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University Basketball in Canada
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Schedule of Upcoming Games for 2023-24 Season

(for games from today until end of season)
Asterisk (*) indicates league games.

DateLocation TeamOpponentMatchup LinkComment
Tue Oct 31London, ON*WesternWindsorprior games  
Wed Nov 1Waterloo, ON*LaurierMcMasterprior games  
Thu Nov 2Lennoxville, QC*Bishop'sConcordiaprior games  
 Montreal, QC*UQAMMcGillprior games  
 Oshawa, ON*Ontario TechLaurentianprior games  
Fri Nov 3Guelph, ON*GuelphOttawaprior games  
 Kingston, ON*Queen'sLaurentianprior games  
 London, ON*WesternAlgomaprior games  
 St. Catharines, ON*BrockTorontoprior games  
 Toronto, ON*TMULakeheadprior games  
 Toronto, ON*YorkWaterlooprior games  
Sat Nov 4Guelph, ON*GuelphCarletonprior games  
 Kingston, ON*Queen'sNipissingprior games  
 London, ON*WesternAlgomaprior games  
 Montreal, QC*ConcordiaLavalprior games  
 St. Catharines, ON*BrockYorkprior games  
 Toronto, ON*TMULakeheadprior games  
 Toronto, ON*TorontoMcMasterprior games  
 Windsor, ON*WindsorLaurierprior games  
Sun Nov 5Oshawa, ON*Ontario TechNipissingprior games  
Wed Nov 8Guelph, ON*GuelphWaterlooprior games  
 Toronto, ON*TMUMcMasterprior games  
Thu Nov 9Montreal, QC*McGillBishop'sprior games  
Fri Nov 10London, ON*WesternCarletonprior games  
 North Bay, ON*NipissingOntario Techprior games  
 Quebec City, QC*LavalUQAMprior games  
 Sault Ste. Marie, ON*AlgomaLaurierprior games  
 Sudbury, ON*LaurentianQueen'sprior games  
 Thunder Bay, ON*LakeheadYorkprior games  
 Windsor, ON*WindsorOttawaprior games  
Sat Nov 11Hamilton, ON*McMasterTorontoprior games  
 London, ON*WesternOttawaprior games  
 Montreal, QC*McGillConcordiaprior games  
 North Bay, ON*NipissingQueen'sprior games  
 Sault Ste. Marie, ON*AlgomaLaurierprior games  
 Sudbury, ON*LaurentianOntario Techprior games  
 Thunder Bay, ON*LakeheadYorkprior games  
 Toronto, ON*TMUBrockprior games  
 Waterloo, ON*WaterlooGuelphprior games  
 Windsor, ON*WindsorCarletonprior games  
Wed Nov 15Toronto, ON*TorontoTMUprior games  
Thu Nov 16Lennoxville, QC*Bishop'sLavalprior games  
 Montreal, QC*ConcordiaUQAMprior games  
Fri Nov 17Guelph, ON*GuelphAlgomaprior games  
 Hamilton, ON*McMasterWindsorprior games  
 Kingston, ON*Queen'sOntario Techprior games  
 Ottawa, ON*CarletonBrockprior games  
 Ottawa, ON*OttawaLakeheadprior games  
 Toronto, ON*YorkWesternprior games  
 Waterloo, ON*WaterlooNipissingprior games  
 Waterloo, ON*LaurierLaurentianprior games  
Sat Nov 18Guelph, ON*GuelphAlgomaprior games  
 Hamilton, ON*McMasterWesternprior games  
 Montreal, QC*UQAMBishop'sprior games  
 Oshawa, ON*Ontario TechQueen'sprior games  
 Ottawa, ON*CarletonLakeheadprior games  
 Ottawa, ON*OttawaBrockprior games  
 Quebec City, QC*LavalMcGillprior games  
 Toronto, ON*TMUTorontoprior games  
 Toronto, ON*YorkWindsorprior games  
 Waterloo, ON*WaterlooLaurentianprior games  
