forward 6-6Abbotsford, BC2010-11Trinity Western, Victoria2011-14 Germany
Luka Dolman Guard 6-4Vancouver, BC2022-23Carleton, Ryerson2021-22 Germany
Ted Dongelmans Centre 6-10Orillia, ON1999-00Laurentian, Dalhousie2000-02 Switzerland
William Donkoh Guard 6-1Ottawa, ON2013-14StFX2016-17 France
Daniel Dooley Guard 6-1Burlington, ON2017-18Guelph2018-20 Canada
Aaron Doornekamp Forward 6-7Odessa, ON2008-09Carleton2009-23 Spain, Germany, Italy
James Dorsey Guard 6-2Baltimore, MD2012-13Cape Breton2014-17 Canada, Germany
Jason Dressler Forward 6-7Mississauga, ON1996-97Toronto1997-98 Germany
Lars Dressler Forward 6-7Mississauga, ON1996-97Toronto1997-98 Germany
Kingslee D'Silva Forward 6-5Mississauga, ON2016-17Guelph2021-23 Portugal
Lawrence Dudevoir Guard 6-0Montreal, QC1996-97Brandon1999-00 Canada
Kevin Dulude Forward 6-4Ottawa, ON2004-05RMC2009-09 Canada
John Dumont Guard 6-4Vancouver, BC1996-97UBC1999-00 Philippines
Tom Dumont Guard 6-7Montreuil, France2021-22Ryerson2022-23 Norway
Jamie Duncan Guard 6-2Oakville, ON2001-02Brock2002-16 USA, Germany
Richardo Dunkley Guard 6-0Kitchener, ON2010-11Ryerson2012-17 Canada
Jeremy Dunn Forward 6-5Wolfville, NS2012-13StFX2012-13 UK
Stefan Duric Guard 6-6Burlington, ON2017-18Ottawa2022-23 Portugal
Arash Dusek Wing 6-2Toronto, ON2019-20Toronto2020-23 Czech Republic
Dut Dut Forward 6-6Ottawa, ON2016-17UPEI2017-18 Canada
Sam Dyck Guard/Forward 6-5Almonte, ON2022-23Trinity Western, Ottawa2023-23 Canada
Simon Dykstra Forward 6-7Surrey, BC0000-001991-94 Denmark
Tyrel Edwards Guard 6-5Hamilton, ON2015-16StFX2016-17 Canada
Deon Ejim Forward 6-6Brampton, ON2023-24StFX2023-23 Canada
Ryan Ejim Forward 6-7Brampton, ON2016-17Carleton, York2017-22 Uruguay, Spain, Portugal, Canada
Eddie Ekiyor Forward 6-9Ottawa, ON2018-19Carleton2021-23 Canada, Israel, Georgia
Adil El Makssoud Arriere 6-4Casablanca, Morroco2009-10UQAM2012-17 Morocco
Dani Elgadi Forward 6-7Waterloo, ON2017-18Brock2018-20 Portugal, Germany
Sebastian Filrup Eliasen Wing 6-5Ballerup, Denmark2015-16Trinity Western2017-19 Denmark
David Elliott Guard 5-8Windsor, ON1997-98Lakehead2003-04 Canada
Brandon Ellis Guard 6-2Campbell River, BC2006-07Victoria, UBC2007-09 Canada, Germany
Calvin Epistola Guard 5-11Toronto, ON2019-20Ottawa2022-23 South Korea, Canada
Terrell Evans Guard/Forward 6-4Las Vegas, NV2013-14Victoria2015-22 USA, Austria
Daniel Eves Forward 6-7Barrie, ON2006-07York2017-19 Malaysia
Nicola Fadayel Forward 6-3Ancaster, ON2006-07McMaster2011-12 Palestine
Morgan Fairweather Forward 6-5London, ON2004-05Brock2005-06 Canada
Kayode Fakomi Forward 6-7Brampton, ON2021-22Ryerson2022-23 Canada
Simon Farine Guard 6-2Toronto, ON2010-11Dalhousie2011-15 Israel
Stefanos Fasianos Guard 6-4Marousi, Greece2014-15UBC2016-19 Greece, UK
Torey Fassett Forward 6-5Columbia, MD2011-12Saint Mary's2015-20 Antigua, USA
Greg Faulkner Guard 6-5Kingston, ON2014-15Queen's, Carleton2017-20 France
Anwar Faza Guard 6-4Edmonton, AB2012-13UBC Okanagan, UPEI2016-17 Canada
Daniel Ferguson Guard 6-3Malton, ON2011-12Alberta2012-14 Switzerland, Canada
Shamus Ferguson Centre 6-10Toronto, ON2011-12Ottawa2012-18 Canada
Mark Fernandes Guard 6-0Calgary, AB2017-18StFX2018-19 Canada
Kevin Leander Fiabema Forward 6-4Oslo, Norway2015-16Toronto2022-23 Norway
Tyler Fidler Guard 6-9Calgary, AB2011-12Calgary2012-15 Canada
Tre Fillmore Guard/Forward 6-2Amarillo, TX2022-23Trinity Western2023-23 Canada
Brian Finniss Forward 6-3Charlottetown, PE2006-07Calgary, Acadia2007-10 Australia, Germany
Jordan Foebel Forward 6-10Ancaster, ON2006-07York2007-08 Germany
Daniel Foo Guard 6-0Corner Brook, NL2021-22Memorial2023-23 Canada
Sean Foote Guard 5-8Manchester, England1992-93Alberta1995-00 Germany, UK
Jeff Foreman Forward 6-8Winnipeg, MB1993-94Winnipeg1994-97 Canada, Germany, Sweden
Charles Fortier Guard 6-4Amos, QC2004-05Laval2006-10 Canada
Marc-Andre Fortin Centre 6-8Sainte-Marie, QC2021-22Laval2022-23 Germany, Canada
Blake Foster Forward 6-5Kamloops, BC1996-97Calgary1999-08 Germany, Spain, France, Belgium
Kirk Francois Guard 6-2Scarborough, ON1998-99Windsor2002-03 USA, Mexico
Jayden Frederick Guard 6-5Scarborough, ON2020-21Ryerson, York2020-21 Georgia
Samuel Freeman Guard 6-3Coquitlam, BC2012-13UFV2014-14 USA
Kevin French Forward 6-4Burlington, ON2004-05Brock2005-06 Spain
Ryan French Forward 6-6Burlington, ON2003-04York2004-06 Spain, UK
Joel Friesen Guard 6-5Abbotsford, BC2014-15Alberta, UFV2015-21 Ukraine, Canada
Norm Froemel Centre 7-0Winnipeg, MB1994-95Winnipeg1995-02 Germany
Pawel Gacon Forward 6-5Winnipeg, MB2011-12Winnipeg2012-13 Poland
Blake Gage Guard/Forward 6-3Vaughan, ON1996-97Western1997-99 Ireland
Jerome Gaines Guard 6-4Chicago, IL1992-93Brandon1993-94 Canada
Garry Gallimore Guard 6-3Ottawa, ON2006-07StFX2007-14 Romania, Canada, Belgium
Terry Garrow Guard 6-3Nepean, ON1987-88Manitoba1992-92 Canada
Damian Gay Forward 6-5Guysborough County, NS2004-05Saint Mary's2013-14 Canada
Biniam Ghebrekidan Forward 6-9Gatineau, QC2021-22Carleton2022-23 Canada, Portugal
Yassine Ghomari Guard 6-1Vancouver, BC2013-14UBC Okanagan2015-16 Australia
Josh Gibson-Bascombe Guard 6-5Toronto, ON2009-10Ottawa2010-11 Czech Republic
Qyemah Gibson Forward 6-5Nassau, Bahamas2021-22Saint Mary's2022-23 Spain, Canada
Dominic Gilbert Forward 6-6Sydney, Australia2015-16UBC2016-23 Spain, France, Croatia, Hong Kong
Ja'Qualyn Gilbreath Guard 6-2Amarillo, TX2021-22Trinity Western2022-23 Cyprus
Rick Gill Forward 6-7North Delta, BC1991-92Victoria1992-99 Australia, South Africa, Mexico
Michael Gillett Guard 6-5Dartmouth, NS1986-87Dalhousie, York, Alberta1988-88 UK
Connor Gilmore Forward 6-7Etobicoke, ON2019-20McMaster2019-19 Canada
Kevin Gilroy Forward 6-6Eastend, SK1997-98Regina1999-00 UK
Julien Girard Ailier 6-5Troyes, France2015-16UQAM2017-20 France
Luke Girke Guard 6-2Melbourne, Australia2013-14Regina2015-15 Australia
Malcolm Glanville Guard 6-4Scarborough, ON2021-22Guelph2019-19 Canada
Showron Glover Guard 5-11Fresno, CA2009-10Saskatchewan2010-17 Italy, Czech Republic, Australia, Switzerland
Markus Goch Forward 6-5Hanover, Germany1997-98Acadia2005-07 Germany
Atanas (Nasko) Golomeev Centre 6-8Sofia, Bulgaria1968-69McGill1969-84 Turkey, Bulgaria
Eric Gonzalez Forward 6-8Sabadell, Spain2022-23Lakehead2020-21 Spain
Mitchell Goodwin Guard 6-2Kelowna, BC2016-17UBC Okanagan2018-18 Australia
