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Calculations for OUA Playoff Seeding

Based on information in the OUA press release which announced the OUA season schedule, there is some division effect in the playoff seeding. For the 2022-23 season, with three divisions in effect, the OUA playoff seeding was as follows:
  1. Top 12 teams across all divisions qualify for the playoffs
  2. Division leaders get first round bye, and therefore seeded 1-4 based on winning percentage
  3. OUA tie-breaking rules in effect for any ties
I am not aware of any changes for the 2023-24 season.

I will update this program as different tie-breaking scenarios develop over the next few weeks. At various times, you might see the message 'Tie breaking rules not yet complete'. Either the situation involves non-playoff teams, or I have not yet determined how to evaluate the rules.

OUA Overall Standings, Simple Winning Percentage Listing (shows ties, in any)

Simple RankTeamDivisionOUA W-LOUA PctDivision W-LDivision Pct
1CarletonOUA East21-10.9559-10.900
2OttawaOUA East18-40.8188-20.800
2Queen'sOUA East18-40.8187-30.700
4BrockOUA Central17-50.7738-20.800
5Toronto MetropolitanOUA Central16-60.7279-10.900
6GuelphOUA West15-70.6827-30.700
6McMasterOUA Central15-70.6827-30.700
6WaterlooOUA West15-70.6828-20.800
9LaurierOUA West13-90.5916-40.600
10WesternOUA West11-110.5004-60.400
10WindsorOUA West11-110.5005-50.500
12LaurentianOUA East6-160.2733-70.300
13LakeheadOUA Central5-170.2273-70.300
13TorontoOUA Central5-170.2272-80.200
13YorkOUA Central5-170.2271-90.100
16AlgomaOUA West3-190.1360-100.000
16NipissingOUA East3-190.1362-80.200
18Ontario TechOUA East1-210.0451-90.100

Step 1: Determine Division Leaders

East: Carleton
Central: Brock
West: Waterloo (had 1-1 record against Guelph, with +2 point differential)

Step 2: Next Best Record of All Remaining Teams

Next best: Queen's (had 1-1 record against Ottawa, with +6 point differential)

Step 3: Seed these four teams by winning percentage

  1. Carleton
  2. Queen's
  3. Brock
  4. Waterloo

Step 4: Seed next eight teams by winning percentage

  1. Ottawa
  2. Toronto Metropolitan
  3. Guelph (since they defeated McMaster)
  4. McMaster
  5. Laurier
  6. Windsor (since they had 2-0 record against Western)
  7. Western
  8. Laurentian

First two playoff rounds:
#9 Laurier plays at #8 McMaster, winner to play at #1 Carleton
#10 Windsor plays at #7 Guelph, winner to play at #2 Queen's
#11 Western plays at #6 Toronto Metropolitan, winner to play at #3 Brock
#12 Laurentian plays at #5 Ottawa, winner to play at #4 Waterloo

This program NEEDS an update.