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University Basketball in Canada
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U SPORTS Final 8 Selection Criteria for the At-large Berth

The Women's Basketball Playing Regulations document was found at Playing Regulations 2021-22 Season on the U SPORTS website.

The applicable section (retrieved on 13-Mar-2022) says:

The Selection/Seeding Committee will use the following criteria to determine the at-large berth for the W-Final 8. The criteria will also be used for seeding the teams for the W-Final 8 while respecting the guidelines listed below.

All teams will be considered for the at-large berth and ranked in each category. If any team is the only team to lead two, three or four of these categories following the conclusion of conference playoffs, it will be awarded the at-large berth. If no team leads more categories than all other teams, the berth will be awarded to the tied team who has the highest winning percentage vs. the Top 12 teams in the final RPI.

  1. Win-Loss record: Winning percentage in all games against U SPORTS opponents, including playoffs and non-conference games.
  2. RPI: RPI rank based on non-conference and regular-season games (i.e., all games except playoffs.)
  3. Playoff advancement: The number of wins the team fell short of qualifying for the Final 8 automatically. For example, the AUS runner-up would be one win short, both semi-finalists would be two wins short, and so on. A lower number of "wins away from Final 8" is better here, of course. If two teams from the same conference play a 3rd place game, the winner of that game would win this category.
  4. SRS (Simple Ranking System)
NOTE: If still tied: Use the winning percentage versus Top 12 teams in final RPI.

Teams Already Qualified for Women's U Sports Final 8
TeamLeagueHow qualified
SaskatchewanCanada West EastCanada West Champion
RyersonOUA Champion
LavalRSEQRSEQ Champion
AcadiaAUSAUS Champion
WinnipegCanada West EastCanada West Representative
BrockOUA WestOUA Representative
QueensOUA EastHost Team

1) Winning percentage in all games against U SPORTS opponents. For playoff games this is adjusted to only count the last game of a best of 3 series.
1TMUnow OUA East2401.000
2Alberta Canada West Central1940.826
3UPEI AUS1750.773
4Carleton OUA East1750.773
5Saint Marys AUS1860.750
6Trinity Western Canada West West1860.750
7UFV Canada West West1660.727
8Guelph OUA West1350.722
9Ottawa OUA East1560.714
10Western OUA West1460.700

2) RPI for non-conference and league games (not playoffs)
1TMUnow OUA East1.0000.5320.5150.64468
2UPEI AUS0.8850.4980.5130.59870
3Saint Marys AUS0.7280.5460.4970.57917
4Alberta Canada West Central0.8450.4940.4790.57808
5Carleton OUA East0.8140.4870.5090.57405
6Ottawa OUA East0.7570.5130.5090.57297
7Western OUA West0.7280.5290.4760.56566
8UFV Canada West West0.7810.4920.4890.56327
9Bishops RSEQ0.6400.5410.4970.55466
10Regina Canada West East0.6720.4990.5430.55329
11Trinity Western Canada West West0.7630.4640.4910.54575
12Concordia RSEQ0.7500.4600.5130.54543

3) Playoff advancement, how many wins away from automatic qualifier
PosTeamLeagueWins Away
1TMUnow OUA East0
2UFV Canada West West0
3WLUteam OUA West0
4Carleton OUA East1
5Western OUA West1
6Regina Canada West East1
7Lethbridge Canada West Central1
8Cape Breton AUS1
11Saint Marys AUS2
12Alberta Canada West Central2
13Ottawa OUA East2
14Bishops RSEQ2
15Trinity Western Canada West West2
16Concordia RSEQ2
17Guelph OUA West2
18McMaster OUA West2
19Calgary Canada West Central2
20Fraser Valley 2

4) SRS rating for non-conference and league games (not playoffs)
PosTeamLeagueU Sports RecordAvg PMSoS factorSRS Rating
1TMUnowOUA East18-0  21.61  -2.35  19.26
2ReginaCanada West East16-8  12.08  3.22  15.30
3CarletonOUA East16-4  16.25  -1.33  14.92
4UPEIAUS15-2  14.53  -0.89  13.64
5OttawaOUA East14-5  13.26  -0.33  12.94
6GuelphOUA West12-4  19.12  -7.97  11.16
7UFVCanada West West16-5  10.57  0.57  11.14
8AlbertaCanada West Central19-3  12.14  -1.93  10.20
9ConcordiaRSEQ11-5  9.81  0.09  9.90
10BishopsRSEQ10-7  6.06  3.59  9.65

5) Winning percentage against teams in Top 12 of RPI. Those 12 teams are: TMUnow, Saskatchewan, Winnipeg, Brock, UPEI, Saint Marys, Alberta, Carleton, Ottawa, Queens, Western, Acadia,
1TMUnow OUA East1301.000
2UPEI AUS530.625
3Carleton OUA East430.571
4Saint Marys AUS340.429
5Bishops RSEQ230.400
6UFV Canada West West120.333
7Ottawa OUA East250.286
8Cape Breton AUS260.250
9MacEwan Canada West Central130.250
10York OUA East280.200
11Mount Royal Canada West Central140.200
12McMaster OUA West140.200
13Guelph OUA West140.200
14Regina Canada West East290.182
15Laurentian OUA East160.143

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