Daniel Gordon Guard 6-2Ajax, ON2017-18Memorial2018-23 Canada
O'Neil Gordon Guard 6-3Toronto, ON2004-05Brandon2006-09 Germany
Gerard Gore Forward 6-5St. John's, Antigua2015-16Thompson Rivers2018-19 Antigua
Gabriel Goree Forward 6-5Halifax, NS2003-04Saint Mary's2004-05 Netherlands, Luxembourg
Ben Gorham Guard 6-5Oakville, ON1999-00Ryerson2000-04 Sweden
Troy Gottselig Forward 6-8Findlater, SK2009-10Saskatchewan2010-19 Luxembourg, USA, Denmark, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Canada
Nat Graham Forward 6-6Miami, FL1998-99Western2000-01 Denmark
Tanner Graham Forward 6-7Kingston, ON2018-19Queen's2019-23 Germany
Kevin Grandberg Forward 6-7Saskatoon, SK1995-96Saskatchewan1996-05 Iceland, Denmark
Dwayne Grant Guard 6-2Brampton, ON2006-07Toronto2011-13 Costa Rica
Robert Grant Guard 6-2Ireland2007-08Memorial2008-09 Ireland
Glenn Gravengard Guard 6-1Burnaby, BC2011-12UBC, Western2018-19 Canada
Kadre Gray Guard 6-1Toronto, ON2019-20Laurentian2021-23 Germany, Spain, Canada
Quinton Gray Guard 6-3Richmond Hill, ON2021-22Queen's2022-23 Albania
Shawn Gray Forward 6-7Toronto, ON1997-98Brandon1998-12 Canada, Belgium, Netherlands
Zeon Gray Guard 5-10Los Angeles, CA2010-11UFV2011-15 Germany, USA
Kadeem Green Forward 6-9Markham, ON2015-16Ryerson2016-18 France, Lithuania
Jim Grozelle Guard 5-8Ridgetown, ON2002-03Western2004-04 Canada
Matthis Guerut Forward 6-7Paris, France2021-22Bishop's, Concordia2022-23 France
Mamadou Gueye Forward 6-7Quebec City, QC2017-18Alberta2018-23 Uruguay, Japan, Germany, Canada
Ntore Habimana Guard 6-5Mississauga, ON2020-21Laurier2022-23 Rwanda, Canada
Seymour Hadwen Guard-Forward 6-4Guelph, ON1979-80Waterloo1982-84 Scotland
Bahaide Haidara Ailier 6-6Longueuil, QC2023-24UQAM2023-23 Canada
Ralf Hakenberg Centre 6-7Hamilton, ON1971-72Guelph1975-75 Germany
Reuben Hall Post 6-9Victoria, BC2001-02Alberta2002-03 Denmark
Justin Halleran Guard 6-2Trepassey, NL2006-07Memorial2009-13 Germany, Australia
David Harder Forward 6-5Copenhagen, Denmark2009-10Western2010-17 Denmark
Chris Harris Centre 6-8Calgary, AB2002-03Calgary2003-12 Germany
Demitri Harris Guard 6-5Vancouver, BC2010-11Saint Mary's2013-20 Canada, USA
Whitney Harris Centre 6-9Moose Jaw, SK1996-97Saskatchewan1997-13 Germany
Kale Harrison Forward 6-5Stratford, ON2011-12Laurier2012-15 Australia
Mark Harvey Forward 6-9Barrie, ON1989-90Toronto1994-97 UK
Donnavan Hastings Forward 6-7Brampton, ON2016-17UNB2017-18 Indonesia
Jason Hatch Guard 6-3Arzo, Switzerland2017-18StFX2018-23 Switzerland
John Hatch Forward 6-6Calgary, AB1983-84StFX1984-89 Belgium, Switzerland
Joel Haviland Forward 6-8Abbotsford, BC2007-08UFV2009-09 Canada
Stefan Haynes Forward 6-10North York, ON2010-11York2011-12 Kosovo
Joey Haywood Guard 6-1Vancouver, BC2010-11Saint Mary's2011-17 Iceland, Denmark, Canada
Brian Heaney Guard 6-2Rockaway Beach, NY1968-69Acadia1969-71 USA
Christoffer Heggelund Guard 6-2Oslo, Norway2021-22Victoria2022-23 Norway
Ryan Heggie Forward 6-4Raymond, AB1988-89Lethbridge1990-91 Netherlands
Jerry Hemmings Centre 6-4Mount Airy, NC1971-72Brandon, Lakehead1973-74 France
Alexander Henry-Iriarte Forward 6-4Sudbury, ON2015-16Laurentian2018-19 Canada
Rob Henry Forward 6-7Dundas, ON1994-95Guelph, Acadia1996-97 Germany
Johnny Higgins Guard 6-2Baltimore, MD2012-13Saint Mary's2016-17 USA
Simon Hildebrandt Forward 6-9Winnipeg, MB2023-24Manitoba2023-23 Canada
Alex Hill Guard 6-5Toronto, ON2013-14Toronto2014-15 Italy
Eric Hinrichsen Forward 6-6Campbell River, BC1998-99Victoria1999-04 Netherlands, France, Belgium
Tyson Hinz Forward 6-7Ottawa, ON2013-14Carleton2014-17 Germany, Netherlands
Cole Hobin Guard 6-6Ashton, ON2011-12Carleton2012-13 UK
Clinton Holtz Centre 7-0Severna Park, MD1994-95Brock1995-03 Israel, Germany, Finland, Argentina, Uruguay, Puerto Rico, Portugal, Brazil, USA
Marc Antoine Horth Centre 6-7Sainte-Foy, QC2004-05Laval2006-08 Canada
James Hudson Guard 6-2North Vancouver, BC2005-06Alberta, Laurier2006-10 Spain, Canada, Germany
Louis Hurd Guard 5-11Spokane, WA2009-10Trinity Western2011-14 Mexico, Australia
Jason Hurley Guard 6-0Walkerton, ON1996-97Laurentian1997-99 Ireland
Terence Hyacinth Guard 6-3Scarborough, ON2001-02Concordia2004-05 Romania
Benny Iko Forward 6-7Laurel, MD2012-13Winnipeg2017-19 Antigua, USA
Josh Inkumsah Forward 6-7Barrie, ON2022-23Ottawa2022-22 Canada
Steve Irvine Forward 6-6Richmond Hill, ON1999-00York2004-04 Australia
Malik Irwin Forward 6-5Winnipeg, MB2018-19Manitoba2019-20 Kosovo
Ante Ivankovic Guard 6-3Meuster, Germany2002-03Memorial2003-05 Germany
Colby Jackson Guard 5-8Las Vegas, NV2015-16Alberta2020-22 USA
J.D. Jackson Guard 6-5Vernon, BC1991-92UBC1992-06 Hungary, France, Canada
Miroslav Jaksic Forward 6-10Belgrade, Serbia2015-16Toronto2018-21 Sweden, Spain, Canada
Phil Jalalpoor Guard 6-2Shifferstadt, Germany2017-18UBC2018-23 Iceland, Germany, Austria, Spain
Denzel James Wing 6-3Edmonton, AB2016-17MacEwan2017-20 Spain, Canada
Geoffrey James Guard 6-2Edmonton, AB2021-22Alberta2023-23 Canada
Cory Janes Forward 6-8Middleton, NS1999-00Saint Mary's, Dalhousie2000-01 Denmark
Stephen Janzen Forward 6-3Burnaby, BC2004-05Trinity Western2005-12 Germany
Errol Jarrett Guard 5-101995-96Calgary1998-03 New Zealand, Germany
Misi Boye Jeanneau-Mubiala Meneur 5-10Montreal, QC2021-22UQAM2023-23 Canada
Osvaldo Jeanty Guard 6-0Gloucester, ON2006-07Carleton2007-13 Canada, Romania, Germany
Jesse Jeffers Forward 6-6North Vancouver, BC2015-16Trinity Western2017-18 Germany
Tyus Jefferson Guard 6-0Riverton, UT2021-22Alberta2022-23 Greece
Omar Jennings Guard 6-01995-96Bishop's2000-01 Scotland
Jordan Jensen-Whyte Guard 6-6Calgary, AB2016-17UBC2017-22 Canada
Alvin Jessamy Forward 6-6Yonkers, NY1977-78Acadia1978-79 Portugal
Greg Jockims Forward 6-5Saskatoon, SK1987-88Saskatchewan1990-90 Canada
Daniel Johansson Forward 6-8Stockholm, Sweden2019-20Toronto2020-21 Sweden
David Johnson Centre 6-10Edmonton, AB1991-92Calgary1996-97 UK
Devin Johnson Forward 6-4Ajax, ON2016-17Toronto2019-23 Kosovo, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Belarus
Tom Johnson Guard 6-3North Saanich, BC1991-92Victoria1994-01 Germany, France, Italy, Belgium
Nigel Johnson-Tyghter Forward 6-7Brampton, ON2009-10Windsor2010-20 Canada, Spain