 Waterloo, ON*LaurierNipissingprior games  
Wed Nov 22Guelph, ON*GuelphLaurierprior games  
 Hamilton, ON*McMasterTMUprior games  
Thu Nov 23Lennoxville, QC*Bishop'sMcGillprior games  
Fri Nov 24North Bay, ON*NipissingOttawaprior games  
 Sault Ste. Marie, ON*AlgomaWaterlooprior games  
 St. Catharines, ON*BrockQueen'sprior games  
 Sudbury, ON*LaurentianCarletonprior games  
 Thunder Bay, ON*LakeheadWesternprior games  
 Toronto, ON*YorkTorontoprior games  
Sat Nov 25Montreal, QC*McGillUQAMprior games  
 North Bay, ON*NipissingCarletonprior games  
 Quebec City, QC*LavalConcordiaprior games  
 Sault Ste. Marie, ON*AlgomaWaterlooprior games  
 St. Catharines, ON*BrockMcMasterprior games  
 Sudbury, ON*LaurentianOttawaprior games  
 Thunder Bay, ON*LakeheadWindsorprior games  
 Toronto, ON*TMUOntario Techprior games  
 Toronto, ON*TorontoYorkprior games  
 Waterloo, ON*LaurierGuelphprior games  
Wed Nov 29Toronto, ON*TMULaurierprior games  
Thu Nov 30Montreal, QC*ConcordiaBishop'sprior games  
Fri Dec 1Hamilton, ON*McMasterCarletonprior games  
 Kingston, ON*Queen'sGuelphprior games  
 North Bay, ON*NipissingLaurentianprior games  
 Oshawa, ON*Ontario TechAlgomaprior games  
 Toronto, ON*TorontoLakeheadprior games  
 Toronto, ON*YorkOttawaprior games  
 Waterloo, ON*WaterlooBrockprior games  
Sat Dec 2Hamilton, ON*McMasterOttawaprior games  
 Kingston, ON*Queen'sAlgomaprior games  
 Montreal, QC*UQAMLavalprior games  
 Oshawa, ON*Ontario TechGuelphprior games  
 Sudbury, ON*LaurentianNipissingprior games  
 Toronto, ON*TorontoLakeheadprior games  
 Toronto, ON*YorkCarletonprior games  
 Waterloo, ON*WaterlooTMUprior games  
 Waterloo, ON*LaurierBrockprior games  
 Windsor, ON*WindsorWesternprior games  
Wed Dec 6Ottawa, ON*OttawaCarletonprior games  
Thu Jan 4Toronto, ON*TorontoGuelphprior games  
Fri Jan 5London, ON*WesternLaurierprior games  
 Ottawa, ON*CarletonOntario Techprior games  
 Ottawa, ON*OttawaQueen'sprior games  
 Quebec City, QC*LavalBishop'sprior games  
 St. Catharines, ON*BrockTMUprior games  
 Thunder Bay, ON*LakeheadLaurentianprior games  
 Windsor, ON*WindsorWaterlooprior games  
Sat Jan 6Guelph, ON*GuelphWindsorprior games  
 Hamilton, ON*McMasterYorkprior games  
 London, ON*WesternWaterlooprior games  
 Ottawa, ON*CarletonQueen'sprior games  
 Ottawa, ON*OttawaOntario Techprior games  
 Thunder Bay, ON*LakeheadNipissingprior games  
 Toronto, ON*TorontoBrockprior games  
Wed Jan 10Waterloo, ON*WaterlooLaurierprior games  
Thu Jan 11Lennoxville, QC*Bishop'sUQAMprior games  
 Montreal, QC*ConcordiaMcGillprior games  
Fri Jan 12Guelph, ON*GuelphLakeheadprior games  
 Kingston, ON*Queen'sMcMasterprior games  
 London, ON*WesternTorontoprior games  
 Oshawa, ON*Ontario TechYorkprior games  
 Ottawa, ON*CarletonNipissingprior games  
 Ottawa, ON*OttawaLaurentianprior games  
 St. Catharines, ON*BrockAlgomaprior games  
 Windsor, ON*WindsorTMUprior games  
Sat Jan 13Guelph, ON*GuelphBrockprior games  