Rudolphe Joly Centre 6-10Quebec City, QC2015-16UQAM2015-23 Luxembourg, France, Uruguay, Venezuela, Georgia, Thailand, Vietnam, Canada
Dean Jones Forward 6-6Devonshire, Bermuda2005-06Saint Mary's2008-10 Bermudas
Jahmal Jones Point Guard 6-0Mississauga, ON2014-15Ryerson2015-23 Sweden, Canada, Denmark, Slovakia, Hungary, Estonia, Czech Republic
Marcus Jones Guard 6-1Brantford, ON2017-18Windsor2018-19 Canada
Dan Jonker Guard 6-2Brantford, ON1998-99Western2004-04 Canada
Troy Joseph Forward 6-6Pickering, ON2015-16McMaster2016-17 Canada
Yasiin Joseph Guard 6-1Ottawa, ON2019-20Carleton2020-23 Hungary, Ukraine, France, Netherlands, Canada
Nikola Jovicic Forward 6-7Pont Pierre, Luxembourg2014-15Bishop's2018-19 Luxembourg
Kyle Julius Guard 6-3Thunder Bay, ON2003-04Guelph2004-12 Cyprus, Italy, Canada
Allen Kadima Guard 5-8DR Congo2008-09Lethbridge2012-13 Canada
Kaza Kajami-Keane Guard 6-1Ajax, ON2016-17Carleton2017-23 France, Germany, Netherlands, Canada
Brylle Kamen Forward 6-7Paris, France2014-15UBC2015-21 Portugal, Belgium
Graddy Kanku Guard 6-5Ottawa, ON2021-22Ontario Tech2023-23 Canada
David Kapinga Guard 5-11Lubumbashi, KY2018-19Calgary2019-20 Lithuania
Sascha Kappos Forward 6-10Miami, FL2019-20Dalhousie2020-23 Puerto Rico, Greece, Canada
Tom Kappos Forward 6-7Montreal, QC1981-82Saint Mary's, UPEI1979-85 Greece
Louis Karkabasis Forward 6-8Toronto, ON1985-86York1987-94 Greece
John Karpis Centre 6-9Toronto, ON1986-87Toronto1988-91 Soviet Union, Australia
Tshing Kasamba Forward 6-5St. Catharines, ON2013-14Brock2017-18 Spain, Italy
Sean Kask Guard 6-2Nanaimo, BC1999-00Laurier2000-03 Germany, Estonia
Cedric Kasongo Guard 6-4Welland, ON2015-16Cape Breton, Brock2016-22 Canada, Italy
Nikita Kasongo Guard 6-4Chateauguay, QC2021-22Saint Mary's2022-23 Portugal
Gerald Kazanowski Forward 6-9Nanaimo, BC1982-83Victoria-92 Switzerland, Sweden, Luxembourg, Finland, Argentina, Mexico, Spain
Shaquille Keith Guard 6-5Brampton, ON2012-13Cape Breton2015-23 Lithuania, Finland, Dominican Republic, Taiwan, Peru, Canada
Kurt Kelly Forward 6-7Winnipeg, MB1986-87Calgary, Manitoba1980-81 France
Thomas Kennedy Forward 6-9Windsor, ON2022-23Windsor2019-23 Canada
Mike Kierstead Forward 6-4Saint John, NB2003-04UPEI, UNB2012-13 Canada
Justin King Forward 6-4Las Vegas, NV2011-12Thompson Rivers2016-21 Dominican Republic, Qatar, Australia
Shawn King Guard 6-4Victoria, BC1995-96Victoria1998-12 UK, Australia
Real Kitieu Centre 6-9Douala, Cameroon2000-01Concordia2003-10 Belgium
Owen Klassen Forward 6-10Kingston, ON2013-14Acadia2014-23 France, Belgium, Greece, Montenegro, Germany, North Macedonia, Canada
Radhi Knapp Forward 6-7Pickering, ON2003-04Guelph, Laurier2004-07 Switzerland, UK, Canada
Peter Knechtel Forward 6-7Calgary, AB1995-96Alberta1997-06 Finland, Austria, New Zealand, UK
Lazar Kojovic Guard 6-5Oakville, ON2016-17McMaster2017-18 Serbia
Christopher (Chas) Kok Guard/Forward 6-6Lynden, WA2011-12Thompson Rivers, Simon Fraser2012-14 USA
Tevaun Kokko Guard 5-11Markham, ON2020-21Ryerson, Laurier2021-23 Latvia, Finland
Bol Kong Forward 6-7Vancouver, BC2011-12StFX2013-14 Canada
Chris Kopichanski Guard 6-1London, ON1993-94Guelph2003-03 Canada
Franck Olivier Kouagnia Forward 6-7Yaounde, Cameroon2014-15UNBC2015-20 Spain, France, Sweden
Dejan Kravic Forward 6-10London, ON2010-11York2014-23 Spain, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Greece
Isaac Kuon Forward 6-4Mississauga, ON2010-11Windsor2011-13 Canada
Andrew Kwiatkowski Forward 6-7Kitchener, ON2001-02Western2002-05 Italy, Germany
Blain LaBranche Guard 6-4Edmonton, AB2009-10UBC, Brandon2005-12 Canada, Mexico
Michael L'Africain Guard 6-1Oakville, ON2015-16Ottawa2016-21 Canada, Slovakia, Portugal
Tajinder (TJ) Lall Forward 6-6Cambridge, ON2021-22Brock, Carleton2020-23 Japan, Canada
Lock Lam Forward 6-9Ottawa, ON2019-20Lakehead2020-23 Latvia, Estonia, Romania, North Macedonia, Canada
Stephon Lamar Guard 6-0San Diego, CA2013-14Saskatchewan2015-16 Czech Republic
Sean Landry Centre 6-9Calgary, AB2007-08Manitoba, Calgary2013-15 Canada
Kevin Langdon Forward 6-7Saskatoon, SK2005-06Saskatchewan2007-08 Finland
Philippe Langlois Guard 6-2Varennes, QC2004-05Concordia2005-06 Canada
Sebastien Lapointe Forward 6-41997-98Laval2001-01 Panama
Paul Larmand Forward 6-5Victoria Harbour, ON2003-04Carleton2005-07 Canada, Australia
Shawn Lathan Forward 6-4San Diego, CA2017-18Regina, Saskatchewan2021-22 USA
Kashrell Lawrence Forward 6-2Brampton, ON2016-17Dalhousie2017-18 Finland
Mike Lawton Guard 6-0Hamilton, ON2000-01Dalhousie2012-13 Scotland
Alexandre Leclerc Ailier 6-6Saguenay, QC2018-19Laval2023-23 Canada
Fred Lee Guard 6-2New York City, NY1979-80Brandon1980-81 Canada
Marc-Andre Lefebvre Forward 6-12007-08Laval2009-09 Canada
Mitch Leger Forward 6-6Kingston, ON2009-10Queen's2010-11 Germany
Ryan Leier Guard 6-0Saskatoon, SK2000-01Saskatchewan2001-05 Iceland, Canada
Daron Leonard Forward 6-6London, ON2007-08Carleton, Western2008-09 Switzerland
Jenning Leung Guard 6-1Laguna, Philippines2017-18McGill2018-23 China
Kevin Levy Arriere 6-1Montreal, QC2009-10UQAM2010-11 USA
Jaaden Lewis Guard 6-1Richmond Hill, ON2021-22Ryerson, Nipissing2022-23 Portugal
Marcus Lewis Guard 6-4Brampton, ON2018-19Nipissing2019-23 Portugal, Canada
Warren Liang Forward 6-5Vancouver, BC2017-18Dalhousie, Saint Mary's2019-20 China
Terry Licorish Centre 6-9Toronto, ON2007-08McMaster2012-14 Canada
Michael Lieffers Forward 6-8Saskatoon, SK2011-12Saskatchewan2012-14 Japan
Joey Liem Guard/Forward 6-5Rosmalen, Netherlands2015-16Cape Breton2018-21 Netherlands
Michael Linklater Forward 6-1Saskatoon, SK2009-10Saskatchewan2011-19 Canada, USA
Shacier Locke Forward 6-6Mississauga, ON2018-19Cape Breton2023-23 Canada
Nick Loewen Forward 6-5Winnipeg, MB2012-13Mount Royal2014-16 Spain
Levi Londole Forward 6-8LaSalle, QC2019-20McGill2021-23 Canada, France
Cole Long Centre 6-7St. John's, NL2021-22Memorial2022-23 Norway, Canada
Mark Loria Forward 6-5Calgary, AB1992-93Calgary1994-95 Canada
Nick Lother Guard 5-10Winnipeg, MB2010-11Winnipeg2011-12 Canada
Sean Loucks Forward 6-6Montreal, QC1987-88York1998-99 Ireland
Alain Louis Guard 6-1Montreal, QC2021-22Carleton2021-23 Canada
Quincy Louis-Jeune Guard 6-6Montreal, QC2023-24UQAM, Ottawa2023-23 Canada
Vaggelis Loukas Forward 6-5Athens, Greece2018-19UNBC2019-20 Greece
Richard Lovelace Forward 6-7Saskatoon, SK1998-99Brandon, Saskatchewan1992-93 Canada
Achuil Lual Forward 6-9Ottawa, ON2007-08Acadia2008-16 Germany, Canada
Achuil Lual Forward 6-8Ottawa, ON2016-17Saint Mary's2019-19 Argentina
Manock Lual Forward 6-6Ottawa, ON2011-12UPEI2012-14 Canada, UK
Mike Luby Forward 7-0Kenora, ON2012-13Brock2013-17 Canada
Pascal Lucky Ailier 6-6Cayenne, Guayane2006-07UQAM2010-14 France
Meshack Lufile Forward 6-8Burlington, ON2015-16Cape Breton2016-23 UK, USA, Romania, Canada, Netherlands
Islam Luiz de Toledo Forward 6-8Araraquara, Brazil2007-08StFX2013-17 Brazil
Ryan Luke Forward 6-7Winnipeg, MB2023-24Winnipeg2023-23 Canada
Neil MacDonald Centre 6-10Sydney Mines, NS2006-07StFX2007-09 France, Belgium
Andrew MacKay Forward 6-7Bracebridge, ON2005-06Laurier2006-08 UK
Rodrigo Madera Centre 6-10Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic2013-14StFX2014-23 Chile
Bernhard Maerz Forward 6-71996-97Brock1997-01 Austria
Diego Maffia Guard 6-1Victoria, BC2023-24Victoria2023-23 Canada
Nick Maglisceau Post 6-8Edmonton, AB2000-01Alberta2001-11 Germany, Spain, Portugal
Ali Mahmoud Guard 6-0Ottawa, ON2002-03Ottawa2003-23 Lebanon
Eric Malcolm Forward 6-7Canberra, Australia2004-05Guelph2006-12 Australia
Nicoloas Maniatis Forward 6-4Piraeus, Greece2014-15Concordia2017-20 Greece
Willy Manigat Guard 5-11Ottawa, ON2011-12Carleton, Ottawa2012-16 Morocco, Germany, Canada
Stevan Manojlovic Guard 6-5Toronto, ON2014-15Western2021-23 Ireland
Domenico Marcario Guard 5-10St. Leonard, QC2002-03McGill2003-18 Italy, France, Switzerland, Ireland
Renold Marcelline Forward 6-9Winnipeg, MB2004-05Manitoba2005-07 Iceland, Portugal
Ryan Marrast Forward 6-5Toronto, ON2005-06Lakehead, Acadia2006-10 UK
Chris Marsh Forward 6-5Victoria, BC2003-04Victoria2005-10 France, Switzerland
Matthew Marshall Forward 6-6Burlington, ON2015-16Brock, Ottawa2016-20 Italy, Germany, Canada, Slovakia
Frederico Martins Guard 6-2Cascais Lisboa, Portugal2019-20Thompson Rivers2020-21 Portugal
Jordan Mason Guard 6-2Vancouver, BC2003-04Manitoba, Simon Fraser2007-08 Slovakia
Trayvond Massenburg Forward 6-8Philadelphia, PA2018-19Brandon2019-19 Thailand
Javon Masters Guard 6-0Kitchener, ON2017-18UNB2018-23 France, Romania, Canada, Spain
Samuel Matice Post 6-11Prince Albert, SK2019-20UBC Okanagan2020-21 Moldova
Harvey Matou Forward 6-6Paris, France2017-18Bishop's2018-20 Germany, France
Evan Matthews Forward 6-8Belle River, ON2014-15Windsor2016-16 Australia
Tim Mau Forward 6-8Ottawa, ON1992-93Guelph-00 Lebanon
Jamal Mayali Guard 6-3Markham, ON2021-22McGill2020-23 Canada, Jordan
Stanley Mayambo Guard 6-1Fredericton, NB2019-20Carleton2023-23 Canada
Andrew McCarthy Forward 7-1Scituate, MA2015-16Lakehead2014-18 Spain, Lebanon, Germany, USA
Tom McChesney Guard 6-2Ancaster, ON2003-04York2004-06 Germany
Kevin McCleery Centre 6-8Nepean, ON2009-10Carleton2010-12 Netherlands
Seth McCoy Guard 6-3Columbus, OH0000-002023-23 USA
David McCulloch Guard 6-2Stoney Creek, ON2018-19McMaster2019-20 Spain
Denny McDonald Forward 6-6Mississauga, ON2014-15Trinity Western2015-20 Czech Republic, Canada
Spencer McKay Centre 6-9Oliver, BC1990-91Victoria1989-08 Austria, France, Taiwan, Belgium, Mexico, Hungary, Portugal, Puerto Rico
Luke McKerrow Guard 6-2Australia2002-03Simon Fraser2003-06 Australia
Doug McKinney Forward 6-8Charlottetown, PE2006-07UPEI2007-15 Canada, Lebanon
Chris McLaughlin Centre 6-10Oakville, ON2014-15Victoria2015-23 Hong Kong, Canada, Austria
Mark McLaughlin Guard 6-3Dartmouth, NS2009-10Saint Mary's2023-23 Canada
Jamie McLeod Guard 6-0Calgary, AB2009-10Calgary2013-14 Canada
Gordon McNeilly Guard/Forward 6-4Fredericton, NB1997-98UNB1998-99 Switzerland
Jahmal McQueen Forward 6-7Oakville, ON2011-12Windsor, Toronto2014-16 Canada
Jason Medford Forward 6-5Oshawa, ON1996-97Saint Mary's1997-04 Finland, France, Germany, Denmark, UK
Eddy Meguerian Guard 6-1Scarborough, ON1996-97Toronto1998-98 New Zealand
Brandon Meiklejohn Guard 6-1Edmonton, AB2023-24Alberta2023-23 Canada
Greg Meldrum Forward 6-7West Vancouver, BC1995-96Victoria1997-05 Spain, UK, France, New Zealand
Daniel Meltesen Forward 6-11Agard, Denmark2005-06Regina2006-07 Denmark
Mor Menashe Guard 6-2Ein-Carmel, Israel2017-18Lakehead2018-19 Slovakia
Lars Meyer Guard 6-2Berlin, Germany2009-10Acadia2013-15 Germany
Michael Meyers Forward 6-5Calgary, AB2000-01Lethbridge2011-12 Canada, USA
Alex Michalas Forward 6-7Athens, Greece2000-01Alberta2001-08 Greece
Yul Michel Guard 6-2Montreal, QC2007-08Brandon2009-13 Canada
Keenan Milburn Guard 6-0Royston, BC2011-12Calgary2012-15 Canada
Adam Miller Forward 6-7Barrie, ON2001-02York, Acadia2004-04 Canada
Ben Miller Guard 6-2Winnipeg, MB2018-19Acadia2019-20 Armenia
Elijah Miller Guard 6-0Rexdale, ON2022-23UPEI2022-23 Canada
Isaac Miller-Jose Forward 6-8Wellington, New Zealand2022-23Manitoba2021-21 New Zealand
Khalil Miller Forward 6-8Scarborough, ON2022-23McMaster2023-23 Canada
Duncan Milne Forward 6-9Calgary, AB2008-09Guelph2009-13 Canada, USA, Romania, Australia
Michael Milne Forward 6-5Owen Sound, ON1995-96Western, Ottawa2004-04 Canada
Perry Mirkovich Forward 6-6Lethbridge, AB1979-80Lethbridge-00 France
Simon Mitchell Guard 6-3Navan, ON2007-08Queen's2008-09 UK
Aleksandar Mitrovic Forward 6-6Belgrade, Serbia2012-13McGill2016-22 Japan, France
Noel Moffatt Post 6-5St. John's, NL2015-16Memorial2016-20 Canada
Haroun Mohamed Guard 6-3Toronto, ON2021-22Laurentian, UNB2022-23 Canada
Samy Mohamed Guard 6-0Scarborough, ON2017-18UPEI, Algoma2018-19 Spain
Andrew Moir Forward 6-5London, ON2001-02Ottawa, Laurier2005-06 Austria
Lawrence Moore Guard 6-2Chicago, IL2018-19Saskatchewan2019-23 Lebanon, Canada
Zack Moore Guard 6-5Bellevue, WA2020-21UBC2021-23 Japan
Jesus Mora Guard 6-3Phoenix, AZ2010-11Regina2011-15 Puerto Rico, Mexico
Conor Morgan Guard/Forward 6-9Victoria, BC2017-18UBC2018-23 Turkey, Poland, Spain, New Zealand
Jean-Philippe Morin Forward 6-7Aylmer, QC2007-08Laval2009-12 Canada
Jonah Morrison Forward 6-8Toufen, Taiwan2019-20UBC2020-23 Taiwan
Greg Morrow Forward 6-3London, ON2015-16Western2016-19 Canada
Thijin Moses Forward 6-7Calgary, AB2012-13Calgary2013-14 Canada
Donathan Moss Forward 6-4Nassau, Bahamas2013-14UPEI2023-23 Canada
Walter Moyse Centre 6-11Summerside, PE2003-04Acadia2005-08 Switzerland, UK
Laoui Msambya Guard 6-0Quebec City, QC2023-24Lakehead2022-22 Canada