 Kingston, ON*Queen'sYorkprior games  
 London, ON*WesternTMUprior games  
 Montreal, QC*McGillConcordiaprior games  
 Montreal, QC*UQAMBishop'sprior games  
 Oshawa, ON*Ontario TechMcMasterprior games  
 Ottawa, ON*CarletonLaurentianprior games  
 Ottawa, ON*OttawaNipissingprior games  
 Waterloo, ON*LaurierWaterlooprior games  
 Windsor, ON*WindsorTorontoprior games  
Sun Jan 14Sault Ste. Marie, ON*AlgomaLakeheadprior games  
Wed Jan 17Hamilton, ON*McMasterGuelphprior games  
 Toronto, ON*TorontoOntario Techprior games  
Thu Jan 18Montreal, QC*McGillBishop'sprior games  
 Quebec City, QC*LavalConcordiaprior games  
Fri Jan 19North Bay, ON*NipissingWesternprior games  
 Sault Ste. Marie, ON*AlgomaOttawaprior games  
 Sudbury, ON*LaurentianWindsorprior games  
 Toronto, ON*TMUQueen'sprior games  
 Toronto, ON*YorkBrockprior games  
 Waterloo, ON*WaterlooLakeheadprior games  
Sat Jan 20Guelph, ON*GuelphTMUprior games  
 Lennoxville, QC*Bishop'sMcGillprior games  
 Montreal, QC*ConcordiaLavalprior games  
 North Bay, ON*NipissingWindsorprior games  
 Sault Ste. Marie, ON*AlgomaCarletonprior games  
 St. Catharines, ON*BrockOntario Techprior games  
 Sudbury, ON*LaurentianWesternprior games  
 Toronto, ON*TorontoQueen'sprior games  
 Toronto, ON*YorkMcMasterprior games  
 Waterloo, ON*LaurierLakeheadprior games  
Thu Jan 25Montreal, QC*UQAMMcGillprior games  
Fri Jan 26London, ON*WesternQueen'sprior games  
 North Bay, ON*NipissingMcMasterprior games  
 Ottawa, ON*CarletonLaurierprior games  
 Ottawa, ON*OttawaWaterlooprior games  
 Sault Ste. Marie, ON*AlgomaTMUprior games  
 Sudbury, ON*LaurentianYorkprior games  
 Thunder Bay, ON*LakeheadBrockprior games  
 Windsor, ON*WindsorOntario Techprior games  
Sat Jan 27Lennoxville, QC*Bishop'sLavalprior games  
 London, ON*WesternOntario Techprior games  
 Montreal, QC*McGillUQAMprior games  
 North Bay, ON*NipissingYorkprior games  
 Ottawa, ON*CarletonWaterlooprior games  
 Ottawa, ON*OttawaLaurierprior games  
 Sault Ste. Marie, ON*AlgomaTorontoprior games  
 Sudbury, ON*LaurentianMcMasterprior games  
 Thunder Bay, ON*LakeheadBrockprior games  
 Windsor, ON*WindsorQueen'sprior games  
Wed Jan 31London, ON*WesternGuelphprior games  
Thu Feb 1Montreal, QC*ConcordiaBishop'sprior games  
 Montreal, QC*UQAMLavalprior games  
Fri Feb 2Kingston, ON*Queen'sLaurierprior games  
 Oshawa, ON*Ontario TechWaterlooprior games  
 Ottawa, ON*CarletonOttawaprior games  
 Toronto, ON*TMUNipissingprior games  
 Toronto, ON*TorontoLaurentianprior games  
 Toronto, ON*YorkAlgomaprior games  
Sat Feb 3Kingston, ON*Queen'sWaterlooprior games  
 Lennoxville, QC*Bishop'sConcordiaprior games  
 Oshawa, ON*Ontario TechLaurierprior games  
 Quebec City, QC*LavalUQAMprior games  
 St. Catharines, ON*BrockWesternprior games  
 Toronto, ON*TMULaurentianprior games  
 Toronto, ON*TorontoNipissingprior games  
Sun Feb 4Sault Ste. Marie, ON*AlgomaMcMasterprior games  
 St. Catharines, ON*BrockWindsorprior games  
 Windsor, ON*WindsorGuelphprior games  
Wed Feb 7Toronto, ON*YorkGuelphprior games  
Thu Feb 8Montreal, QC*McGillLavalprior games  
 Montreal, QC*UQAMConcordiaprior games  
Fri Feb 9North Bay, ON*NipissingAlgomaprior games  
 Ottawa, ON*CarletonTorontoprior games  
 Ottawa, ON*OttawaTMUprior games  
 St. Catharines, ON*BrockLaurentianprior games  
 Thunder Bay, ON*LakeheadQueen'sprior games  
 Waterloo, ON*WaterlooMcMasterprior games  
Sat Feb 10Guelph, ON*GuelphWesternprior games  
 Hamilton, ON*McMasterBrockprior games  
 Montreal, QC*ConcordiaUQAMprior games  
 Ottawa, ON*CarletonTMUprior games  
 Ottawa, ON*OttawaTorontoprior games  
 Quebec City, QC*LavalMcGillprior games  
 Thunder Bay, ON*LakeheadOntario Techprior games  
 Waterloo, ON*WaterlooWindsorprior games  
 Waterloo, ON*LaurierYorkprior games  
Sun Feb 11Sudbury, ON*LaurentianAlgomaprior games  
 Waterloo, ON*LaurierWindsorprior games  
Wed Feb 14Toronto, ON*TMUYorkprior games  
Fri Feb 16Hamilton, ON*McMasterLakeheadprior games  
 Kingston, ON*Queen'sOttawaprior games  
 North Bay, ON*NipissingGuelphprior games  
 Oshawa, ON*Ontario TechCarletonprior games  
 Quebec City, QC*LavalBishop'sprior games  
 Waterloo, ON*WaterlooWesternprior games  
 Waterloo, ON*LaurierTorontoprior games  
 Windsor, ON*WindsorAlgomaprior games  
Sat Feb 17Hamilton, ON*McMasterLakeheadprior games  
 Kingston, ON*Queen'sCarletonprior games  
 Montreal, QC*ConcordiaMcGillprior games  
 Oshawa, ON*Ontario TechOttawaprior games  
 St. Catharines, ON*BrockNipissingprior games  
 Sudbury, ON*LaurentianGuelphprior games  
 Toronto, ON*YorkTMUprior games  
 Waterloo, ON*WaterlooTorontoprior games  
 Waterloo, ON*LaurierWesternprior games  
 Windsor, ON*WindsorAlgomaprior games  
Wed Feb 21Abbotsford, BC UnknownUnknownprior games Canada West Championship Tournament
 Unknown UnknownUnknownprior games OUA Preliminary Round Playoff
Thu Feb 22Lennoxville, QC*Bishop'sUQAMprior games  
 Abbotsford, BC UnknownUnknownprior games Canada West Championship Tournament
Fri Feb 23Abbotsford, BC UnknownUnknownprior games Canada West Championship Tournament
Sat Feb 24Montreal, QC*McGillLavalprior games  
 Montreal, QC*UQAMConcordiaprior games  
 Abbotsford, BC UnknownUnknownprior games Canada West Championship Tournament
 Unknown UnknownUnknownprior games OUA Quarterfinal
Sun Feb 25Abbotsford, BC UnknownUnknownprior games Canada West Championship Tournament
Wed Feb 28Unknown UnknownUnknownprior games OUA Semifinal
 Unknown UnknownUnknownprior games RSEQ Semifinal
 Unknown UnknownUnknownprior games RSEQ Semifinal
Sat Mar 2Unknown UnknownUnknownprior games OUA Championship
 Unknown UnknownUnknownprior games RSEQ Championship
Thu Mar 7Edmonton, AB UnknownUnknownprior games U Sports Quarterfinal
Sat Mar 9Edmonton, AB UnknownUnknownprior games U Sports Semifinal
Sun Mar 10Edmonton, AB UnknownUnknownprior games U Sports Championship

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