Joel Muamba Ailier 6-7Montreal, QC2017-18Laval2023-23 Canada
David Muenkat Forward 6-7Brampton, ON2022-23StFX2022-23 Canada
Alex Muise Guard 6-4Bedford, NS2022-23Acadia, Ottawa2023-23 Canada
Jean-Victor Mukama Guard 6-8Hamilton, ON2018-19Ryerson2019-22 Spain, Netherlands, Rwanda, Canada
Wayne Mulgrave Guard/Forward 6-3Toronto, ON1992-93Acadia1995-03 Austria, Germany, Iceland, UK
Alex Murphy Guard 6-1Richmond, BC2010-11UBC2011-14 Denmark, Germany
Gavin Musgrave Guard 6-2Montreal, QC2002-03Concordia, Ottawa2007-08 Canada
Erfan Nasajpour Guard 5-10Winnipeg, MB2007-08Winnipeg2008-18 Iran
Jan-Michael Nation Guard 6-5Oakville, ON2001-02Ryerson2004-08 UK
Kevin Ndahiro Forward 6-8Ottawa, ON2019-20Lakehead2021-21 Georgia
Emmanuel Ndatuje Forward 6-10Ottawa, ON2022-23UPEI2023-23 Canada
Rawane Ndiaye Post 6-11New York City, NY2015-16Regina2017-17 Nigeria
Chedo Ndur Guard 6-3Union, ON2001-02Western2004-04 Canada
Glen Nelson Forward 6-5Regina, SK1984-85Regina-85 Germany, Austria, Australia
Jeremy Neufeld Guard 6-2Chilliwack, BC2001-02Simon Fraser2009-09 Canada
Craig Newman Guard/Forward 6-5Calgary, AB1995-96Calgary1997-98 Spain, France, Austria
Jake Newman Forward 6-6White Rock, BC2018-19Victoria2021-23 Finland
Sam Newman Guard 6-3Ipswich, England2017-18Alberta2018-23 UK
Filose Ngeleka Forward 6-8Kinshasa, Congo2011-12Bishop's2012-13 Canada
Ady Ngom Forward 6-5Barghy, Senegal2003-04Laval2006-07 Canada
Tanor Ngom Centre 7-2Dakar, Senegal2019-20Ryerson2022-23 Spain
Riiny Ngot Centre 7-2Sudan2011-12StFX2013-15 Canada
Spas Nikolov Forward 6-9Sofia, Bulgaria2021-22Winnipeg2020-23 Belgium, Bulgaria
Erik Nissen Forward 6-9Quispamsis, NB2017-18Acadia2018-21 Japan, Canada, Spain
Nigel (Tommy) Nixon Forward 6-6Vancouver, BC2014-15UBC2017-20 Hong Kong
Paul Nixon Post 6-8Kincardine, ON2000-01York2001-04 Canada, Portugal
William Njoku Forward 6-9Halifax, NS1993-94Saint Mary's1994-13 Canada, Macedonia, Kosovo, Syria, Portugal, Belgium, Turkey, Germany, USA, France
Randy Nohr Guard 6-0Aldergrove, BC2000-01StFX2002-05 Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden
Devon Norris Guard 6-3Tantallon, NS2007-08Dalhousie2010-10 Canada
Robert Nortmann Forward 6-7Nassau, Bahamas2011-12Dalhousie2013-22 Iceland, Germany, Italy, Canada
Jake Notice Guard/Wing 6-4Bath, England2020-21MacEwan2021-22 UK
Matt Nuna Guard 6-3Windsor, ON2010-11Windsor2011-21 Romania
Enrico Nuno Forward 6-8Half Moon Bay, CA2018-19Thompson Rivers2022-23 Portugal, Mexico
Joseph Nwabuzor Forward 6-4Palos Verdes, CA2009-10Acadia2015-17 Norway
David John Oates Forward 6-6Albury, Australia2012-13Thompson Rivers2019-19 Australia
Reginald Oblitey Forward 6-4Toronto, ON1995-96Dalhousie, Acadia1996-98 Finland, UK
Xavier Ochu Guard 6-1Milton, ON2023-24Windsor, Dalhousie2020-20 Canada
Brian Ofori Forward 6-6Montreal, QC2017-18Regina, UPEI2018-21 Norway, Spain, Portugal
Joe Ogoms Forward 6-6Winnipeg, MB1986-87Manitoba1987-99 Belgium, Germany, Finland, Ireland, Spain, Iceland, UK
Dele Ogundokun Guard 6-3Hamilton, ON2017-18McGill2018-19 Spain
Jarred Ogungbemi-Jackson Point Guard 5-9Winnipeg, MB2014-15Calgary2015-23 Denmark, Netherlands, Finland, Canada, France, Spain, Portugal
Phil Ohl Forward 6-7Courtenay, BC1984-85Victoria1985-89 Germany
Michael Okafor Wing 6-4Toronto, ON2022-23Lakehead2022-23 Canada
Ogo Okwumabua Forward 6-4Winnipeg, MB1999-00Manitoba2000-01 Canada
Thor Olesen Guard 6-11994-95Winnipeg1995-96 Canada
Dennie Oliver Forward 6-6Halifax, NS2001-02StFX, Brandon2002-08 Canada, Luxembourg, Argentina
Osman Olol Forward 6-9Ottawa, ON2012-13Saint Mary's2015-15 Mexico
Aaron Olson Guard 6-5Whitehorse, YT1997-98Victoria2001-07 Finland, New Zealand
Keith Omoerah Guard/Forward 6-5Winnipeg, MB2016-17Manitoba2017-23 Sweden, Spain, France, Iran, Ukraine, Norway
Etienne Orr-Ewing Forward 6-8Vancouver, BC2002-03Memorial, Victoria1997-04 Finland, Austria, France, Germany
Simon Orr-Ewing Centre 6-8Vancouver, BC1995-96UNB1998-02 Austria, Germany
Shane Osayande Forward 6-6Toronto, ON2016-17Saskatchewan2017-23 Qatar, Lebanon, Palestine, Germany, Bahrain, Portugal, Iceland, Spain, Venezuela, Canada
Isiah Osborne Guard 6-5Windsor, ON2020-21Carleton, Windsor2020-23 Lithuania, Finland, Canada
Rotimi Osuntola Jr. Guard 6-5Windsor, ON2014-15Windsor2016-17 Spain, Canada
Kenneth Otieno Guard 6-3Lethbridge, AB2014-15Alberta2015-19 Spain, Canada
Anthony Ottley Forward 6-6Brampton, ON2013-14Trinity Western, Windsor2016-23 USA, Canada
Youssef Ouahrig Guard 6-0Montreal, QC2014-15Alberta2015-16 Morocco
Zac Overwater Guard 6-8Didsbury, AB2018-19Lethbridge2019-22 Luxembourg, Spain, Canada
Josh Owen-Thomas Guard 6-1Adelaide, Australia2015-16Calgary2016-17 Australia
Emmanuel Owootoah Guard 5-11Toronto, ON2021-22Brock, Carleton2020-21 Canada
Koven Padayachee Guard 6-4Guelph, ON2001-02Guelph2004-04 Canada
Michael Page Guard 6-6Los Angeles, CA2003-04Brandon2007-08 USA
Adam Paige Forward 6-8Surrey, BC2023-24Alberta2021-23 Canada
Calvin Palmer Forward 6-6Saskatoon, SK2001-02Saskatchewan2003-05 Denmark
Merrick Palmer Guard 6-2Scarborough, ON1996-97StFX1997-98 South Africa
Lloyd Pandi Forward 6-4Ottawa, ON2021-22Carleton2020-23 Turkey, Canada
Kevon Parchment Guard 6-3Scarborough, ON2015-16UFV2016-17 Canada
Chris Paredes Forward 6-5North Vancouver, BC2009-10Simon Fraser2013-17 Chile, Poland
Minwoo Park Guard 5-10Fredericton, NB2019-20Dalhousie2020-21 South Korea
Yorick Parke Guard 6-0Winnipeg, MB1991-92Manitoba1994-99 Iceland, UK
Andrew Parker Guard 6-5Edmonton, AB2007-08Alberta2008-10 Brazil, Germany, France, Canada
Stephen Parker Guard 6-1Edmonton, AB2001-02Alberta2008-08 Canada
Antwann Parks Guard 6-0Queen's, NY2010-11UNB2014-19 USA
Eli Pasquale Guard 6-0Sudbury, ON1983-84Victoria1986-90 Switzerland, West Germany, Argentina
Emanuel Pasquale Guard 6-1Victoria, BC2012-13Laurentian2013-14 Austria
John Paul Forward 6-11Bexon, Saint Lucia2017-18Brandon2018-19 Spain
Vital Peeters Forward 6-5Squamish, BC1995-96UBC2002-04 Japan
Srdjan Pejicic Forward 6-7Sarajevo, BiH2012-13Waterloo2016-18 Italy
Jermaine Pendley Guard 5-11Toronto, ON2004-05Laurier, Laurentian2006-07 Norway
Guillaume Pepin Forward 6-6Montreal, QC2022-23Ottawa2021-23 Canada
Christopher Pereira Guard 6-1East St. Paul, MB2008-09Manitoba2009-10 Portugal
Mark Perrin Guard 6-1Toronto, ON2013-14Trinity Western2014-15 Canada
Fred Perry Guard/Forward 6-5Halifax, NS2000-01StFX2001-06 Portugal, France
Tim Pershick Forward 6-4North Vancouver, BC2004-05Manitoba2005-06 Portugal
Adika Peter-McNeilly Guard 6-3Scarborough, ON2016-17Ryerson2017-23 Romania, France, Germany, Canada
Sean Peter Guard 6-3Ottawa, ON2011-12Trinity Western, Ottawa2012-15 Canada
Lien Phillip Forward 6-8St. Mark's, Grenada2013-14Windsor2014-23 Australia, France
Cesare Piccini Forward 6-4Hamilton, ON1995-96McMaster1996-99 Iceland
David Picton Guard 6-1Welland, ON1995-96Brock1996-00 Germany
Eric Pierce Guard 6-6Oceanside, CA2018-19Lethbridge2022-23 Iraq, Oman
Jean Emmanuel Pierre-Charles Forward 6-8Ottawa, ON2017-18Ottawa, Carleton2018-20 Mexico, Spain, Canada
DeAndrae Pierre Guard 6-1Brampton, ON2023-24Laurier, Lethbridge, York2021-21 Canada
Geoff Pippus Guard 6-6Colorado Springs, CO2017-18Alberta, UBC2019-19 Canada
Shawn Plancke Forward 6-7Elgin, ON1996-97Dalhousie2001-04 Ecuador, Dominican Republic
Doug Plumb Guard 6-4Pitt Meadows, BC2012-13UBC, UFV2013-15 Romania, Hungary
Josh Poirier Forward 6-5Ottawa, ON2003-04Carleton2005-05 Australia
Anthony Pomonis Guard 5-11Surrey, BC1995-96Lethbridge1997-05 France, Iceland, Greece
Aleksa Popadic Forward 6-8Bjeljina, Serbia2022-23Concordia2022-23 Bosnia
Rastko Popovic Guard 5-10Sarajevo, Yugoslavia2005-06Concordia2010-11 Bosnia
Mukiya Post Forward 6-3Victoria, BC2014-15Concordia, Bishop's2023-23 Canada
Chad Posthumus Centre 6-10Winnipeg, MB2009-10UBC2014-23 Uruguay, Japan, Canada, Argentina
Tyrese Potoma Guard 5-11Regina, SK2023-24Saskatchewan2021-21 Canada
Steve Pound Guard 5-9Millinocket, ME1971-72Acadia1975-77 UK
Jim Pratt Forward 6-5Sherwood Park, AB1983-84Alberta1984-85 UK
Dusan Prelo Centre 7-0Toronto, ON2019-20York2022-23 Serbia
Alejandro Prescott-Cornejo Guard 6-1Ottawa, ON2014-15Toronto2015-16 Spain
Adam Presutti Guard 6-2Oakville, ON2016-17Ottawa, McMaster2017-22 Spain, Sweden, Canada, Slovakia, Italy
Jelane Pryce Forward 6-7Innisfil, ON2015-16Winnipeg, Ryerson2019-20 Canada
Joey Puddister Guard 5-11North Bay, ON2015-16Nipissing2016-23 Portugal, Netherlands, Canada
Tyrone Purnell Forward 6-9Los Angeles, CA2004-05Brandon2007-08 USA
Matt Rachar Forward 6-7Burnaby, BC2008-09UBC2009-14 Austria, Canada
Romel Raffin Forward 6-9Kitchener, ON1979-80Calgary1976-80 Venezuela, Italy
Anto Raic Forward 6-7Welland, ON2011-12Brock2013-16 Canada
Kenonte Ramsey Guard 6-1Richmond, CA2014-15Brandon2018-23 USA
Emerick Ravier Guard 6-3Ottawa, ON2013-14Brandon2017-20 France
Aaron Redpath Guard 6-5Ajax, ON2015-16McMaster2016-19 Canada, Spain
Theon Reefer Guard 6-6Toronto, ON2016-17Saint Mary's2017-20 Portugal, Canada
Denburk Reid Guard 5-7Montreal, QC2004-05McGill2005-09 Canada
Duncan Reid Centre 6-9Hong Kong, China2010-11Guelph2011-19 China, Hong Kong
Kirk Reid Guard 6-5Chateauguay, QC2002-03McGill2003-03 France
Jean-Pierre Reimer Forward 6-6Laval, QC1996-97Concordia2005-06 Austria
Derek Rhodes Guard 6-5Antioch, CA2018-19Thompson Rivers2022-22 Mexico
Aaron Rhooms Guard 6-6Toronto, ON2023-24Toronto Metropolitan, Ryerson2022-22 Canada
John Riad Guard 6-2Calgary, AB2003-04Calgary2005-15 Canada, Denmark
Tyler Richards Guard 6-2Halifax, NS2008-09StFX2012-14 Canada
Joel Richardson Guard 6-3Canberra, Australia2005-06Guelph2009-12 Australia
Tony Richter Forward 6-6Winnipeg, MB2004-05Winnipeg2005-05 New Zealand
Terell Rilcy Arriere 6-2Paris, France2022-23Laval2023-23 Canada
Martin Riley Guard 5-11Winnipeg, MB1977-78Manitoba1980-81 Argentina
Nathan Riley Forward 6-5Kitchener, ON2021-22Nipissing, Algoma2022-23 Portugal
Alan Rivers-Bowerman Guard 6-4Clifton Royal, NB2010-11Acadia2017-18 Canada
Anthony Rizzetto Forward 6-4Chatham, ON2003-04Windsor2004-04 Canada
Euan Roberts Forward 6-7Rexdale, ON1995-96Brandon1996-96 Iceland
Jordan Roberts Forward 6-5Trout Creek, ON2018-19Nipissing2019-23 Austria, Spain
Curtis Robinson Forward 6-6Pierrefonds, QC1995-96UPEI1995-99 Austria, Belgium, UK
Joe Rocca Guard 6-4Sarnia, ON2016-17Carleton, McMaster2016-20 Georgia, Slovakia, Canada
Cassio Rodrigues Centre 6-10Sao Paulo, Brazil2015-16StFX2018-20 Brazil
Robert Rodriguez Point Guard 5-11Sacramento, CA2013-14Trinity Western2015-21 USA, Dominican Republic, Mexico
Azaro Roker Forward 6-6Nassau, Bahamas2020-21StFX2021-23 France, Spain
Mark Ross Guard 6-1Cole Harbour, NS2007-08Saint Mary's2008-08 USA
Brian Rouse Guard 6-4Mississauga, ON2016-17Saint Mary's2017-18 Canada
Tut Ruach Guard 6-2Mississauga, ON2008-09York2010-15 Czech Republic, Sweden, Canada, Germany
Hamza Ruhezamihigo Guard 6-3Bujumbura, Burundi2008-09Concordia2012-13 Canada
Adam Ruickbie Forward 6-7Hamilton, ON2007-08Western2011-11 USA
Vojo Rusic Forward 6-8Hamilton, ON1998-99McMaster1999-00 Montenegro
Kyle Russell Guard 6-3Richmond, BC2002-03UBC, Calgary2003-04 Germany
Cassidy Ryan Forward 6-7Mississauga, ON2018-19Brock2019-22 Argentina, Romania, Canada
Kyle Rysdale Centre 6-8Oakville, ON1995-96Western2004-04 Canada
Gage Sabean Guard 6-5Port Williams, NS2021-22Ottawa2022-23 Portugal, Canada
Tyler Sagl Wing 6-5Burlington, ON2023-24Lakehead, Ryerson2023-23 Canada
Manny Sahota Forward 6-5Brampton, ON2016-17Toronto2021-22 Canada
Gregory Saint-Amand Forward 6-5Laval, QC2012-13UQAM2013-14 Switzerland
Ratana Sak Garde 6-0Montreal, QC2004-05UQAM2009-09 Canada
N'Kosi Kedar Salam Guard 6-2Brampton, ON2014-15UBC2018-23 Spain
Saydou Sall Arriere 6-7Niakwar, Senegal2023-24Laval2023-23 Canada
Sukhman Sandhu Forward 6-10Surrey, BC2022-23UBC, UFV2022-22 Canada
Paulo Santana Guard 6-1Bengo, Angola2007-08Acadia2009-18 Angola
Ivan Saric Forward 6-8Edmonton, AB2006-07Winnipeg, Manitoba2007-09 Croatia
Jeff Saxby Forward 6-5Bridgewater, NS2004-05Memorial2006-07 Germany
Phil Scherer Guard 6-4St. Albert, AB2003-04Alberta2006-08 Canada, Switzerland, Spain
Eric Schippers Forward 6-7Kingston, WA2011-12Brandon2013-14 USA
Joseph Schow Forward 6-9Trail, BC2010-11Dalhousie, Calgary, Simon Fraser2011-12 UK
Ethan Scott Guard 6-4Vancouver, BC2016-17Calgary2019-19 Hong Kong
Tyler Scott Guard 6-3Halifax, NS2016-17UPEI, Acadia2017-23 Canada
Jimmy Scroggins Guard/Forward 6-2Phoenix, AZ2009-10Regina2017-18 Mexico, India
Philip Scrubb Guard 6-3Richmond, BC2014-15Carleton2015-22 France, Spain, Russia, Greece, Germany, Canada
Thomas Scrubb Forward 6-6Richmond, BC2014-15Carleton2015-23 Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Finland, Canada
Jason Scully Forward 6-4Victoria, BC2021-22Victoria2022-23 Spain
Anthony Sears Guard 6-4Riverview, NB2013-14Acadia2018-19 Malta
Milorad Sedlarevic Forward 6-7Jesenice, Solvenia2018-19UPEI2019-23 Slovakia, Iceland, Ireland, Germany, Bosnia
Jonathan Semira Guard 6-1Scarborough, ON2006-07Western2013-wn Philippines, Canada
Elliott Sentance Forward 6-4Leicester, England2016-17Lethbridge2017-22 Germany, UK
Ismar Serferagic Kriese Forward 6-7Toronto, ON2012-13Windsor2013-18 Germany
Georges Serresse Forward 6-4Sudbury, ON2012-13Laurentian2013-22 Canada, France
Miles Seward Guard 6-4Toronto, ON2017-18McMaster2018-19 Canada
Patrick Sewell Forward 6-3London, ON2009-10Toronto2011-12 Canada
Timothy Shanks Guard 5-9London, ON2001-02Western2004-04 Canada
Aryan Sharma Guard 6-5Milton, ON2023-24Western2023-23 Canada
Justin Shaver Forward 6-6Ottawa, ON2019-20Nipissing, Carleton2022-23 Portugal, Canada
Grant Shephard Forward 6-10Kelowna, BC2022-23Carleton, UBC2019-23 Canada
Omar Shiddo Guard 6-1Brampton, ON2021-22Western2022-23 Denmark
Gene Shipley Centre 6-9Conshohocken, PA2002-03Brandon2004-16 Peru, El Salvador, Bolivia, Chile, USA, Mexico
Temitayo Shittu Forward 6-6Burlington, ON2018-19Acadia, StFX2019-23 UK, Italy
Robbie Sihota Forward 6-6Calgary, AB2009-10Calgary2010-17 Hungary, Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Canada, Netherlands
Ben Simmons Forward 6-7Victoria, BC1998-99Brandon2000-01 New Zealand, USA
Isaac Simon Guard 6-2Regina, SK2023-24Alberta2023-23 Canada
Patrick Simon Forward 6-8Port Coquitlam, BC2018-19UBC2019-22 Iceland, Slovakia, Austria
Telloy Simon Guard 6-3Kitchener, ON2021-22Windsor2021-22 Canada
Johneil Simpson Guard 6-5Toronto, ON2018-19Brock2019-19 Canada
Arshdeep Singh Forward 6-8Patiala, India2020-21Cape Breton2023-23 India
Jaskaran Singh Forward 6-5Calgary, AB2020-21Mount Royal2023-23 India
Grant Sitton Forward 6-9Brush Prairie, WA2016-17Victoria2017-23 Japan, Germany, Netherlands, Slovakia
Brian Skeoch Centre 6-9Englehart, ON1982-83Laurentian1984-86 UK
Cam Slomp Forward 6-4Lethbridge, AB1989-90Lethbridge1990-91 Netherlands
Rob Smart Jr. Guard 6-3Napanee, ON2002-03Carleton2003-04 Germany
Bradley Smith Forward 6-6Innisfil, ON2008-09Western2009-10 UK
Jeff Smith Forward 6-7Brandon, MB1993-94Calgary1995-97 New Zealand
Michael Smith Guard 6-2Brampton, ON2014-15UNBC, Brandon, Regina2016-18 Germany
Ryan Smith Forward 6-3Dalhousie, NB2014-15UNB2015-16 Canada
Cameron Smythe Forward 6-11Vancouver, BC2017-18Carleton2018-19 Austria
Isaiah Solomon Guard 6-0Richmond, BC2013-14UBC2017-17 USA
Borja Soriano Centre 6-10Valencia, Spain2018-19Trinity Western2019-23 Spain
Dominique Soucy Guard 6-3Quebec City, QC2005-06Laval2006-09 Canada
Ali Sow Guard 6-1Ottawa, ON2021-22Laurier2022-23 Germany, Canada
Andrew Spagrud Forward Saskatoon, SK2007-08Saskatchewan2009-11 Czech Republic, Sweden
Daren Spithoff Forward 6-7Burlington, ON1998-99McMaster1999-01 Spain, Denmark
Clinton Springer-Williams Guard 6-4London, ON2013-14Carleton, Brock2014-17 Canada
Charlie Spurr Guard 5-11Victoria, BC2010-11StFX, Thompson Rivers2011-14 Canada, Morocco
James Spurritt Forward 6-4Adelaide, Australia2012-13McMaster2014-19 Australia
Kevin St. Kitts Wing 6-5Wolverhampton, England1986-87Ryerson, Brandon1989-02 France, UK
Dragan Stajic Guard 6-2Waterloo, ON2023-24Ottawa2023-23 Canada
Sven Stammberger Forward 6-6Halifax, NS2017-18Dalhousie2018-20 Germany
Christopher Stanhope Guard 6-5Brampton, ON2016-17Brandon, Cape Breton2017-18 Canada
Bradley States Forward 6-6Bathurst, NB2015-16UPEI, Acadia2016-20 Canada
Alex Steele Guard 6-1Edmonton, AB2007-08Alberta2008-10 Spain, Germany, Canada
Ryan Steer Guard 6-0Windsor, ON2007-08Windsor2008-09 Germany
Marquavian Stephens Guard 6-3Flint, MI2021-22Saskatchewan2022-23 Portugal
Sheldon Stewart Forward 6-6Orleans, ON2006-07Carleton2018-19 Canada
Sean Stoqua Guard 5-11Stittsville, ON2019-20Ottawa, Acadia2021-23 Germany, Armenia
Drew Stratton Forward 6-7Quispamsis, NB2007-08Dalhousie2011-12 Canada, Australia
Greg Surmacz Forward 6-8Peterborough, ON2008-09Windsor2009-21 Canada, Poland
Shawn Swords Forward 6-3Ottawa, ON1996-97Laurentian1997-07 Finland, Italy, Germany, France, Switzerland, UK
Cole Syllas Guard 6-5Kingston, ON2023-24Queen's2023-23 Canada
John Sylliboy Forward 6-3Eskasoni, NS2006-07Cape Breton2017-18 Canada
Vartan Tanielian Guard 6-4Surrey, BC2018-19Trinity Western2019-20 Lebanon
Philip Taylor Wing 6-5Dublin, Ireland2004-05Memorial2008-15 Ireland
Jordan Tchuente Forward 6-6Kanata, ON2023-24Brock2022-23 Canada
Dean Thibodeau Centre/Forward 6-8Summerside, PE1992-93Dalhousie1993-09 Denmark, Sweden, Canada
Emerson Thomas Guard 6-5LaSalle, QC1994-95Concordia2000-15 Switzerland
Kevin Thomas Forward 6-8Malton, ON2012-13Saint Mary's2017-18 Canada
Novell Thomas Guard 6-0Richmond, BC0000-002001-02 Canada
Terry Thomas Guard 6-4East Preston, NS2013-14Ottawa, StFX2014-23 Dominican Republic, Finland, Chile, Venezuela, Taiwan, Canada, Germany
Theo Thomas Guard 6-3Brampton, ON2018-19Laurentian2020-21 Moldova
Earl Thompson Jr. Guard/Forward 6-5Henderson, NV2016-17Brandon2021-23 Portugal, UK
Kadeem Thompson Guard 6-0Brampton, ON2016-17Saint Mary's2017-18 UK
Jameson Tipping Guard 6-7Orangeville, ON2012-13Brock2013-20 Cayman Islands, Argentina, Canada
Jesse Tipping Forward 6-5Orangeville, ON2009-10Waterloo, Brock2013-14 Canada
Teddy Tochev Guard 6-3Guelph, ON2011-12Waterloo, Ryerson2012-13 Bulgaria
Burke Toews 1989-90Winnipeg1991-96 Germany, Canada, Japan
Byron Tokarchuk Centre 6-9Saskatoon, SK1987-88Saskatchewan-88 United Arab Emirates, Mexico
Phil Tollestrup Forward 6-6Raymond, AB1972-73Lethbridge1973-74 Spain
Samuel Toluwase Forward 6-3London, England2006-07Guelph2009-23 Italy, Iceland, UK
Stefan Tosic Guard 6-3Windsor, ON2014-15Windsor2016-17 Serbia
Konrad Tota Forward 6-5Toronto, ON2000-01Ryerson2004-20 New Zealand, Spain, Slovakia, Iceland, Poland, Germany, Portugal
Heman Toussaint Centre 6-7Baie-Mahault, Guadeloupe2017-18UQAM2019-20 France
Zachary Traer Forward 6-5Chelsea, QC2015-16Ottawa2017-22 Luxembourg
William Tran Guard 6-4Newmarket, ON2019-20Nipissing2021-23 Vietnam
Isaiah Traylor Guard 6-4Tupelo, MS2019-20Lakehead2020-23 Georgia, Canada, Kosovo
Jan Trojanowski Forward 6-7Grand Falls, NB1998-99Acadia1999-01 Poland, UK
Anthony Tsegakele Forward 6-6Gatineau, QC2022-23Brandon2021-23 Canada
Nick Tufegdzich Forward 6-7Tecumseh, ON2014-15York2015-18 Germany
Tai Tuisamoa Forward 6-3San Diego, CA2004-05Regina2006-07 USA
Brandon Tull Guard 6-4Ajax, ON2017-18Regina2018-19 Spain
Jonathan Tull Guard 6-4Ajax, ON2015-16Regina, Acadia2016-17 Spain
Daniel Tulloch Forward 6-5Mississauga, ON2015-16York2016-17 Canada
Stuart Turnbull Guard 6-2Kingston, ON2008-09Carleton2009-12 Germany
Travis Turnbull Guard 6-0Belle River, ON2010-11York2011-12 USA
Josh Turner Guard 6-4Auburndale, FL2013-14Calgary2014-23 UAE, Mexico, Morocco, Iraq, Romania, Dominican Republic, Montenegro, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Columbia, Kosovo
Munis Tutu Guard 6-0Windsor, ON2019-20Carleton2020-23 Bulgaria, Germany, Canada
Andrew Tyler Forward 6-7Toronto, ON1997-98StFX1998-01 Netherlands, France, UK
David Tyndale Guard 5-11Mississauga, ON2012-13York2014-16 Canada
Tor Ulla Forward 6-6Halifax, NS2006-07UNB2014-14 Australia
Emmy Unaegbu Forward 6-5Port Coquitlam, BC2005-06Simon Fraser2009-10 Canada
Gheric Uneau Forward 6-6Guadalupe2013-14Laurentian2014-20 France
Patrick Unger Guard 6-3Berlin, Germany2007-08Alberta2004-12 Germany
Chris Unsworth Forward 6-8Maple Creek, SK2011-12Saskatchewan, Calgary2012-12 Canada
Christian Upshaw Guard 6-0Halifax, NS2010-11StFX2011-15 Canada
Alex Urosevic Guard 6-3Kitchener, ON1993-94Waterloo1996-98 Netherlands, Belgium
Zachary Usherwood Guard 6-0Coquitlam, BC2015-16UPEI, Thompson Rivers2018-18 USA
Andrew Vallejo Guard 6-0Toronto, ON1994-95York1996-99 Spain, Iceland
Henry Van Herk Forward 6-9Toronto, ON2021-22Queen's2022-23 Malta, Germany
Bas van Willigen Forward 6-7Netherlands1998-99Cape Breton1999-09 Netherlands
Keith Vassell Guard 6-4Scarborough, ON1995-96Brandon1997-07 Sweden, France, Switzerland, Finland, Canada, Iceland
Andrew Vaughan Forward 6-6Calgary, AB1991-92Calgary1992-92 Canada
Marvin Vebobe Forward 6-4Avignon, France2010-11Laval2012-14 France
Keevan Veinot Guard 6-4Port Williams, NS2021-22Dalhousie2021-23 Netherlands, Canada
Kevin Veinot Forward 6-5Mahone Bay, NS1989-90Acadia1990-92 Canada
Tyrell Vernon Guard 6-1Hamilton, ON2012-13StFX, McMaster2014-15 Canada
Joey Vickery Guard 5-10Winnipeg, MB1990-91Brandon, Winnipeg1995-19 Sweden, Austria, France, Spain, Lithuania
Max Viitala Forward 6-5Melbourne, Australia2017-18Trinity Western2018-19 Australia
Filip Vujadinovic Forward 6-7Burlington, ON2018-19Ryerson2019-20 Spain, Canada
Austin Waddoups Guard 6-2Highland, UT2017-18Alberta2018-19 Denmark
David Wagner Forward 6-9Kamloops, BC2015-16UBC2017-17 Australia
David Walker Guard 6-4Toronto, ON2023-24Toronto Metropolitan2023-23 Canada
Brent Wallace Forward 7-0Brisbane, Australia2014-15Lakehead2015-21 Australia
O'Brian Wallace Guard 6-1Toronto, ON2012-13UBC, Brandon2014-16 Germany
Stuart Wallensteen Post 6-9Nanaimo, BC2013-14UBC Okanagan2014-16 Canada
Warren Ward Guard 6-5London, ON2012-13Ottawa2013-18 Spain, France, Canada, Germany
Aiden Warnholtz Guard 6-2Kanata, ON2022-23Carleton2023-23 Canada
O.J. Watson Forward 6-4Toronto, ON2017-18Laurentian2023-23 Canada
Chris Webber Forward 6-9Owen Sound, ON1997-98Western, Winnipeg, Carleton1998-04 Canada, Greece, New Zealand, UK
Andrew Wedemire Forward 6-6Sarnia, ON2010-11Western2011-13 UK
Alex Weis Forward 6-5Calgary, AB1997-98Calgary1999-02 Austria
R.J. Wells Forward 6-4Windsor, ON2009-10Windsor2013-14 Canada
Steven Wesley Forward 6-6Spokane, WA2013-14Winnipeg2014-18 Mexico, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland
Dean Whalen Guard 6-2Port Coquitlam, BC2005-06Alberta2008-08 Canada
Josh Whyte Guard 6-3Calgary, AB2010-11UBC, Victoria2011-14 UK, Canada
Dean Wiebe Guard 6-4Saskatoon, SK1993-94Saskatchewan1992-93 Canada
Daan Wiersum Forward 6-8Groningen, Netherlands2011-12Calgary2012-16 Malta, Netherlands
Jamal Williams Forward 6-5Regina, SK2009-10Regina2010-19 UK
Jameel Williamson Guard 6-2Pickering, ON2014-15StFX2017-17 Canada
Kadeem Willis Forward 6-4Maple, ON2014-15UFV2015-17 Canada
Samuel Willis III Guard 6-1Minneapolis, MN2018-19Mount Royal2021-22 Moldova
Paul Williscroft Forward 6-8Richmond, BC1998-99Dalhousie1996-02 Ireland, Denmark
Allister Wilmott Guard 6-8Victoria, BC2000-01Victoria2001-02 Finland
Andrew Wilmott Forward 6-4Victoria, BC1995-96Victoria1996-00 New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa
Rob Wilson Forward 6-8Toronto, ON1991-92Toronto1992-02 Belgium, UK, Iceland, New Zealand, Lebanon, France, Portugal, Israel, Sweden
Greg Wiltjer Centre 6-11Victoria, BC1983-84Victoria1984-97 Portugal, France, Argentina, USA, Greece, Spain, Italy
Greg Winston Centre 6-8New London, CT1978-79StFX1979-80 Switzerland
Josh Wolfram Forward 6-10Kamloops, BC2015-16Thompson Rivers, Calgary2016-18 Czech Republic, Sweden
Connor Wood Guard 6-4Guelph, ON2016-17Carleton2017-20 Spain, Germany, France, Canada
Gord Wood Forward 6-8Paris, ON1992-93Brock1993-04 Canada, Austria, France, Iceland, Denmark, UK
Matthew Woodhead Guard 5-10Brisbane, Australia2005-06Acadia2006-09 Australia, Germany
Chris Wright Forward 6-7Calgary, AB2005-06Calgary2006-13 Canada, Germany
Chet Wydrzynski Forward 6-7Windsor, ON2000-01Ottawa, Windsor2004-04 Canada
Glen Yang Guard 6-4Hong Kong, China2018-19Mount Royal2019-23 Canada, Philippines, Spain, Hong Kong
Nelson Yengue Guard 6-3Yaounde, Cameroon2017-18Laurentian2018-23 Spain
Gilles Ysos Guard 6-1Agen, France2005-06UQAM2006-12 France
Nathan Yu Guard 6-2Prince George, BC2011-12UBC2015-19 China, Hong Kong
Luka Zaharijevic Forward 6-8Vancouver, BC2017-18UBC2018-20 Lithuania, Czech Republic
Dan Zapior Post 6-6Thunder Bay, ON2002-03Lakehead2004-06 Ireland, Belgium
Eylon Zemer Guard 6-1Toronto, ON2007-08York2008-09 Israel
Omar Zerbo Centre 6-7Bethesda, MD2009-10Concordia2017-18 USA
Ta'Quan Zimmerman Guard 6-2Waterbury, CT2013-14Thompson Rivers2014-20 Canada, USA
Dominic Zimmermann Guard 6-2Burnaby, BC1998-99UBC2000-06 Germany
Kristian Zjak Forward 6-7Point Cook, Australia2018-19Mount Royal2019-19 Australia
Jim Zoet Centre 7-1Port Perry, ON1977-78Lakehead1978-83 USA, UK, Netherlands, Philippines, Mexico

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